Monday, August 30, 2010


My next class will be Monday, Sept. 20th at Lighthouse Interiors, 304 Anastasia Blvd.

If you are interested in attending this class, please let me know and then don't forget to write it on your calander!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

PUBLIX 8/29/10, SPENT $14.58, SAVED 75%

I went with my daughter tonight because she needed a few things including formula. If any of you are not aware of the price of formula let me tell you that it is not cheap. The price is $22.49. So this is what she bought:

4 Athenos Feta Cheese
4 Select Harvest Soup
1 Wickles Pepper Rings
1 Similac Formula
2 Ritz Cracker
2 Nathans Hot Dogs
1 Pkg. Chocolate Chip Cookie from Bakery

The total before coupons was $42 and change. Total after coupons $14.58. And some people say it is not worth it to use coupons!!

Sorry there is no picture but we didn't want to have to unload everything out of her car and take a picture.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

According to, there should be a $3 off Wisk coupon in this weekends Red Plum.

Don't run out and use that coupon this week! There will be a Buy One Get One Free sale at CVS the week of 9/5 (32 loads). A price is not listed I am guessing it will be priced at around $8.99. That would make them $1.50 each after coupons!

Walgreens will have the 48 load for $6.99 with a $2 RR back the week of 9/5. So $1.99 after coupon and RR for 48 loads!

*NOTE: There are regional variations in newspaper inserts and I can’t promise you will we will receive this coupon. Also, all regions will not get this sale. The sale can be viewed at the Thursday before the sale. Let's all keep our fingers crossed! My guess is we will get it so that means make sure you have 2 papers at least!



Looking for a way to start doing the drugstore deals? Here is an easy cheap way to get into doing Walgreens, otherwise known as WAGS. This scenerio involves 3 transactions assuming you are starting with no RR's. Here we go!

Transaction 1:
Buy Breathe Right Strips 10 pk. $4.00
Use $1.50/1 4/11 RP
Pay $2.50 OOP
Get Back $4 RR

Transaction 2:
Buy W Perfection Tampons 8 pk. $1.99
Buy Carmex Moisture Lip Balm $2.00
Buy Mead 2-pocket prong folder $.20 (use in-ad Q)
Use $4 RR from above
Pay $.19 OOP
Get back $2 and $2

Transaction 3:

Buy Colgate Total Toothpaste $2.99
Buy Mead 2-pocket prong folder $.20 (use in-ad q) for filler
Use $1.00 from Diabetes & You book by pharmacy
Use $2 from above
Pay $.19 OOP
Get Back $2

You have spent $2.93 OOP and are getting $10.93 in merchandise and still have $2 in RR's. The best part is you can do this scenerio all over again!


Buy Breathe Right Nasal Strips (10 ct.), $4.00
Buy Colgate Toothpaste, $2.99
Buy 2 Fillers – I’m using the $0.20 2 Pocket Folders (In Ad Coupon)

Use 1 – $1.50/1 Breathe Right Product RP 04/11/10
Use 1 – $1/1 Colgate Coupon – Found in the Diabetes and You Coupon Book by the Pharmacy
Use 1 – In Ad Coupon for Folders
Use 1 – $2 Register Reward from Carmex (Transaction 2)
Use 1 – $2 Register Reward from Tampons (Transaction 2)
Pay – $0.89 Out Of Pocket

Receive a $4 Register Reward from Breathe Right & 1- $2 Register Reward from Colgate.

If you decide to do the above transaction for #3, you will have paid $3.58 OOP and still have a $4 and $2 RR.
*Note, none of these figures include sales tax


My scenerio this week can be described in one word...BORING! There is nothing at CVS this week that I want or need. I have $7.99 in ECB's so I will do this one boring scenerio. But the good thing is I really could use them! This sale is only good Sun, Mon and Tues.

Buy Phillips Earbuds at $6.99
Buy newspaper $1.25
Use $7.99 ECB
Pay $.25 OOP
Get Back $6.99

For just $.25 plus tax I will get a brand new spanking set of earbuds and still have $7 in ECB's to roll into next week. OR...
Instead of the newspaper,

Buy 1 Tylenol Precise $7.99
Use $2 CVS Q from here
Use $2 from here
Pay $3.99
Get back $3 and $6.99

The following week you can do this deal if you are in need of Schick Razor Cartridges to go with the FREE Schick Razors you got a few weeks ago. :)

Buy Schick Hydro 4ct Cartridges $8.97
Use $2 8/8 SS
Use $6.99 ECB from earbuds
Pay only tax
Get back $4 ECB

I personally have enough razors and shave gel to shave the city of St. Augustine!

HEADS UP! There will be a diaper deal next week including Huggies and Pampers. Get $10 ECB wyb $25. I still have another $11.50 in ECB's so I could technically spend $12.00 OOP for a large box of diapers and wipes and get back $10 ECB. Considering the price of diapers and wipes, this would be a good deal for me, or should I say my kids!


Looking for something to do today and possibly find some great deals? Head on over to Dillards today and use this coupon for 40% off any clearance merchandise! The coupon expires today, Saturday, August 28th. I sure wish I didn't have to work today because I would so be there!

