Thursday, December 29, 2011


Stewart's weekly ad is up and this week the ad will start today, Thursday, instead of Wednesday.

Fresh, never frozen Boneless Chicken Breasts,
5 lbs. or more, $1.99 lb.

Boneless NY Strip Steaks, $4.99 lb.

Salt Run Oysters....$35/bushel, $20/ half bushel

Plant City Strawberries, $1.50 pint

Haas Avocados, $.79 each

Local Cauliflower, $1.00 head

Internet Advertised Specials:
3 lb. bag Onions, $1.49 each
Green Bell peppers, $.99 lb.
Red Cubanelle Peppers, 2 for $1.00
5 lb. bag Potatoes, $1.99 each
1 lb. package White Mushrooms, $1.99 each
Champagne Mangos, 99 cents each
4 pack Florida Tomatoes, $1.99 each

They still have some standing rib roasts left and they are $5.99 lb., and there are also some spiral sliced hams as well. The rib roasts can be cut anywhere from 1 to 7 ribs, the average being about 2 lb.s per rib.

They also have plenty of citrus in stock and I can personally vouch for the navel oranges. They are so darn good! Coming in next week will be locally grown cabbage and califlower.

Stop by Stewart's and tell him I sent you! While you are there, grab some italian sausage. I think it is the best in town!


My friend Michelle T. called me and told me she found movies at Walmart with a blue sticker on them with a unique Hollywood movie code.

She was able to use the movie certificate at the local movie theater here in St. Augustine and just had to pay a little bit more. She did not see a 3D movie and it was not a Warner Bros. movie.

So head to Walmart and look for the specially marked movies and treat yourself to a day at the movies! Just go HERE and follow the directions to print off a voucher for $7.50 a movie. The certificates are only good until 1/12/12.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

$5 OFF $50

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday. My daughter and her family were in town and are leaving this Friday evening. I have enjoyed my 3 year old granddaughter (who never stops talking from the minute her eyes open) and my 9 week old grandson, Anderson.

To say the least, I have not had time for couponing or posting or anything else!

I did want to point out that in todays Red Plum delivered in the mail, there is a coupon for $5 off $50 from Publix. Make sure you cut it out of your flyer. If you have any Enjoy the City books, you can combine the $5 PQ and the $5 WD Q to get $10 off your $50 bill.

Friday, December 23, 2011


This morning I saw on the news a study from Consumer Reports testing various paper towels from name brands to store brands to "green" varieties.

Paper towels were wet and scrubbed, pulled twisted, and put through various tests to test their strength.

The number 1 paper towel that proved to be the best was Bounty. The Bounty Basic didn't score as well but still did a decent job.

None of the "green" paper towels proved to do that well. Another notable mention went to Walmart's Great Value paper towel. It was not as strong but is 25% less money than Bounty.

When we get an awesome sale on Bounty and use coupons, there is no reason to buy Great Value Paper Towels. Last time they were on sale at Publix, I bought about 5 cases to add to my stock! I was able to get the best paper towel at a price cheaper than Walmarts' name brand!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Did you know that St. Augustine was named one of the 10 best places to see Christmas Lights? In fact, they are one of two cities (the other being Callaway Gardens in Georgia) on the list that are in the United States!

Some of the other places include Brussels and Hong Kong. Good thing we live here and don't have to travel to see the beautiful Christmas Lights!

Take the time to visit downtown and see the beautiful display of lights! I have also heard Turning Point Church off SR 16 by the outlet mall is also an awesome display of lights put to music. I hope to get there in the next few days when my grandkids come in town!


Fresh, never frozen Boneless Chicken Breasts,
5 lbs. or more, $1.99 lb.

Boneless NY Strip Steaks, $4.99 lb.

Standing Rib Roasts....Order Now!

Also: Duck, Goose, Rabbit, Hams
1 lb. package White Mushrooms, $1.99 each

3 lb. bag Onions, $1.49 each

Florida Unwaxed Cucumbers, 4 for $1.00

Internet Advertised Specials:
Local Eggplant, $.99 lb.
Green Bell peppers, 4 for $1.00
Green Cubanelle Peppers, 4 for $1.00
5 pack heads Garlic, $1.00 each
Haas Avocados, $.79 each
Plant City Strawberries, $3.00 each
4 pack Florida Tomatoes, $1.99 each

They also have local cauliflower from Sykes-Cooper Farm that just came in today. Also in today is champagne mangos.

