Saturday, March 31, 2012


I ran into Target today and they were giving out samples of Starbucks Coffee and a coupon booklet. In the booklet, there are coupons for 20% off one pair of shoes, $1 off a 3-lb. bag of apples, $2 off beef item, $2 off Revlon Colorstay Nail Enamel $3 off the purchase of three selected beauty items and 20% off cookware, bakeware or kitchen tool. I also received a $3 off $25 catalina food purchase! I will probably use it at Publix because I don't see myself spending $25 in the Target food department.

Some things are cheaper that don't go on bogo at Publix so I will just pick up random items. It's nice to have it but I sure wish it was a Super Target!

Friday, March 30, 2012


There is a coupon for $1 off Mrs. Paul's Parchment Bake Fish in the yellow advantage flyer. I had a raincheck for these when they were BOGO. On top of that, I had a coupon for buy a parchment bake, get a steamfresh vegetable free.

I loaded 10 boxes in my cart and had all my coupons in hand. I noticed the price on the shelf was $5.49 for the fish. It rang up $5.99 so as Publix policy states, I get it FREE. In this case, I got 2 FREE! Too bad they don't give them all to you for free.

If anyone of you are going to buy the Mrs. Paul's Fish, be mindful of the price it rings up because even if you buy just one box, you can get yours for free also! Don't forget to use the $1 yellow adv. coupon and make it a $1.00 MM!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Here is the new weekly ad from Stewart's. As always, boneless, skinless chicken breast in on there. There is no need to pay $3.69 lb. and more at the grocery store!

Fresh, never frozen Boneless Chicken Breasts,

5 lbs. or more, $1.99 lb.

Boneless NY Strip Steaks, $5.99 lb.

Jumbo Florida Red Bell Peppers, 2 for $1.00

EZ Peel, 26-30 ct. Shrimp, $4.99 lb.

Indian River Temple or Valencia Oranges, 5 for $1.00

4 pack Florida vine ripe Tomatoes, $1.99

Internet Advertised Specials:

Haas Avocados, $.99 each

Seedless Personal Watermelons, $3.99 each

D'Anjou Pears, $.99 lb.

Fresh Florida Boston Bibb Lettuce, $1.00 head

Champagne or Tommy Atkins Mangos, $1.50 each

Plant City Plants! Tomato, Rosemary, Basil, Oregano, Thyme $2.00 each

Fresh Dill, Cilantro, or Curly Parsley $1.50 bunch

Golden Ripe DelMonte Pineapples, $2.99 each

Fresh Flat Leaf Parsley, $.99 bunch

Cubanelle or Poblano Peppers, 2 for $1.00

1 lb. canister peeled Garlic, $2.99 each .

Local Radishes, $1.50 bunch

1 lb. package White Mushrooms, $2.49 each

Fresh Dill, $1.50 bunch

Washington State Golden Delicious Apples, $.99 lb.

New Crop Red Creamer Potatoes $1.99 lb.

Fresh Papaya, $1.49 lb.

Fresh Guavas, $3.49 lb.

Florida Sweet Corn, 2 for $1.00

Florida Eggplant, 2 for $1.50

Nopales or Spiny Chayote, $.99 lb.

Fresh Chickpeas!

Florida Vidalia Scallions, $1.50 bunch

Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I swear with couponing there is always something changing and new to learn. I thought you might want to check out the answers to these questions regarding the Publix coupon policy.

Rain Checks and Coupons
Q: A customer presents a rain check and a coupon for an item. The coupon is now expired, but was valid on the date the rain check was issued. Can the coupon still be accepted?

A: Yes

(I would definitely have the manager or someone from customer service initial the coupon or raincheck just to make sure everyone is on the same page! I have done that just to make sure they know)

Private Label
Q: Will Publix accept a competitor’s coupon for a private label item?

A: Yes, this is an opportunity for us to introduce our customer to Publix brand products.

(This one is new to me! You learn something new everyday!)


Today has been a sad day. I was out-of-town for the weekend and received the news when I got back on Sunday that my good friend Melanie died that morning. She was only 49 years old. Blogging was put on the back burner.

Today was the service and it was very very hard. I have attended 3 furnerals within the past 8 months, one of which was my mothers. Up until this point I don't think I have attended 3 funerals my whole life!

I will miss Mel but I know she is in heaven with my Lord and Savior, Jesus. She loved God with all her heart and was such a giving and generous person. Heaven has gained three awesome people over the last 8 months...Melanie Ginn, my mom and Jeff Hopfensberger.

We will never forget you.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


If you missed it last time, here it is again! Enjoy the City books with the coveted $5/$30 WD coupon is available again!

Go HERE to get 5 books for just $29!!! Use the promotional code SPRING to get this deal. It is only available until April 2 so don't wait to get yours!

