Saturday, March 30, 2013


I had to run back to the Dollar Store today and they still had plenty of Elf products I told you earlier about on the shelf. I have used the eyelid primer and I have to say I love it! It does seem to make my eyeshadow stay in place longer. I have also switched eyeshadows using the Ulta Eyeshadows I bought for $3 each on sale, regularly $7 each, and the Urban Decay Nude Pallet which was $37. I have to say I like them equally. I also bought the Urban Decay Bronzer/Blush/Highlighter pallet and I love that as well! I am so glad I found something so I can just stick with that. Now does anybody know of anyone who would like a bunch of Covergirl/Maybelline Eyeshadows?? LOL! We all have a ton of those! I did just send in for my $15 P&G rebate for all the Covergirl Eyeshadows. Not only did we get them for free, but will get paid $15! Love it!


Do you guys remember awhile back when I told you I spotted the Rold Gold Tomatoes blinkie? Honestly, I thought the BOGO sale would have happened quicker but it doesn't make a difference now! I hope you grabbed and still have the $1/2 blinkie. If you do, you will be able to get canned tomatoes for just $.20 a can, regularly $1.39!! I will be stocking up for myself and probably for my kids as well!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

PUBLIX 3/27/13, SPENT $42

I was quite happy with my Publix haul today even though I had to do it in 4 separate transactions. That is such a pain and it takes more time but I will do what I have to do to use more than one $5/$30 WD coupon. My totals before coupons were in the $135 to $140 range. My total after coupons was $42. This is what I bought: 6 Smart Balance Milk 10 Chobani Yogurt 8 Smart Balance Buttery Spread 2 Cool Whip 6 Farmers Cheese Bananas Cantelope Scallions Pineapple 6 Bottles Orbit Gum (used RC) 4 Motts Medley Apple Juice, 1/2 gallon) 2 Jennie O Turkey Bacon 3 Unsweet Tea 2 Thomas English Muffins 2 Hellmans Mayo 2 Planters Cashews Potato Rolls 2 Dozen Eggs 4 Sargento Cheese 2 Jimmy Dean Sausage I figured I am good on buttery spread for the rest of the year! I am excited to make Mock Pierogi with the Farmers Cheese and Deviled Eggs will certainly be on our Easter menu! I still have to buy a ham but everything else I need I have. I figured if I just bought the milk and 8 Smart Balance Spread I would have paid $42. Kind of makes you think...WOW! I know no one would buy 8 at a time but the milk isn't a stretch. The date on the milk is May 26 so I know I am good on milk until the end of May!


I headed to the Dollar Tree today on US 1 to pick up some fillers for Easter Eggs for the grandkids. When I was there, I found what I was looking for at Target that they do not carry. I read that the Elf Eyelid Primer was very good and it is only $1. Unfortunately, our Target did not carry any. I was able to buy that at the Dollar Tree plus the Elf Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara. I always see those pictures of women with perfectly shaped brows and this was my opportunity to try to do the same for only $1! I was kind of excited to see those two things. I will let you know how they do! I also found boxes of seed for Impatients, Alyssum, and Wildflower Mix. I figured I couldn't go wrong for a buck. I have an area before my pool that nothing gets planted in so I plan on spreading the mix and letting it go! If it works, I will have a nice display of colorful flowers. If it doesn't, I'm out $3. To tell you the truth, I am kind of excited to see if it works. The only problem is the direction states that they have to be watered everyday. That could potentially be a problem because I tend to plant things and forget them everyonce in awhile. Either that or I love them too much and over-water!

Monday, March 25, 2013


Looking to save some money when you go to Carrabba's? Go HERE and print a coupon for $10 off any entree when you buy another entree! My husband just got a gift certificate for his birthday so this will be a win-win for us!! We might even be able to squeeze two dinners out of it!


