Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Make room in your freezer!! I have not yet determined if Carvel Ice Cream Cake will be BOGO in our area. If it is, use the $2/1 coupon from here and the $3/1 coupon from the May AND June issue of ALL YOU. You will get 2 Carvel Ice Cream Cakes for $9.99! Use your All You coupons and get 2 ice cream cakes for $4. Now where else can we get ice cream cakes for $2 each. Not a bad deal with July 4th right around the corner. Anybody have any extra room in their freezer???

If we don't get that sale in this region, be happy for the people who live in Tampa because they did!! UPDATE: YES!! It is in our region!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


If any of you still have any coupons left for the Premio Sausage, they are BOGO at Winn Dixie starting tomorrow, Wed., June 30th. Looks like we are going to have some more FREE sausage!

PUBLIX TRIP 6/27/10, SPENT $17.68, SAVED 84%

Here is a list of what I bought:

2 Smart Balance Milk 1/2 gal
Bag of Sugar
Marie's Blue Cheese Dressing
Swiffer Dry Cloths
2-6 pk. applesauce
4 Fusion Snack Mix
10 Crystal Light
Mango Drink
Fresh Pineapple
5 Fresh Blueberries
Hummus (not shown in picture because my daughter ate in on the way home!)

I took this opportunity to fully stock my pantry with Crystal Light because I had awesome coupons. The Crystal Light does not expire until 2012 and now I know I am set if it doesn't go BOGO for a while. This brings my stock of Crystal Light (my favorite) to about 50. I think my total paid for all the Crystal Light in my stock is $22.60. That would have cost me $199.50 if I would have paid $3.99 each!!! I know, call it an obsession, but I truly do drink this stuff EVERYDAY!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Here are some of the deals at Publix starting 7/1/10. There are some real good deals that you should not pass up. One of my favorites is the Reynolds Foil. This is a stock up price!

Sweet Baby Rays $.62 cents for TWO! Stock up now for summer

Reynolds wrap BOGO $3.45 - Stock up price. We don’t see too often, so at $1.25 it is a pretty good price, just make sure it is not the 20sqft box
Bic Lighter’s BOGO are $1.25 cents each after Q…this is a ONCE-A-YEAR item.

Yoplait Fiber One Yogurt - Use your $1/1 and they are just $.25 cents each 4-pack!

Sara Lee Pound Cake – This is the only time I buy these, when they go 50% off

Curly’s Pulled Chicken BOGO $5.39 - This is not my favorite but I have a BOGO Q and you know what that means!

Hebrew National Hot Dogs BOGO $4.99– Another items to stock up on for the summer

Johnsonville Brats 2/$7 Great for summer cookouts!

Bush’s Best Baked Beans – At BOGO $1.99 this is when I buy them. I'm pretty stocked up on Grilling Beans though!

General Mills Cheerios- If you have the $1.50/1 Peelie then you are in luck because the 16oz cereal will cost $.50 cents with that coupon.

Muellers Pasta BOGO 1.19

A1 Steak Sauce BOGO Get these now when they go BOGO in the summer!

Heinz Tomato Ketchup BOGO $2.79

Frenchs Mustard BOGO $1.77, these will be $.39 each with Q

Carvel Ice Cream Cake BOGO $9.99 - I have never seen these go BOGO!

Betty Crocker Brownie Mix BOGO - These will be about $.75 each

Thomas' English Muffins BOGO $3.29

Breakstone Sour Cream BOGO $1.59

Breyers Ice Cream BOGO

Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese -4/$5 - $.50 with the $.75 Q

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Nestle has released some new printable coupons including $1 off 2 Juicy Juice. When paired with a BOGO sale, it makes the juice a great bargain. Go here to print your coupons including Juicy Juice, Ovaltine, Nestles Toll House Chips, Refrigerated Cookie Dough, Stouffers Skillet and more!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


John and his wife Jenny took the class 5 days ago. This is the e-mail I received from him:

Okay, Jenny made her big trip to Publix today. The total before discounts was $206.21. Her OOP was $98.26. I was there to see the cashier’s face….priceless.

I had my own trip.

8 pints of blueberries

New Right Guard deodorant

RC Cola ( I was thirsty)

Total OOP: $1.62.

