Monday, December 30, 2013


Look for peelies on the children's Advil. If you find the $2 peelie on the box, you will get it for $.99 with the publix coupon stack. Take this time to use your $5/$30 and stock up on Advil products.

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Check your coupon binders for a $1/1 Triscuit coupon. It is not listed in the coupon matchups. You will get each box for $1.25.


I walked into a south Florida Publix today and low and behhold I found the Family Celebration sheets right in the front in the turnaround with all the ads. What a lucky find since the velveta cheese slices are BOGO and the coupon In the sheet is BOGO. My grandson calls these cheese slices the 'good' cheese! My cooler will be stocked with cheese going home. Also look for $2 peelies on the Advil. Stack that with the $2 PQ in the PAF and pay $1 for Advil. Better yet, buy 6 at $4.99 and use the MQ's and PQ'S and a $5/$30 and pay just $1 for 6 boxes of Advil.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013


Merry Christmas everyone! This year we will be a little different for us because we will be leaving tomorrow morning to go to south Florida. It will be nice celebrating Christmas all over again tomorrow with the grandkids! Enjoy your holiday with your family!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Company in town or do you just want to act like a tourist? Head over to double take deals and pay just $11 for a three-day pass on the Ripleys sightseeing train. You will save half and what a great way to see Christmas lights in town!

Sunday, December 22, 2013


On the way back from my brothers house today I stopped at the new Kangaroo Gas Station way north of town. I had never had a Little Ceasers Pizza before so the $5 pizza peaked my interest. I asked the girl at the counter which one she liked better...the regular or deep dish. She said deep dish so I splurged for another $3 and came home with a nice size retangular pizza for $8. I have to say I was quite impressed with it! I will definitely pick it up again when I am coming home from Jax and need a quick fast dinner!


I hope all of you were able to print the bogo Publix Kraft Shredded Cheese coupons a little bit ago. I don't think they are still available (?). If you printed those and also printed the Target B2G1 Cheese coupon, and the $1/2 MQ, you were able to score some free shredded cheese! The cheese gods knew I was getting low so this came at the perfect time! I bought 12 packages of shredded cheese, 2 cream cheese, cantelope, bananas, 2 apples, 2 Emergen-C, and a bottle of water. My total after my coupons including a $5/$30 was $3.04!! I guess you could say I am good for awhile!

Friday, December 20, 2013


The Betsy Johnson nighty is back at Marshall's!! My all time favorite nighty is back again in new colors. I loved this so much I bought two last time. These normally sell for $79.50 and Marshall's price is $19.99. My husband will be so excited that I bought another one! Surprise your hubby and give to to him for Christmas! There were also a good selection,of Betsey Johnson purses for $39.99. I saw some really cute ones. If I didn't already get my coach purse today, I would have probably bought one!


Sonic is offering half-price shakes all day tomorrow, December 21st. You know I will be there tomorrow since I work in that plaza. Take some time out of your busy day and get a half-price milkshake tomorrow!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Do you love Coach purses? They are not my favorite but I do own one that I got this past summer and I love it! I just found a clearance sale at where you get 65 percent off PLUS an additional 10percent off PLUS use the code FREESHIP and get free shipping. I bought the coral straw tote this past summer at dillards and just love it! I ordered the navy straw tote plus an iPhone case for $110. I feel since it is a darker color I will be able to use it year round. Don't wait too long. The free ship deal ends today!

Monday, December 16, 2013


Do you use diapers? Make sure you do the diaper deal at CVS this week if you already have ECB's to use. Buy three packages and pay $29.97. It will still trigger the ECB's. Use the $2/1 printable coupon and pay $4.66 each!


Again, I want to send a big shout-out to my wonderful husband. We had to go to Amelia Island this weekend for a weekend for a company meeting and holiday party. They put us up in the hotel at the Omni so we did not have to travel back late at night. He had to attend a meeting for 4 hours before the cocktail party. He surprised me once again. We had some time to kill before his meeting started so we got on the shuttle and went over to the shops. I had to go to the bathroom so we went into the spa to use their facilities. So here I am in the stall and I start hearing my name...Mrs Wampler, Mrs. Wampler...we are ready for your treatments. What the heck! Why are these people calling me when I just came in to pee and what are they talking about? Turns out my husband planned for me to have a facial and massage while he was in his meeting! I was flabergasted and once again and reminded again what a wonderful husband I have!