I scored a small victory this morning against Chobani Yogurt, my favorite brand. They are on sale this week and a $.30 coupon was available to print HERE but when I entered my e-mail address, it did not offer me the $.30 coupon to print. So I outsmarted them and entered a bogus name and e-mail address and up came the coupon for the 6 oz. size! It allows you to print as many as you want. Don't you wish every coupon was that way. LOL! But don't worry...if you need more just enter another name and e-mail address and you will be able to print more! I wish I had figured this out the last time they were on sale for $1. I bought them without a coupon! That just sounds so wrong!!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013


Do you still have the $1/2 Quaker coupon from the February issue of ALL YOU? If you do then you can get a great deal on Quaker oatmeal that is BOGO this week at Publix. When I was printing my target coupons, I noticed a new $1/2 Quaker coupon. Stack that with the MQ and pay just $1 per box


I am in a bit of a pickle. I guess you can say I am burned out on shopping at CVS. Yes, you heard it right...I am tired of drugstore shopping. Maybe it is because I have built up such a nice stockpile or maybe because I just don't want to take the time anymore. With that being said, I added up my ECB's today and I have $56! I told my husband how much I had and his response was "But that is not real money anyway". I then had to go into COUPONING 101 to explain that I could go into CVS and buy anything I wanted with that $56. My ECB's are getting ready to hit the 30 day point. That means I really do need to use them. I pulled out a few rainchecks and plan on using those. So my question is do I take a break from CVS or do I just carry a few over and not do as many deals. I don't know if it just me but it seems like the deals just are not there as frequently as before. I like the "buy something for $5, use a $1 MQ, and get $5 ECB's back. Anyone else feel the same as I do?


In case you guys missed this one, go HERE to print PUBLIX coupons for Smart Balance Milk and Smart Balance Buttery Spread. These two are some of my favorites from Smart Balance. When you combine the PQ with the MQ'S from the 2/10 SS, you will get Smart Balance Milk for about $1.59 and the buttery spread for just $.50 with the current sale! The Smart Balance Spread is my preferred brand to purchase. It really tastes like butter.


Sorry for the lack of posts...I have been so busy and not thinking about the blog. I did want to tell you about the additional coupon I used for the Sargento Cheese and egg deal. Buy 4 Kraft Cheese BOGO Use $.55/2 Buy 2 Large Eggs Use Get FREE Eggs wyb 2 cheese Publix Spring Savings Buy 2 Jimmy Dean Sausage Use two $1/1 wyb any Jimmy Dean Sausage Publix Spring Savings Book Net OOP approx $8 for all the above

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Stewart's weekly ad is up. I stopped in there today and bought the biggest cantelope I have ever seen for $3. I always look for rib eye steaks that are on the reduced shelf and I found two beautiful steaks today for $3.99 lb. when I was checking out I looked at my feet and there sat a flat of strawberries for just $5! You know they went out the door with me and they are already in the freezer. They still had two flats left. I probably lost maybe a pint of strawberries. I have seen the sign before but always missed it. It was my lucky day. I noticed they also had green and red peppers for 10 for $1. You would gave to use them pretty quickly or freeze them. Here is the rest of the sale ad. Fresh, never frozen Boneless Chicken Breasts, 5 lbs. or more, $1.99 lb. Boneless NY Strip Steaks, $4.99 lb. Blueberries! $1.99 each. Shrimp! $4.99 lb. Haas Avocados,$.99 each Indian River Temple or Valencia Oranges, 8 for $1.00 Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops, $2.49 lb. Jumbo Cantaloupes, $3.00 each 3 lb. bag Onions, $1.99 5 lb. bag Potatoes, $1.99 each 1 lb. package White Mushrooms, $1.99 each 4 pack Florida Vine Ripe Tomatoes, $1.50 each Indian River Ruby Red Grapefruits, 3 for $1.00 Plant City Strawberries, $1.50 pint Local Radishes, $1.00 bunch Local Green or Red Bell Peppers, 4 for $1.00 White Seedless Grapes, $.99 lb. 1 lb. tubs Peeled Garlic, $3.99 each Mangos, $.99 each Local Red Onions with tops, $1.99 each Local Sweet Onions with tops, $1.99 each Florida New Crop Red Creamer Potatoes, $1.99lb. Del Monte Golden Ripe Pineapples, $1.99 each Basil Plants, $2.49 each Loose Beets or Turnips, $.99 lb. Local DATIL PLANTS $3.99 each Claw Crab Meat, 1 lb. container, $9.99 each D'Anjou Pears, $.99 lb. Florida Eggplant, 2 for $1.50