I think the last line says it all "I was there to see the cashier's face...priceless". You are just beginning. You have not yet seen the looks yet!! Way to go John & Jenny! Keep those testimonials coming!

AND HERE IS ANOTHER FROM SUMMER who also took the class 5 days ago...

I went yesterday and got 4 cartons of blueberries myself for FREE and the checkout girl said “Wow… I didn’t even know this coupon was out there!”

I printed some more and am going back today for more--- since I can freeze them and use them for muffins, cereal, pancakes, smoothies, etc.

And Schick Hydro Shave gel for FREE too! Getting another 10 cans today.

This is my new hobby/ SPORT!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Well, here is another e-mail from my fellow couponer Michelle. This made me laugh out loud. Guess who that person in St. Augustine is??? I will give you three guesses and the first two don't count!!

"So im checking out..and this guy in a white managers shirt comes up to bag, I'm standing down there waiting for all my stuff to total and cashier says MAN where are these people getting these blueberry coupons??? I smiled. The guy bagging then says "I just came from a st. augustine store and there we have this lady that comes in and will get 80 dollars worth of groceries for like a 1.50 all the time I LAUGUHED SOOOOO HARD....said nothing just kept laughing and walked out the store with my $.62 cents worth of stuff and laughed all the way to my car HAHAHAHAHAHAHA"


Do you need to stock up on more shampoo/conditioner? It has been reported that the Aussie or Herbal Essence is rolling at Walgreens!

Thanks We Use Coupons!


I received this message in my e-mail box this morning. Marilyn took a class about 1 week ago and tried her newly learned skills at Publix. This is what she wrote:

Thought you may want to know about my shopping trip today less than 1 week after attending your coupon workshop. I spent $67.76 and saved $57.13. Not too bad considering I had a limited amount of resources. I can't wait to see how I do in a month.
Thanks soooo much.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I know you guys have taken advantage of the FREE BLUEBERRIES that Publix has so graciously given us. I already have 6 pints frozen in the freezer and 5 more pints in the refrigerator. I don't know how many I have eaten!! The last 2 1/2 cups went into this wonderful Blueberry Cream Pie. If you are searching for something to do with your blueberries, take a few minutes and make this pie. You will make some people in your life very happy!

Blueberry Cream Pie

1 cup sour cream
2 T all-purpose flour
3/4 c. sugar
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1/4 tsp. salt
1 beaten egg
2 1/2 c. fresh blueberries (preferably from Publix LOL!)
1 unbaked 9" pastry shell
3 T all-purpose flour
3 tsp. butter or margarine, softened
3 T chopped pecans or walnuts (or more)

Combine first 6 ingredients; beat 5 minutes at medium speed with electric mixer or until smooth. Fold in blueberries. Pour flling in pastry shell; bake at 400 Degrees for 25 minutes.

Combine remaining ingredients, stirring well; sprinkle over top of pie. Bake 10 minutes. Chill before serving.



For those of you who buy organic foods, here are a few organic coupons for you! Go here for Simply Organic coupons, go here for Stoneyfield Farms, go here for Mambo Sprouts and go here for Eat Better America Coupons.

Monday, June 21, 2010


I heard from Michelle, a cute young mother I met on Saturday at the Parkview Baptist Church Workshop. She is getting ready to have her 4th child any day now! This is what she bought:

2 jumbo packs of size 1 huggies supreme diapers at $10.99 each
184 ct. huggies wipes $5.99
64 count huggies wipes $2.49
2 packs (10 in each pack) of energizer AA batteries $4.79 each
2 boxes of combat ant bait $4.79 each

I was more excited about the diaper deals then food !! lol

4 juicy juice bottles
2 international delight coffee creamers
2 boxes of frozen ego waffles
6 pints of blueberries
Half gallon of almond breeze milk
Box of baby cereal. :)

I got all of this today at Publix for $1.32

Thanks for your help. You have uped my coupon doings even higher then I thought they could go!!! And my publix was great, I guess on one of the orders I had more coupons then stuff...and they were like no big deal, so long as i had the right product for the coupon they just overide was nice!