Today I checked out the new store at the Towne Center called Nordstrom Rack. I was in Olive Garden yesterday and saw two ladies with these shirts on that I loved! They criss-cross in the front and they are very flowy (is that a word?). They told me they got them at Nordstom Rack so off I went in search of them. I was able to find them and they were $19 each! I noticed that they also had a full rounder of Not Your Daughter's Jeans all marked $49. This is an awesome price for these jeans. I also found some on clearance for $25 to $30. I think this place is the kind of store you could find hidden gems in. It is very organized and not very big. It will be on my list when I go to the Towne Center from now on. If you go, let me know what you find!


I can't believe how much time has passed since my last post! I really have been so busy and then just thought no one would be interested anymore in all of my little ramblings of nonsense. I have heard from several of you so I guess I will post a few things now and then when I find them and have time. I have missed it a little so I guess I am back in business in blogland! So here we go...

Friday, October 18, 2013


Have any of you ever gone to Costco and walked in their bakery department? They sell an awesome 4-layer chocolate cake that is to die for. It is the size of a watermelon on steriods and it is the best thing you have ever put in your mouth. Now this is from someone who could pass up cake without any problem. Put a piece of pie in front of me and I would bite your hand off if you were to take it away! But cake I could care less about. That is until I found the Costco chocolate cake. It is so big it would feed a small city and you would still have some left over! Apparently we bought a cake on 12/18/12 and I found two slices in foil in my freezer. Actually, I knew they were there but I was trying to ignore them evertime they talked to me when I opened the freezer. I finally caved in and took them out tonight. My mother-in-law was over for dinner and I served the cake to both she and my husband for dessert. Yes, call me brave. You would have NEVER have guessed it had been sitting in the freezer for the past 10 months! It tasted like you just baked it fresh. Both of them agreed as they scarfed up both pieces. I did, however, manage to get a few bites of my husbands! Next time you go to Costco and need an excellent dessert, or something to go with that bacon I told you about earlier, grab a cake and enjoy!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Here are a few other things I added to my grocery list this week. I don't think I can get it up to $30! Ricola Throat Lozenges, 19 to 24 ct, BOGO $1.79. Use the $1.50/2 coupon from the 10/13 SS and pay just $.15 for cough drops. This is the time of year I pick up Olay Facial Cleansing Cloths really cheap. They are on sale for $2.50 off. Use the $3/1 from the 9/29 PG and pay just $1.49. Great for stocking stuffers. Also, Edy's Outshine Fruit Bars 15 - 18 oz box BOGO - $4.65. Use two $1/1 from 9/22 SS and pay $1.23 each. Margie, do you have any extra Olay coupons?


Call it crazy, temporarily insane, or just desperate but I shopped at Winn Dixie today! Yes, I did! I even broke my order up into two transactions to use two coupons $5/$30 coupons. Like I said, I had 4 items on my Publix list. I saw much better deals at WD this week so Publix will not see my smiling face this new ad. I was able to get chicken quarters, stew beef, country style ribs, butternut squash and honeycrisp apples at a great deal. Speaking of honeycrisp apples, I have my husband to blame for turning me on to these apples. They usually run about $3.29 lb. or even more. And yes, contrary to what you may think, there is no gold in those apples! He bought three of them at Whole Foods in South Florida and paid about $6.50 for them! Does that answer your question about if he looks at prices? The answer to that is a big NO! Well anyways, these apples are the sweetest things you can put in your mouth! They are like sugar and it actually the ONLY apple he will eat now. They are on sale at WD for three days only for $1.69 lb. Treat yourself and get one and see what you think. I just hope I don't get suckered into buying them when they are $3.29+ lb.!!


