Thursday, July 29, 2010


I couldn't help but post the picture of myself and my daughter with the 18 lobster we got today!! We actually had to throw some back because we reached our limit of 6 per day per person! Don't you just love the hat? After being on the back of a boat in the burning sun all day, I looked for anything that protected me from the sun!
We are on vacation in Islamorada in the Keys. Of course, I tried to bring stuff with me, but our truck was loaded down with everthing else we needed for the 11 day trip! Off to Publix we go in the Keys. I did notice that their prices are higher, but who are in the Keys!!

My shopping trip was nothing like it would have been at home. In the cart goes anything and everything and, of course, I am not prepared with coupons. I did have some coupons in tow. Karin, my Publix cashier looked at them like she never saw a coupon before in her life! Let's just say the caliber of employees here do not compare with the employees in our area! My purchases included:

2 half gal ice cream
2 Potato Salad
1 gallon ice tea
1 Oscar Mayer Turkey
2 Rolo Candy
1 Tostito Salsa (I already packed this but he did not know it)
4 Libby Vegetables (used my free coupons)
1 Kraft Homestyle Mac-n-Cheese (used my free coupon)
2 Rib Eye Steaks (to eat with the above pictured lobster!)
Pkg. baking potatoes
Pepperidge Farm Bread
Hot Dog Buns
Potato Rolls
Zepher Hills Water
Pkg. hair ties
Lays Potato Chips (we left our 2 bags in the rented boat today)
Cream Cheese
Sour Cream
...and of course do not forget the pkg. of fried chicken!

TOTAL SPENT $63.64 (gasp!)

The cashier looked at my $5 off $50 Publix coupon like I handed her a "Do not pass go" coupon. My daughter had to tell her how to input it in the computer!!

Shannon's Publix trip!

Hello couponers! Shannon here, Judi's number 2 but favorite daughter! The Jude is off vacationing in the Keys tearing up mini lobster season so I'm here to show MY publix trip! I didn't think it was such a great sales week this week but I was super excited about the FREE organic baby food. Now normally I make all of my own baby food because its super cheap and super healthy but, free is cheaper than I can make it plus its organic! I was also thrilled that I finally found Glad cling wrap because every store I have gone to has been out. I figured I would take advantage of the diaper deal too since we go through them like water. So you will see I got 8 cling wrap, 14 baby food (plus a rain check), a box of diapers and goldfish for $12! Don't think this is my trip for the week, we do eat more than goldfish and cling wrap! I just wanted to get the baby food before everyone cleaned off the shelf!
Enjoy your trip mom, I got this blog under control!

Monday, July 26, 2010


I received these two e-mails today and it just made me smile! I wanted to share them with you!

Hi Judy,

I took your class at John's church in June and have been a “follower” ever since. I haven’t quite perfected your technique yet, however each time I go to Publix, I come into work the next day and brag about my adventure and my savings…. I normally pay OOP around $40, but I save nearly $120. every trip! I certainly have no complaints about that!

I wanted to tell you that a coworker of mine (who lives and works in Palatka) took your class last Thursday and came to work Friday morning and IM(ed) me as soon as I logged onto my computer and told me she was “already addicted.”

This is the effect you are having on people!! It’s fantastic and thrilling and something for which you should be so proud.

I cannot tell you how exciting it is to check out at the grocery store these days… not nearly the dreadful occasion it used to be!

Thank you,


I just wanted to say Thank You again for introducing me to coupons again, and in a bigger and better way. This IS fun. I'm excited and have already saved $17.00 today in just a few minutes. My husband joked me until he witnessed this. Now he's laughing with me and understanding my excitement. Just wanted to let you know.

Thank you Renee and Summer for allowing me to to show you this technique and am so glad you are having fun with it and saving!!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


I have a raincheck for Gillette Body Wash at $4 each(limit 2) and I have two BOGO coupons.

