Friday, May 31, 2013


Just wanted to give you a heads up that the Tuesday Morning Bamboo sheet sale will begin on Sunday at 9 am. King or queen sheet sets will be $69. If you have never slept on bamboo sheets you are missing something awesome!! Treat yourself and get a set of these. I guarantee you will not regret it and never go back to regular sheets again. They usually sell out early so don't wait too long to get them. You can also check another store in Jacksonville or Ponte Vedra if our store sells out.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Stewart's will no longer be running the $1.99 lb. chicken breast sale because they said it went up $1 a lb. in price. That kind of makes me wonder if chicken is going up in price like beef. I heard on TV that the price of corn went up so it cost more to feed the cattle which in turn will make the price of beef go up. Be prepared to pay more for your burgers this July 4th! Save-a-lot has chicken breasts for $1.99 lb. this week. I may swing by there and pick some up! Pick p some grapes for $1.49 lb. while you are there. That is the best price around.


I received a message from Couponlynn who said that she went to the Cobblestone and Moultrie store and was told she had to purchase $80 worth of groceries to use the $10 off gas card coupon and the WD coupon. Has anyone else had a similar experience at their store. Please share and let us know so we know which store to shop at! Thanks Lynn for letting us know! It kind of makes the gas card deal not so attractive now.


4th of July is coming and that is a pretty big holiday at my house. We have everyone over and BBQ and then drop the boat in the water and watch the fireworks from the boat by the Bridge of Lions. We have been busy pressure washing our back decks getting them ready for paint. Everything was going fine until I went to see the HGTV house yesterday. My husband was scheduled to pick up 5 gallons of concrete stain after work yesterday and I called him and told him to change the color of the stain I originally picked out. I saw the HGTV house and they had a beautiful grey deck. Now I KNOW that the grey wouldn't work at my house. My intuition knew it but I didn't listen and called him to change the color to grey. By the time I got home and $160 later, the grey was down and I hated it! Let's put it this way, I was so sick about it I didn't sleep last night. I keep telling myself it is only paint but it was expensive paint! Now I have to repaint it again with the color I originally chose. With that being said, I found this coupon for Sherwin Williams Paints and Stains for 30% off! Go HERE to print the coupon. I hope my husband will let me use their stain so I can recoup some of the lost money!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I have been waiting for a sale on grapes. I love grapes but I refuse to pay $2.99 lb. for them. I'll just eat something else. I just picked up local cantelopes at Stewart's for $1 each. Yes, just $1 and they were huge! They still had a crate full left! Save-A-Lot has grapes on sale this week for $1.49 lb. and Cherries for $2.49 lb. I usually don't pay more than $1.99 lb. but I will get some because I LOVE cherries also! I also noticed on their ad you get $10 off instantly when you purchase any participating $25 gift Card to Save-A-Lot. The gift cards listed were to Kohl's and Home Depot plus a few others I couldn't read!


Gregory Imports is back in town! I had to blink my eyes when I saw the sign on the building they previously occupied on US 1. The motorcycle shop was there and left to go to another building. Apparently, the landlord offered them a killer lease to come back into town. The sad part is he still imports in bulk and, in my opinion, buys things St. Augustine would not be interested in. We are a coastal town. How many people do you think would like antique Chinese furniture? Well, that is what is coming in on his next shipment! They do carry Sherill, which is a wonderful sofa line. It is on the pricy side but it is quality. Check them out if you get a chance. They have only been back in town for two weeks!


Check your coupon binders for a $1 MQ for Hefty Trash Bags. I don't know when I printed this but I was glad I checked my binder! It expires 6/30/13. Use this coupon instead of the $.55 MQ in the paper and stack with the $1/1 TQ and pay just $3.50 for Hefty Trash Bags. Best of all, I am buying 6 of these to go towards my gas card total. I may just be able to get two of them after all! Also, check your binders for peelies for $.30 off Softsoap Hand Soap. They will be on sale for $1 in the new ad making them $.70 each.

Monday, May 27, 2013


When I went to Publix today to grab a few things including my Banana Boat sunblock, I was only able to get two of the kind I wanted. It was for the Sport variety, SPF 50 and had 25 percent more in it. I went up and asked for a rain check and they gave me one right away. They do not stock this item. It is stocked by the vendor itself. So get a rain check anyways and you will able to get a good deal next week with the gas card deal! I also asked for a rain check for crystal light because there were only two on the shelf. They checked their computer and found they had some in the back...darn it!