Kate brought up a good point! How many of us are going to be brave enough to go to Walmart and price-match with Publix BOGO ad? I have heard that they will only take one coupon on a bogo and, of course, they will not take competitor coupons. Is it worth it to go in and save $1 on Skippy Peanut Butter? No, I don't think so. If I happen to have to go to Walmart, or should I say have the misfortune of having to go to Walmart, I would try it. I have also heard that they will only let you price match 2 or 3 deals. Not to mention the cashiers who act like they have never seen a coupon before. Did I mention the parking situation, dirty store, inferior and expensive produce, etc. etc. etc. The thing that also scares me is I always see carts with food in it that they have picked up throught the store. Take a minute and look in the cart. You would be surprised to see how many refrigerated items are in there! The whole thing is a recipe for disaster. Next time I HAVE to go to Walmart, I will try to pick a few items and price match and let you know what happens. If anyone else does try the price-matching, please let me know how it goes!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Like I said in my last post, I will begin a new job this week. I wasn't looking for a new job but it found me! Before the Sunshine Shop, I worked at Lighthouse Interiors for 5 1/2 years and LOVED every minute of it! Furniture and accessories are my thing and I truly missed it. The Four Seasons Furniture rep told the new owner about me. I didn't even know a new place was opening here in St. Augustine until she called me. It is called PEACE, LOVE, HOME and it is by the Kirkland's store in the Cobblestone plaza. I don't even know when it is opening but I believe it is this week. I will be working every Tuesday and Thursday and one Saturday a month. The store is closed on Sunday and Monday. Stop by and see it and if I am not there please tell them I sent you in! We will be carrying the slipcovered furniture line Four Seasons and I am very excited about that. If you are in need of a new sofa or chair, you need to check this out.

Monday, October 14, 2013


Is it just me or are the Publix ads really getting stingy these days. Last week wasn't that special although I did manage to go while I was in South Florida and get one gas card and left the groceries in the car for over a week! This ad is even worse! I only have 4 items on my list...Bertoli Oil, Peanut Butter, Quaker Granola and pizza. I'm glad I have a stockpile to live off of. Does anyone else feel the same way? Come on Publix...can't we do better??


I would like to give a huge shout-out to my wonderful husband of 25 years. I know he sometimes reads this and I just would like to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the wonderful cruise and awesome time we had this past week. He also gave me a gorgeous 3.20 caret anniversary band that is absolutely stunning! He said he has been shopping for 5 months for it because he wanted something special for our 25th anniversary. I am so proud of him! He has been in every jewelry store and held out until he found the perfect ring. I was so shocked and I know that I am truly blessed to have a guy like him. I love you Art! Thank you again! I just wish I had a coupon for it! LOL!

Sunday, October 13, 2013


I am back!!! We spent 5 days with my daughter and her family in South Florida and then boarded the Royal Carribbean's Oasis of the Seas ship on Saturday and went to Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Martin. It was absolutely wonderful. I didn't have access to my phone all week except for St. Thomas. As soon as we pulled into port you saw everyone on their cell phones. That was the only port you had AT&T service with no roaming or international charges. I didn't even check any coupon sites because I didn't want to see what I was missing!! It turns out I don't think I missed very much...maybe the egg coupon! In fact, after getting back in town and picking up the dog, we stopped at Publix because our refrigerator was empty. All I wanted to buy was fruits and vegetables after eating all week. I used one publix coupon and my $5/$30 and we spent $53!! It felt like the old days of not using any coupons and I did not like it! In my defense, nothing in my cart would have had a coupon anyway! It will be a busy week for me because I am starting a new job on Tuesday. More info on that in my next post.

Friday, October 4, 2013


I will be taking the week off from couponing while my husband and I go on a cruise. I hope I don't miss too many good deals! Not being able to check my computer is just going to kill me! I hopefully will come back rested and ready to go again!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


See if the McCormick spice coupon for $2/1 reset for you. Go to and use zip 55555. Don't you just love getting cheap spices!


With so many kinds of bacon to choose from, which one was considered to be the best and get an excellent recommendation? if you guessed Kirkland Signature regular sliced bacon, you would be right! They were the only one to get an excellent rating. The following products are listed in taste order. They are: Oscar Mayer thick cut! Great Value Lower Sodium, Wright Applewood, Oscar Mayer Naturally Smoked, Hormel Black Label, Trader Joes, and Smithfield. All of these were rated very good. The only ones rated good were turkey bacon. Anyone else interested in trying the Great Value bacon. I know I am. I think their ice cream also rated very high! Too bad you have to go to Walmart to get it!