Friday, March 23, 2012


Post Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal 13 to 18 oz, BOGO $3.29
-$1/1 Post Honey Bunches of Oats Fruit Blends (exp 04/05/2012)
-$1/1 Post Honey Bunches of Oats Fruit Blends 02/26/2012 SS Insert (exp 04/08/2012)
-$1/1 Post Honey Bunches of Oats Fruit Blends Cereal, 18 oz+

If you use 2 of the 1/1 coupons you can get 2 for 1.29 or about 65 cents each.

V8 100% Vegetable Juice 46 oz, BOGO $2.95
-$1/2 V8 100% Vegetable Juice, 46 oz
-$1/2 V8 100% Vegetable Juice, 46 oz bottles (This one is my personal favorite given the amount of V8 juice my husband drinks!)

If you use the 1/2 coupon you will get 2 for 1.95 or about 98 cents each.

Land O Lakes Sweet Cream Butter, 16 oz, 2/$5
-$0.75/1 pound of LAND O LAKES® Butter (zip 60013)
-$0.50 off 2 Pounds of LAND O LAKES® BUTTER (zip 30187)
-$.50/2 Land O Lakes Butter 3/18/2012 SS Insert (exp 5/31/2012)

As low as $1.75 per lb. of butter!

Quaker Chewy Granola Bars or Smashbars Snack Bars, 6.1 to 6.7oz, BOGO $2.99
-$1/3 Quaker Bars
-$0.75/1 Quaker Yogurt Granola Bars 03/11/2012 SS Insert (exp 04/21/2012) (if included)
-$1/2 Quaker Chew Granola, Quaker Chewy Dipps Granola or Quaker Chewy Smashbar Bars, 6 ct or larger boxes – 03-18-12 RP Insert (exp 4/28/2012)

If you use the 1/2 coupon you will get 2 for 1.99 or about a dollar each.

Bumble Bee Premium Albacore Tuna in Water, 5 oz, BOGO If $2.89
-$1/1 Bumble Bee Product Facebook Printable Coupon

If you use 2 of the 1/1 coupons you will get 2 for 89 cents or about 45 cents each .

Peter Pan Peanut Butter, 13 to 16.3 oz, BOGO $3.29
-$.50/1 Peter Pan Peanut Butter Emailed Coupon

This is not a great price but given the cost of peanut butter right now it's better than full price.

Lance Cracker Creations, 6 to 7.4 oz, BOGO $3.29
-$1/1 Lance Cracker Creations Sandwich Crackers , 6 oz

If you use 2 of the 1/1 coupons you will get 2 for 1.29 or about 65 cents each.

Welch’s Squeezable Jelly, 22 oz, BOGO $2.39
-$.55/1 Welch’s Jam, Jelly, or Spread Coupon (printable no longer available)
-$0.55/1 Welch`s 02/12/2012 RP Insert (exp 05/31/2012)
-$.55/1 Welch’s Jams, Jellies or Spreads, any – 02-12-12 RP Insert (exp 5/31/2012)
-$1/2 Welch’s Jams, Jellies or Spreads, any – 02-12-12 RP Insert (exp 5/31/2012)

If you use 2 of the .55/1 coupons you will get 2 for 1.29 or about 65 cents each.

Log Cabin Syrup, 24 oz, BOGO $3.89
-$1/1 Log Cabin All Natural Syrup 22 oz or larger (DND5) hangtag (exp 6/30/2012)
If you use 2 of the 1/1 coupons you can get 2 for 1.89 or about 95 cents each.

If you use 2 of the 1/1 coupons you will get 2 for 1.69 or about 85 cents each.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spread, 7.5 to 16 oz, BOGO $2.45 ( I think this is more expensive in our area. Be prepared to pay more
-$0.75/2 ICBINB products Target coupon
-$1.25/1 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter printable (zip 90210)
If you use 2 of the 1.25/1 coupons with the .75/2 Target coupon you will get a good deal.

Doritos Tortilla Chips, 10.5 to 12 oz, BOGO $4.29 (these don't go BOGO that often)

Milk Bone Dog Snacks, 5 to 5.6 oz, BOGO $3.19
-$1.50/2 Milk-Bone Dog Snacks 02/19/2012 RP Insert (exp 04/19/2012))
-$1/1 Milk-Bone Healthy Favorites Dog Snacks Granola Biscuits or Chewy Treats, Assorted Varieties, Publix coupon

These will be FREE!