THANKS MICHELLE FOR SHARING WITH US YOUR PUBLIX TRIP! I would be excited about the diaper deal as well! Good Job!!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


I am starting out with $6 RR from the previous week.

Transaction #1:
Buy Renu SENSITIVE Multi-Purpose Solution $7.49
2 Wags Soda @ $.39 (use in-ad Q) $.78
TOTAL $6.27
Use RR $6.00
GET BACK $7.49

Transaction #2
Buy 2 Old Spice Body Wash $4.49
Use BOGO Free Coupon
Buy 1 Herbel Essence Conditioner $2.99
Use $1/1 Q
Buy Kleenex Facial Tissue $1.29 (use in-ad Q)
TOTAL $7.77
Use RR from above $7.49
GET BACK $4.49 & $2

Transaction #3
Buy Renu SENSITIVE Multi-Purpose Solution $7.49
Use $2 Q
Buy $.39 Wags soda for filler (use in-adQ)
Total Due $5.88
Use $4.49 RR from above
GET BACK $7.49

Will receive $29.41 worth of merchandise
Will pay $1.94 OOP plus tax
Will still have $7.49 & $2 in RR to roll into next week!

PUBLIX 6/19/10, SPENT $1.27 SAVED 98%

I know some of you are probably saying "She went to Publix again???" Well, the truth is my sister and entire family were over for fathers day and my sister wanted to go on a Publix Field Trip! So we did some coupon planning before hand and went off to Publix. Her shopping trip was awesome! She bought $107 worth of stuff for $1.72!! She couldn't contain her excitment and screamed when she got out of the store!!!

Well, I couldn't let a good trip to Publix go to waste, so I bought the following:

15 Gatorade
2 Hefty Plates
2 John Freida Shampoo/Conditioner
5 Blueberries (can you tell I LOVE blueberries?)
4 Vanish Drop In Toilet Cleaner
2 GE Reveal Lightbulbs
2 Pepperidge Farm Oatmeal Bread

Now I am stocked up on Gatorade and plates for the summer at a price I was HAPPY to pay!!

Another reason I am so excited...I added up my totals for the month of June and I have only spent $98.26 and I only have 10 days to go! And to top it off, I stopped at CVS today and scanned my card and got a $4 off $20!!


My daughter loves soy milk! When I saw the word "soy" all I could do was gag. But when I tried it, I actually liked it. Now I am going to venture out a little father and try Almond Milk. I have heard it is everyones favorite milk. Go here and print out a $1 coupon and stack it with the $1 coupon in the Yellow Adv. Flyer. Let me know if you like it!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


The next St. Augustine Savers Coupon Workshop will be held on Tuesday, June 29th at 6:30pm and will be held at Lighthouse Interiors, 304 Anastasia Blvd., located about 1/2 mile from the Bridge of Lions.

Please call and reserve your seat today! Class size is limited!


PUBLIX 6/18/10, SPENT $18.26, SAVED 85%

I decided to go to my Publix to get the rest of the things I needed for fathers day and, of course, to pick up some more blueberries! This is what I purchased:

2 Luzianne Tea Bags
4 Great Northern Beans
2 Lays Chips
1 Pie Crust (to make that wonderful blueberry pie!!)
2 pkgs. ground beef
6 Blueberries
1 Schick Shave Cream
1 Schick Hydro Razor
1 Cantelope
2 Light Bulbs
4 Dish Soap
4 Tostitos Scoops
3 Combat Ant Killer
2 pkgs. Meatballs (these were $5.99 each and I didn't have any coupons!!)
It just about killed me to buy the meatballs without a coupon. In fact, I made a mistake. I thought I was buying the $2.99 package of meatballs and instead I picked up the larger bag for $5.99. I was wondering why it was such a good deal for $2.99! I didn't realize it until I got home and wondered why my bill was so much! I am going to need an apppetizer for July 4th, so I already know I will make the meatballs in chili sauce!

Total spent OOP is $18.26. My total without coupons was somewhere over $85.00. And to think some people really pay that!! :)


Do you love blueberries? Go here and print off your coupon for $1.50 off blueberries!! It gets even better...Publix has them on sale this week for $1.50 so that means FREE BLUEBERRIES!