Monday, September 30, 2013


Marshalls has some good kids toys including Disney and Melissa and Doug. I was able to buy a $29.99 crane that I have seen at HomeGoods. It is made in Germany and it is awesome! My grandson has about 5 of these including firetruck, front loader, etc. and he loves them! They are very well made and have all kinds of interactive gadgets on them. Christmas is just around the corner. Plus I have 4 grandkids birthdays between mid Oct. and Dec. Thank goodness I was able to get some good deals from Target last January.


Looking for a good wine on the cheap? According to Consumer R exports, Costco's Kirkland Signature Sonoma $7 is an excellent choice. Another is Trackers Crossing 365, also $7, at Whole Foods. And finally the last recommendation, which is one I have heard on many occasions, is Trader Joes Charles Shaw for just $3! I would like to try this just to see how good a $3 bottle of wine is! I bet it would be a great choice for cooking! Another favorite is Costco's Kirkland Signature Ultra Clean Pacs. This laundry detergent is suitable for all types of washers. While you are at Costco picking up your $7 bottle of wine, pick up some laundry detergent for just $.14 per load

Saturday, September 28, 2013


What kids don't like fruit snacks? These were supposed to go to my grandkids, but my 20 year old said she wanted them. Maybe if you have a raincheck like I did you can do the same deal. My raincheck was for Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks BOGO. They are on sale for $2 each which means $1 each with my BOGO raincheck. After the sale and two $2 off wyb 4 PQ's and four $1/2 Mq's, I got 8 of them for FREE! I did the same thing with the Fiber One Chewy Bars. They were on sale for $2.50 each so $10 for 8. Used MQ and PQ and paid $2 for 8 boxes! It rocks when you let those rainchecks work for you!

Friday, September 27, 2013


What could make a good day even better? The McCormick Spice coupon reset for me! Go to and use zipcode 55401 and print another set of $2 coupons. Remember to stack these with the Publix coupon in the Advantage Flyer. I bought the ground peppercorns and got overage!


You are going to start to see the Halloween candy deals. This week nestle fun-size bars are BOGO at $6.59. The $1/2 coupon from the 9/15 SS was listed in the matchups but the $1/2 target coupon was not listed! Stack both of these and pay $2.25 per bag. Not as good as the $1 Snickers bars I got last week at Walgreens but my husband really wanted these!


I love when I see the Nabisco cracker lady in Publix. You know her when you see her. She is tiny and wears all black and has on black gloves. You don't see many people walking around Publix looking like her! You know she is there to stock the shelves and with the black-gloved lady comes coupons! Go over to the shelf and you will usually see coupons just stuck in front of items! Today was no different. There were $1/2 coupons for Ritz Chips and she had just put peelies on the Nabisco Ritz Crackers for $1/2 and they are BOGO this week. Keep your eyes peeled for the cracker lady and those coupons.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


If your husband is a big fan of V8 juice like mine, I found another place to print the $1/2 coupon. Go to and print it two times to be able to buy four more bottles. The other place to print them is Remember, when you stack these with the $1/1 publix coupons, you should pay about $1 per bottle. I am down to my last few so this sale came just at the right time. I think I remember it coming at the right time last time I bought also! I just wish I had access to more printable V8 MQ's! Anyone not using theirs?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Don't you just love when you get a deal that you were not planning on? I had a Raincheck for Rold Gold Tomatoes when they were BOGO. They were on sale for $1 each and after I stacked my MQ and the PQ, I was able to get 10 for free!! I just love when that happens! The Edge shaving cream is another freebie when you use the BOGO MQ and two $1 TQ's. I was also thrilled to get 12 cans of tomato paste today for $1.20. My bill before coupons was $31.80 and I paid $5.10.