Buy 4 Gillette Body Wash at $4 each = $8
Use BOGO coupon

Buy 1 U-Kotex Tampons @ $4.99
Use $1 coupon
Use $2 CRT
Pay $1.99
Minus ECB 8.99

TOTAL OOP $1.00 plus tax
Get back $4.99 and $8

2nd Transaction
Buy Loreal EverPure Shampoo $5.99
Use $2 coupon
Buy 2 Earth Essential TP $1.00
Use $4.99 ECB from above



Make sure you use this coupon in todays REDPLUM INSERT to get FREE deodorant at Publix. This coupon when paired with a BOGO sale will get you your deodorant for FREE! I also have a $1 coupon that I had in my binder so it will be better than free!


It is with much saddness that I must announce that the beach Publix will no longer be accepting expired coupons...not 30 days over, not 5 days over, nada. A service will be held in my backyard today at 6 pm to throw all of our saved expired coupons in the intracoastal.

I hope you all enjoyed this luxury we were all offered at the beach store. It was good while it lasted. Now we must go back to looking at each coupon differently and join the ranks of every other person who uses coupons!

With all that said, this shows the importance of using coupons responsibly. Please make sure you always buy the item(s) you are using coupons for and please, now check your expiration dates carefully!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

PUBLIX 7/24/10, SPENT $42.53, SAVED 33%

THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOUR HUSBAND GOES TO THE STORE!! I wanted to go in and get lunchmeat. My Oscar Mayer lunchmeat deal finally ran out. (Remember I bought 8 pkgs and paid for less than 2). We had been running errands all over town and my intention was to just run in and get lunchmeat, plums and oh, maybe a few glad wrap! Everything else in that picture were items thrown in the cart by the darling hubby! Now I knew the lunchmeat wouldn't be cheap, $20.16 to be exact. So, if I had been shopping alone the total would have been $18.93. My goal would have been to get the total up to $30, use my MQ's for the glad wrap (-$6.00) and my $5 off $30 coupon. As you can see my total was $42.53!!! (silent gasp!!) Oh well, what else are husbands for! You can always count on them to throw a few extra items in the cart! That brings my total up to $194.15 for the month. Throw on an extra $20 for farmers market items and it brings me up to $214.15...and I forgot to buy my Smart Milk!!! That is really the only thing I wanted from this weeks ad!! (I did send my daughter back to get me 3 half gallons of milk)!

WINN DIXIE, 7/23/10, SPENT $8.88

I strayed from Publix today to get a FEW items at Winn Dixie. All I could say is what a difference!! The shelves are not faced off, they were out of many things and I don't think it is because everyone shops there. With that being said, this is what I bought:

Grapes $.88/lb.
8 Taco Seasoning
2 Grill Mates Marinade
2 pkgs. Solo Cups
2 boxes Kleenex

The grapes, cups, and the taco seasoning drew me into WD this week. I had a B2G1 peelie for the taco seasoning, so my 1 free became 2 free because it was a BOGO sale!
I needed cups for our vacation so I might as well buy them for $1.50 each instead of $4.99 each when we get there. The Grill Mates Marinade was 10 for $10 and they will be used to marinade the sirloin fillets I bought last week at Publix!

Friday, July 23, 2010


Check your morning paper for the Buy One Get One FREE coupon for Applebee's. The coupon is good when you purchase any entree at regular price and you receive any entree of equal or lesser value FREE!

It is good this weekend only at the St. Augustine location only. Applebee's is not my favorite, but I might head over there to take advantage of this deal!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I received an e-mail from Christy asking a few questions and told me her mom is learning how to do this as well. I thought about what she said below and how it is a testimony of how much you save doing this method and using coupons. This is what she said:

"My Mom is so funny…today, she emailed me her list of what she’s buying and how much her coupons are worth! LOL!! It’s all your fault Judi!! LOL! JK! I’m so loving all this money we’ve saved! Our savings acct just from the grocery savings receipts is now over $1000.00!!! And that’s in less than 3 months time when we started our savings project!"

Christy continues to do well every week and I thoroughly enjoy getting her e-mails! Please feel free to let me know how you are doing! It makes me feel good and I know others are blessed with it as well!