Friday, August 27, 2010

PUBLIX 8/27 SPENT $15.37, SAVED 79%

I had a few specific things I needed at Publix for a family get together this weekend. I utilized my raincheck for the Smart Balance Milk for 2 for $5. This is what I bought for $15.37 (by the way, my total before coupons was just shy of $50):

4 Smart Balance Milk
2 pkgs zucchini
bag baking potatoes
4 cans Select Harvest Soup
2 Mentos Gum
1 pkg. bacon
4 Morningstar Farms Breakfast Sausage
2 Lipton Tea Bags
Pie Crust
2 Kix Cereal
2 Bagel Bites

I plan on making another trip to Publix this week so I could take advantage of the Ritz Cracker deal with the Wags IVC. I will then scan the store and see if there are any rainchecks I need to get. This week was not spectacular for me so I may only end up spending $25 for the week!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


If you are finding this blog from Smock a Doodle Do, welcome to St. Augustine Savers Coupon Workshop. Each week I post my grocery purchases along with my receipt to show you what I paid for my groceries. I used to be like most of you paying $125 to 150 a week in groceries and accepted it as a fact of life. Now I pay about $50 a week which includes my grocery and drugstore purchases. I use the drugstores to "buy" many of my personal items like toothpaste, dental floss, mouthwash, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, etc. I usually get the items for free or pay just pennies on the dollar using their reward systems. Think it can't be done? Attend a coupon workshop or hold a class at your home, workplace, church, or organization. I will show you everything you need to know to save 50% to 90% on your grocery and household expenses!


Here are some of the best deals I see this week:

Kraft Miracle Whip $1.50 jar, not $5.07
Kens Marinade & Sauce $.40 bottle, not $2.79
V-8 Splash $1.10 bottle, not $3.27
Campbells Select Harvest Soup - FREE
Hormel Completes Dish $.75, not $2.49
Kix Cereal $1.25 box, not $3.99
Kelloggs Fiber Plus Cereal $.50 box, not $3.99 (buy 5 and send in for $5 rebate)
Cascadian Farms Granola or Granola Bars $1.00 box, not $3.99
Nabisco Ritz Crackers $.90 box, not $3.79 *must purchase after 8/29 to use Wags IVC
I Can't Believe It's Not Butter $.87, not $2.49
Starbucks Ice Cream $.95, not $3.91
Yoplait Yogurt 4 pk. $.75, not $2.50
Morningstar Farms $.99 each, not $3.99
Right Guard $.49 each, not $3.99
Solo Cups, Plates or Bowls $1.95, not $5.35
Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil 75 sf $1.25 each, not $4.29
Listerine Mouthwash $1.50
Advil 40-50 ct. $.99 ea, not $4.49
Lipton Tea Bags, pay $.55 each not $2.65

*Note some prices may vary slightly


Shake and Bake will be on Advantage Buy starting 8/28 to 9/17 for $1.99. I don't know about your family but mine loves Shake and Bake on chicken and pork. In fact, I buy the pork only and use it on my chicken as well. It makes a $.49 lb. chicken leg quarter taste pretty good! You are able to print from both of these links here and here to get a total of four $.75 off coupons per computer!

Also, Mentos Mixed Fruit or Mint Roll 1.32 oz, will be on sale for 2/$1
Use the $.55 off coupon from here to get it for free!


I found this in my e-mail and thought I would forward it along. I know my daughter needs new bras and having a $10 off $25 coupon will sweeten the deal. Go here to print your coupon. Note that the coupon is only good until Saturday, August 28th.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My girls love clothes, they always have! Since my two oldest have children of their own now, and they love to buy boutique clothes for their children but hate the price of it! We all love a good deal! They recently decided to start their own childrens clothing company, My Bella Bums specalizing in smocked and monogramable clothing at affordable prices.
If you love nice clothing but don't like to pay a lot for it, you need to check them out (and tell your family and friends!) Find them on facebook where they will have specials and offer free shipping, just search My Bella Bums. You can also contact them at

The first person to purchase from My Bella Bums and mention St. Augustine Savers Coupon Workshop will receive 20% off their already low prices!! Hurry over to their facebook page now!

Here is my precious grandson wearing his first My Bella Bums smocked fall shortall! His sister Kylie will be wearing a matching dress!

Here is Kylie in her cute whale smocked 2 pc set!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


How many have you have several Feta Cheese in your refrigerator? I love it on salads but decided to try to make a pasta dish which included the free feta! Simply boil spaghetti (Barilla BOGO), mix a little Good Seasons Italian dressing with a little mayo, a tsp. of capers and top with feta cheese. It was delicious and a great side dish with my chicken legs/thighs from Food Lion last week that were $.47/lb. and fresh broccoli!

PUBLIX 8/24/10, SPENT $20.09, SAVED 86%

I found more Marie's Dressing Coupons so I HAD to go back and get some more for $1 a bottle! I also wanted to see if they were out of anything I really wanted and they were out of Feta Cheese and Hunts Tomatoes. I was so happy to buy the last 2 Traditional Feta and last 6 Hunts Tomatoes and then get a raincheck!! My purchases were as follows:

4 Boston Market Dinners
2 Feta Cheese
2 Fat Boy Ice Cream Sandwiches
2 Granola Thins (these are awesome!)
2 Granola Bars
4 Maries Dressing
Lg. Bag Baby Carrots
2 jars Olives
2 Corn
6 Hunts Tomatoes
2 Kotex
2 Barilla Pasta
2 Hefty Garbage Bags
2 Glass Plus
2 Lysol Mildew Cleaner
5 Thermacare

Not bad for only $20!! The Granola Thins were something I would have not bought but I had a coupon for buy the Granola Bars and get the Granola Thins FREE! They are something I will definitely buy again. I am fully stocked on garbage bags and am getting my canned tomato stock back up for the winter soup season (did I say winter??)