Friday, September 20, 2013


You may have noticed a $2 Publix coupon for Maybelline mascara in the new GAF. I bought the falsies mascara and love it! It rang up $5.99 and then I got the $2 off. That is a great price for mascara if you can't find a ECB deal at CVS. Too bad there isn't a MQ to stack with it!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Dillards is running their last sale of the year where you take an additional 40 percent off the reduced prices. I began today for cardholders and will continue through Saturday or Sunday. I am not sure. This will be the last percent off sale until the sale after Christmas.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


As you guys read this post, I will be drinking my prep for a colonoscopy tomorrow. I have to mix Miralax, aka nuclear laxative, with peach tea and wait for the good times to begin. I picked peach tea because I am hoping I will never want to drink it again after today! It might be the best way to wean me off of it! I think I have to drink what feels like 22 gallons of fluid! Having done this once before 4 years ago, I know what to expect. In a few hours I will be confined to the bathroom. At 8:00 I have to take two more pills in addition to the two I already took and the 22 gallons of peach tea. That is when my bowels will start eliminating food that I have not even eaten yet! On a more serious note, the reason I am telling you all this is to remind you to get a colonoscopy. I got one at 53 and was told to come back 3 years later. I waited until 4. Don't do what I did and put it off. My doctor said I should have been back in one year. I'm just looking forward to the best sleep in my life tomorrow! And in case you are wondering, yes...I did buy the Miralax with a coupon and a sale!


UPDATE ON BIC RAZORS: I stopped at the Cobblestone store today and they were out! I then went to the Moultrie store and they were fully stocked. I just wanted to let you know to not stop at the Cobblestone store today if you wanted to do the Bic Razor deal for $.79


I am so excited about the return of this coupon! Bic Razors are on sale at Publix in the new green flyer for $4.79. When I was at under zip 33033, HERE, I saw the Bic Razor coupon has reset and I was able to get 4 more prints from my computers! If you still have the TQ, you can get razors for $.79 a package! While you are there, print the BOGO coupon for Edge Shave Gel and another $2 McCormick Spice coupon. I was able to get my pepper grinders for free! If the link doesn't work above, go to and change the zip code to 33033.

Saturday, September 14, 2013


I have been told that the Moultrie Publix does not make you split your order. Are there any of you out there that shop here on a regular basis? I so, please let me know if this is the case for you also. Cobblestone still makes you split your order so sometimes it may be handy to shop there if you don't want to be bothered with splitting your order.


If you didn't get your Edge Shave Gel this week at Publix (today was the last day), you may want to go to CVS and use your BOGO Edge Shave Gel coupon. Buy 4 shave gel and use two BOGO coupons. You will get back $4 in ECB'S and end up paying about $.60 each. I stacked the TQ with mine at Publix and paid $.50 each plus it went towards my $30 total.

Friday, September 13, 2013


Are you going to the Mumford concert? There were people all over town today trying to get people to pull into their lot. The best deal on parking I could see was at the Methodist church, or better known as the pumpkin church, just west of the post office. They are charging $20. Everyone else around is charging $30. It's pretty close and you could get put to US 1 quickly. As for me, I'm riding my bike over the bridge just to check out the festivities!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Be on the lookout for another new coupon booklet. I haven't seen this one but Michelle picked up a few for me at the Moultrie store. It is called Internationally Inspired Recipes. I am excited about the Rold Gold Tomatoes Coupon for $1/4 because I have a raincheck for them. The PQ will make them $.44 a can. If I can find a MQ, I will get even a better deal!


There is a new Publix sweepstakes deal going on now and all you have to do is sign up HERE and you have the chance to win a $100 Publix gift card. They will choose 500 winners and last year I was one of the winners! What a shock it was when I opened the mail to find a $100 Publix gift card. I ended up giving it to my daughter in college. Don't think that you can't win. Take a few minutes and enter!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


A friend of mine just posted on Facebook that her husbands credit card was compromised at the Hess gas station across from the south entrance for the second time!! The bank told him that this happens frequently at this location and to only use cash there. Beware of using a credit card at this location!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I was in the Cobblestone Publix today and found the new MAKE IT ITALIAN booklet. The coupons are also available to print online but I was only able to print from my one computer. They are located in a free-standing box across from the pharmacy.