PUBLIX 7/21, SPENT $11.94, SAVED 76%

I already know what you are saying...she went to Publix again??? Well, my daughters car is at the shop and I had to drive her to work. My reasoning was I was right there in the parking lot and she asked me to get more Edy's Bars that were BOGO. I knew they would be out-of-stock and I could get the coveted raincheck. I also watched my daughter down a bag of cheddar pretzels in two days so buying a few more at $1 a bag sounded like a good idea also. While I was in the store, I received a text from my older daughter who was at my house telling me we were almost out of milk. This is where it gets painful. I knew Smart Balance Milk is going on sale starting 7/22 for $2.50. It just about killed me paying $3.59. The pain was eased a little because I used my $2 coupon, but it still hurt. I also bought 2 more V-8 for my husband and 2 boxes of Pasta Roni BOGO.

So I started thinking. That is when I am dangerous! What if I added more Glad Wrap to this order and use my $5 off $30 coupon? That means I am getting the Glad Wrap, Pasta Roni and milk almost for FREE! So that is what I did. I now am set for at least 2 years in the Glad Wrap department and I will sleep at night knowing I won't be paying retail for that any time soon! Well, I probably still won't sleep at night (those stinkin' hormones) but you get the picture!

That brings my total for the month to $142.74 for my grocery and drugstore purchases. Throw on another $20 for the items purchased at the farmers market for the month and I am still pleased with this total! I still remember the days when I paid $142.74 for one week!


If you have already printed the $2/2 coupon for Right Guard or cannot print it, here is another option for you to do the upcoming deal at Publix. Right Guard will be BOGO starting Thursday, July 22nd. You can choose to use two $1 blinkies (found at beach Publix) and pay $.39 per deodorant. You can also wait until the BOGO coupon comes out in Sunday's paper and buy 4 deodorants, use two BOGO coupons and two $1/1 blinkies and then do the happy dance because you got overage!

Since I have not seen the BOGO coupon yet, I are assuming it will be able to be stacked with the Total Defense 5 deodorant.



Don't throw out your morning paper before you look at the American Profile insert! Inside you will find another FREE COUPON for a fruit smoothie or frappe. I think I may just stick it in my purse along with the other one I have and try a smoothie today when I am running around town doing errands!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

PUBLIX 7/20/10, SPENT $14.66, SAVED 71%

So off to Publix today to get the Glad Cling Wrap they were out of. I was happy to see the shelf fully stocked! This is what I bought:

15 Glad Cling Wrap
2 Bags Pretzels
3 pkgs. Top Sirloin Fillets

Total Spent $14.66
The cost of my steaks alone were $ for $1.64 I got the 15 Glad Wrap and 2 bags of pretzels!

The fun part was adding them to my stockpile of my own version of J-Mart! Those storage/freezer/sandwich/snack bags go two deep on the shelf. Isn't it fun to know that when you run out of something you can just go to your garage for it and better yet, you know that you paid almost nothing for it!! I have over 65 of those bags!

Then I got the mail and found a $5/$50 in the Red Plum. Make sure to check your flyers and grab this great coupon!


Due to changes in our vacation schedule (long story!!), I have added another class on Thursday, July 22nd at 6:30 pm. The class will be held at Lighthouse Interiors, 304 Anastasia Blvd., across from Stewarts Market. I still have seats available so let let me know if you want to attend! You will not be disappointed!!

Monday, July 19, 2010


This is an example of how you could save not only on groceries but baby formula as well. My daughter, Shannon, deserves this shout-out! She paid only $12 and change for a container of formula (usually about $23.50) and 3 boxes of Capri Sun! This would have cost over $31.00!!

PUBLIX 7/19/10, SPENT $19.14, SAVED 74%

I walked into Publix today and headed straight to the Glad Cling Wrap aisle! I was sooo excited to add the $.25 Cling Wrap next to my Aluminum Foil and Hefty Storage/Freezer Bags. My excitment was short-lived as I stood there looking at an empty shelf. What??? How could the shelf be empty?? I headed over to find the nearest employee stocking shelves and had him check the backroom. The news was not good. They would not be stocked until tonight but the good news was they would be on the shelf tomorrow morning promptly at 7 a.m. So I may be off to Publix again tomorrow in search of the $.25 Glad Cling Wrap!

So, here were my purchases minus the Glad Wrap. I took the opportunity to use the last of my coupons for the Feta Cheese and stocked up. These are good until January 2012!!