Fresh local oysters are now in also. Now that the cooler weather is here (ha ha), have an oyster roast.


I LOVE THIS STUFF! I usually get a bag if I remember when I go to Walmart.

If you head to Walgreens this week, you can get a bag of this popcorn for just $.99 a bag.

Go HERE and like them on FB, click on coupons and print as many coupons as your little heart desires. I printed four and bought four bags.

I plan on getting a few more bags. The bags I get don't expire until May 2012.


What a surprise when I came home today and found this adorable cute little shopping cart with a poinsetta in it at my front door. In the seat of the cart were coupons and a Starbucks Gift Card.

I knew immediately who it was from and a big smile came across my face. In fact, I think I even talked out loud like someone was there to hear me! I opened the card to find a kind note from my friend and coupon buddy Michelle T. She is one of the kindest people I know. If you ever need anything and call her, she will never disappoint you.

When I put it on my blog that I was looking for grocery items to give to a family, guess who was there first with bags for got it Michelle! When I need an extra coupon I know she will always share if she has it. If she finds books, guess who always shares...Michelle! If she has extra $5/$50 coupons, guess again who always shares...Michelle.

Thank you Michelle for being a wonderful, kind, friend. I consider myself lucky to have Michelle in my life and to have a special friend who enjoys couponing as much as I do!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


I have received many phone calls about when I am going to have the next coupon class!

The next class will be held on January 10th at 6:30 pm. The class will be 2 hours long and will be held at my home in Davis Shores at 89 Dolphin Drive.

If you are interested in signing up for this class, please contact me at 540-5225 or e-mail me at

Looking forward to hearing from all of you!


Are you one of those people who wait until Christmas Eve to put up your tree? Well if you are you are in luck!

Thanks to Margaret who e-mailed me to let me know the trees at Food Lion are all marked down to $9.95. Now that is a deal! The trees are also marked down at Publix but theirs are $20.

I guess people do this and keep it up until the end of January. Not me...I am ready to get it down right after New Years. The house seems empty for about 3 minutes but then I get used to it again.

So if you need a tree, head over to Food Lion and get yours for under $10!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011


This week at Publix was finally a decent week. I had two $5 off $50 PQ's that expired on Sunday so I tried to keep my total as close to $100 as possible. Trying to do mental math while putting things in your cart is not easy! I thought I had about $107 in my cart, but my total before coupons was $115.58.

When I got up to the register, the cashier said to me "Your ears must have been ringing". "Someone was just telling me about the class you teach and how much she has learned and has saved". The cashier obviously knew I was the one who taught the class.

I got the last 3 K-Y on the shelf and stocked up on crackers, cheese, milk. I might head to the Shores Publix for my trip on Wednesday because they might have plenty of K-Y left!! This is what I bought for $19.16 including tax.

2 Kellogs Cocoa Krispies
1 Rice Krispies
2 Ritz Simply Wheat
4 Ritz Crackers
3 Wheat Thins
2 Kraft Colby Cheese
2 Muellers Pasta
Bakery Rye Bread
2 Sour Cream
5 Smart Balance Milk
Butterscotch chips
Lg. Bag of M&M's (FREE wyb 2 Rice Krispies peelie on box)
4 Friskies Cat Treats (overage)
2 Chinet Napkins
2 Sundown Vitamins
1 Theraflu
2 Alka-Seltzer
3 K-Y Jelly (overage)
2 Gallons Publix Tea
Blueberry Muffin Mix

I was able to use three $5 off $30 Winn Dixie coupons and 2 $5 off $50 PQ's to take an immediate $25 off the bill before any other coupons! That is why I ALWAYS buy the Enjoy the City books. I LOVE always being able to use a $5 coupon off my bill.

The Enjoy the City book is still available for a short time. Read my previous post on how to get yours!

After my coupons I saved 89%!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011


Kraft Shredded Cheese is BOGO this week for $3.99. Go HERE and use zip 32080 to print off a coupon for $1 off a lb. of cheese. I am buying 6 of them and will use three $1/1 coupons and will end of paying $1.50 each.

Considering cheese is so expensive these days, I am happy to pay $1.50 each.


You can safely throw out all these inserts from your box.