Before Publix, I ran into Winn Dixie to buy 6 lbs. grapes (3 bags), 4 apples, fresh broccoli and 2 cantelopes for a total of $11.65.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I was able to print these coupons again. Go here and print this high value coupon for $1 off a package of Nestle Refrigerated Cookies. Make sure you hit your back browser and print two. These coupons paired up with a sale should make a sweet deal


Bagel Bites are on sale at Publix for $1.99. They will be FREE when you use two $1/1 coupons from the 6/13 SS and a $2/2 from Toss for Cash. These booklets are in the stores now! I have seen them by the frozen isle and in the front in a cardboard stand. Keep your eyes peeled...we got some awesome deals from these books last year!

Also, if you still have the $.50 off Target Q, stack with the $1 coupon on to get $1.50 off 1 lb. Land O Lakes Cheese!


I see nothing at Walgreens for me this week. But I have a $3 and $2 RR to use by today so I am contemplating this scenerio, paying $3 OOP but getting back $2 and $2 in RR's:

Buy 2 Raisen Bran Cereal $5.00
Use $1/2 Q
Use $3 RR
Pay $1 OOP
Get back $2

Buy 2 Cocoa Krispies $5.00
Use $1/2
Use $2 RR
Pay $2
Get back $2

Even though I really don't "need" the cereal, I can always use it and pay $3 OOP and still get back $4. Does anyone else see any good deals at Wags this week?

Saturday, August 21, 2010

PUBLIX 8/22/10, SPENT $3.91, SAVED 97%

Another wonderful publix trip utilizing coupons for almost every single item except the canned vegetables. My purchases included:

6 Hamburger Helper (donation item)
1 Ritz Crackerful
2 Breakstone Sour Cream
1 Deep Dish Pizza
4 Athenos Feta
4 Hunts Tomatoes
2 Corn
2 Beans
2 Peanut Butter
4 Thermacare
6 Kotex
2 Hefty Trash Bags

TOTAL OOP $3.91. I had a great cashier who added up all my competitor coupons and put them in as one lump sum. That is why you see $8. I just know someone would ask me where I got the $8 coupon! My husband keeps asking me if I got the paper towels yet. Isn't it sad when we get that old that buying paper towels excite us!

I am now fully stocked on trash bags and kotex tampons!

Friday, August 20, 2010


If you bought the whole chickens I told you about last week, you could have had this with the LEFTOVER chicken. I baked a whole chicken in the oven, sprinkling it with Sycamore Hill Farms SOUTHERN SEASONING. This stuff is just awesome. I am almost convinced that it would make liver taste good! We actually order this from From the leftover chicken, I cut it up and made the above Cheesy Chicken and White Bean Enchilada. Please note that I am not a professional food photographer and the only reason these leftovers are on a plate is because I am giving them to my daughters boyfriend to take home. I topped ours with sour cream and salsa. I couldn't put that on his. These enchiladas are so good I considered them to be blogworthy! So, give them a try and let me know how you like them...but don't tell your family they are actually a Weight Watcher recipe at only 4 points each. You will never believe it!!

Chicken & White Bean Filling:
1 tsp. olive oil
1/4 cup minced onion
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 can (4.5) oz. chopped green chiles
14.5 oz. can Navy beans or Cannellini beans
8 oz. cooked chicken, cut up
1/3 cup water
1 chicken bullion
1 tsp cumin

Green Chile Enchilada Sauce:
1 tsp butter
1/2 cup chopped white onion
2 T flour
1 cup chicken broth
7 oz. chopped green chiles
2 jalapenos, chopped ( I used jarred)
1/2 cup sour cream
3/4 cup reduced fat Mexican cheese
8 Fat-Free tortillas

Preheat over to 375 degrees.
In medium saucepan, heat olive oil on low. Add onions, garlic and saute until soft about 2-3 minutes. Add green chiles, beans, water, bullion, and cumin. Mix well and cover. Simmer on low 15 minutes. Remove cover, add chicken and cook an additional 5 minutes, or until it thickens and liquid boils down. Set aside.

Green Chile Enchilada Sauce:
In large saucepan, melt butter. Add onion and cook until onion softens, about 3 minutes. Add flour and stir well. Cook for 1 minute, stirring constantly. Slowly wisk in chicken broth. Wisk until smooth. Cook over medium heat until the sauce boils and thickens, about 4-5 minutes. Add green chilis, jalepenos and salt to taste. Cook another minute and remove from heat. Stir in sour cream.

Spread about 1/4 cup of the enchilada mixture on bottom of 9x13 pan. Fill each tortilla with 1/3 cup of chicken mixture and place seam side down in pan.