6 Spicy V-8 (These are for my husband because anything with the word "Spicy in front of it gets his attention & these are a staple in his diet!
1 Capri Sun
2 Bags Pretzels
1 Fresh Pineapple
4 Edwards Pie
2 Edys Fruit Bars
2 Pepperidge Farm Bread
1 pkg pens

I had a raincheck for the Pepperidge Farm Bread. When I got to the car and was looking at my receipt, I noticed she did not do the BOGO for the bread. So you will notice I deducted the $3.69 that they refunded me in cash!

The V-8 juice, which is something I purchase every few weeks, would have cost me $19.50 alone! Taking advantage of the BOGO and using coupons, allowed me to get all the other goodies for the same price I would have paid for the V-8 alone! And to think there was a day that I would have paid over $19 for the juice because I felt like I had no choice!

So what am I excited about for next weeks ad? The Smart Balance Milk!! It is on sale for 2 for $5.00. That makes a 1/2 gallon of milk $.50 when you use the $2 coupon from here. I will take milk for $.50 any day of the week

Sunday, July 18, 2010


It is pretty sad that I get sooo excited about Glad Cling Wrap being on advantage buy until 8/6 for 2 for $2. When you use the $.75/1 coupon in the Simple Summer Entertaining Book, you will pay only $.25 for the Glad Cling Wrap!!!

Now I have to admit when I first saw that flyer I nearly left it on the shelf! It only had two coupons in it and I wasn't that excited about either of them. This is a perfect example of picking up something and matching it to an awesome sale!! I guess I will have to make room next to my alumimum foil for the Glad Wrap!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Keep your eyes open and check your Target store for the big toy clearance. The way it works is twice a year-January & July-Target resets the toy department, which means all the old toys will eventually hit 75% off to make room for the new toys!

In my opinion, the January toy clearance is better because people are usually overwhelmed with all the new holiday toys their kids just received. I would venture to say that there may not be as many items on the shelf in July due to the stores not stocking as much because of the economic slow down.

Target usually marks things down every two weeks. Toys usually get marked down on Wednesday or Thursday. Keep your eyes peeled to stash away some early Christmas gifts!!


Has anyone else noticed the lackluster sales at CVS and Walgreens for the past few weeks? Just yesterday my husband said we really needed paper towels. You would think with all the stockpiling I do, I could keep up with paper towels! Sometimes I feel like we use a roll every other day! So to make up for the lousy week, my need for paper towels, and having to use my $10 ECB, I will do the following transaction and roll my ECB's for a few more weeks. I will buy all of these on one transaction:

2 M&M's 1.00
Use $.75/2
Pay $.25 OOP

Celcius Tea $7.99
Use $2 coupon
Pay $5.99 OOP

Bounty Paper Towels 8pk. $6.98
Pay $6.98

TOTAL DUE OOP $3.22 plus tax
Get back $7.99 & $1

I guess that isn't a bad way to roll those ECB's and end up with some good stuff!
Remember, if they are out of an item, get a raincheck!

Friday, July 16, 2010

PUBLIX 7/16/10, SPENT $17.27, SAVED 86%

I had to buy another camera and now I am having the same problem downloading the picture on the computer. So as soon as I figure out how to do it, I will get the picture posted!

I was excited to get some of the things on my Publix trip today because I knew they were a good price to stock up. I couldn't pass up the cherries at $1.99 lb. because the season is so short and I LOVE cherries. The cherries alone were $5.67 and I only had a $.50 coupon for them. The rest of my purchases were:

2 boxes Kellogs Fiber Plus
2 doz. eggs
1-4pk. Activia Yogurt
2 pkgs. Rold Gold Pretzel
3 Pkgs. frozen vegetables
4 Feta Cheese (these are $4.79 each!)
2 Lea & Perrins Worcest. Sauce
4 V-8 Juice
1 Welches Grape Juice
6 pkgs. Bic Razors
2 Vanish Drop In Toilet Cleaner
1 Super Glue

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The July 29th Class is full and overbooked! I have scheduled another class on Monday, July 26th at 6:30. If you are interested in attending this class, please contact me via e-mail or at 540-5225. My cell phone froze up yesterday and I am awaiting a new one to come in the mail. If you call and I do not return your call, PLEASE CALL BACK!! It is possible I did not get the message!