Dannon Activia Yogurt 4 ct, 3/$6
-$1/1 Activia, p. 122 All You, March 2012 (exp 04/07/2012)
-$1/1 Dannon Activia, 4 pack 02/12/2012 SS Insert (exp 03/19/2012)
$1 per 4 pk. (Usually we get cheap or Free yogurt but good price if you need it)

Also, don't forget to use your FREE GALLON OF MILK coupon wyb three breakfast items. I still have mine and the coupon expires 4/3/12. Remember breakfast items can be yogurt, bread, granola bars, etc. and not just the normal "breakfast" items.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I came home from running my errands to a HUGE envelope in the mail from my coupon fairy again!! I just had to smile because I don't know who is doing this. I opened it and immediately saw a group of coupons I wanted to use when I ran to Publix today. Unfortunately, they were out of Olay soap at Publix so I will get to use next time. I can't wait to sit and organize them and put them in my binder.

This time on the envelope there was an address. I wish I knew who it was so I could personally thank them. There were some coupons cut and other insert pages put together so all I had to do was cut several coupons at one time. Everything was organized and precisely cut.

If you are reading this, THANK YOU!! From someone who only gets 2 papers, it really is awesome having these extra coupons!


I hope all of you were able to do the Hawaiian Tropic 50% off deal. The sunblock pictured above was $7.99, so $3.99 after the sale. Do you remember the hangtags I told you about? I used two of them to get the sunblock for $1.00 each!! I actually bought 3 bottles but forgot to put the other one in the picture!

While I was standing there looking at the sunblock I was talking to the rep for Hawaiian Tropic. She was nice enough to give me 8 more $2 coupons. They were out of a certain kind and I got a raincheck. That means when I get ready to buy them I will pay $2 per bottle!

Remember to grab some Banana Boat hangtags and save for the end of the month. Starting 3/31 in the green advantage flyer there will be a coupon for $2 off. Stack with the $2 MQ and pay $4 per bottle. Not as good as the Hawaiian Tropic but still a good deal!

I had seen a few pork coupons on the kiosk where they cook meals. I grabbed them and bought the above pork for $5.36. That is $13.36 worth of meat!! They were $2 coupons and there were just a few left. They expire on 3/26 if you can find them!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


If you really need trash bags, they are on sale in the yellow adv. flyer for $2/$8. Use the $2/2 coupon from and pay $3 for a box of 13 gallon kitchen trash bags.

This isn't the cheapest price I have seen them. I still have a stock from when I paid $1.65 each. It's still not a bad price if you need them now!

Monday, March 19, 2012


This is it! This will be the FINAL coupon class I will hold in my home! It will be on Monday, March 26th at 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. If you have been wanting to attend this is your last chance!

I know I said the last one was going to be it but I got asked to do another. If you are interested, please contact me for more information.


Somehow I got my hands on a new Green Advantage Flyer that doesn't start until March 31 thru April 20. One of the stores I was in probably put it out by mistake thinking it was the green adv. flyer that was current.

Two of the deals I see are regarding sunblock. There is a $2 off Coppertone and $2 off Banana Boat PQ. I noticed there are hangtags off all the sunblocks today for $2 each. You can get a great deal by buying sunblock for $7.99 and stacking both coupons to get a bottle for $3.99.

Watch out for the hangtags and hold on to them to use with this sale.


New Rain-X Fusion is the next generation in wiper blades. With the trusted wipe quality of a conventional wiper blade and an aerodynamic, heavy-duty design, Rain-X Fusion ensures you retain excellent visibility in any weather driving condition.

Buy it at Walmart by March 31 and get your entire purchase price up to $15.99 refunded. Download the form HERE.

My husband is really needing some new wiper blades. I really want to try these!

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Head over to Arby's Facebook page HERE to get a coupon for a BOGO Reuben Sandwich.

This coupon is only good until 3/18 so take the time today or tomorrow to enjoy a free reuben on Arby's


After a car ride to the John Deere in Hastings to pick up our lawnmower, we stopped at County Line to get some fresh produce. Isn't it pretty? All those beautiful colors!

We bought some greens so my husband wanted to stop at Publix to get some pork neck bones. It was my lucky day! They were handing out the new One Stop One Store Book. I got mine at Cobblestone but be on the lookout at your store for the new book!

There are some awesome Publix coupons in there. I still have some Glad Cling Wrap left from when I paid $.25 each with coupons and a sale, I also still have Martha Stewart Bathroom Cleaner and Clorox Disinfecting Wipes from the deals in this book.

I hope this year and new book gives us the same deals as years past!

Friday, March 16, 2012


I noticed a couple of new coupons that might interest you. Trashbags are one of those we want to definitely stock up on since we go through them so much. I already have a good stock that I paid $1.65 a box for but I will add a few more to the stockpile!

Tonight there is a new $2.00/2 GLAD 13-Gallon Kitchen Trash Bags printable, as well as a $1.00/1 GLAD 30-Gallon or Larger Trash Bags printable. I found these under zip 33614.