Pour enchilada sauce on top and top with cheese. Top with aluminum foil and bake 20-30 minutes, until hot and cheese melts. Top with scallions if desired.

You will think you went to a mexican restaurant and you made this with your leftover $.59/lb chicken!

Don't forget to buy your chicken leg and thigh quarters for $.47/lb at Food Lion this week. I will post a Mediterranean Chicken recipe next week. This is my daughters favorite!


I plan on doing one thing this week with my ECB's...buying paper towels. We go through paper towels at our house. My husband thinks paper towels can be used for everything and he does use them for everything. I am starting out with a $7.99, $2.50 and $4/20. My scenerio goes like this:

Spend $25 in select items and get $10 ECB:
Pufs Tissue .99-Use $1/6 from 8/1 P&G
Duracell 20pk $9.99-Use $1/1 from 6/27 RP
Charmin 16pk $9.99- Use $1/2 from 8/1 P&G
Bounty 12pk $12.99- Use 2 $.25/1 8/1 P&G

Buy 2 Bounty at $12.99= $25.98
Use 2 $.25/1 coupon
Use $7.99, $2.50, $4/20
Pay $10.99 OOP*
Get Back $10 ECB's

Price after ECB's only $.99! Not bad for 24 rolls of paper towels!

So, I was telling my husband about this deal over dinner tonight (because he LOVES to hear ALL my coupon stories) and he told me I am his hero!! OK...on to second transaction:

Spend $15 in John Freida or Biore and Get $5 ECB back.
John Frieda Shampoo or Conditioner is priced at $5
There are $3/1 Root Awakening or $2/1 coupons coming in the 8/22 SS

Buy 3 John Freida Root Awakening at $5 each
Get $5 ECB
Use (3) $3/1 coupons from 8/22 SS
Use 3 $3/1 from 8-22 SS (I am hoping we get the $3 q's)

Buy Crest Pro Health Clinical Floss, Toothpaste or Rinse $3.49
Get $2.50 ECB (limit 2)
use $1/1 Toothpaste or Floss from 8/1 P&G

Buy 1 Newspaper $1.25
Buy 1 Recee Peanut Butter Cup $.50

TOTAL $10.24
Use $10 ECB from above
Pay $.24 OOP*
Get Back $5 and $2.50 ECB

*Does not include tax

3rd Transaction (Using 2nd card with different number:

Buy Blink Tears $7.99
Use $1.00 peelie
Use $4 ECB
Pay $3 OOP
Get back $7.99 ECB's

I usually don't like to pay that much OOP but my daughter will use these and I continue with my rolling!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

PUBLIX 8/18/10, SPENT $19.05, SAVED 91%

My total was just over $137 before coupons. Whew...I am glad I don't have to pay that!! This is what I bought:

2 Luzianne Tea Bags
4 Can Corn
2 Cans Beans
6 Hunts Tomatoes
16 Powerade
2 Barilla Pasta
2 Uncle Bens
1 Lg. Rice
2 Maries Dressing
2 Pillsbury Cookies (should be donation item!)
1 Pillsbury Sweet Moments
6 Hamburger Helper (donation item)
2 Bic Razor
2 Frosted Mini Wheats
2 Hefty Garbage Bags (very excited about this purchase :)
2 Excedrin
7 U-Kotex Tampons (very excited about this as well!)
2 Lysol Bathroom Cleaner
6 Thermacare
Flour Tortillas


This trip wasn't as much about food as it was about Hefty Garbage Bags (usually $6.99 each, tampons usually $4.79 each, Excedrin and Powerade! The garbage bags alone would have cost $14.00! Then I threw in the canned veggies, cereal and fruit to round it out!


My boss went into CVS today and bought a bottle of Propel. A $5 off $15 ECB printed at the end of his receipt!! He tried to give it to me but I told him that is not something you want to give away!! Treat it like gold!! Wasn't that so nice of me!!

Be on the lookout if you go into CVS for any purchases within the next few days. I believe this coupon expired in 2 or 3 days!


Did you enter the Chef's Requested Filet Mignon giveaway? I didn't win but two St. Augustine residents did. If your name is J. Hayes or L. Houseman, you are a WINNER!


The Combat Quick Kill Ant Baits are priced at around $3.69 and there is a $3/1 Publix Store Coupon in the Yellow Advantage Flyer (found in the rounder near the weekly ad) that you can “stack” with a $2/1 Combat Product Printable HERE. Click on Ant Products and then Save on Combat.

I have already done this deal several times about 6 to 8 weeks ago, so I cannot print anymore coupons. But I know there are many of you who are new to this who should still be able to print the coupon!


Do you like Ted's Montana Grill? Then go here and print off a coupon for $5 off $15. I have only eaten there one time but I hear it is pretty good!

or maybe...

You would rather go to Ruby Tuesday's. Go here to get a $3 off $10 coupon!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Everyone who takes the class hears me talk about All You Magazine

Get two free preview issues when you go here.

Give it a try and I think you will like it!