PUBLIX 6/18/10, SPENT $.72, SAVED 98%

I taught a class in Palm Coast today at Parkview Baptist Church. Thank you to all who attended and I look forward to your e-mails when you let me know how you are doing! So, I had those blueberry coupons burning a hole in my pocket and I decided to stop by the Moultrie Publix on the way home. I bought the following:

15 Gatorade
2 Hefty Plates
5 Blueberries
2 Benefiber
2 Zantac trial size

I paid $.72 for all the above items! The cashier's face was so funny! I think he probably thought he pressed the wrong key. The lady behind me said "What?? You are paying $.72 for all that?? And the answer to that is YES!! And that is why we LOVE PUBLIX!! Now I still have to go to my Publix because I have already eaten one thing of Blueberries and I know when my daughter sees them another one will disappear. I have to make sure I have enough for a blueberry pie!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

PUBLIX 6/17/10, SPENT $0...READ ON!!

I left Publix today with such a big grin on my face, I thought people were going to notice and wonder what was wrong with me!! I guess you would do the same thing when you walked out of Publix and got all the following items and THEY PAID ME $6.75!! Do you notice the negative sign on the receipt?? How awesome to open up your wallet to put money in, not to take it out!! I never meant for that to happen! I knew I would be close and when I got to the register I realized I forgot my toilet paper and paper plates. Had I bought the toilet paper and paper plates, I would have owed them about $2.50!! This is what I bought:

4 Bags Tostitos Tortilla Scoops
2 Bags Kettle Potato Chips
2 Taco Seasoning
2 Old El Paso Gordita Kits
4 Eggo Waffles
4 Bic Disposable Razors
1 Tostitos Salsa
Red Onion
Baking Potato
2 Bailey's Coffee Creamer
1 Bertolli Chicken
2 Pkgs. Crackers
24 oz. Sour Cream
2 Dog Bisquits
Pkg. of Ground Chuck
2 7th Generation Liquid Dish Soap
2 Pkgs. Cream Cheese
2 Vivarin
2 Phazyme
1 Damp Rid (Gloria...this one is for you!)

I think I am still grinning from ear to ear!! My total before coupons was about $86.00. My total savings at the bottom of the receipt was $128.42!!

I bet if you look close enough you might still see the grin on my face!!!

TARGET 6/14/10, SPENT $2.57

I had to buy a Father's Day Card so I went to Target to see if they had restocked any of the items I have been looking for. They didn't, so I found my Father's Day card for $2.99. I also bought 2 Dove Deodorant and 2 Dove Body Mist and I paid $2.57!! That is less than the price of the card...and NO, I didn't have a coupon for the card !!

TARGET 6/15/10, SPENT $2.25

Made a quick run into Target to pick up a few things, most of which they were out of. So I walked out with the following items:

2 Scrubbing Bubbles Power Spray
2 Nivea Shave Gel
1 John Freida Shampoo
1 John Freida Conditioner
2 Simply Asia (I bought these on a whim because I saw Pad Thai and I had flashbacks of Mama Fu's Pad Thai. Note to self...not anywhere near the same!)
2 Dove Deodorant (twin pack)
2 Dove Body Mist

I paid $2.25 for all the above. I only threw in the second Simply Asia because I wanted to make sure I was in the positive. Math has never been my strong suit!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Well, my grocery list is almost done and this week seems to be a LITTLE better than the past 2 at Publix. Some of the things I will be purchasing will be:

Luzianne Tea Bags BOGO
Hefty Plates BOGO
Eggo Waffles BOGO (great deal)
Tostitos Tortilla Chips BOGO (use tearpad for FREE Kettle Chips wyb Tostitos)
Old El Paso Dinner Kits BOGO (also use get FREE taco seasoning wyb Old El Paso)
Seventh Generation Dish Liquid BOGO (will be $1.09/2)
Cottonelle Toilet Paper (stack Target and MQ to pay $4.99)
Oscar Mayer Turkey Lunchmeat (use Target Q and MQ to get 4 for the price of 1 AGAIN!)
Skinny Cow (use those coupons if you didn't use them at CVS)
Bertoli Frozen Meal $3.50

Sunday, June 13, 2010

CVS 6/13/10

I came across an unexpected deal this week at CVS. Right at the front by the register was a cart full on sunblock reduced 75% off!! Anyone who knows me knows I always use sunblock. The joke is on my tombstone the inscription will read "Don't forget to use Sunblock"!!