Starting Tomorrow Publix Yellow Advantage Flyer Sale
Glad Trashbags (including 13 gallon), 2 for $8
Minus one $2.00/2 Glad 13-Gallon Kitchen Trash Bags printable
Makes them $3.00 each!


When I was at Publix today, actually after I went through the checkout, I looked at a tearpad I found by the chips. It was for "Buy two Tostitos Chips and get a Lays Chip Free". I don't know why I didn't put two and two together and realized what a valuable coupon this was.

Probably because I was too busy figuring out the point value of chips. Deciding on baked versus light. And then I grabbed the Light Chips tossing two of them into my cart thinking they were BOGO. It wasn't until I got home that I noticed I was charged $3.99 twice. Ouch...$8.00 for 2 bags of chips...that hurts. I wanted to exchange them for the other baked chips but my husband already ripped open the bag. Too late.

Then I realized I could have bought two Tostitos which were BOGO and got TWO chips free because they were BOGO. I would only pay for one and get 4 bags total. Two tostitos and two chips. Way better than $8 for two bags of chips!

The only good thing out of the whole trip was that I got overage from the Sundown Vitamin coupons and they paid for my chips. Not the way I wanted it to turn out. My next trip this week I will do the Tostito chip deal and find someone to take them out of my house. If they don't go to the dorm with my daughter I will add them to my donate pile along with the Kraft Fresh Taste Breadcrumbs I was able to get today for free.

Thanks to my mystery coupon fairy who has sent me coupons. Because of those I had to run to Publix tonight!


The COUPON FAIRY struck again! I came home to the mail to find a large envelope with my name on it. Inside it was jammed full of coupons!

Again, there was no note or mention of where the coupons are coming from! I immediately went through them and pulled out some I am going to use tonight. I wasn't planning on shopping tonight but I was able to pull out some coupons to use with the current yellow adv. flyer sale that ends today.

I already have a pile started to donate to a family who lives in Ocala. Some of these items I buy will go into that pile.

I was talking to a woman who works for the Sheriff's office (who is coming to my class on Monday, March 26th) and she was telling me about a grandmother who has just received custody of her 3 grandchildren, all under the age of 5. She is overwhelmed, as any of us would be in that same circumstance. She was planning on taking some things out to her because as she said in her words "I can't stand to see anyone hungry". I have started my pile and plan on giving her some things to give to the family.

Whoever is sending me these coupons...THANK YOU! I wish I knew who you were so I could personally thank you! I plan on putting them to good use!

Thursday, March 15, 2012


I am heading to Winn Dixie this week to pick up a few items. Grapes are $1.49 lb. and I have been wanting some. This seems to be my top price I will pay for grapes. Winn Dixie also has Kens Salad Dressing in the 9 oz. bottle BOGO. Use the $1/1 from the 3/11 SS and pay pennies on the dollar for two bottles.

Also Thomas' English Muffins are BOGO and they are part of my favorite breakfast. Toast the english muffin and then top with 1 wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese and very thin slices of tomato. Don't forget the salt! I eat this almost every morning! I am down to 2 english muffins so I am glad to see they are BOGO at WD!


Outback has posted a coupon on their FB page for $10 off any two entrees. The coupon is misleading because you think you have to use in on steak and lobster. When you print the coupon, it specifically states $10 off ANY TWO ENTREES!

This is an awesome deal! Go to their FB page and look on the left for $10 off coupon. You are able to print as many as you want but I believe you will only be able to use one. I don't think you can go back the next week with the second print of the coupon.


Wednesday, March 14, 2012

PUBLIX 3/14/12, SPENT $41.61

I felt like I drove all over town today with my groceries in my car so I got them right in the freezer and refrigerator when I got home. I had to ask a manager to see if they had any more Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat that was BOGO and he walked me over to the meat department. The guy in the meat dept. looked and said they were out. I walked back over to the grocery manager and asked him how I should do it. They only had three in stock and they were BOGO. I really needed them AND I had the Target coupon for B3G1 free.

He said there was no way they were out so he went to check. Remember, my cart is full of milk, frozen turkey patties, yogurt, etc. He said he would find me in the store after he checked. I felt like it was 20 minutes later and I saw him and approached him. He said he looked all over the store for me and couldn't find me and thought I left! Maybe it's because I lost 3 lbs. and I just blended in! HA HA!