Make sure you don't pass up these deals:

Buy 2 Pillsbury Sweet Moments
Buy 2 Pillsbury Ready to Bake Cookies
Use 2 Pillsbury Sweet Moments Get Ready to Bake Cookies FREE Store Q 8/8/ GM
Use 2 $1/1 Pillsbury Sweet Moments Q's from tearpad or MQ
Use 1 $1/2 Ready to Bake IP

It should come out to $2 for all of the above

Also, Food Lion has Chicken Leg Quarters for $.47 a lb. This is a great stock-up price. (They are on sale for $.89 lb. at Winn Dixie this week!) While you are there, pick up some red grapes for the kids lunches at $.99 lb.

Winn Dixie has green grapes for $.98/lb., Braeburn or Fiji apples for $.88/lb. broccoli for $.88 each and cantelope for $1.28. All of these are great prices! Looks like a great week!

I was able to print my $1.00 coupon for T.G. Milk again today. Remember, you can print two of these every 2 months. They don't expire until the end of December! Go here to get your coupon and remember to use it at CVS this week and get $1 ECB.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This looks like it is going to be a good week at Publix. Some of the best things I see are:

Fiber 1 Cereal at $1.35 ea
Frosted Mini Wheats @ $1.00
Barilla Pasta @ $.15 ea
Hamburger Helper $.21 ea wyb 6
Hunts Tomatoes $.37 wyb 6
Dole Fruit Cups $.37 ea wyb 6
Taco Bell Dinners @ $.97
Mt. Olive Pickles $.40 jar
Planters Peanuts $1.05 jar
Pepperidge Farm Baked Natural Crisps or Pretzel Thins $.75
Hefty Trash Bags $2.45 ea
Glass Plus $.25
Clorox Wipes $1.95 ea
Kotex Tampons or Pads FREE
Excedrin $.49


PUBLIX 8/17/10, SPENT $4.19, SAVED 93%

As soon as I went through the register from the transaction you will see on the next post, I decided I needed to go back in and get these because it was too good of a deal to pass up!!

The razors were on sale for $5.99. There was a peelie on the razor for a FREE gel if you buy the razor. Walk over to the gel and there is a peelie on the gel for Save $5 wyb both razor and gel. Bottom line = $.99 for a razor and shave gel! My total for 4 gel, 4 razors and 2 bread was actually $2.15 and the rest was tax. My total before coupons was just over $40!!

PUBLIX 8/17/10, SPENT $6.74, SAVED 87%

With school starting next week, I wanted to make sure I had plenty of cereal and breakfast items stocked up for Lindsay. I know it is hard to believe but the cool weather will be coming right around the corner so I wanted to buy the kleenex while I could get it at a good price. My trip consisted of:

6 Scotties Tissue
1 Schick Razor
1 Schick Gel
2 Life Cereal
4 Instant Oatmeal
2 Fruit Cups

My total was $6.74 with tax

Monday, August 16, 2010


It is a sad day...Publix will no longer accept expired coupons. They will, however, accept Publix coupons 1 week past expiration date. I found this out yesterday when I went to Publix and only had one coupon that was 2 weeks past expiration.

Thank you to Misty who called me and told me they said the same thing to her today. She still managed to save $150 and spend $90!!

CVS 8/15/10, SPENT $.78

My CVS trip this week only consisted of two items only because I wanted to keep my ECB's rolling. I started with $10 ECB's and bought the following:

1 Glide Floss (used MQ)
1 Blink Tears (used $1.50 IP)

TOTAL OOP $.78 including tax
RECEIVED $7.99 and $2.50 BACK IN ECB's

My next question is, how can you not do this? My daughter will use the blink tears and everyone can use dental floss! It's just one more floss to add to the stockpile!


I don't think this one is going to last too long! Breakstone's has a new printable coupon available here to print out for 75¢/1 Sour Cream 16 oz or larger. Make sure you print yours now!

Also, head over here to Michael Angelo's website and sign up to watch some of their video tutorials, then print out a valuable B1G1 FREE printable coupon for their gourmet cuisines!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


My husband and I had to make the dreaded trip to Walmart because we needed some things that you can only find at walmart. It had been so long since I was in there that I needed to look for the bananas because they moved them!! I knew I was going to Publix on Sunday, but decided to pick up these items, using only 1 coupon for rice. Everything else was the shelf price on both walmart and publix. The first price will be walmart and the second Publix

Peaches $2.00 $2.00
Plums 1.35 1.78
Gr onions 1.18 1.19
celery 1.48 1.49
gr. pepper 1.96 1.30
bananas .78 1.16
gr. chilis 1.44 2.70 (bought Great Value brand, Publix didn't have store brand)
spicy ranch dressing 1.26 1.49
good seasons 3.28 4.09
2 jello pudding 1.68 2.18
oregano 1.62 2.39
11 cans asst. beans 9.48 10.89
gal vinegar 2.28 2.69
Pantene Hair Gel 3.97 3.99
Pantene Detangler 3.97 3.99
rice 3.28 3.49
Gr. Turkey 6.24 6.24
Gr. Turkey 6.24 6.24

The total for Walmart after my $.75 coupon was $52.74
The total for Publix after the same $.75 coupon and competitor coupons was $48.55

That was only a savings of $4.19 because I was not shopping the BOGO sales and buying specific items we needed to make Pilau and Taco Soup for the freezer. Had I purchased the items in the last post (cereal, juice, kleenex, etc) you really would have seen the difference in the amount paid!! I don't have the time nor do I want to go back to Walmart to do a price comparison on those items!! I did notice the cereal was a little cheaper but they NEVER put them on BOGO!! You will never beat a grocery store sale with Walmart's "everyday prices"!