When you are in Publix, look for a blinkie in the juice isle for $1/1 Waterfruits Juice, 8 pk. It sells for $2.69 and it is a new product. Because it is new, I hope we see a BOGO sale on it soon. That means we will see some real cheap juice boxes for the kids


Have you entered to win a coupon for a FREE GALLON OF MILK? When you go HERE, you will be able to enter for a chance to win free milk. I did about a week ago and found an email with a link to a smartsource coupon for free milk up to $4.00!! I was able to print it twice. Now I have two coupons that don't expire until October 9th. I believe you can even use another email address and name and enter to get another set of coupons!

Monday, September 9, 2013


If you missed out on the Edge Shave Gel deal a few weeks back at Publix, I think you may be able to do it again. If you still have the BOGO Edge Shave Gel Coupon, stack with the new $1/1 Target coupon that just came out. I think the Edge sells for about $3.50. After the BOGO MQ and the TQ's, you should pay about $.75 each. I am just guessing on the price of the shave gel. I know that it won't be any more than that.

Sunday, September 8, 2013


I found a loop hole in the target policy by accident and thought I would let you know about it. My husband bought an aerobed online at target for our camper. The following week we went into camping world to buy some caulking and came out with a camper! Yep, that was one expensive bottle of caulking! We actually found a deal we couldn't pass up. We got the exact ultra light style we wanted that was on consignment. Turns out the older couple that bought it only used it once and were intimated by towing it. We were able to get a "new" 2012 for the price of a used. Ok, back to the air mattress. When we bought the camper we no longer needed the air mattress because we now have a real mattress in it. I returned it and they credited my card for $98 and turned right around and put it back on the shelf (unopened) for $40. I didn't know it until today when we went back into target and there it was on the shelf still with our address label on it. There it was marked down to $40. Before I left I went up to the customer service desk and the same girl was there that took it back. She said it is considered a soft goods item and it automatically gets marked down and put back on the shelf even though it was unopened. We ended up buying it again because for $40 it was worth it to have it for an extra bed! Go figure!

Thursday, September 5, 2013


We had to go to Walmart tonight to get some stuff for our camper. I think I was the only one in the store who didn't have any food items in my cart. Everyone else was stocking up and all I did was price match the green or red grapes. If you have to head to Walmart, and we all know we don't shop at Walmart anymore, grab the Save-A-Lot Ad that is delivered to your house and price match the grapes for $.99 lb. Also, I hope you grabbed the $5/$50 coupon that was in the Winn Dixie insert!


Just wanted to point this one out in case you missed it! There is a $.75/2 coupon for Cascadian Farms on Stack with the Publix coupon in the Green Advantage Flyer (GAF) .BUY TWO, use ONE $2.00/2 PUBLIX coupon and use TWO $.75/1 MFG coupons and you pay $.74 each!!


It's time to clean out your box again! Here are the inserts that could be discarded from the last time I posted. 2013-07-28 FL pg 2013-07-07 FL pg 2013-05-19 FL rp 2013-05-12 FL rp 2013-05-05 FL rp 2013-04-28 FL rp 2013-04-21 FL ss 2013-04-14 FL ss 2013-04-07 FL ss 2013-04-07 FL rp1 & rp2 2013-03-24 FL ss 2013-03-17 FL rp 2013-03-10 FL rp 2013-03-03 FL ss 2013-02-10 FL ss 2013-01-20 FL ss All 2010 inserts should be discarded.


In case you haven't heard, Outback is currently running a deal for $15 for a steak, side, and all you can eat shrimp. The shrimp are available three ways. This deal won't last long! My husband already informed me that we are going there Saturday night! I'll let you know how it was.


If you are a fan of Not Your Daughters Jeans, then head over to Marshall's where they have the skinny legging jeans for $49. They have two of every size from size 8'to 14. They fit wonderful and that is a great price. I also had to go to Target and noticed they took another markdown in their ladies department.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


There is a new $2 Bic Razor coupon that showed up on smart source. If you still have the $2 Target coupon, you can get a package of razors for $1.79, regularly $5.79. It's not as good as the deal that ended at the end of the month but you can make this one work for you also. The ad next week is a little lackluster for me. I can't even find anything I am buying with the new ad! With that being said, if you need something to bring your total up to $50 to get the gas card, consider spending $1.79 and using the razor deal to get your total up. It will be less if you use a $5/$30.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


We have finally decided to do it. We are going to sell our 2006 Aerolite Cub travel trailer. We think we found one we like and if checks out, which it should, we are going to buy it. I wanted to post it here in case anybody knows of someone looking for a good reliable camper. I put it on craigslist and the pictures can be viewed there. We have had so much fun in it and I will be sad to see it go!