Well, I am back in town after a wonderful break with the family on a 5-day camping trip to Fort DeSoto in St. Petersburg. It was wonderful sitting on the white sandy beach and floating in the crystal clear Gulf of Mexico. I didn't have a computer with me and all I kept thinking about were all the deals I missied! That is one thing I have certainly learned is there will always be another deal around the corner!

My in-box was full and one e-mail was from my couponer friend, John. I always love to hear from him and hear about he and his wife Jenny's shopping trips. John and his wife Jenny took a class not quite one month ago. Here is what he purchased:

Musselman’s Apple Sauce, SIX JARS BOGO at 1.89 each

Gatorade sports package G2 mix, 6 boxes, BOGO at 2.99 each (this was the best)

Power Aid sports package mix, 2 boxes, BOGO at 2.99 each

Nature Own Bread, 2 loafs, BOGO at 2.74 each

Almond Vanilla Milk, 2.99 ½ gallon

Barilla Penne Pasta, 2 boxes, BOGO at 2.19 each.

Total before discounts $53.52.

My out of pocket was: $5.54. 96% discount!!!! The Gatorade packet had a $2.00 off each Q. I got money back!

Plus I got a rain check for the Yoplait Yogurt and the store is restocked today.

This is what is all about!! What an awesome feeling to reach into your pocket and pay $5.54 for $53 worth of stuff. It looks like he is already on the way to building his stockpile with 6 jars of applesauce!

Friday, July 9, 2010


I am not a fan of Winn Dixie unless, of course, sausage is involved, but you may want to head over this week to pick up some FREE yogurt. Dannon Dan-o-nino yogurt is on sale 2 for $3. When you use the $1.50 coupon from the June 6th SS insert, you will get it for FREE!

PUBLIX 7/8/20, SPENT $19.08. SAVED 79%

I am taking this opportunity to stock up on Gatorade while I can get it cheap with coupons! And the applesauce...a great stock up price at $.20 each!!! These don't expire until May 2012!! I was glad to see the Hunts Tomatoes go BOGO because I was down to 2 cans. Ditto for the Rotel. The timing was perfect to get my stock back up!! I would have bought more feta cheese but they were out of traditional. Make sure you look for it in the deli or wine section because it is not in the normal place in the dairy isle. This is what I purchased:

15 Gatorade
2 Feta Cheese
1 Coleslaw Mix
2 Simply Potatoes
2 Fisher Fusion Snacks
12 Applesauce
6 Hunts Tomatoes
10 Rotel Tomatoes
1 Salad Supreme Seasoning
2 Chi Chi's Salsa

I stocked up last week on boneless skinless chicken breast when it was on sale for $1.99 lb. My total spent for the month so far is $75.91 and my next trip to the grocery store will be on 7/15/10.


In my in-box this morning was a chance to win $100 in groceries from Kraft First Taste. Go HERE to sign up for a chance to win $100 in groceries DAILY. You are able to register every day until August 8th. Somebody has to win! It might just as well be one of us!

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Toilet paper seems to go fast in my house. In fact, it always has gone fast in my house. When all three girls were living at home, it felt like we ate toilet paper!

With all the different size rolls it is hard to know if you’re really getting a good deal. So here is a simple rule:

Look at the front bottom of the toilet paper package to determine the total square feet. Now insert a decimal point in this number two places to the left. If the cost of the package minus coupons is less than or equal to this figure, it’s a decent deal — basically $0.01 or less per square foot!


TP #1 = 400 sq. ft.; price = $6; stock-up price $4, so not a fabulous deal….
TP #2 = 650 sq. ft.; price = $5; stock-up price $6.50, so definitely a bargain!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

PUBLIX 7/6/10, SPENT $5.16, SAVED 86%

I needed to buy ground pork to make Stuffed Peppers so I could use all the FREE Muir Glen Tomato Sauce I got. Of course, I couldn't pass up the BOGO foil (could you tell I was sooo excited about this???) This is what I bought:

2 Aluminum Foil
Head of Lettuce
2 Scallions
6 Ears of Corn
1 Green Pepper
2 Ramen Noodles
1 pkg. Ground Pork
6 Motts Grape Juice
2 Sour Cream
1 Sunflower Seeds
2 Toilet Drop-In Cleaner

Total OOP $5.16, Saved 86%

Then I stopped at CVS and got 6 bottles of Sobe Lifewater for FREE. When I scanned my card I got a $5 off $20 grocery purchase!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010


If you love the summertime favorites, corn on the cob and cheeries, make sure you buy them before Wednesday 6/7. The price of cherries will go up to $2.49/lb.(they are on sale this week at WD for $1.79) and corn will be $1.69 for a 4-pack. On the plus side, Georgia Peaches will be $.79 lb. Also, don't forget to go to Food Lion to get your Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts for $1.79 lb.