I ended up getting a raincheck and they wrote "Get 1 FREE" on it also. By the time I got out of there and made another stop, my groceries were screaming to be refrigerated so no picture! My total before coupons was $106.55. I bought:

3 OM Turkey Breast (used TQ and MQ)
2 Kraft Fresh Takes Breadcrumbs (FREE)
4 Welches Fruit Snacks (used $1 PQ and 2 $.40/1)
3 pkgs. strawberries (used buy OM lunchmeat get $1 off produce - 3 of these)
2 baby carrots
6 Smart Balance Milk (used $1/1)
4 Dannon yogurt 4-pk (used $2/2 PQ and two $.40/1)
2 Milkbone Dog Bisquit (used two $1/1 PQ and $1.50/1 MQ)
12 Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges (used 12 $1/1)
2 Boxes Turkey Burgers (used two $2/1)
2 Dawn Dish Detergent (used two $.25/1 MQ and PQ in yell. adv. flyer)

In just looking at my receipt, I noticed that I was charged for 7 Smart Balance Milk and I only bought 6!!! I just called Publix and they said to bring in my receipt. I think I will just get another when I go back in and use another $1 coupon to get it for $1.50


Are you an allergy sufferer? You may want to print the coupon for $4/1 Caritin D Allergy product on

My husband takes this everyday and it really works for him. Zyrtek, on the other hand doesn't do that great of a job.

Pair this coupon up with the $2.50/1 Publix green advantage flyer coupon and get $6.50 off a box of Claritin!

Be warned that when you go and print the coupon it will print at the bottom of the page. I lost one because I only had a 1/2 sheet of paper in the computer!


Here is the new Stewart's Market weekly ad. I love that I never have to wait for a sale for boneless chicken breast anymore. I can just walk to the corner and get some every Wednesday if I want.

I bought peppers are cut them in strips and put them in my freezer. If you like cauliflower buy it now at $1.00 a head. Another great deal is the 5 lb. bag of potatoes for $1.99. Here is the new ad:

Fresh, never frozen Boneless Chicken Breasts,
5 lbs. or more, $1.99 lb.

Boneless NY Strip Steaks, $5.99 lb.

Peeled Garlic Cloves, 1 lb. container, $2.99 each

EZ Peel, 26-30 ct. Shrimp, $4.99 lb.

Local Cauliflower, $1.00 head

Jumbo Red Bell Peppers, 2 for $1.00

Internet Advertised Specials:

3 lb. bag Onions, $1.49 each

Loose Beets or Turnips, $.99 lb.

5 lb. bag Idaho Potatoes, $1.99 each

D'Anjou Pears, $.99 lb.

Florida Cantaloupes, $2.00 each

Beautiful Champagne Mangos, $1.00 each

Plant City Strawberries, $1.00 per pint

Sweet and Juicy Pineapples, $2.99 each, or 2 for $5.00

Cubanelle Peppers, 2 for $1.00

Datil Pepper Plants, $3.00 each

Local Cabbage, $1.00 head

4 pack Florida Tomatoes, $1.99 each

Poblano Peppers, 2 for $1.00

Red or Green chili peppers, $1.99 lb.

Assorted colors mini sweet peppers, $1.99 lb.

Local Beets or radishes, $1.50 bunch

1 lb. package White Mushrooms, $2.49 each

Fresh Dill, $1.50 bunch

Local clams, $3.00 (small) and $4.00(large) per dozen

Washington State Golden Delicious Apples, $.99 lb.

New Crop Red Creamer Potatoes now in!!

Haas avocadoes, $.99 each

Florida Sweet Corn, 3 for $1.00

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Do you remember me telling you that when you go to print a bricks coupon to click "HELP" and you can give them your address to have the coupon sent to you? Well, here is proof.

I opened two envelopes up with these $3/2 Sundown Vitamin coupons. When I buy the Sundown Vitamins for $2.99 each and use the green advantage flyer coupon for $5/2 and the MQ for $3/2, I will get $2 overage. I will be able to do the deal twice because I have two MQ's so $4 overage! That will pay for almost 3 half-gallons of Smart Balance Milk!!

Remember to request that bricks coupon even if you can print it.


You would have thought someone handed me a check for $5,000. But instead it was an envelope with coupons...tons of coupons! In there were my Smart Balance Milk coupons I wanted so badly. There are so many other good coupons I will use!

I don't know who sent it to me because there is no return address on it. Whoever it was, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! It really brought a smile to my face to open that envelope with all those coupons!

It really doesn't take much to please me!

Monday, March 12, 2012


Make sure you check your Kraft First Taste account to see if you have any offers for free items.

If you are not a member of Kraft First Taste, you want to make sure you sign up. Every once in a while they send you offers to try new products for FREE. I was just able to the the new Kraft Breadcrumb that is in the dairy isle by the cheese. I already have about 8 of these but I will take another!


The Enjoy the City books are available again for Jacksonville. If you didn't order (or even if you did) the last time these were offered, you want to jump on these.

Get 5 books for $40 which will give you $100 worth of $5/$30 Winn Dixie coupons. Not only do you get the Winn Dixie coupons but you will get other coupons for Chick-Fil-A, McDonalds, Arby's, Sonic, Great Wraps, Smoothie King, Dunkin Donuts and FA Cafe just to name a few. You can even get $10 off a oil change at Jiffy Lube!