PUBLIX 8/15/10, SPENT $25.36

I was all about stocking up on more cereal and kleenex tissues this week. That's it...not a very exciting ad to say the least. But I did ad a few more things to my list utilizing rainchecks for the juice and foil. The only thing I really needed was oil because I was OUT!! Can you believe that! So here is what I bought for $25.36:

2 Silk Soy Milk (this makes 6 half gallons in my outside refrig now)
6 Black Beans
Hamburger Buns
4 Frosted Mini Wheat
2 Life Cereal
6 Mott's Medley Juice
6 Scott Tissues
2 Reynolds Foil
2 Lunchables
Romaine Lettuce
2 Prego
4 Uncle Bens Rice
2 Dixie Plates
I handed her all my coupons and was told they are NO LONGER going to be accepting any expired coupons. She honored my BOGO Soy Milk Q because of the new policy. That made me go back and buy the following juice because my coupons expired today and I wanted to take advantage of my coupon with the raincheck. I bought 14 more Mott's Medley for my daughters (that is why they are left in the car) and paid NOTHING FOR THEM! I used a MQ and a competitors coupon for them!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


This week Walgreens has Cream of Chicken or Cream of Mushroom Soup for $.79 with in-ad Q. Use the $.50/2 from here and get the soup for $.54 each. That is a good price to stock up for the cool months ahead and use in the crock pot.

Also, whole chickens are $.59/lb. this week at Food Lion. That is also a great stock up price!

Red Grapes are $.99/lb at Winn Dixie. Great price to stock up and use for kids lunches next week!

CVS 8/15

My tiny CVS deal this week will only consist of two items because I really don't see anything else I need.

I have $9.99 ECB's from Ducalox from last week.

Buy Blink Tears $7.99
Use $1.50 Q from here

Pay $6.49 OOP
GET BACK $7.99

Buy Glide Floss
Use $.75/1 Q from 8/1 PG
Pay $2.75 OOP
GET BACK $2.50

Buy Newspaper $1.25

Use $9.99 ECB from above to pay $.49 plus tax OOP and get back $7.99 and $2.50 ECB's

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Back by request again is the homemade laundry detergent recipe. I was making a double batch this morning so I thought I would show you a picture!

It is VERY EASY to make and only costs about $.03 per load versus about $.21 for Tide. It gets my clothes very clean and they smell fresh like you hung them outside!

1/2 bar Fels Naptha Soap
1 cup Arm & Hammer Washing Soda
1/2 cup 20 Mule Team Borax

Grate soap into pot. I used a potato peeler or you could use a grater. Add 6 cups water and heat until soap melts. Remove pot from heat and add washing soda and borax. Lower heat to medium high and return pot to heat. Stir until dissolved and mixture is no longer real thick.

Put 4 cups of water into clean 2 gallon bucket (you can see the bucket I used). Add hot soap mixture and stir. Now add 1 gallon plus 6 cups of cold water. Stir. Pour into empty laundry detergent bottles or whatever you have. Shake before using. Use 1 cap (1/2 cup) for regular loads. For extremely dirty loads, you can use 2 caps. (Wouldn't it be funny if someone thought the milk bottle filled with detergent was curdled milk!!)

After I make it I go back and shake/stir it every once in a while. I have made it and did not stir until 24 hours later. The mixture will be gel like. If you stir more often, it will resemble real laundry detergent! I made mine and stirred it occasionally for about 1 1/2 hours and it looks just like Tide without the color to it! And is good for HE front loading machines. It is a non-sudsing detergent. I have been using this for over a year now and I love it!

But that doesn't stop me from buying laundry detergent when I can get it for a good price. I have about 55 bottles of Tide and All in my garage that I paid about $1 each for! I guess you can say I am good on laundry detergent. That means I don't need to be buying it every so many weeks eating into my grocery budget!

WALGREENS 8/11/10, SPENT $1.71

I was getting a little low on body wash...probably down to about 45 to 50, so I thought I would add 3 more to my "little" stash! This trip to Walgreens was just perfect! I paid $1.71 including tax for all three bottles! The only thing that would have mad this trip better was if they were giving RR's!! Still not bad for 3 bottles!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

PUBLIX 8/11/10, SPENT $5.99, SAVED 68%

I ran back to Publix because I forgot my lunchmeat and wanted to pick up the few items my beach Publix were out of. I also forgot to give 4 coupons earlier today. I brought in my receipt and they told me to get them. This is where it gets exciting. I bought earlier 4 boxes Lucky Charms Cereal BOGO at $3.99. I had 4 $1.50 peelies so I paid $.50 each. But that is not all. The coupons I forgot were Buy Lucky Charms, get a yogurt FREE! That is still not the best part! I bought 6 Yoplait Trix Yogurt and 2 Fiber One Yogurt! This is where it gets awesome! The FREE yogurt was BOGO so I got double the amount of yogurt. Three packages are not pictured because I gave them to my daughter as I passed her in the car! My other purchases included:

2 boxes Honey Kix
8 Crystal Light Pure Fitness (used 3/$2, $1/1, and $8 competitor FL coupon)
4 Boxes Wheat Thins (FREE with tearpad for buying Crystal Light)
2 Shark Bites ($.50/2)
2 Uncle Bens Rice (2-$1.00 off peelies)
1 Lb. Boars Head Ovengold Turkey Breast (total was $8.26)
Also used competitor $5 coupon to bring my total to $5.99


My total for this trip and my earlier trip was $10.43. I also went to the Farmers Market today and bought zucchini, cabbage and romaine lettuce and paid $4.50

PUBLIX 8/11/10, SPENT $4.44, SAVED 66%

Today was a GREAT trip to Publix! I had coupons for almost every item except the beans and plums. Today I purchased:

4 Lucky Charms Cereal (Lindsay's new favorite UGH!!) (Actually, the sugar content is very low!)
4 Uncle Bens Whole Grain Rice (look for peelies on pkg and pay $.50 each!)
2 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish
4 Mott's Medley Juice
2 Mentos Jar Gum
2 Cans Red Beans
2 Fruit Snacks
2 Lance Cracker Packs
4 Pkgs. Mechanical Pencils
4 Bic Disposable Razor
2 Smart Balance Milk
4 Reynolds Foil

My total was $6.44 but I forgot to take the peelies off 2 boxes of the rice. I went up to the customer service desk and she refunded me $2.00

TOTAL SPENT OOP $4.44 for all this stuff!!! I am getting prepared for lunches with school starting in two weeks! I had a raincheck for the foil, SmartBalance Milk and Bic Razors. Pretty awesome trip!

I bought three family size chicken thighs and well as a chicken yesterday at Food Lion for under $20. Now I am set for chicken in my freezer!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Crystal Light. So here is my scenerio for this week. I am using my $2 VocalPoint Q, $1 MQ, and $1 FL Q from Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities to get it for FREE!! I am buying 4 deals so that means 8 more Crystal Light to add to my stockpile!! The best part is when you buy the Crystal Light you get Wheat Thins for FREE with tearpad!! That means 4 boxes of FREE CRACKERS as well! How can anyone tell me they don't love couponing!!

OOPS...I forgot to take a picture of the $1 MQ!!


Go here to print your coupons for White Cloud Toilet Paper or Paper Towels. I was able to print three $1 and three $2 coupons! So don't stop at two coupons...keep going!!

Monday, August 9, 2010


Go here to get some great new Target printables. Some of my favorite are $1 off any produce item, $.50 any deli item, $1 off any bakery purchase, $2 off any Merona women's apparel item, $3 off women's or men's denim, $3 off Merona Footwear, and $3 off Merona men's tops.

Use these coupons to get some deals on clearance clothing!

If you are planning on going to Target to do the post-it-note and scotch tape deal, don't waste your time. Our Target doesn't have either item! I was, however, able to use my $5 off $25 purchase for school supplies even though I had $10 worth of trash bags in my order!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


The next coupon workshop date is scheduled for August 30, 2010 at 6:30 p.m.

Class size is limited. Call 904-540-5225 to reserve your seat!


Did you get the Mint Magazine? There are coupons for $5 off $30 and $15 off $75 for Ace Hardware. Home Depot will accept these as competitor coupons!! So if you have a project for your hubby, send him in with those coupons to score some extra savings!!


After I returned my body wash, (see story previous post), I did the following transaction:

Buy 1 Schick 3 Razor $7.99
Use $5 from 8/8 SS

Buy Schick Hydro Gel $1.99
Use FREE GEL peelie**

Buy 1 3-pocket folder for filler
Buy $.39 carmel


** If you do not have the peelie and need Schick Hydro Gel, use the $1 Q from the 8/8 SS to get it for $1.

CVS 8/8/10, SPENT $1.02, SAVED $27.02

I am so frustrated because I did my CVS and Wags run this morning. I did well at CVS but Walgreens was not so pleasant. I will start with my wonderful CVS scenerio. It was very simple and then I added one more item to my list of 2 items.

I started with $10 ECB.
Buy Dulcolax $9.99
Use $4 printable coupon from

Buy Schick Hydro 3 Razor $8.97
Use $5 coupon from 8/8 SS or May ALL YOU magazine

Buy Schick Hydo Shave Gel
Use Peelie found on Gel for $5 off wyb razor and shave gel!
(Do not do this if you do not have the peelie!)

1 Newspaper

RECEIVED $9.99 and $4 ECB's BACK!!

Now for my not so pleasant Walgreens deal. I went in to buy 5 Nivea Body Wash, 1 Dial NutriSkin Body Wash, 1 Bio True, Pilot Pens and Mentos. The manager gave me a hard time from the beginning. He said I could not use my coupons with the BOGO sale. I told him to take off 2 of the body wash. I was so busy arguing with him on why they wouldn't take them, he rang them up anyway and my total was $12.12!!! WHAT??? YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING! That was the total AFTER I used $11 worth of RR's!! I didn't want to argue with him anymore so I just paid it knowing I would be going to another store to return all the Nivea Body Wash! I then handed him a razor, shave gel and a newspaper. After my coupons my total was $4.72. I also handed him the $4 RR from my previous transaction for the BioTrue. HE WOULD NOT TAKE IT!!! He told me it had to be used for another purchase!!! DUH!!! THIS IS ANOTHER PURCHASES!!! I argued with him again and finally said, FORGET IT!! Give me back my coupons! I now am going to another Walgreens, return ALL the Nivea (which will give me my $12 back) and do the razor deal and pay $.72!!