If your store will take an expired coupon, Athenos Feta Cheese will be BOGO at $4.59 starting 7/8/10. There was a $1/1 coupon in the 5/16/10 SS. Use two of these and you will pay $2.59 for two feta cheese. Would you believe for some reason I only have one paper that week! I guess I will have to settle for paying $3.59 for two!

I LOVE this cheese. It is great on salads or sprinkle on chicken breasts and bake. YUM!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010



Summer is here and everyone is so busy! I am going to throw this date out there and see if there is any response for a class in July. I will not be able to hold another class until sometime around August 19th. If you have an interest in taking the JULY class, please e-mail me or call me and sign up! Remember, you can always hold one at your workplace or home and you attend for FREE!

This class will be held at Lighthouse Interiors, 304 Anastasia Blvd., located about 1/2 mile from the Bridge of Lions. Class size is limited!

PUBLIX 7/2/10, SPENT $12.58, SAVED 95%!!!

WOW!!! That is all I have to say!! My receipt went from collarbone down to the floor, probably about 4 feet long!! I took a picture of all my purchases with my new camera. That was my first mistake, because as you can see, the picture is STILL in my camera! I can't figure out how to get it out of there! So until I do, you will have to put on your imaginary thinking cap and just picture everything I bought. OK, here we go...this is what I bought for $12.58! UPDATE: I DID IT! PICTURE INSTALLED WITH MY BROTHERS HELP!

2 Lays Potato Chips
7 Scotchbright Sponges
8 Reynolds Foil (I was so excited to see this go BOGO!)
12 Ziplock Freezer Bags
2 Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, ECONOMY SIZE (I now have enough wipes to sanitize St. Augustine!!
2 Frenchs Mustard
4 Muir Glen Tomato Sauce
2 Lg. bags M&M's
Potato Rolls
4 Gas X
2 Bic Lighter
2 cans Dole Pineapple (would you believe I didn't have a coupn for these!)
2 doz. eggs
Pkg. ground beef
Jar of pimentos
2 Goldfish Crackers
6 Curly's BBQ
4 blocks Philly Cream Cheese
2 Tubs Philly Cream Cheese
14 Motts Medley Juice
2 pkgs Turkey Breast
2 pkgs Roast Beef
4 Vanish Drop-in Toilet Cleaner (only 2 pictured...oh wait, there is no picture!)

...And the grand total (drum roll please) is $12.58. I think I did a pretty awesome job myself!

As soon as I get someone to help me load the software into the computer I will upload the picture.

Then I went to Winn Dixie to pick up a few things:

8 Preimo Italian Sausage
1 Maries Blue Cheese Dressing
Lg. package of cheeries
1/2 lb. geneo salami (to go on the potato rolls listed above!)


Then I went to CVS where I ran into my friend I miss so much, Donna. I bought:

2 cases of water
2 sm. pkgs. M&M's
4 Warm Delight Brownie


Friday, July 2, 2010


I received an e-mail from Christy who deserves a "shout-out" on her latest shopping trip! She does an awesome job!! Here is a list of her purchases:

Onion - $1.29lb = $.89

Tomato - $1.49lb = $.63

Green Tomato - $1.49lb = $.70 (I can smell the fried green maters already!!!)

Red Pots - $2.99 bag - $1.00cpn = $1.99

2 - Yoplait Yogurt - Bogo $2.50 - $2.00cpn = $.50

2 - Breakstone sour cream - Bogo $1.85 = $1.85 (NO CPN)

1 - Milk - $3.35 = $3.35 (NO CPN)

4 - Kraft sandwich mayo - Bogo $1.99 - $6.00cpn = FREE = $2.00 overage!!!! woop woop!!