Spending $40 to get $100 worth of coupons is a no brainer for me. Everytime I walk into Publix I know I am going to spend $30 before my coupons. This assures me that I will save an additional $5.

Most times I am using multiples of this to bring my total down even further.

Don't wait to long because it is only offered for a few days. Use the link below to order:

Sunday, March 11, 2012


I printed the $1.00 Advil PM coupon in hopes of finding the elusive 4-ct package at luck there.

We needed a new battery for the boat so I tagged along with my husband and went to Walmart still looking for the 4 count Advil luck at Walmart either.

My search is not over! I know the 4ct. of Advil PM exists for about $.99 so it will be FREE with the coupon. I keep holding out I will find them and I will report back to you when I do!

Meanwhile, while at Walmart, I bought 2 pineapples for $1.99 each. That is a great price for pineapple and since fruit is free on WW, I was thrilled to get them.

Apples...have you noticed the price of them lately? I bought 4 SMALL apples and paid $2.21. They were $1.49 lb. I guess when you can eat fruit for free you will buy them at any price...OK, maybe not any price!

There are a few things I will always pick up when I have to go to Walmart. Good Seasons Dressing (4 pack), chopped nuts, Farmers Ham, and I few more that I can't remember at the moment. That's it. Everything else I can get at Publix cheaper with a sale and a coupon.

And Walmart is filled with coupon nazi's otherwise known as cashiers. I know you've seen them there. They are ready to pounce and not take a coupon if the print is just a little too light. Or maybe you printed it on recycled paper or it is a full moon. The walmart registers don't like that either (not the full moon!). Sometimes there is no apparent reason why it won't scan. The cashiers will just hand it back to you and say they can't take it. Sometimes I make them keep trying and maybe after 8 scans it finally goes thru. Thank you coupon gods! You are smiling down on me!

Anyway, when I find the elusive 4 count of Advil, I will let you guys know. If anyone finds it before me, please share!

CVS 3/11/12

I did the above in two transactions on two different cards. I started out with $9 and $13 in ECB's respectivelly, and ended up getting back $15 ECB's back from each transaction! That is a total of $30 I have right now from these transactions (plus the ECB's I have in my purse).

My total for the first picture with the Renu Contact Solution was $1.33 and my total for the second was $2.40 including all taxes. So for a total of $3.73 I got all of the above which includes allergy medicine, kids cough and cold medicine, 4-6pks of Irish Spring, my husbands favorite soap, and Renu Contact Solution.

I was able to use a two $1 CVS Irish Spring coupons that were available about 3 weeks ago in addition to two $.50 MQ's in todays paper. There was also a $2 coupon for the Zyrtek and a $1 for the Pediasure.

And the best part is I still have $15 in ECB's on each card to roll into next week!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Do you have this coupon?

Ocean Spray will be BOGO at CVS beginning Sunday. I don't know if they have the cherry flavor or if this coupon will work to get them both for free, but I am going to try.

I will let you know if it works when I go to CVS tomorrow to do my deals!


Enjoy your $5 off $50 purchase at Home Depot. Just enter MARCH5.

This code will expire 3/11/12


I had two more body wash coupons so I wanted to do the above deal again on my other card. When I scanned my card I received a $3 coupon for a Revlon product which was also giving a $4 ECB.

I was able to do the above in two transactions, and paid $3.55 OOP including tax and received a $4 ECB back!

Thank you CVS for letting me walk out with 2 Olay Body Wash, 2 Olay Cleansers, 1 Renu Contact Solution, and a Revlon Eyeshadow!

CVS 3/10/12, SPENT $1.32 AND GOT BACK $2 ECB

I ran into CVS this morning to do the Olay deal. The body wash is $6.99 each and the facial cleanser is $3.99 each. If you use the coupon from the Buy a cleanser and get body wash free from the 3/4 PG and the $3/2 Olay cleansers or moisturizers from the 2/12 RP you get a good deal.

The deal got even better than I expected because the red coupon machine spit out a $3 off Olay Body wash! That was totally unexpected.

I used two $2 ECB's I had and the above coupons and paid $1.32 OOP including tax and got back another $2 ECB.

Olay Body Wash is one of my favorites. Also anytime I can stock up on face wash I do it. I will add this to my stock!

Remember I was told that the ECB's will no longer be able to be used past expiration. Doing a transaction like this and getting quality products for pennies on the dollar allowed me to roll them to a later date.


I was checking my inbox of the email all my coupon junk emails go to and I found an email from Smart Balance! I was happy to see that because when I saw the SB milk was going to be on sale for $2.50 I tried to order coupons but they were out-of-stock. With only two left in my refrigerator the timing was perfect for me!

Go HERE, log in and go to Browse Coupons and print two coupons for $.75 off Smart Balance Milk.