Saturday, August 31, 2013


I just wanted to make sure you guys knew about the Carrabba's coupon in the 8/11 SS. The coupon is for $10 off when you purchase two entrees. You have got to try the deal they have where you could pick something out of each category. I tried the Lentil Sausage soup and it was awesome! You can pick from Sorloim Marsalla, Salmon or Chicken Bryan. Then choose from lasagna, ravioli or manacotti. The third group is cavatoppi, spaghetti, or fettuccine Alfredo. You can also get a salad I stead of the soup. After you use your coupon, you pay $21 for both meals. The coupon expires on 9/30. Another thing is that Carrabba's takes their coupons for two weeks past expiration. Make sure you tell that to your server because they all don't know about it!


A lady stopped me in Publix today to ask me if the purse I was carrying was a Coach purse. I told her it was and, of course, couldn't resist telling her the good deal I got on it! She said she had seen it on the Coach website on clearance and was afraid to order it. Now that she had seen it she was going online again to order. She said she signs up for alerts when bags go on sale and clearance. I haven't investigated it yet, but you might want to sign up for Coach alerts if you don't want to miss a deal on a Coach bag! I also ran into Kate, a fellow couponer who is just adorable!

Friday, August 30, 2013


I am so excited about this deal!! At of you who know me know that my hair is very frizzy and curly with the humidity. No matter what I do I can't control the frizz. I have spent countless dollars on serums and oils only to have nothing work. My hairdresser told me I was the perfect candidate for the keratin treatment which costs $150 at Panache. I just can't seem to wrap my head around the fact that it costs $150 and lasts about three months. My friend has been getting the keratin express treatment from Miko Salon, also an Aveda Salon, for over a year now and loves it! She originally bought it on a Living Social deal and, in her words, has hair like a white person now! Well, the deal just came back and I purchased two at $37 each! I researched it and it gets rave reviews. If any of you are like me and would like to be frizz-free for three months you can purchase it also. She said she just gets up in the morning and doesn't even have to blow dry her hair! Regular price is $65. I am going to be one happy camper. Use this link to purchase yourself. You will have to copy and paste it in your browser. //

Thursday, August 29, 2013


My new BFF from Dillards called me tonight to tell me that the markdowns have changed at the store today. She said everything that was 40 percent off went to 65 percent off. Items that were regular price are now 40 percent off. I had something in mind that I saw and she found them and are holding them for me until next Thursday!! Her name is Josephine and she is a wonderful salesperson that I met when I was in there a month ago. She called me when the store offered an additional 40 percent off sales prices and will continue to call me whenever they offer a sale. It is something they do for their customers and I am now on her list! When you go to the Avenues Dillards look for Josephine in the women's or petite department. I take all my purchases to her from other departments.

Monday, August 26, 2013


I was so excited when I opened my Bic Razors and found $2 coupons inside some of them! I purchased 20 coupons and have found four $2 coupons in the packages that I bought. Look for the coupon inside the package. You can see it. Make sure you check your packages! You have until the end of the month to get the razors for $4.99.

Friday, August 23, 2013


I stopped at Dollar General today to pick up some Purex Crystals. When I got to the register with my coupons, the cashier told me they no longer let you stack a MQ with their store coupon. I would have got each bottle for $1.50. Just be informed that you can no longer stack coupons at DG!

Thursday, August 22, 2013


Looking to buy a new TV? According to Consumer Reports, if you want a price-friendly TV with very good picture quality, take a look at the Samsung g 43 inch PN43E450 for just $400..