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


If you are a Clinique fan, Dillard's is having their free gift with purchase right now. Just purchase $25 worth of makeup and get a cosmetic bag filled with some goodies such as lipstick, mascara, moisturizer, etc. My email didn't say when the deal was ending so I would give them a call just to make sure


I hope some of you were able to get the BOGO gum deal. I was able to get 6 bottles for a mere $.89! I also got a rain check for 6 more bottles to do the deal again

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Orbit Car Cup gum, BOGO $3.29 -B2G1 Orbit Gum (no size restriction) Spring Savings Publix Coupon or print True BOGO: Buy 6 and use 2 coupons to pay just $3.29 for 6 (55¢ each)! I plan on doing this tomorrow as it is the last day of the sale. To make this deal even sweeter, go to and print the coupon for $1/1. This deal will turn into a MM for me when I print 6 coupons! Oh by the way...I wasn't able to print coupons from I simply uninstalled Java and then put it back on, and viola!! It works again! Try this if you have the same computer problems like I did!

Monday, March 18, 2013


I was in Miami for the weekend visiting my daughter and a great time. Unfortunately, on the last day my sinuses started acting up. On Wednesday I plan on doing my shopping and picking up this good deal! If you are suffering from allergies, you might want to get some of this stuff for yourself also! **This deal ENDS on Friday 3/22/13** Claritin 30ct RediTabs - $15.99 $5.00 off Claritin 20ct+ or Claritin D 15ct+ PUBLIX COUPON in Green Advantage Flyer $5.00/1 Claritin 24ct+ MFG coupon in the 3/3/13 SS insert BUY ONE, use ONE $5.00/1 PUBLIX coupon and ONE $5.00/1 MFG coupon and you pay $5.99 each MEGA DEAL: BUY TWO Claritin 30 ct RediTabs $31.98 USE ONE $5.00/$30.00 Winn Dixie Coupon (Enjoy the City Books) USE TWO $5.00/1 MFG COUPONS 3/3 SS insert USE TWO $5.00/1 PUBLIX COUPONS from Green Advantage YOU pay $6.98 OOP or $3.49 each! WOW! This is the one I am going for!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


If you have ever had your hair cut at Panache you know their hair products are Eco- friendly, not tested on animals, and most importantly smell fantastic! The only drawback is the price! The Aveda hair products are very expensive. My favorite thing about leaving Panache is the smell from the Rosemary Mint shampoo and conditioner. I leaves my hair smelling so clean. I have never been able to find anything else to replicate that smell. Well, I found it! Be on the lookout for Aura Rosemary Mint Rejuvenating shampoo and conditioner at Marshall's. it is exactly the same fragrance and it is made by the parent company of Aveda for a fraction of the cost! It seems to clarify your hair of all build-up of other products. I was able to buy the liter size for $7.99 each. I researched it and also found that Sally Beauty Supply carries it also. I haven't gone into Sally's yet to verify this so if you see it let me know!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Beginning 3/24, eggs will be on sale 2/$2 at Walgreens. If you were able to print the $.55/2 coupon this week, you will get a great deal on eggs. Even if you don't have the coupon, it would be worth your while getting your eggs at Walgreens this week. You will be saving $1 a dozen over Publix.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Did you know that there is a recall for publix lemon ammonia? When ammonia and bleach are mixed together it produces dangerous fumes. Here’s the Voluntary Recall Info from Publix LAKELAND, Fla., March 12, 2013 – Publix Super Markets is issuing a voluntary recall for one lot code of Publix Lemon Ammonia. The supplier, KIK International may have applied a label for Publix Lemon Bleach to one lot code. The lot code Best by 2/4/2014 is found on the side of the bottle. The Publix Lemon Ammonia, UPC #41415-00617, was distributed in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina. Publix has received no customer complaints to date. “As part of our commitment to product safety, potentially impacted product has been removed from all store shelves,” said Maria Brous, Publix media and community relations director. “ Consumers who have purchased the products in question may return the product to their local store for a full refund”. Publix customers with additional questions may call Publix Customer Care Center at 1-800-242-1227 or by visiting our website at”