Remember, this milk tastes exactly like regular milk but has a shelf date of like 6 or 7 weeks! It's great for those of us who don't use a lot of milk.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Be on the lookout for a peelie on strawberries. If you buy cool whip you get $1 off strawberries. The Cool Whip is on sale for $2 in the yellow adv. flyer. If you are buying them anyways, don't forget to use the peelie.

I bought strawberries today and forgot to go and get my cool whip so my peelie is still on my package of strawberries. I guess I will get it the next time I shop!

PUBLIX 3/9/12, SPENT $20.56

Today was the last day of the Sundown Vitamin overage deal. What were the chances of finding the $3.59 bottles on the shelf. What were the chances of finding 14 bottles of Sundown Vitamins? Again, this was my lucky day! I was able to find all the vitamins and use my $3/2 and a few $1/1 and stack with the $3 Publix coupon. I was able to get about $10 overage from those vitamins. I also was able to use 4 $5/$30 WD coupons to get $30 off my groceries.

My husband and I have started Weight Watchers so I am buying more fruits and vegetables than I did before. It is going to be interesting to see what my bill will be from now on with my changed eating plan.

I was out of time today so no picture again. I was pretty impressed with what I bought this trip. I even called my husband at work and patted myself on the back! The mayonnaise alone was $4.99. The best part is he just bought 2 Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges for $3.49 each and I was able to get them for $1.50 each!! That is why I bought 8 of them!

This is what I bought:

8 Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges
Hellmans Mayo
2 Libby's Peas
4 Vlasic Kosher Dill Pickles
1 can Artichokes
1 pkg. Flour Tortillas
2 Scallions
1 Head of Lettuce
1 Celery
1 Eggbeaters
1 Egg Whites
Fresh Ginger Root
Sweet Onions
McCormick Ginger
Peach (to eat on the way home)
2 Milkbone Dog Bisquits
14 Sundown Vitamins

My total after coupons was $20.56, a savings of 86%. Now I am trying to come up with menus for the week. I plan on having Peking Pork, Pineapple Stir Fry Chicken with Veggies, Tostodas, and Chicken Picatta. I figure I can fill in the rest of the week. My favorite breakfast is English Muffins with Laughing Cow Cheese and thinly sliced tomatoes. Since I have a freezer full of Boca Burgers, I have been having one of those for lunch with yogurt and strawberries. All that free yogurt came in handy!

Do you have any good Weight Watchers recipes? Let me know if you do! I need the help!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Why is my soap pink? That is the question I got this morning when my husband opened up his new box of soap I got at CVS this week.

What I didn't tell him is that I don't care if the soap is purple with pink polka dots, if it is a good deal or free and especially if it generates ECB's, I will buy it. I looked at the "flavors" of the soaps and thought the Pomagranite Mango sounded pretty yummy! Little did I know the soap would be pink!

Forget the Irish Spring and Dial with that manly rugged smell that will dry your skin out and leave patchy dry spots. I've switched him to the moisturizing, sweet fragrant soap that will leave him feeling like he has been kissed by dew!

And the best part is I have 16 bars of this pink soap! Maybe I should have bought the other scent and it wouldn't have been pink. But who the heck is going to know that he is using pink soap...I won't tell anyone!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Who doesn't love FREE chocolate?

Dollar General has the 6-packs on sale for $1 this week. When you use the $1 coupon found HERE, you will get FREE CHOCOLATE!

Monday, March 5, 2012

PUBLIX 3/5/12, SPENT $1.29

All I could say was what an awesome shopping trip this was! The stars must have all aligned in my favor because I was able to find 6 bottles of Sundown Vitamins for overage in the amount of $7.26!! AWESOME!!

The next thing in my favor was the Mrs. Paul's Parchment Baked Tilapia was marked on the shelf as $5.49. The BOGO sign that was in front of it said "BOGO Save $5.99. They were ringing up at $5.99 BOGO not $5.49 BOGO. Score again! I was able to get two boxes of fish for FREE! I bought a total of 6 boxes and was only charged for 2 on the BOGO sale.

I was then able to get 3 Steamfresh Vegetables for FREE. They were on sale for 50% off and I told my cashier that they were $1.30. He scanned the coupon and it scanned $2.00, $.70 more than the coupon! He let it go through for another $2.10 in overage!

Add to all that the $5 off $50 Publix coupon that was in the Red Plum home mailer.

My total before coupons was $53.70 and my total after all coupons was $1.29!!!

6 Boxes Mrs Paul's Tilapia
3 Steamfresh Veggies
2 Activia Yogurt
2 lb. Strawberries
1 Eggplant
1 Cucumber
2 Kraft Breadcrumbs
2 Romaine Lettuce
1 Clorox Bleach
6 Sundown Vitamins



Today is the day of celebrating the life of a person who gives more than what they get, who loves more than I can ever imagine and who puts up with my crazy couponing!

