Wednesday, October 31, 2012



I don't know if ou saw this coupon in the 10/21 SS. Just in case you missed it you could get a free  ElMonterey Natural or Supreme Burrito.


With the holidays approaching, you can never have enough spices, sauces or seasonings.

This week at Winn Dixie, McCormick spices are 25% off. Pair that sale with the $1.75/2 coupon from the 10/7 RP and get a good deal on seasonings.


Buy: (2) McCormick Seasoning or Sauces (excluding foil pk gravies), 10/$10 – $1.00
Use: (1) $1.75/2 McCormick Gourmet Herbs or Spices, exp. 11/4/12 (RP 10/07/12 R) (**Watch Expiration**)

Pay: $.25 OOP

Final Price: Only $.14 for each McCormick Product!

If you don't use this coupon for this deal, don't forget about it if you need pumpkin pie spice!


Here is another way to use rainchecks to your advantage.

Did any of you get a raincheck for the Quaker Chewy Granola Bars when they were on sale? If you did and you got the Savings Are Stocking Up At Publix booklet, use the $1/1 PQ and check your binders for the $1/2 Quaker MQ and pay anywhere from $.15 per box to FREE!

I have seen these for $2.99 at some stores and up to $3.29 at others. My daughter is so stocked up on granola bars! I know my grandkids will be thrilled to get more boxes!

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Are you looking for an unusual gift for a baby shower...or maybe a cute and original table centerpiece?

Then look no further than Potty Cakes. Christina Rego, a fellow couponer, makes some of the cutest things! The diaper cake above was for a jungle themed shower. She also makes awesome wipes cases that I know personally are popular with all the new moms.

Check out her website at and help support her as she starts to build her business.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Go to and use zip 48090 to get a $1 coupon for Nestlé Toll House Cookies. I was only able to print one per computer.

 I plan on holding on to mine in anticipation of a BOGO sale!


Did you know that you can request a Stocking Spree booklet for everyone in your household? Yep! I got four of them today in the mail. Even the dog, Sophie, got one!

That is one way to work around the system. There are many times I need more than one coupon and this is the way to do it!

Friday, October 26, 2012


Here's another scenerio for you  to get a bunch of stuff pretty cheap. The sale on the Formula 409 and Clorox Bleach ends on Wednesday so you have to do this deal before then even though the Essentials Coupons expire on 11/9.

BUY TWO QUILTED NORTHERN 18 DOUBLE ROLLS, on sale $9.99 in the Yellow Advantage Flyer (regular price $12.99)

BUY TWO CLOROX BLEACH 55-64 OZ, on sale 2/$4

BUY TWO FORMULA 409, on sale 2/$4 (regular price $3.49)

BUY ONE PINE-SOL 28 OZ, regular price  I am guessing this to be about $2.49

Get $10 Publix Gift Card mail-in rebate when you buy $30 of participating products (form in Get More from Your Essentials Booklet)

Use one $5 off $30 Winn-Dixie Enjoy the City coupon
and use two $1.50/1 Quilted Northern 12 ct double roll or larger manufacturer coupons, Get More from Your Essentials Booklet

and use two FREE Clorox Bleach 55-64 oz when you buy Quilted Northern 12 or 18 double rolls Publix store coupons, Yellow Advantage Flyer (deducts $2 each)

and use two $0.65/1 Clorox Regular or Scented Bleach any size or Bleach Gel 24 oz manufacturer coupons, Get More from Your Essentials Booklet
and use two $1/1 Formula 409 manufacturer coupons, Get More from Your Essentials booklet

and use one $1/1 Pine Sol manufacturer coupon, Get More from Your Essentials booklet

Your total before coupons should be $30.47 (before tax) minus $16.30 in coupons less $10 rebate in the form of a Publix gift card = $4.17 OOP for all the above! This amount could change just slightly if the price of the Pine Sol is higher.

It looks like I have to make another run to Publix before Wednesday!


I wanted to post an update to the Publix trip I told you about yesterday involving the Dove/Degree products.