My OOP for the above items was $2.83 and I still have a $5 & $8 ECB to roll into next week!

My purchases were:
5 Sunblock (2 tubes for face)
2 Palmolive Dish Soap (great size for camper)
1 Gillette Fusion Razor
2 Gillette Body Wash
2 Old Spice Body Wash
1 Hydro 3 Razor
1 Newspaper


I did the above deal in 2 transactions starting with $10 RR. My total OOP for everything shown was $3.86. My original intention was not to get 4 Butterfinger, but the in-ad Q did not come off for the Listerine because it was not the correct size. I wanted it anyway to send away for the gift card. I also wanted to use my $5 RR I already had so I had to throw in the fillers. Had I not had a line of people behind me, I would have run back to get toilet paper or something else useful!! Guess I will just have to eat the Butterfinger!!

I also still have a $6 RR to use next week!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


We had to go to Jacksonville today from the Westside to the Southside and places in between. I made my husband stop at 2 Walgreens looking for the Neutrogena Facial Soap. Finally, my last resort was here in town at the beach and YES, I FOUND THEM!!! I started with a $8 RR and my transaction went like this (smile!!)

Buy 3 Neutrogena Facial Bar Soap
Buy 1 Box of Kleenex Tissue (in ad Q)
Buy 1 Butterfinger (because it was on the counter and I needed a quick filler)
Use $8 RR

I was very excited about finding the soap. My husband, on the other hand, was not so excited. When I told him I found it, he didn't say a word. I guess he doesn't get as excited as I do when I find something I have been looking all day for!!

PUBLIX 6/12/10, SPENT $18.49, SAVED 55%

My husband announced after church he wanted to go to Publix and get a loaf of bread. Well, I had to go anyways and get my Vanilla Wafers and cream cheese, so off we went. A few more things were put in the cart than I had on my list, but that is OK. We still saved 55%. If any of you printed off the cream cheese coupon I told you about earlier, pair that with the $1 off coupon in the yellow advantage flyer and the $.75 coupon that was also a printable to get the 12 oz. spreadable cream cheese for only $1 each! I also used the Target Q for the Buy 3 Get 1 Free Cookie and paired that with the Vanilla Wafer BOGO sale. I got 4 boxes for the price of 1!! Also, look for the boxes of Vanilla Wafers by the Produce Dept. They have peelies on them for $.55 worth of bananas for each box you purchase! Not bad since the Wickles Pickles were $3.49, Publix Italian Bread $3.59, and Juice $3.00, all of which I did not have any coupons for! My purchases included:

2 Philadelphia Cream Cheese
1 Deli Coleslaw
4 Boxes Vanilla Wafers
Orange Juice
Publix Bakery Bread
Land O' Lakes Spread
Gum (not shown)
Publix Sherbet
Wickles Pickles (thanks Shannon...he read about these on your blog and now he is addicted!

I am hoping for a better week next week at Publix!


YIPEE!!! For once, saving a receipt is going to pay off! I had saved all my receipts, grocery and drugstore, from May to get a total of what I spent for the month...and wouldn't you know...Listerine has come out with a rebate wyb 3 Listerine products after 5/21. And guess what?? I purchased 3 Listerine products on 5/23!! Now I can send away for a $10 rebate!! I guess that shows that it doesn't hurt to save those receipts for a little while.

You can still do this offer if you haven't already. There is a limit of one rebate per household.

Beginning tomorrow, June 13th, you can buy Listerine Whitening at Walgreens with the following scenario…

Buy 1 Listerine Whitening Plus Restoring 16oz. $5.99
Use the $2/1 Listerine Whitening Rinse found here (go to personal)
(Use the $3/1 in-ad Listerine Whitening coupon
Pay only $0.99

Submit for the $10 Mail-in Rebate (check out how to do this below; you MUST purchase this product by June 17th to qualify for the rebate!!)
Final Cost FREE plus $9 Money Maker!