Insert Date Insert Discard?
2011-10-30 PG YES
2011-10-02 PG YES
2011-09-11 gm YES
2011-08-28 rp YES
2011-08-28 pg YES
2011-08-14 rp YES
2011-08-07 gm YES
2011-08-07 rp YES
2011-07-31 rp1 & rp2 YES
2011-07-31 pg YES
2011-07-24 rp YES
2011-07-24 ss YES
2011-07-17 ss YES
2011-07-10 ss YES
2011-07-03 p&g YES
2011-06-26 rp YES
2011-06-26 ss YES
2011-06-19 ss YES
2011-06-12 rp YES
2011-06-12 ss YES
2011-06-05 pg YES
2011-06-05 ss YES
2011-05-15 rp YES
2011-05-01 pg YES
2011-05-01 rp YES
2011-04-17 rp1 & rp2 YES
2011-04-10 rp YES
2011-04-10 ss YES
2011-04-03 pg YES
2011-04-03 rp YES
2011-03-27 rp YES
2011-03-27 ss1 & ss2 YES
2011-03-20 rp YES
2011-03-20 ss YES
2011-03-13 rp YES
2011-03-13 ss YES
2011-03-06 pg YES
2011-03-06 rp YES
2011-03-06 ss YES
2011-02-27 rp YES
2011-02-20 gm YES
2011-02-20 pg YES
2011-02-20 rp YES
2011-02-06 rp YES
2011-01-30 rp2 YES
2011-01-30 ss YES
2011-01-23 rp YES
2011-01-23 ss YES
2011-01-16 ss YES
2011-01-02 gm YES
2011-01-02 rp1 YES
2011-01-02 rp2 YES
2011-01-02 ss1 YES
2011-01-02 ss2 YES


The Enjoy The City booklets are available again! If you are not familiar with this, these books contain coupons for $5 off $30 which can be used at Publix. If you spend $90 at the grocery store, use three of them to take $15 off your grocery bill. Add to that your other coupons and you score at the grocery store. I use at least one or two of these every time I shop at Publix.

You also get other valuable coupons for restaurants and even a coupon for a FREE oil change. Remember, these $5 off $30 coupons can be used at ANY Publix store regardless of location. They are not just for Jacksonville stores!

Looking for a special Christmas gift for a couponer? This would make any one of us happy. I just bought 5 books for $40 and will receive $100 worth of coupons that I can use at Publix or Winn Dixie. These coupons won't expire until the end of 2012! You can also purchase 3 books for $30 (receive $60 in coupons) or 1 book for $12 (receive $20 in coupons). The best deal is obviously the $40 for 5 books.

and copy and paste the link below in the spot provided for the personalized link to the right of the page to get your books and hit copy. 210398?rpi=40965088&ref=personalized-link-box-40965088&rui=64325093

You will receive an e-mail that your books are ready and just submit the number they send you and your books will be on their way!

The deal is only available for 56 more hours, so scoop it up soon! Spend a little bit now to save a lot later!


I was excited to see this deal in my in-box! I LOVE the malted milk balls from Hallmark. They are right up there with the chocolate covered popcorn from Peterbrooke! Go HERE and print a coupon for $5 off a $10 purchase.

That means I can purchase $10 worth for a mere $5! Hope you guys don't beat me there! This is my treat to myself!

This coupon is good until 12/24/11. Click on the banner to the right to access the coupon.

If you are not a chocolate lover like me, I'm sure you could fine something else to buy to save $5!!


Just a reminder that there will be no coupons in this weekends paper.

We will just have to print our own! Bummer!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Do you need any last minute Christmas gifts? JC Penney is offering a $10 off $25 purchase again. This coupon is available until December 17th so don't waste any time!

Go HERE to print your coupon!


For those of you who may go to Winn Dixie occasionally AND are going to get a flu shot, this one is for you!

Go to the Pharmacy and ask for this coupon to save $.25 off per gallon. Note there is a maximum of 20 gallons of gas!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I love this idea from Betty Crocker for making Christmas Tree Brownies. These look super simple! Why not make some of these with the BOGO Brownie Mixes we just bought!

Aren't they just adorable!!

PUBLIX 12/14/11, SPENT $6.02, SAVED 84%

I ran into Publix again today to get an eggplant and a few more Green Giant Vegetables so I can add them to my Pad Thai that I plan on making again next week!! I figured I'd better buy my K-Y Jelly today for the overage before they all disappeared and got 2 more razors because they restocked them today. My total before coupons was $23.02 and I paid only $6.02 thanks to the $4 overage from the K-Y! I bought:

6 Green Giant Vegetables
2 K-Y Jelly
2 Bic Razors

Don't wait to do the K-Y deal! I still have a couple coupons left to use next week. Also, make sure you cut out the $5 off $50 coupon from todays Red Plum Mailer. It doesn't expire until the 24th of the month so we have 2 ads to use the coupon (three if you count today!)