Everything went as planned but I did have to buy the men's version of the clear therapy shampoo which was $6.29 each instead of $4.99 like I planned which was for the womens' version. i didnt realize there was a price difference. It really didn't make much difference anyway because I got them for free. I just ended up paying a little more in sales tax. I did, however, find $.50 peelies on them that I didn't plan on using.. I was not able to use the $1 PQ for the Clear Therapy shampoo because the $3 coupon was a better deal and couldn't use both.

I ended up with everything I said I was going to get plus I threw in 4 turkey gravy and 8 cans of Swanson Chicken Broth. I ended up spending $10 and got over $70 worth of stuff!! I think I am going to start using men's deodorant because I have so many!! My son-in-laws will love getting some!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


I spotted the new booklet "THE BEST FOOD FOR YOUR BIGGEST FANS" at the Cobblestone Publix today.

I am excited about the $1 Pam Coupon and $.75/3 Rotel Coupon.


I am working on a scenerio to do at Publix tomorrow to utilize the last day of the GAF buys. This is what I plan on doing.

FOUR DOVE MEN+CARE BODY WASH, on sale $3.99 (regular price $4.99)

FOUR CLEAR SCALP THERAPY 2-IN-1 SHAMPOO/CONDITIONER, on sale $4.99 (regular price $6.29)

Used four $3/$10 Select Unilever Products Publix store coupon, Green Advantage Flyer (exp 10/26!)

and used four $2/1 Dove Men+Care Body Wash coupons, 9/30 RP newspaper insert

and used four FREE Clear Scalp Therapy when you buy any Degree Men’s product, 9/30 RP newspaper insert

and used four $1/1 Clear Scalp Therapy Publix Q in GAF

TOTAL AMOUNT FOR ABOVE $49.56 plus tax = $$52.53
MINUS Q'S AND 1 $5/$30 = $52.36

If everything goes as planned, I will pay just $.17 for all the above!! Now I plan on adding a few more items to get my total to $60 to use another $5/$30. I will add:

2 Solo Cups (now I can't stop singing that song) BOGO $3.49
1 Publix Sour Cream $1,25
2 Baby Carrots @ $1.29 = $2.58
3 Voskos Yogurt @ $1 each = $3

Minus $1 off wyb 3 yogurt YAF and another $5/$30 and my total should be around $3.77 for all the above.

I'll let you know how close I am!


After a bad night last night of not sleeping (after taking 4 Advil PM), I took off to Publix today to stock up on some more Advil PM before the sale in the GAF ended. I am probably the only person who can take 2 Advil PM at 10 pm and then 2 more at 2:30 PM and be up the rest of the night. Yep, I didn't get back into bed until 6:00 am and that was AFTER taking 2 Advil PM. Go figure!

First thing I did was go to the customer service desk to get back my $10 that they didn't take off for my gas card. My Farm Rich Appetizers coupons were expiring tomorrow so I went ahead and got 6 of those. By the time I added up the few things in my cart, I was just a few dollars shy of $60 so I went ahead and got a few more things so I could use two $5/$30 WD coupons. It just kills me if I am just a few $$ short of $60 and I can't use two!

I bought:

4 Advil PM
Fresh Pineapple
8 Granola Yogurt Bars
6 Farm Fresh Appetizers
2 Clorox Bleach

My total after all coupons was $10.44. Woop Woop!! I handed them the $10 back that I just got from customer service and walked out a happy camper knowing I am set with Advil PM and now maybe I will sleep tonight. I am just thankful that I don't have to go into work until Saturday and hopefully will feel better by then!


Do you own a Smartphone? If you do you can access all Publix deals through your smartphone. You can also access My Grocery List. Create it on HERE and use it on your phone.

You can add, update, check-off, flag items, and breeze through your shopping trip courtesy of Publix.

I have not tried this yet, but if any of you have, please let me know how you like it!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Thank you to everyone who picked up their ETC books. I have ordered another box for those of you who need more. This set of 10 will cost $25.00 and include four $5/$30 WD coupons. If you are running low you might want to grab these. Unfortunately, the new books offered were at a higher price but it is still a great deal. The WD coupons do not expire until June 2013.