Sunday, May 26, 2013


I have had some requests from some people for some more books. I did not order any extra. If I can get another 7 people to order 10 books each, I will place another order. I will not be reordering again until the end of the year. My daughter used 6 coupons yesterday at one time in palm coast! That alone paid for her books! Please let me know by Wednesday if you want any and I will let you know if I get enough people.

Friday, May 24, 2013


I talked to someone today at work who works for Applebee's. the restaurant has been bought out by a large company and they plan on completly renovating the inside to give it a more updated look. Apparently, this company has hundreds of Applebee's in the New York, New Jersey area. They are very excited about the renovation. Maybe we will see some coupons when they reopen!


Just a reminder, this Sunday, May 26th, we will not see any inserts in our newspapers. Just a heads up so you don't go and buy an additional paper if you don't need it!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


For Vocalpoint members you can request a high value coupon for $2.50 off one package of Iams So Good Dog Food. Coupon will be mailed your home. Allow 5-7 weeks for delivery. Go HERE to get your coupon.


A few weeks back you were able to request a coupon for a FREE Tai Pai Asian Garden item. I requested the coupon and received it about a week ago. While I was scrolling through the Target coupons, I noticed a TQ for $.75 off this exact item. Wowsa!! Now the free item has been turned into a moneymaker!! If you requested this coupon, make sure to get the TQ and have them pay you $.75 to take it home!


Check your binders. When I went through mine I found hangtags for $2 off Banana Boat MQ's. I have four of these and plan on using them instead of the $3.25/2. Check to see if you have these also. i totally didn't remember even having these!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Check your coupon binders for a a BOGO coupon for Dr. Pepper 10. I was able to print 6 of them so that means 6 free liters of Dr. Pepper 10. I just hope that the date on them will last until July 4th so I could have it for all my company. Also, their is a $1/2 Crystal Light blinkie right now in front of the display. Use that blinkie and the $1/2 TQ and you will pay just $.75 each. Now that is some great deals on drinks!


I just wanted to make sure you guys knew about this deal. Some of you might have wondered why I bought Gas-X on my last shopping trip. isn't because I have a gas problem! The 10 ct. packages are priced at $2.49 each. There is a $5/2 PQ in the GAF (formally known as GAF) which means you get them for free. When you use the $1/1MQ in the 4/14 SS, you will make it a moneymaker!

PUBLIX 5-22-13

I had to run into Publix this morning before work to get rolls for dinner. I threw together a few other items trying to get my total to $30 to use my $5 coupon but didn't want to pay alot OOP. I ended up buying 2 Juicy Juice, 4 Fanta Soda 12-pk, 4 Knoor Chicken Stock, and 4 Gax-X. My total was ($2.19)! They had to pay me money to take it out of the store! The funny thing was I ended up forgetting my rolls which would have made me owe them about $.80! Make sure you take advantage of the Knoor Chicken Stock deal because they are free!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


There is a new Publix book out called Live Summer Deliciously. I spotted it at the Customer Service Desk at the Cobblestone Publix. There is also another new book in the turnstile that is loaded with baby coupons, all of which are Publix.


I noticed today that there is going to be a HARBOR FREIGHT TOOLS coming in town right next to Big Lots and Bealls Outlet. I know my husband will be excited to hear this. Me, on the other hand, not to excited. Why couldn't it have been a HomeGoods store?


There is a possibility that I will be ordering another round of ETC books. I would have to know by tonight if you would be interested in another set. I don't plan on ordering anymore of these until the end of the year. If you don't already have enough books to get through the end of the year, you might want to get another set! Email me or leave a comment if interested.


When I was in the cobblestone publix today I noticed the Fanta 12-pk drinks still had peelies on them. The sale ends tomorrow so you still have time to do the deal. Buy 4 Fanta 12 packs that are B2G1. Use two BOGO peelies on the carton and only pay for one! Stock up now for July 4th! My trip was very short and very specific. I bought: 6 juicy juice, 8 pk., Cantelope, Bananas, Romaine lettuce, Rye bread, 2 DiGiorno Pizza, 2 knorr chicken stock (free). I paid $9.48 for the above but it should have been $8.48 because I didn't have two $.50 coupons with me. The pizzas are regularly $7.50 each alone but I go on sale for $5 each plus used a $2 MQ for each. Then I used the $5/$20 TQ wyb $20 worth of Nestlé products. The chicken stock was free with the MQ and TQ. My total before was $32.09!