Stewart's weekly ad is up. Looks like a few good deals again this week!

Fresh, never frozen Boneless Chicken Breasts,
5 lbs. or more, $1.99 lb.

Boneless NY Strip Steaks, $4.99 lb.
Standing Rib Roasts....Order Now!

Also: Duck, Goose, Rabbit, Hams

Indian River Navel Oranges, 5 for $1.00
5 lb. bag Idaho Potatoes, $1.99 each

Haas Avocados, $.79 each

Internet Advertised Specials:
1 lb. package White Mushrooms, $1.99 each
3 lb. bag Onions, $1.49 each
D'Anjou Pears, $.99 lb.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


After I went to Publix today and spent $12.66, I ventured over to the Asian Market on 207 and spent another $12. I have a serious love affair with the Pad Thai from Mama Fu's in Jacksonville. I was needing a Pad Thai fix but couldn't make it to Jax so I thought I would make it for myself.

After googling Pad Thai and coming up with so many different variations of the recipe (some even included ketchup), I settled on one that sounded very Thai and headed to the Asian store. Talk about confusing! Half of the items are in Chinese and the other half are so wierd you wonder who would even eat it! The nice lady in the store showed me the ingredients I needed. After spending $12 on rice, Tofu, and Pad Thai ingredients I headed home.

You are supposed to put bean sprouts in the recipe but I couldn't see my husband eating bean sprouts so I substituted zucchini instead. I also bought fish sauce and was going to attempt to make my own Pad Thai sauce. Let's just say that will be the last time I will try to do that! The fish sauce stunk up my house sooo bad that I thought my daughter was going to throw up! I luckily bought a bottle of pre-made Pad Thai sauce that was just delicious with just the right amount of spices that I ended up using.

The end result was delicious Pad Thai!! Guess where I am going again buy more Pad Thai sauce and rice noodles. I can't wait to make it again!

If you are looking for a delicious and different dish, try making it! Publix doesn't have the rice noodles or the sauce so head over to the asian market. Just be forwarned, you can't use coupons there!


Go and get your K-Y Jelly coupon from HERE for $3 off!

Oh and there are many alternate uses for K-Y jelly…

Remove Tight or Stuck-on Rings lip gloss
Lubricate Sticky Zippers
Loosen Stick Price Tags and Product Labels
Untangle Knotted Jewelry Chains
Shine your Patent Leather lubricate a Fishing Rod Reel
Skin-So-Soft lotion (great for people with eczema)
Bug repellent,
Brass brightener
Floor wax
Loosening of tight nuts (as in bolts)
Inserting keys into cold locks
Good for getting bubble gum out of your hair
Pre-shave treatment for supersmooth legs
Massage oil
Hair gel (LOL )
Makeup remover
Freeze it in a ziploc bag and use as an icepack or for puffy eyes

So the next time you want to shine your patent leather shoes, break out the K-Y!! Or maybe the next time I go camping with our friends, I will bring out the K-Y to use for bug repellant! I am sure that will get a good laugh!!

I forgot toUPDATE: tell you to stack this coupon with the $2 PQ from the green advantage flyer


My mind hasn't been on couponing lately and Publix sales have been so lackluster but I couldn't let a few of the good buys pass me by! I hope everyone printed the BOGO Bob Evans side coupon and paired it with the sale. I also hope you printed the Kikoman Ponzu Sauce coupon for $3 that gave you $.50 overage per bottle and the $.40 Diamond Crystal Salt coupon that paired with the $.55 PQ from the Winter Savings Book you paid only $.05 per container. I was able to use a $5/$30 WD Enjoy the City Book coupon and a $5/$50 PQ. This is what I bought:

4 Bob Evans Mac & Cheese/Mashed Potatoes
2 Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers
2 Green Onions
Pkg. Zucchini
3 Limes
Romaine Lettuce
Potato Rolls
1 Gold Medal Flour (used yell. adv. flyer q and $.50 MQ)
1 10X Sugar
2 Bic Soeil Razors (used 2 $2 q's)
4 Diamond Kosher Salt
4 Kikoman Ponzu Sauce
2 Theraflu
4 Sundown Vitamins (used MQ and green adv. flyer q)

My total before coupons was $77.86. My total after coupons was $12.66, a savings of 86%

Monday, December 12, 2011


The Leapfrog LeapPad is the hottest item this year on most parents' lists. They came back in stock on the Leapfrog website only to go out-of-stock very quickly! They are selling on e-bay for much more than the $99 asking price.