Purchase ANY Listerine Whitening or Rembrandt product and receive a free $10 prepaid debit card to put toward your favorite white must have item for summer. Mail your original receipt, dated between 5/21 – 6/17/10 with the Listerine Whitening or Rembrandt product and proof of purchase circled along with your name and address to: Dare to Wear Gift / PO Box 4938 / NY NY 10185. Please allow 4-6 weeks for shipping. Offer good while supplies last. Must be received by 7/1/10.”

Friday, June 11, 2010


I received this today from Christy who took the class about 3 months back. I always enjoy hearing from her because she LOVES saving money and now grocery shopping has become her new favorite hobby! The photos are above showing the items she bought:

Hi Judy! It's Christy again. I hope you are well! I wanted to share my savings with you!

Went to Publix tonight to get some deals that I coudn't resist (attached 2 pics for you to post on your site if you wish). There were a few things that I paid full price for (it about killed me!!): Arnold sandwich thins, ground turkey, steak, Milk, napkins, trash bags and Diet Rite. We saved about 75% on our bill! :)

1 gallon milk - $3.29
1 top sirloin filet - $2.53
1lb ground turkey - $3.26
1 - 12pk Diet Rite soda - 3.34
2 Edwards singles - $.25 each
2 Hellmans mayo - $1.60 each
1 Taco bell refried beans - $.50
1 Taco bell taco sauce - $.50
2 Fruity pebbles - $1.35 each
2 Cocoa pebbles $1.35 each
4 Boca chicken patties - $1.50 each
2 Arnold sandwich thins - $1.45 each
2 Mott's apple juice - $.50 each
2 Ronzoni pastas - Publix paid me $.11 to take out the store!!!
2 Sobe Engery drinks - $.63 each
2 Olay body wash - $1.19 each
2 Ragu pasta sauce - $1.80 each
1 Capri sun drink 12pk - $1.00 each
2 Hydro-3 razors (about time they got these in stock!!) And they tried to tell me their LU coupon was expired. I made them honor it! FREE with a penny they paid me!!
2 Publix eggs - $.39 each (used a Food Lion competitor coupon on these!!)

A couple of weeks ago we spent $75.68 and saved $131.00! The people standing in line behind us (and I always feel sorry for them b/c coupons take so long) were amazed!!

I was on your page today! Great job to you and your daughter! Your shopping trip with all the morning stars that you had to add at then end, and paying less than $4.00 for the bill...WOW!

At work today, we had a "get to know you better" type of project to where we had to write down 3 things about ourselves that no one would know. One of the things I wrote down was "my new favorite sport is grocery shopping!" :)

I cannot possibly fit anymore into my cabinets and freezer. I need another fridge! :) Any coupons out there for appliances??!! :)


The post below is from my daughter Shannon who had an awesome trip to Target today. All of you with kids and diapers, pay attention to this one! This is how you do it!! Great job Shannon. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!! HA HA!!

I had an awesome trip to Target today and I just had to share! I paid $47 for what was originally $123. All you moms that buy diapers and wipes, go ahead and wipe your mouth and pick up your jaw. The diapers and wipes alone would have cost over $52. I have to say I have serious brand loyalty when it comes to diapers and wipes. Nothing compares to huggies but when you can get pampers for 40 cents, why not? I'll use them as a face wipe. I also got 6 John Frieda root awakening shampoo and conditioner, 4 Eggo's, infant ibuprofen, 8 bounty paper towels and other random stuff (what would a trip to target be without junk from the dollar bin?). If you live on a budget like most of us do and don't "coupon".....your insane!!! Go here to get all the info on serious couponing.

PUBLIX 6/11/10, SPENT $9.77, SAVED 83%

Just another quick trip to Publix with my very focused list. Like I said earlier, there is not much for me this week at Publix. So I concentrated on getting my daughters favorite, apple juice, and my favorite, Edwards Singles! I only bought 4 because I had to come home and assess the room in the freezer! This trip consisted of the following:

4 Lg. boxes of Jello pudding
8 Bottles Motts Apple Juice Medley
4 Edwards Pie
1 Eggo Waffle
2 Aunt Jemima Syrup
2 Dozen Eggs
4 ears of corn
6 Yoplait Yogurt

I actually forgot to use a coupon last week. When this happens, I usually forget about it, but this was too good to pass up! Last week I bought 2 boxes of Granola Bars. I had 2 coupons that stated you got 3 Yoplait Yogurt FREE when you buy 1 box of granola bars. So I HAD to go back with that receipt and get my FREE yogurt! I forgot a coupon for my vanilla wafers, so I will go back before the sale is over and get my vanilla wafers and bananas. Guess what dessert we will be having on Fathers Day???