I have NEVER had this happen to me before!!! I couldn't believe it! I guess I could have walked out of the store and came right back in for the next purchase!

A poll was done once and asked which drugstore you liked better and CVS won hands down!! Now I know why!!

OH!! I almost forgot! If you haven't already sent in for the rebate from the Schick, go here and send in for a rebate!! There is also a mail-in-rebate form on the dulcolax for $5!

UPDATE: I went back to another Walgreens and returned the Nivea Body Wash (5 of them) and told the manager I used a coupon for buy 2 body wash get a mens body was free which was $5.99. He refunded me $5.99 three times for a total of $19.05!!! I guess they figure they are going to get reimbursed for the coupon so they gave it back to me!! It ended up being all good!

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Go hereto print off Nestle coupons including $1/2 Nestle Toll House Refrigerated Cookie Dough and Juicy Juice!


Did you ever see some of those "As Seen On TV" commercials and wonder if they work? Viewpoint put out this interesting and informative article here that will make you think "Why did anyone buy it anyway"? I think the best is the oval disc that you use on your legs to remove hair. I think it is the same thing as putting sandpaper on your legs to take off unwanted hair!


Monday, August 9th through Sunday, August 15th, select Hagan Ace Hardware Stores will be offering a free refill on your empty printer cartridge! Just bring your empty cartridge to any of the 2 St. Augustine Ace Hardware stores, and they will refill one cartridge per customer for free!

Thanks Ali!


It was good to get home after 11 days in Islamorada. We went lobstering, fished every night, went on a head boat and on a charter boat. I was excited to come home with lobster and a ton of fresh fish to put in my freezer! Now back to reality and get back to couponing!

I had not done Walgreens in weeks so I had no RR's to start with. So I used the vitamin deal as a good place to start rolling! I purchased the vitamins for $9 and received $10 RR. I then purchased 2 boxes Playtex Tampons and 1 Complete Multi-Purpose Contact Solution, used the $10 RR from above and $3.49 plus tax. I received $8 and $3 in RR back.

As soon as I have time to get back on the computer, I will figure out my scenerio for Walgreens next week! I am excited to get back into the Wags drugstore deals!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Check your mail!

Be sure to check your mail for a $5 off $50 Publix purchase in the Red Plum!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Do you remember the Kelloggs cereal deal last year in August? We will probably have that same deal again at Publix this year in August. Every Kelloggs cereal will be 50% off. Start looking through your coupon binders now and get ready to stock up at a good price!

Free cookies!

Shannon here again! Don't forget that TODAY ONLY you can print a coupon for free Nabisco cookies when you buy Nabisco cookies and a gallon of milk. You can score FREE cookies with this coupon next week at Publix! Go here and print your coupon!
By the way keep an eye out in your mailbox for a Publix book. My mom and I both got a back to school book that had a $5 off $30 purchase, YEAH!!!!


The BOGO list has not been posted yet, but here are some of the best deals I see this week:

Motts Apple Juice or Motts Medley is BOGO again next week. If you haven't used your coupon from the 6/23 SS, you can get it for $.50 per bottle. Juicy Juice will also be BOGO. Use the $1/2 from the 8/1 RP to get it for less than $1 each. Ragu past sauce will be BOGO at around $.65 each with coupon from 8/1 SS. Betty Crocker or Sunkist Fruit Snacks will be $1 a box with coupon from here

Vlassic Stacker Dills or Spears should be just under $1 a bottle. Stock up now for your Labor Day picnic! Various back to school stock up snacks will also be BOGO this week. It includes Lance Crackers or Cookies and Nabisco Variety Packs. Mentos gum, 50 count, will be about $1.15 each (this is something NOT to give your kids for school!!). A good after school snack will be the Klondike Bears or Slim A Bear at approx. $1.75 each. Breyers Ice Cream will be BOGO also.

Some of you will be happy to see the Nestle Refrig. Cookie Dough BOGO again. This deal isn't as good as the last time it was on sale. Depending on if you can print the $1 coupon from here, you will pay $.40 or $.90 each.

Shout Spray and Wash will also be BOGO and if you use the $1 coupon from the Right At Home Booklet, you will get these for $.50 each! I am still stocked up on these from last year!!

Chinet Plates/Platters will be BOGO and I have seen $1 peelies on them. That will make them about $2 each. This will go on sale again before Thanksgiving, but stock up on these for your Labor Day picnic!

Well, enough of the BOGO posts. I am off to float in the beautiful Keys water!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010


If any of you are lucky to have a BIC BOGO raincheck, use the BOGO coupon from the 8/1 SS to get 2 BIC razors for FREE! This may be a good opportunity to buy multiple papers as there are some good coupons. YIPEE!! I am so excited that I have a raincheck for these! That is why it is so important to get rainchecks on items you use all the time. I personally have enough razors and shaving gel to shave the city of St. Augustine, but with a daughter going off to college in a year, I know I can keep her going with razors for good while!!