I use two to three of these every time I go to Publix.

I hope to have them in about 10 days so let me know of you are interested. The first ten people who contact me will get them. I probably won't be ordering more for at least 6 months so jump on this deal if you need them!


Today has been one humdinger of a day! Is humdinger really a word?

My first stop was Flagler Family Medicine who will NEVER see me walk through their doors again. All I ask is to talk to a doctor before they put me on thyroid medicine that I will have to take the rest of my life. Is that to much to ask?

I felt like I was in a Seinfeld episode. I think they wrote on my chart that I refused to take the medicine unless I talked to someone other than the receptionist first! Dr. Gunn walks in and I get a cold reception. Now let's back this story up a little bit. I requested him because my doctor was Dr. Dolgin (who I have seen a big three times) and he has a personality like my big toe. He doesn't talk to you...he types in his little laptop and you are out the door in 3 minutes flat. So that is why I decided to try Dr. Gunn which took an act of congress to get to see him! I start talking to him and he tells me he is referring me to a specialist...something that ends in "ologist". My number is 7.48 and 4 is normal. All I want to know is this something I have to start now or can we just monitor it and wait. Nope! He wasn't answering any questions. He was downright rude! Any by the way, thank you for your $20 co-pay is what he should have said next!

I then asked him if he could look at me because of "this" and I use my hand to circle around my face to show him my plugged nose, sore throat, etc. He tells me he doesn't even want to be in the room with me because I am so contagious and I have an Upper Respitory Infection! Excuse me??? I thought I was in a doctors office!!! He never looked at my throat or in my ears and told me to eat chicken soup and rest and it will go away in 10 days. Oh, and he told me to take Mucinex D. He said if I didn't feel better in a few days to make an appointment with Dr. Dolgin! Dr. Dolgin, the guy who doesn't talk and types novels in his laptop.

Whatever happened to a doctor sitting down and talking to you? Is it too much to ask? Long story short, I am not going to the specialist they referred me to because I am through with Flagler Family Medicine. I made an appointment with another doctor who came highly recommended. The first thing the girl tells me when I make the appointment is that they schedule an hour for the first appointment so the doctor can talk to you and get to know you! Imagine that! There are people out there who still do care.

Next I run to Publix to get my Mucinex D. I knew it wasn't cheap so I figured I would use it towards my $50 for a gas card. I get in line with a few items and my cashier says "Oh it's the coupon lady"! Oh great! Now they know me there! I said I only had a few items and coupons. When I got home, I looked at my receipt because something just wasn't adding up for me. It turns out he forgot to take off the $10 for the gas card! I bought:

4 Advil
Rye Bread
Pineapple (I thought these were still $2.99. Wrong week. I paid $4.99 OUCH!)
2 CoverGirl Eyeshadow
$50 gas card

My total that they charged me was $55.36 and it should have been $45.36!! Not bad for the above and a $50 gas card!

I hope the rest of my day goes better and I don't lose the receipt to get my $10 refunded back to me!


I am sick. I never get sick. Maybe it was because I took every one of the sloppy wet kisses from my grandson who was here this weekend and he was on medication for an upper respitory infection and an ear infection. I didn't care. You take those kisses when you can get them.

My upper body aches. I don't know if it is from being sick or my new hair dryer...yes, I did say my new hair dryer. The bright red one with the Ferrari engine in it that will dry your hair in 15 seconds flat! It weighs so much more than my previous hairdryer and my arms are always sore after I use it. So am I sore because I am sick or my new $200 red hair dryer with the Ferrari engine? (Yes it really is ferrari red with a ferrari engine!)

It's a good thing I go to the doctor anyways this morning. I am sure he will appreciate hearing about my Ferrari red hairdryer and not knowing if I am sore from that or being sick! That will give him something funny to talk about at the dinner table!