He is the love of my life and a wonderful husband and father. Happy Birthday Art! I know you read this blog and I just wanted to say I love you and Happy Birthday!


Is it just me or is the new Publix ad kind of slim pickings! I don't know if anyone else has noticed it, but it seems the sales have been kind of lackluster (besides the Italian Days) and the coupons getting smaller. For example, I have noticed the cereal companies putting out coupons for $1 off 3 forcing you to buy a quantity of 6 and use 2 coupons. I am all for buying 6, but I would rather do it with a $1/2 coupon!

The only thing I see I need in the new ad is Smart Balance Milk. If there is anyone out there who is not going to use their coupons, I would love to have them! Let me know! I have a daughter who just LOVES milk and can really put this stuff down!


This may be a coupon you may want to print and save for upcoming sales.

Smithfield has released a PDF coupon that is for $1 off any Smithfield product. The best news is that is has an expiration date of 8/17/12. There is no telling how many times we can use this coupon before now and then!

Print in now HERE before it gets pulled. Often times PDF prints don't last that long!


How many FREE dental floss can one have? As many as they will give us!!!

There is a $1/1 coupon in the 3/4 RP for Reach Dental Floss. Keep this with you because when you stop in Target or Walmart you will get some more FREE Dental Floss. You should have two papers so that means two FREE Dental Floss!

I am trying to think of something else to use all my dental floss on. Maybe I can use it as thread to sew on the buttons that keep popping off my pillows! I sure do have enough of it!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


I went into CVS to do my deals today and scanned my cards.

I got a FREE OREO 5.25 - 6 oz. coupon! I was able to get 2 boxes with my two cards. I have already given them to my grandchildren today who now think I am the best nonnie because I brought them Oreo's each in their own box!

Make sure you scan your card to get your free coupon!

Friday, March 2, 2012


Are any of you suffering from Allergies or sinus problems? I know I have because of the pollen. Now is the time to get some cheap Advil Allergy Sinus products.

Go HERE and print a coupon for $2 off any Advil Allergy Sinus product. While you are there, print the $1 Sundown Vitamin coupon.

The advil should be around $5.89 each so $11.78 for two.
Use the $5/2 from the Green Adv. Flyer
Use two $2/1 coupons from RP above

You should pay around $1.39 each!

PUBLIX 3/2/12, SPENT $9.59

Today's trip was all about yogurt and breadcrumbs, all of which were FREE!

I had to arrange my freezer before I left for the store to make some room for the freezer items. I still want to get the Stouffers but have to see if I have enough room. No picture today. I just wanted to get it all in the freezer and refrigerator! I was also able to get 4 bottles (Woo Hoo!) of Sundown Vitamins for $4 overage!

I bought the following:

2 Mrs. Paul's Tilapia Parchment Bake
1 Steamfresh Vegetables
4 Birds Eye Voila
12 Voskos Greek Yogurt
4-4pk. Activia Yogurt
8 Kraft Fresh Breadcrumbs
4 lb. bag baby carrots

I can't wait to try the new Kraft Seasoned breadcrumbs with chicken or pork. I still have 2 more coupons so I may go back and get more!

My total after coupons was $9.59!!

I plan on eating a yogurt or two every day this month! We'll see if the Activia challenge really works!!


I ran into CVS today to do the Sensitive Toothpaste and Thermacare ECB deal and handed them my ECB's that expired on 2/29/12.

She took them but informed me that this morning a new policy came down from the corporate office that they will no longer be accepting expired ECB's.

That just stinks! Publix changed their policy and now CVS. No longer can I hold onto ECB's for a week or two if the sale is not good. I guess that means I will have to go in and buy paper towels or toilet paper, mascara or something else I know I will use regardless of a sale.

Maybe this may be the time to jump back in and start doing Walgreens again. I had stopped because I had so much drugstore stuff I didn't need anymore. I guess I will wait and see how it goes and if my ECB's dry up and don't continue rolling like they have been for the past 3 1/2 years, I will start Walgreens again!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I found these coupons in my in-box for $.70/1 Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats Chocolate flavor.

Go HERE to print the coupon. Remember, click on the HELP button first and put in your home address and they will also mail a coupon to your home!


Walgreens has Q-Tips on sale until March 3rd for $1.99. Go HERE and like them on Facebook and you will be able to print two coupons for $1/2.

This isn't the best deal I have got on Q-Tips, but if you need them it isn't that bad either!

Q-tips cotton swabs 170-375 pk, on sale through 3/3 at Walgreens, $1.99

Buy two Q-tips Cotton Swabs, 170+ pk, $1.99 each
Minus one $1/2 Q-tips Facebook

Makes them $1.49 each