Stewart's weekly ad is up and as usual there are some good deals. Remember their ad begins today and ends on Saturday. Here's the list on sale: Fresh, never frozen Boneless Chicken Breasts, 5 lbs. or more, $1.99 lb. Boneless NY Strip Steaks, $4.99 lb. Blueberries! $1.99 each. Shrimp! $4.99 lb. Haas Avocados,$.79 each 6 pack Kiwi Fruit, $1.99 each Boneless Center Cut Pork Chops, $2.49 lb. 3 lb. bag Onions, $1.99 5 lb. bag Potatoes, $1.99 each 1 lb. package White Mushrooms, $1.99 each 4 pack Florida Vine Ripe Tomatoes, $1.50 each Cubanelle Peppers, 4 for $1.00 Plant City Strawberries, $1.50 pint Local Radishes, $1.00 bunch Local Green or Red Bell Peppers, 4 for $1.00 Local Beets with Tops, $1.99 bunch 1 lb. tubs Peeled Garlic, $3.99 each Mangos, $.99 each Champagne Mangos, $1.50 each Local Sweet Onions with tops, $1.99 each Florida New Crop Red or White Creamer Potatoes, $1.99lb. Del Monte Golden Ripe Pineapples, $1.99 each Basil with roots, $2.99 bunch Assorted Herb Plants, $2.49 each Loose Beets or Turnips, $.99 lb. Local DATIL PLANTS $3.99 each Claw Crab Meat, 1 lb. container, $9.99 each D'Anjou Pears, $.99 lb. Florida Eggplant, 2 for $1.50

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


If your family loves sweet potatoes, head to save-a-lot and pick some up for $.33 lb. They also have chicken leg quarters for .89 lb. and I don't think they are frozen in ten pound blocks! Hams are $.99 lb. amd a 5'lb. bag of potatoes is $1.99. If any of these things are something your family would use and you are in that area, stop by and pick some up!


If you are headed out to the SR 16 Publix today, keep an eye out for peelies on the Triscuits. I received an email from Summer who said she found a pretty sweet deal. The triscuits were 2/$5. The new Brown Rice Triscuits had a Publix peelie on them for a FREE box of the new Brown Rice Triscuits with the purchase of another box. When she got to the register, they took off $3.69 instead of $2.50! She was able to buy 2 boxes of "normal" triscuits for $5 and two of the Brown Rice kind and Publix paid her $2.38 to take 4 boxes home! What a pleasant surprise to find! She didn't even have any MQ's with her because she didn't anticipate this deal. I hope some of you can find the same deal!


Be on the lookout for a $5/$25 Save-A-Lot coupon in today's Red Plum mailer. Hopefully we will still be able to use these at Publix. If anyone tries to use this at SR 16 and they take it, please let me know. As of a few weeks ago, they told me they were not taking them. You know what that means! I will shop at another Publix! And also don't forget...there was a $5 off $50 coupon in this past weekends Fl. Times Union. I didn't even run out and get a paper for that one! I like the $5/$30 better!