Now to the point of my long-winded story. Last night I went into my bathroom stash of drugs looking for something that would put me to sleep and make me feel better. I found Vicks NyQuil Sinex that I bought at Walgreens about 2 years ago. Now you all know when I say "bought" I really don't mean bought. I mean bought FREE! It expired in 3/12 but as we all know medicines last much longer than their expiration date. I took it and it worked like a charm! During the day today I will take the Vicks NyQuil Sinex Daytime that I also got FREE! Gotta love those free drugs.

Now I just hope I don't have to use the  maximum strength Digel that I just got at CVS this weekend! I will be perfectly happy donating that one!

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Krispy Kreme is giving away FREE Halloween or Pumpkin Spice doughnuts to those who wear a costume and bring in the page HERE on 10/31/12 (no purchase necessary). This offer is good at participating locations only.

The closest location near us is on San Jose in the plaza with Steinmart and TJ Maxx. If you are headed up to Jacksonville, dress up yourself or your kids and stop in for some free doughnuts!


Did you buy your $30 worth of P&G products to get the free pink cookware set yet? I did and this is what I bought:

8 CoverGirl Eye Shadow 6 @ $.2.99 and 2 @ $1.99 each 9/30 PG
2 CoverGirl Lipstick Cuties @ $4.99 each 9/16 RP

My total before coupons was $31.90. My total after coupons and before tax ($.05). So for $1.79 after tax I was able to get the free cookware and use this towards my $50 gas card total!

Used four $3/2 from 9/30 PG and one $5/2 9/16 RP plus ten $1/1 PQ from the Green Adv. Flyer (GAF). Plus I used one $5/$30 WD coupon = FREE COOKWARE! All you have to do is cut out one from the GAF and then them to multiply by 10.

Go HERE to print your rebate form. All of your items must be on one receipt and purchsed before 10/31/12.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Are you ready for some more cheap Advil? At the Publix store on the beach, there were $2 peelies over all the Advil boxes! Grab as many as you want and peel off the $2 coupon at the register and stack with the $5/2 coupon in the Green Adv. Flyer (GAF) to get your Advil for just $.49 each.

The last time this deal was offered the Advil was $4.49 instead of $4.99 making them free. If you are running low, just can't pass up a good deal or need to bump your total up for the gas card deal, this one is for you!


Smart Balance Spread is BOGO this week at Publix. If you weren't able to get the coupon off FB, go to the 9/30 SS and get the coupon for $.50/1.

You will be able to get a tub of SB butter for a great price!


I spotted the GET MORE FROM YOUR ESSENTIALS book at the Cobblestone Publix behind the customer service counter. I asked if they had any coupon books and they gave me one. I asked if I could have one more and they said NO!

Apparently they only got it one package of the coupon booklets and were expecting more to come in. Be on the lookout for this coupon phamplet. When you buy $30 in participating products, you will be able to get a $10 Publix gift card!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Well, this is a new one. I received an email from Kellogg's so I opened it and went to print a coupon for $1/2 Kellogg's Snack products. When the coupon came up, it said "This coupon may only be viewed three times and printed two times (2 prints).

What?? Now they are telling us how many times we can view the coupon? This was Red Plum so hopefully no one else will follow suit. There are many times I look at a coupon but don't print it immediately.

Does it count if I close my eyes and I don't look at it? Will that count as part of my three viewable times!!


The Mellow Mushroom is coming to St. Augustine!

I love this restaurant! The old American Grafitti is being torn down and Mellow Mushroom will be built in that location on Anastasia Blvd. They have great pizzas with a whole wheat crust.

Since it is right up the street from me I will be able to watch the progression as the new building is built. I can't wait to go there!


A few posts earlier I told you about a batwing dress that I ordered from HERE. It arrived this morning and I absolutely LOVE it! It runs true to size (I ordered a medium) and the fabric feels great! The dress originally sold for $49 so getting it for $6.36 including tax and shipping was an awesome deal.

I love the dress so much I just ordered two more! My first was black and now I just ordered the pink and blue.