2 - French Must - Bogo $1.89 - $1.00cpn = $.89

2 - Goldfish - 2/$3 - $1.50cpn = $1.50

2 - Cheez-it - 2/$5 - $2.00cpn = $3.00

2 - Bush's beans - Bogo $2.29 = $2.29 (NO CPN)

4 - Chapstick - $1.00 - $4.00cpn = FREE (I'm addicted to this stuff!!)

1 - Tampax 40ct- $5.49 - $3.00cpn = $2.49 (this price is a steal for my house!)

2 - All Laundry - Bogo $5.99 - $2.00cpn = $3.99 (not my favorite of course but hey, it cleans and I got a steal. Judi, thanks for teaching us to try brands we normally don't. I'm saving and my clothes are clean!)

2 - Reynolds Foil - Bogo $4.29 - $2.50cpn = $1.79

2 - Febreeze - BogoCPN - $1.50cpn = $5.29 = $3.79 (love love love this stuff...especially with animals!)

2 - Lysol wipes - Bogo $4.99 - $2.00cpn = $2.99

1 - Publix hotdog buns - $.89 = $.89

5 - Caprisuns drinks - $2.69 each = $10.00 FLIP CPN = $3.45 (I missed the 3/$5 sale by 1 day but hey, I still paid only $.69 per box!! Awesome!!)

2 - Arnold Sandwich thins Bogo $2.99 = $2.99 (NO CPN)

2 - Hillshire Farm sausage - 2/$5 - $3.00cpn = $2.00

1 - Ground chuck - $2.99lb = $3.29

2 - Hebrew Natl - Bogo - $5.29 - $1.50cpn = $3.79 (I couldn't pass these up...they are too good!)

2 - Ball Park - Bogo $3.99 - $1.50cpn = $2.49

10 ears of corn - $1.49 (we will be having my Mom's fried corn this weekend!!!)

2 - Curly's pulled pork tubs - Bogo $5.69 - $3.00cpn = $2.69

2 - Lean Cuisine Pizza's - 4/$10 - $2.00cpn - $3.00

2 - Hydro gel - $2.00 - $2.00cpn = FREE (still waiting on the Hydro 3 razors to come back in raincheck is waiting!)

Used these to add to my savings...

$10 off $50.00 competitor CVS ECB rewards

$5 off $20 competitor Dollar Store coupon (just got this in the mail yesterday!!!) woohoo!! I wasn't sure if they would accept it..I asked and they said yes! Bonus for me!



Thursday, July 1, 2010

Have you played the SoBe Instant Win game yet? You can play everyday and I won BOGO coupons when I played! I was able to print multiple coupons! CVS is going to be having this BOGO next week, so we will be able to get some FREE SoBe at CVS!
Go here to play!


If you need boneless skinless chicken breast, NOW is the time to stock up!! Food Lion has them for $1.77 lb. That is an awesome price! If you want the tenders, you will pay $1.97 per lb. Take the time and go to Food Lion to stock up on chicken at this price. I bought 5 packages for a total of $14.41. I would have bought more, but my freezer wouldn't let me put anymore in!!

PUBLIX 7/1/10, SPENT $4.41, SAVED 93%

I went into Publix for just a few things. I was waiting on my mail to come with the extra coupons I bought for just under $2. I got tired of waiting on the mail, so I will be making another trip maybe Sunday to get my other items. This picture also shows the 10 packages of italian sausage and/or bratwurst and corn that I got at Winn Dixie. It is not included in the total of $4.41. I paid a big whopping $.84 for that. So my total so far for June is $5.25!! My total for May was just under $200!! This is what I purchased:

2 Philadelphia Cream Cheese
2 Pepperidge Farm Bread
2 Carvel Ice Cream Cakes
4 Kraft Chipolte Mayo
2 Yoplait Fiber 1 Yogurt
Land O' Lakes Spread
2 pkgs large M&M's
2 Gax X
2 Frenchs Mustard
10 pkgs Bratwurst/Italian Sausage (from WD)

I spent $4.41 on the above items!!! I was my daughter's hero when she saw I bought 2 Carvel Ice Cream Cakes. Little does she know that I only paid $4 for both cakes!!!