If you are in the market for one of these, check Books A Million. My daughter found one there and I called and found some in stock at the Regency Store.

There are so many people checking Target, Walmart, K-Mart, Toys-R-Us, etc., that they forget about Books A Million. So if you are in the market for one of these, give them a call and I hope you get one!


Have you wondered what ever happened to a coupon after you hand it over? Then you will enjoy this to explain it all

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I am reposting this because it is such a good deal for your second paper

Calling all couponers!! Are you looking to get another newspaper delivered each week?

Then you will be one happy camper because The Florida Times Union is offering a deal you cannot pass up! Right now they are offering a 7-day subscription to the paper for only $10 for the month for 6 months. The deal gets even better because you will get a $5 gift card when you sign up! The only thing they ask is you keep getting the paper for at least 6 months.

They also have a deal for Sunday only and you can get up to 10 papers delivered to you home each week.

Give PJ a call and she will explain all the details on the special offered by the Times Union. She can be reached at 325-1986. She also works for Comcast so if you are looking to switch carriers, she is the one you need to talk to!


Call me crazy but what college student wouldn't love 24 packages of Sweet Tarts in their stocking? That is what my daughter will find in her stocking along with many other fun things!

You can do this deal also! I went to the beach Walgreens and did the transaction 4 times...and yes, there were 1 1/4 cases left on the shelf.

Go in and buy 6 Sweet Tarts and use the $.75/3 coupon in the December booklet. It will automatically take off $1.50. The first time you will pay $1.68 and it will give you a $1 Catalina that you can use on your very next transaction. The next transaction will cost you $.68 and so will every other transaction after that.

I paid $3.72 for 24 packages of Sweet Tarts and can go back and do it again if I want.

I can't wait to see her face when she sees all those Sweet Tarts! She and her roommate will love them!


Target - I love them and hate them. I had bought a sweater on sale from $19.99 to $9.99 and then used the $4 off sweater coupon. I grabbed the wrong size and just wanted to swap it out for the correct size. I didn't have my receipt and I paid cash so they couldn't look it up with my credit card.

All I wanted was an even swap, same sweater, nothing difficult.

The sweater was coming up in their system at $9.99 which is what I paid. That was fine. But they wouldn't let me swap. The new sweater (same thing) was now only 30% off instead of the 50% when I bought it so they wanted me to pay the difference. I DON'T THINK SO!! I took my sweater back and will check back with another Target. Sometimes their return policies can be so difficult!

On a much better note, I went in there to pick up a few things I needed and got the following great deal for my daughter. Go to the endcap in the baby department and look for the 3 pack of J&J Baby Wash, Baby Bath, and Baby Lotion which is on sale for $4.49 from $9.99. I used the $3 coupon that is no longer available (check your binders) and got each set for $1.49 each! These are FULL-SIZE bottles! At least I walked out of there with a half of a smile on my face!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


When you go into Publix, head over to the Pharmacy and look for this booklet. Just like the Johnson and Johnson products last month, this one will get you some cheap Theraflu.

There is a $2 off Theraflu Publix coupon in this book. Stack that PQ with the variety of coupons found in last Sunday's SS (12/4) and get cheap Theraflu.

When you are paying about $.50 for an item like this, it is great to have in your stockpile in case you need it. Why not pick up one for yourself and another to donate!


My last shopping trip to Publix was supposed to be small and nothing to really write home about. The weeks after Thanksgiving are known to be ads that are not as enticing to the couponer. My plan was to go in and spend a whopping $12. I had it figured down to the penny.

That was before my husband walked into the store with me!

The minute we entered the store, he walked right over to the Lloyd's BBQ, umm, not on my list. The next thing in the cart was a Publix sub, again, not on my list. It continued...Publix tea, 2 bags of chips and a few other items.

After adding up what he had put in the cart I told him my total was going to now be $35!! Sure enough, it was pretty darn close...$34.06!!

The lesson here is don't bring your husband with you shopping! Random items will ALWAYS be put in the cart and shoot down your well-planned OOP expense!

Thursday, December 1, 2011


I found another high value Smart Balance Milk coupon tonight while I was surfing zip codes.

Go to zip 48047 on to get a $1.50/1 Smart Balance Milk coupon.

Remember to print it from all your computers. Hopefully we can pair this with a 2 for $5 sale or better yet a BOGO sale!