Thursday, January 30, 2014


I think I may have mentioned this before, but go to and sign up to receive BOGO coupons at certain restaurants. Right now you can get a coupon for Smoothie King, Marble Slab, and Rita's Italian Ice.


If you are looking for a deal at P.F. Changs. then head to their website and signup to get a $10 off $40 purchase coupon. My daughter's boyfriend just gave us a $20 giftcard so I see some cheap good Chinese food in our future!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I had a raincheck for the Green Giant Sweet Potato Chips and they were cleaned off the shelf. I went up to customer service and they are ordering me 10 of them and calling me when they come in. This way, I won't clean off the shelf but I will still be able to get that great deal on these chips. I hope some of you that got a raincheck will do the same thing so you won't clear shelves and get a great deal at the same time!


I ran to WD today to get my pork butts for $1.19 lb. with my raincheck. I also got the Hillshire Farms Lil' Smokies to have for superbowl. They are BOGO and stack two $.55/1 coupons with it. Good deal for Lil' Smokies. If you buy the Breakstone Sour Cream, the $1 Greek Sour Cream will work for that also. They are BOGO at $2.69 so you will pay $.35 each! Also Cheerios are BOGO at $4.49. If you printed the BOGO cheerios coupon, you will pay $.25 per box because the coupon deducts $4.00 off. Not a bad deal. If you are willing to wait to see if Publix goes BOGO with Cheerios you would get them free. I was there anyway so I opted to pay $.25 each. I don't see much for me in the new ad, but I will look at it closer and let you know if I see any good deals!


I noticed today that Tuttorosso tomatoes are on sale for $1 each. This is for the large 28 oz. can. You can choose from crushed, diced, puree, sauce or whole tomatoes. There is a $1/2 blinkie right in front of them. These are my favorite tomatoes! They usually sell for $1.99 a can. With the sale in the GAF and the blinkie you pay only $.50 each! They will be on sale until February 7 so you still have time to grab a few!

Monday, January 27, 2014


Dillard's will be having their annual end-of-winter sale beginning Wednesday. If you are a card holder, you can shop one day early on Wednesday. If not, the sale will begin on Thursday and go through the weekend. Take this time to get an extra 30% off their already marked-down price!


I hope you noticed in this weeks insert a $2.50/2 Naturally Fresh coupon. If you still have the Game Day Publix Book, stack that with two $1/1 to get overage! Watch the expiration date on the dressing. Some of the bottles of the same variety expired much quicker than others! If you haven't already printed your BOGO coupon, go to and stack with the sale and get FREE dressing. Remember, this sale only goes until 1/29/14.


I found a blinkie for $2 off Flinstone Vitamins. When you stack this with the $5/2 PQ found at the Pharmacy counter, you pay $2.50 per bottle. Buy 4 bottles and $2 worth of other groceries, use 2 $5/2 PQ's and 4 blinkies and a $5/$30 and pay just $7 for four bottles. If anyone needs any blinkies, I have a few extra!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


If you have a raincheck for the Belvita Bisquits from a few weeks ago, here is a deal to make it even sweeter. In the Game Day GAF, there is a PQ for buy 1 Belvita Bisquit and get any 3 Publix Yogurt FREE! I guess that means I will be getting 18 FREE yogurt! The best part is they will bring up my total for the gas card deal. Since I am not buying that much, that will really help. If you still have a raincheck for the Oscar Mayer Turkey, this is a good week to use it. Remember, the BOGO sale raincheck and the $1/2 MQ should get you cheap turkey...only $.15 each!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Boneless skinless chicken breasts are $1.59/lb. at Save-A-Lot this week until Tuesday, January 14th. I NEVER go into Save-A-Lot but I will go in and stock up on this deal! I think I also have a $5/$25 coupon that I can put towards it! Speaking of Save-A-Lot coupons, I was in line and a head cashier was training a woman at the register I was at. She said to her at the end "We take WD, Target and Save-A-Lot coupons! So for those of you who have any put them to use at Publix. I know I have been able to print mine from their FB page!


Here's another deal I stocked up on. There was a $5/2 Flinstones coupon in last weeks paper. Stack with the $5/2 Publix coupon booklet found at the pharmacy and pay $.25 per package of vitamins! Thanks again to Margie for giving me her vitamin coupons!


A BIG THANK YOU to my best coupon buddies Margie and Michelle for giving me the Juicy Juice coupons. I am able to buy 15 bottles of Juicy Juice and use 12 $2/3 MQ coupons from last weeks awesome inserts and a combination of $1/2 PQ or $1/2 TQ. Of course, throw the $5/$30 WD coupon in there and pay just $8 for 15 bottles of juice! Now that is how it is done! Even if you just have one coupon, you can get 3 bottles for $6, minus the $2 MQ and $1 TQ and pay $1 per bottle. Still not too shabby!


In this past weekends insert, there was a $5 off Tena Pads coupon. These are regularly priced at $5.19 at Publix. Pick some up if you need them or buy to bring your total up to $30! These are also a great donate item if you get them. The coupon doesn't expire until 2/5 so we still have plenty of time to use them. I would wait to see if there is another gas card deal between now and then to help boost your total!

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Just in case you didn't see it, use your $3/2 coupon from this weekends insert and pay only $2 per bottle for All detergent at CVS. This is the time to stock up!


I was at Marshall's today and they were doing the final markdown on all the items in the store with a red tag. Make sure you check it out to see if you could find any good deals. If you find a red tag, have them scan it because it should go lower!

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Twice a year Victoria's Secret has their semi-annual sale. This is the time of year you want to check out the deals at the store and on their website. I believe you get better deals in the store but their website has some pretty good deals. I handed the ipad to my husband and he went to town! I can't wait to see what he ordered! In about a week or so the prices at the stores should drop again. If you want to take a chance on a specific item wait until the following week! Good luck!