They even have a return policy if you don't like it.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


I love stocking up on Jimmy Dean Sausage at this time of the year because I have a couple of great soup recipes that use it. Not only are they great recipes but they are quick and easy. Jimmy Dean Sausage is priced at 2 for $6 this week at Publix.

(2) Jimmy Dean Sausage Rolls, priced 2 for $6

-Used (1) $1 off 2 Jimmy Dean Fully Cooked Crumbles (Original or Turkey) 9.6 oz or Jimmy Dean Italian Roll Sausage 16 oz Publix printable (no longer available) or RP 9/16/12 expires 10/13/12, or Italian Days Sheet)

-Used (1) $1.50 off 2 Jimmy Dean Sausage Rolls (RP 10/7/12, expires 11/11/12)


$1.75 per roll (cheapest I've seen in awhile!)


I love this cute dress from Christopher & Banks. Priced at just $5, it is quite a deal. The normal price is $49.00! Currently clearance priced and available in three colors from size small to xl, you will want to hurry on this one. I just picked up this dress in black and paid just $6.36 with tax! I actually contemplated getting it in another color also!
If you are a friendship rewards member, you can get free shipping. I am not so I just used the coupon code 64832 and got $1 shipping. (valid through 10/20/12)
Hurry and check out their other deals as well as there are lots of clearance items priced at $5 each.


Grapes have been priced at right around $1.99 lb. lately. I was thrilled to see grapes priced at $.99 per lb this week at Winn Dixie.  Not only did I buy one bag but two!! They were crisp and delicious! I plan on going back before the sales up and getting some more.

If you are like me and love grapes and want a great deal, head to WD and grab some before the sale ends.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Are you going to around an ULTA store this weekend?

Before heading out the door, go HERE and print your coupon for $5 off any $10 purchase! It is only good in-store until October 13th. It is also good on regular, sale and clearance items!

I printed this one for my college-aged daughter. This one had her name all over it!


Head over to HERE  and print the coupon for Buy One Schick Hydro Silk Refill Get One Schick Hybrid Silk Razor FREE!

I plan on holding on to this coupon and hopefully we will see a drugstore sale soon. I plan on taking my chances and printing it a few days from now so maybe the expiration date will be before the awesome Thanksgiving Day CVS sales!

Keep your fingers crossed we see another FREE or cheap razor with this coupon!


Have you checked your Kraft's First Taste Account lately?

Go to and check your account to see if you have a coupon for $1.50 off Kraft Homestyle Mac and Cheese.


Wow! If you are signed up for JCPenney emails, you may have received an email today with a *HOT* $10 Promotional in-store gift coupon, valid on any purchase of $10 or more!

Make sure to check your spam folder as well.
The subject line of the email is “ A Letter And Gift From Our CEO” and you can also search the email address it came from .
To use the $10 Promotional Gift coupon, print the page in your email and take it to a JCPenney store near you! * Coupon can ONLY be used once. One coupon per customer. Valid 10/11/12-11/4/12.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


If you have time to swing by Publix today, check out the Greased Lightening cleaner in the spray bottle. They are on sale until 10/12 in the YAF for $1.69 a bottle. On every bottle there is a peelie for $1.25 off. There were several bottles left with peelies on each one! That doesn't happen very often.

Speaking of peelies, there are $1/1 peelies that are PQ's on the Ritz Toasted Chips making them $.85 each. I think there is a MQ out there also so even better ($.35) if you have that coupon also. The Cheddar variety was out at the Cobblestone Publix so I got a raincheck to get a few more as the holidays get closer.There were also $1/2 coupons taped on the Wheat Thins. The salesman was there and told me she just put them on all of them. I hope you can get some! Look on the front endcap also because there were crackers with peelies there also!

You can never have enough crackers at that price!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I had to tell you about the experience my sister-in-law had at her Publix in Ponte Vedra a few days ago.

She purchased $50 worth of groceries and was told she could get as many gas cards as she wanted because she hit the $50 mark. She was able to get 6 gas cards (that is all she wanted) with only one $50 purchase! Man, did she hit the honey hole!! My brother wished she had bought more!