Sorry for the lack of posts but I just returned from 4 glorious days of camping at Ft. DeSoto Park in Tampa. The weather was awesome and it was some much needed down time especially for my husband. I didn’t look at anything about couponing and enjoyed reading two books. If you are looking for a good summer read, you might want to get Hearts Of Palm. It takes place in St. Augustine and you will enjoy the references to local streets and establishments. It was a very good book and I hope they make a movie out of it. It is just that kind of book. The ETC books just came in today so if you ordered some, please contact me about picking them up. There were some of you who said it was OK to mail just the WD coupons. Please send me your address and I will do that this week!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The ETC books have been ordered. I will contact everyone as soon as they come in! Thank you for helping all of us to get a good price on the books!


I don't plan on buying much this week at Publix but I am going to get 2 DiGiornio Pizzas and 12 Juicy Juice boxes for just about $7. I'm pretty excited about that. Using $1/2 for pizza from, $.50 coupons for juice, $5/$30 WD coupon and $5/$20 TQ wyb $20 worth of Nestle products and $1/2 TQ. My kids will love the juice for the summer!

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Today my hits and and I along with another couple did the "foodie tour" that was a Living Social deal way back in November. I told you guys about it and purchased it for my husband for Christmas. I am very pleased to tell you that we enjoyed it very much and probably would do it again and go on a different day to get a complete different set of restaurants. Our first stop was Old City House restaurant and it was delicious. We also enjoyed good sized portions of food at Meehan's Irish Pub on the bayfront, as well as a local english restaurant where we sampled fish and chips and finally The Floridian on Cordova. We also stopped and sampled wine and a wine smoothie (yum!) and flavored popcorn. The tour was 2 1/2 hours and was very interesting. If you ever get a chance to purchase one of these for $49 for two people I would highly recommend it!

Friday, May 10, 2013


Are you a coffee drinker? I would have been all over this deal but my husband has discovered the Kenyan coffee from the Farmers Market. Now that is all he wants. If there are no fussy coffee drinkers in your home, go for it! Remember you can freeze these. Eight O'Clock Coffee, 11-12oz, BOGO - $5.99 $1/1 Eight O'Clock Coffee HERE $1/1 Eight O'Clock Coffee Bag, exp. 5/31/13 (SS 04/14/13 R) BUY TWO, use TWO $1.00/1 coupons and you pay $2.00 each MEGA DEAL: BUY TEN Eight O'Clock Coffee USE ONE $5.00/$30.00 Winn Dixie Coupon (enjoy the city books) USE TEN $1.00/1 MFG coupons 4/14 SS insert or printable HERE YOU PAY $14.95 OOP or $1.49 each!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013


AT&T is offering a great deal if you trade in your old smart phone. You can view the press release below: Beginning May 1, consumers who trade in their current smartphone to AT&T* will be eligible to receive at least $100 off the purchase of a new smartphone, including the new Samsung Galaxy® S 4, BlackBerry® Z10 or 32 GB HTC One®. These devices are normally $199.99 with a qualifying two-year agreement** but, with this limited time promotion, they will be available for $99.99. This promotion applies to any smartphone AT&T sells, and gives customers access to the latest devices at a fraction of the cost or, in the case of smartphones priced under $99.99**, for free. To take advantage of this offer, customers are encouraged to visit any AT&T company-owned retail store or participating authorized dealer with their previous smartphone that is no more than three years old and in good, working condition. In stores, upon trading in their old phone, customers will receive the $100 credit on-the-spot and can use it immediately. *** Some trade-in phones may have a value higher than $100. In this case, customers will receive the credit at the higher value. AT&T offers a broad variety of smartphones that run on the nation’s fastest 4G LTE**** network. AT&T 4G LTE currently covers nearly 200 million people; with plans to expand to cover 300 million people by the end of 2014. In a report***** by independent testing organization RootMetrics, AT&T's 4G LTE network was called “blazing fast." The report found AT&T’s 4G LTE network delivered the fastest pure LTE speeds in markets where AT&T provided 4G LTE. “This offer is a great opportunity for AT&T customers to get their hands on the newest smartphones in our portfolio at an outstanding price,” said Eric Goldfeld, AVP- marketing management, AT&T. “With graduation and Mother’s Day coming up, people can take advantage of this promotion to surprise someone – or even treat themselves – to one of our hottest smartphones. The best part is that you’ll receive credit for your old phone instantly on-the-spot in AT&T stores.” In AT&T company-owned retail stores, AT&T’s Trade-In Program lets customers turn in old wireless phones and receive an AT&T promotional card reflective of the device’s trade-in value and condition. Customers can use the card to offset the cost of some of the latest wireless devices or the purchase of other AT&T products and services.*** All devices, including tablets data cards and feature phones – regardless of manufacturer or date purchased – will be considered for trade-in. ***Requires new 2-yr agreement with minimum monthly voice and data or Mobile Share plan. Early termination and other fees and conditions apply.