I received several emails and read posts from you guys and it seems I am not the only one having issues. It seems like one time you go to Publix and you hear one thing and the next time you hear something else. It seems to be they are going to start cracking down on the $5/$30 coupons as well as the Save-A-Lot coupons. I have been told now that the order has to be split. OK...I get that but it will just be a pain and the person behind me in line will have to wait a little longer. The gas card deal is another thing. I was able to spend $50, get a gas card and use the $10 off AND use the $5/$30. Many of you have told me you were not told the same thing. Many of you said that you were told you had to spend another $30 over the $50 for the gas card to take off the $5 WD coupon. That is insane. One person emailed me and said they were told they had to spend $80 and their sister who just left the store did not. I just wish they would get their act together and stick with one plan! I have a feeling the next thing that is going to happen is they are going to only let us use one Target coupon at a time. In other words, if I have a coupon for $1 off a box of cereal, and I want to buy 2 boxes that are BOGO, I can only use one TQ. Mark my words...that will be coming next. Thank you for sharing your experiences on the blog so everyone can see. Make sure you read the comment section on the posts to keep up with everything!


Sorry for the lack of posts lately but I have been having some serious computer issues. As we speak, I cannot get on the internet on two of my computers, one desktop and a laptop AND my I-Pad! For some unknown reason, I am able to get on one computer to type this post. Who knows when it will give out! I have not been able to print any coupons from my desktop and it keeps asking me to download Java. I download it AGAIN and it tells me the same thing. I need a new computer so bad but have just been putting it off. I know I have to get it soon because I want Windows 7 and not Windows 8. It is very frustrating so bear with me as I get through all this mess. On top of that, something happened with the security somewhere I used my credit card so they are limiting my purchases to $200 until a new card is sent to me. There goes my new computer until I can use my new credit card!

Friday, March 8, 2013


I wanted to tell you about this neat small appliance I bought for my husband for his birthday. You see, he is a gadget guy and I stress out every year trying to figure out what to get him. Along with a new pair of Reef flp flops from the Sunshine Shop and a book about the Seals and Osama Bin Lauden, I got him something called Yonana's. We just used it and it is awesome! It makes "ice cream" using just frozen fruit! You always have to use bananas and whatever other fruit you want. Simply freeze it and then just run it through the machine. It was so creamy! I added a little squeeze of chocolate syrup and some whipped topping and a few sliced bananas on the side and I thought I was eating a banana split. Check it out at Bed Bath and Beyond and use a 20 percent coupon to get it for $40.


It is interesting to hear all the different scenerios at the various Publix stores. Today at the Cobblestone store, they told me I had to break up my orders to use more than one $5/$30. I ended up with two $50 orders so I could get two gas cards. In the end, it only cost me $5 because I could only used two instead of three. In case you missed it, this comment was left on the blog about Vilano Publix... Vilano Beach Store- Today, Friday, I went to purchase groceries and get a gas card. At checkout, my total was $62.00 They would only accept the $10.00 off the gas card. Would not accept $5.00 off $25.00 coupon from Sav-A-Lot. They stated that my total order had to be more than $75.00 in order to accept both dollar off coupons. They stated that this was a new policy. Another friend of mine called me today and told me she went to the beach Publix and did not have to separate her order! Her total was $212 and she was able to use four of them! I asked at the customer service desk today at Cobblestone before I checked out and then asked the cashier if I had to have separate orders for two coupons. Both said yes. Now I am confused! Is it going to make a difference depending on which cashier we choose? Is it going to make a difference what time of the day we shop or which store we choose to shop at? I like the good 'ol days when all of this was easy! Please email me or leave a comment on the blog and let us know what happened on your trip. I would love to know and share with everyone.

Monday, March 4, 2013


I received an email today from a friend who went to the beach Publix today. She was informed of a new policy beginning Thursday. The beach store will no longer take a Target "market brand" coupon for a "Publix" item.. I don't know if this is going to be part of the new coupon policy for all stores or if this is just a decision made by the manager of that store. I guess we will know more on March 8th when the new coupon policy about digital coupons rolls out. If anyone hears of anything, please let me know so we can share it with everyone!


When I was at the cobblestone Publix today, I noticed the booklet So Much To Love was right by the front door. If you want to take advantage of the All Laundry detergent deal beginning Thursday, you might want to stop by and pick up a few books. The detergent will be on sale for 2 for $7 and there is a $1 coupon in that book. That is a great stock-up price for laundry detergent plus it will go towards your gas card deal.