Now I don't know if this is cashier error, which I am sure it is, but she was going to go back today and ask. If that is the case, I plan on going to PV to do my shopping on Wednesday! Wouldn't that be awesome if all the stores let you do that!

I'll keep you posted.


Run into Target and you can pick up a bottle of Scrubbing Bubbles Kitchen Cleaner for only $.41 each.

It is on sale for $2.66 each. Use the $1/1 TQ and stack with the $1.25 MQ to get an awesome deal on this cleaning product. The store had plenty of cans left.

I am not sure if this coupon is still available to print so check your binders to see if you printed it!

Sunday, October 7, 2012


After a long weekend in Ft. Lauderdale, I came home to a wonderful surprise...

The Enjoy the City books finally came in!

If you signed up for one, please contact me so we can arrange pick-up. I am asking everyone to pay $19 for 10 books. I have had to pay up front for them plus will have to arrange pick-up/delivery and figured you guys wouldn't mind paying an extra $2 per 10 books. That is still such an awesome deal. If you don't want your books you signed up for, I have extra people waiting in line to get them, so don't worry!

 I will also take books to work with me in case anyone wants to pick them up at the Sunshine Shop. Stop in and say hello and look around while you are there!

Thanks so much!


It's time to clean out your boxes. Every one of these inserts could be thrown away. This should get your boxes up-to-date

2012-07-22 FL pepsi 

2012-07-01 FL pg
2012-06-24 FL ss
2012-06-24 FL rp
2012-06-17 FL rp
2012-06-03 FL ss 

2012-05-20 FL ss
2012-05-20 FL rp
2012-05-13 FL rp 

2012-05-06 FL rp
2012-04-29 FL ss
2012-04-15 FL ss1 & ss2
2012-04-01 FL ss
2012-03-25 FL ss
2012-03-25 FL rp
2012-03-11 FL ss
2012-03-11 FL rp
2012-03-04 FL rp
2012-01-29 FL rp1&rp2
2012-01-15 FL ss 

2012-01-08 FL SS1 & SS2

Monday, October 1, 2012


When I was over at zip code 12345 at printing yet another coupon for Scottie's tissues, I noticed the Farm Rich Appetizer coupon for $3/2 reset!

I am sure some of you got a rain check like me and will be able to get this fabulous deal again!  I plan on buying the meatballs because they will make a great appetizer in chili sauce with grape jelly for the holidays.  Yes, I am thinking ahead to Christmas and Thanksgiving. Throw those bad boys in a crockpot and you have a great appetizer.  

Another high value coupon I saw was $.75/1 box of Golden Graham's  cereal. With all the cereal coupons lately being $1.00/3, this was a nice high value to see. I am printing and holding for a sale. Another coupon I saw was $1/2 Biscoff cookies. If you want to feel like you are in heaven, buy theses. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!! Put  some Biscoff spread on if you really want some awesome stuff!  F


FINALLY THE GAS CARD DEAL IS BACK!! Woo Hoo!! I know we have all waited for this deal to come back and here it is!

What am I excited about? The Scotties tissues for $.22 each, Birds Eye Voila for $1.09 a bag, Dannon Yogurt for $.50 each, Smart Balance Milk for $1.50 each, Sorrento Ricotta for $2 each, always deli tea bogo, more All Laundry Detergent at $1.50 each and, of course, pulling out the rainchecks. Mama Francesca Parm Cheese, Farm Rich Appetizers Quaker Breakfast To Go Bars, and anything else I have a raincheck for!

If anyone needs a $1.50/1 Publix coupon from the Italian Sheet to do the following deal, I have a few extra that I can share! Let me know!

Barilla Pasta Sauce, $2.39 – $2.79

Barilla Pasta, BOGO $1.23 – BOGO $1.31

-$1/2 Barilla, pasta AND sauce jar 09/30/2012 SS Insert (exp 11/24/2012)

-$1.50/1 Barilla Sauce, any AND Barilla Pasta, any Make Your Home Italian Tonight Publix Coupon, coupon sheet