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Mary Ann, a friend and fellow couponer, e-mailed me her savings scenerio. This is a perfect example of how couponing just is not just for food. I think she did a GREAT JOB!!

Coupons aren’t just for Sissy’s……

Yesterday, I headed out on a mission to buy gift items (Fathers Day, Christmas, Birthdays, Baby Showers, etc) and thought I’d share my shopping experience with some of you:

I spent $89.69 and saved $93.20 (51%)

SHOWN: 2 Gillette Fusion Sets, 3 Hershey Syrups, $25 Gift Card, 2 Cards, 2 Pampers Wipes, 8 Skinny Cow Ice Cream, 2 Jell-O pkgs, 2 Armor All Car Wash, 2 Armor All Tire Foam, 2 Armor All, 2 STP Oil Treatment, 2 STP Fuel Injection Treatment

NOT SHOWN: Bucket and Chamois, 1 pair Men’s New Balance Tennis Shoes(reg. $60.00) and a 24 pack of water.

Some of the best deals of the day were:

Armor All and STP products at TARGET (Father’s Day and Birthday Gift buckets)

Armor All $2.49 - $2 coupon= $.49 ea.

Armor All Tire Foam- $3.79- $2 coupon = $1.79 ea.

Armor All Car Wash- $3.49- $2 coupon= $1.49 ea.

STP Oil Treatment- $2.49 - $2 coupon= $.49

STP Fuel Injector treatment- $2.19- $2 coupon= $.19

(Throw in a bucket and chamois from the Dollar Tree and it makes a nice Father’s Day Gift)- Total $6.45 w/bucket and Chamois)


Transaction #1:

Gillette Fusion Sneak Preview Set (Razor, Gel, After Shave, etc) regularly $12.99, on sale for $9.89 - $4 Coupon- out of Pocket= $6.49

EARNED $5 Register Reward to be used on a future purchase

Transaction #2

Gillette Fusion Sneak Preview Set (Razor, Gel, After Shave, etc) regularly $12.99, on sale for $9.89 - $4 Coupon- $5 RR = Out of Pocket= $.89

These sets will make some great future Christmas or Birthday filler gifts at $3.25 ea.

Pampers Baby Wipes: I Paid 50 cents ea. at Walgreens after coupon (Note: Wal-Mart has they FREE after coupons this week!) It was worth the Dollar to avoid going to Wal-Mart!!

CVS: Skinny Cow Ice Cream on sale for $1 ea. After $1 off coupons…they are FREE!!


If you haven't scanned your card, make sure you run to CVS to do so! I scanned mine and got $2 ECB's that expire in 3 days. I also received a $5 off $15 purchase!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

PUBLIX 6/9/10, SPENT 12.74, SAVED 76%

Like I said earlier, I couldn't find many deals that I needed at Publix this week. I had a raincheck for the Schick Hydro, so I bought SEVEN of them (I had already put 3 of them in my daughters bag so they are not in picture) and only paid $3. I added the chicken broth to my stock for $.25 each because they do not expire until 2011 and I will definitely use them in the fall when I start making soups again. I also added the spaghetti sauce and salsa to my stock. I couldn't resist the granola bars for $1 a box. My total before coupons was $39 and change. How quickly it adds up!! I only paid $12.74 which was a savings of 76%!!

It doesn't look like next weeks ad is good either! I will probably just be getting the Motts Apple Juice for $.50 each, eggs for $.39 each, Aunt Jemima Syrup for $1.35 each(for camping!), Edwards Singles and of course, 2 boxes of Vanilla Wafers. I see some banana pudding in my future! Also, Bertoli Complete Skillet Meals are on sale for $5.00 each. If your store will take an expired Q, use the $2 on Publix Bakery Bread wyb one Bertolli Frozen Meal from Family Is Its Own Reward book. (LU #5693) This will make your bakery bread and Bertolli Meal $3. Not a bad price for a quick meal! Make sure you check with your customer service desk to see if they will take an expired Q.