Check your email for a 30% off coupon from CVS. It will only work on regular priced merchandise so I plan on using it for the Nivea Shave Cream deal and mascara. I am waiting until the last minute to print mine in case I come up with any other scenerios. You usually have a few days to use it after you print it.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Although my daughter knows I coupon, she rarely gets to go shopping with me to see me in action! We delivered her car to her today and she went with me to the grocery store afterwards. While we were walking out I told her, "You know everything I bought just there would have cost $78 and I paid $22". Just knowing how amazed she was was PRICELESS! I guess now that she is out on her own, paying some of her own expenses it finally makes sense to her!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I was printing my Target coupons and noticed a coupon for $$2/2 Edy's Outshine Fruit Bars. I also just found a blinkie for $1/2. I don't know how much these are but getting $3 off two boxes is awesome! Let's hope we have a sale soon before the coupons expire. The MQ expires 9/6/13 and the TQ expires 5/25/13. Let's hope for a sale soon and for some much needed freezer space!

Monday, May 6, 2013


A week ago Saturday, my phone rang at 11:30 at night. Whenever the phone rings at this time of the night, it usually isn't a good thing...and it wasn't. My 20 year old daughter was on the other end crying because she was just involved in a car accident. She was the third accident that happened on JTB. Someone "fell asleep" at the wheel (they gave them a DUI test) and hit another car. An old man stopped when this accident happened and then someone hit his car. She was driving in the left lane and all of a sudden came across a car not pulled off the shoulder of the road completely (it was half in her lane) with the lights off. I don't know which of the above cars it was but it shouldn't have been there. She swevered to avoid hitting it and lost control of her car. It spun around and hit the concrete embankment totalling her car. She was OK and had a nice bruise where her seat belt caught her in the car. A lot of my time recently has been on Craigslist looking for a replacement car. Of course, it had to happen right before we were going out-of-town camping. The good news was it poured rain on us at Wekiwa Springs on Thursday but had relatively nice days on Friday and Saturday. From what I hear, you guys here didn't fare as well! The happy ending is we bought a 2007 Camry LE from a little old lady...really! It only has 40,000 miles on it! The daughter was selling it because the mother now has dimentia and hasn't been able to drive. It was listed on Friday but because of the monsoons no one went to look at it. We stopped on the way home from camping and bought it on the spot! So the rain was in our favor. We will go pick it up in Ormond Beach tomorrow and I can spend some time looking at other things besides Craigslist!


I had a coupon from Outback in my in-box for $8 off two entrees that expires on Saturday. Go HERE to print the coupon. I have used expired coupons at Outback for up to 1 month old. Make sure you print a few. If you happen to go pass the expiration date, just ask and they may still take it!


Pork Butts are on sale for $.99 lb. through Tuesday at Winn Dixie. This is an awesome deal! There is a limit of 2 and they are 5-7 lb. average. I just wish I had freezer room because I just love my husbands pulled pork. Put a rub all over it and slow roast in the oven for a delicious meal! Add a few more things to your list and actually use your $5/$30 coupon there!


All Physician's Formula Makeup priced $6.49 or higher is $6 off this week at CVS. I have been told by my friend Bev that the concealer in the stick is pretty good. I think this one will qualify for the $6 off. Either way, you should be able to get some good deals if you like this brand.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Be on the lookout for a blinkie for $1 on Palermo's Pizza. They are on sale this week for 2 for $5.99. Use two blinkies and only pay just $2 each! Our local inserts did not get this coupon so I was glad to see this coupon.


With summer coming ice cream will be a staple in many of our refrigerators. What you are about to read will surprise you! According to CONSUMER REPORTS, the best vanilla frozen yogurt is Hagen-Daz (no surprise there), followed by Blue Bunny and TCBY Classic. The last two are a CR best buy. What I read next is what surprised me! They rated Butter Pecan ice cream and in second place was Great Value. Yes, you read that right! Walmart's own brand of Butter Pecan is 1/4 the price of Hagen-Das which came in first place again. So next time you go to Walmart pick up some of that Great Value Butter Pecan Ice cream and try it for yourself! Did you notice Edy's and Breyer's didn't make it to the CR list!