I didn't really need anything at Publix this week but wanted to take advantage of the Angel Soft toilet paper deal and the frosted mini wheat/free milk deal. I had to throw on a bag of $.50 peanuts to make my total just go over $50 so I could use two $5/$25 save-a-lot coupons. This is what I bought: 4 triple rolls Angel Soft toilet paper 3 Frosted Mini Wheats Crunch Cereal 3 Chobani Greek Yogurt 1 cake mix 1 cream cheese frosting 1 gallon mild Bananas Blueberries 4 Oscar Mayer Turkey Breast (used RC) My total after coupons was $22.50. I didn't think that was bad considering the toilet paper alone was $20 (sale price). Since the gas card deal is next week, I wanted to save all my deals until then to get as many gas cards as I could!!


Are you running low on Advil that we got free many months ago? I you don't want to do the target deal I told you about you can do this deal this week. Buy 50 ct. Publix pain reliever BOGO $4.79 Use $1/2 TQ Pay $1.90 each. Definitely not as good as free but if you need them it is a good price.

Sunday, March 3, 2013


I just got back from going to disney world for the weekend with my husband and we had a blast! I thought I would tell you a few things about our trip.

My husband wanted to book a 4 star hotel room because he wanted to stay somewhere nice. I, on the other hand, did not want to pay the price of a 4 star hotel. I started researching Priceline but found out that even if you get a good deal on a 4 star hotel you still have to pay a $14 parking fee per day and a $20 resort fee per day. I felt like all my savings were being eaten up with unnecessary fees.

I then had to come up with plan B.  I did some digging and found a nice hotel that got wonderful reviews from everyone.  It wasn't a 4 star but it was a solid 3 star minutes from Lake Buena Vista and Disney, just where we wanted to be. It was a Quality Inn Suites and we were able to get a nice 1 bedroom suite for $84 including tax. We had a full kitchen and separate bedroom with a king size bed that was very comfortable.  The living area was very nice and had a comfortable sofa that was also a bed if you needed to sleep 4. I was literally minutes from all the 4 star hotels on hotel row. It also included a breakfast complete with Belgium waffles, sausage, eggs, toast, oatmeal, yogurt, pastries, fresh fruit and coffee and juices.  I am sure I missed something on the buffet list. It was basic but all you needed to get started before a long and cold day at Epcot and Hollywood Studios!

Since we were going to Epcot, we parked at the Boardwalk Hotel and literally parked in the first row just steps from the hotel.  From there you board the enclosed boat and head to Epcot.  The key word here is "enclosed". It was so cold it was nice to walk right on a boat with no waiting and crowds and be dropped off at the back entrance where the countries are.  It worked the same way coming home. Again, there were no crowds and we boarded the boat, made two stops and then were dropped off at the  Boardwalk Hotel.

The next day we were going to Hollywood Studios. We did the same thing but his time had to park about 8 cars away from where we parked yesterday.  Not only did we beat all crowds but we avoided the $14 parking fee each day. I can honestly say this made going to WDW a pleasure!

Not only did I find a great suite with a comfortable bed and plenty of room that we will go to again for $84, but I saved us the parking fee and even better than that all the hassle of parking in Chip and Dale, riding a tram with tons of people, and then trying to remember which isle you parked in. It never fails, for me anyway, that you are always dropped off at the beginning of the rows and your car is in the last row!!

We ate lunch at the German buffet which was excellent and it ended up being all we needed for the day. You paid more for it but we had an excellent meal and even got a show with it! That is something we will definitely do again also.  When we left disney the second day, we ate at Chevy's Mexican restaurant just minutes from disney and our hotel. It was, again, an excellent choice for a meal. The price was good and we had plenty off food!

I anyone of you are planning a trip to Disney in the future, I would recommend the Quality Inn Suites on Palm Pkwy.