Thankfully, I have all the other staples already in my pantry so I won't have to buy much next week either. So far my total spent at Publix is $27.21 for the month of June!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

CVS 6/6/10

You won't see many posts from me this week because, frankly, I just don't need anything! I did go to CVS because I had a $5 ECB expiring in two days and I had a raincheck for a Schick Hydro 3 Razor for $8.99 and get a $4 ECB back. I had a $5 coupon so my transaction went like this:

Transaction 1:
Buy Schick Hydro 3 Razor for $8.99
Buy paper $1.25
Use $5 Q and $5 ECB
Pay $.87 OOP

When I walked into the store I scanned my card and received a $5 off 2 Almay Color Product. I was able to get the following items using that coupon and the $4 ECB I just received.

Transaction 2:
Buy 1 Loreal Infallable Lipstick
Buy 1 Loreal Color Juice Lip Gloss
Buy 2 Almay Blush
Paid $2.72 OOP

I also received on the bottom of that receipt I received a $5 off $15 and when walking around the store found a $10 off $50!! I was so excited to snatch that up off the floor!
Make sure you check your local CVS for any 75% off make-up deals. You can get some items for as low as $1 when paired with a coupon!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I have started keeping track of what I am spending on my groceries and drugstore purchases. Keep in mind, this total is for not only my weekly needs, but it is also adding to the stockpile of things I already have! My total spent for May is $287.00. Since I do the bulk of my shopping on Sunday, there were 5 Sundays in May for an average of $57 a week. This was a big month especially with all the hot dogs, lunchmeat, cookies, 100 calorie packs, etc. I stocked up on. These will come in handy for all the camping trips and trip to the Keys this summer. I will try to pack all the necessities I need so I will have to buy as little as possible when I get there!

Be watching for the total next month for June!


If you love cream cheese on your bagels like I do, go here and print off a BOGO coupon for ANY package of Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

Let's not stop there! Go here and print a $.75/1 Q for any package of cream cheese to make the deal even better!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

PUBLIX 6/2/10 SPENT $3.21, SAVED 98%

It doesn't get any better than this! How many people can say they walk out of the grocery store and save 98%!!! Well, I did today. It actually was kind of funny. As I was walking, or should I say running, around the store trying to get out and get to a hair appointment, I ran into a prior graduate of my workshop. She looked at me and asked me if I was the "coupon lady". I answered yes and she proceeded to thank me and tell me her husband thanks me and how much money they are saving on their groceries and even getting things for FREE! I am sorry, I forgot to get your name, but THANK YOU for making my day. I always feel good when I know I am helping other families save money!

I flew up to the register and she rang up my order to the total of $90.26 (gasp here!!) Of course, I knew better and knew that was not even going to be close to what I was going to pay! When she got to within 3 coupons from the end, about $7, she already was close to zero and couldn't take off any more! I shouted, "Add two more Morningstar Farms Nuggets". She did and replied "That is not enough". "Throw on 2 more packages" I replied and again she said it was not enough. "Throw on a watermelon!" and that finally did the trick and I owed $3.21!! Boy was that stressful! I have a hair appointment in 30minutes across town and I am shouting things at her to add on my order to get me to a cash total I can give her!! Now this is where I can hear my husband telling me I don't know what stress the stock market! I call my daughter at home and tell her to be waiting for me at the curb so I can throw her all the frozen and refrigerated items. I can't believe they all fit! And for those of you who are cringing at eating Morningstar Farms Soy Products, they are actually very good!!

My items purchased were:
10 boxes Morningstar Farms Chicken Tenders (these regularly sell for $3.99 each!)
Sour Cream
2 Helluva Good Chip Dip
Martins Potato Rolls
8 bags Planters Almonds
8 cans Bushs Grillin' Beans
4 Bonz Dog Treats
4 Phazyme
5 Sominex
3 Vivarin
Large Watermelon
Bag of Potatoes