Did you know that you get more from your batteries when you use batteries that are the same age and brand. According to Consumer Reports, Duracell was the top performer among AA batteries and cost $2 per pair. The Panasonic was lower-rated overall and cost $3 per pair. Bounty makes the top paper towel, but costco's Kirkland brand are very good and costs about percent less. If you coupon, you shouldn't have to buy to many at Costco! Wisk Deep Clean out-cleaned Tide Total Care and is about half the price of Tide! The Bissell CleanView Helix Deluxe 71V9 for just $100 is an amazing bargain and weighs just 16 lbs. so to is a pleasure to push around. According to CR, it is superb on floors and pet hair ad impressive on carpet. Looking to find the best tomato sauce? Forget Ragu (unless, of course you get it for free) and buy Giada De Laurentis Tomato Basil Sauce from Target $3 or Mario Batali Marinara sauce for $8. Cascade Complete gets "the white out" and just costs $.29 per load. And reading glasses from the drugstore are perfectly fine for your eyes!


I hope some of you were able to get to the dillards clearance sale. I was able to get a $299 Coach bag for $60!!! It is the one I wanted and wouldn't pay the money. It doesn't look like your typical coach bag and that is why I loved it! I also got a maxi dress today for $11, and various pieces of jewelry for $5 each. I was also lucky enough to find my favorite Westbound shorts in white for $7 a pair, regular $30. I was on the hunt for white shorts to take on my cruise. I was also able to pick up a Hobo wallet for $50 for my daughter for her birthday. It usually sells for $89. Once you have a Hobo wallet you will not want any other. I just love mine. I believe the sale goes on through the weekend. My advice is to go to the Towne Center. It has a much better variety!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


The ETC coupon books have finally come in! I have emailed or texted everyone. Please get in touch with me to let me know when you can pick them up. I have a few extra sets if you would like a few more. Remember the coupons don't expire until December 2014. Thank you everyone!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


If there are any of you who love Dillard's, they will be offering their final percent off deal beginning tomorrow if you have a Dillard's card. The next big sale won't be until January 1st. If you do not have their card you will not be able to shop until Thursday. I am not sure if they will be offering 30 or 40 percent off the reduced prices. When I was there last weekend, I noticed TONS of items already at 65% off. Add the extra percentage on top of that and you will get some great deals! I love Yellow Box flip flops and they were already reduced to $8.75. That should make them a little over $5 per pair. They are the only kind I can wear so that is a great deal for me! I scoped out some things and plan on going back to get some great deals!


For those of you wanting to do the razor deal, I told you that you could get a raincheck. I remembered that you CANNOT get a raincheck on green advantage flyer deals. You will have to get all your deals done by the end of the month when the flyer expires.


I traveled to palm coast today to visit my daughter. Naturally we stopped at target and TJ Maxx and I started talking with the manager of the store. I told her I wished we had a TJ Maxx in St. Augustine because I think this town would support it. She leaned it to me and said, I'm not supposed to tell anyone but they are supposed to build a store in St. Augustine and I hope to be the manager of that store!! I don't know where they would go but I am kind of excited about this even being a possibility!!


I called today on the ETC books and they are going to be shipping the second week of September the latest. There is a chance they may ship the week before. I will let everyone know as soon as I get them!

Saturday, August 17, 2013


This is the time of year I get my razors for free. I only had four $3/1 coupons so I just ordered another 20 coupons for 4.24. When you stack the $3 coupon with the $2 target coupon, you get free razors until the end of the month! They will sell out so make sure you get a Raincheck to use when the sale is over!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Here is an update on the ETC books. I ordered them July 19th and the confirmation said to expect them in 4 to 6 weeks. Hopefully they will show up on my doorstep in the next few weeks. I will let you know as soon as I get them!

Friday, August 9, 2013


The 14 oz. Ajax Dish Detergent is on sale this week for just $.89. There is a $.35/1 coupon in the 6.30 SS that is not in the database. I am buying three of these along with 4 Right Guard Deodorant and 2 RG Body Wash to bring my total up to $20. I am using my $4/$20 CVS coupon emailed to me along with MQs to spend $.62 plus tax for the above plus get back $4 in ECB's.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I received a Publix phamplet in the mail about 1 month ago. I looked at it and filed it away. About a week ago, I realized there was a $10 Crest Whitestrips coupon in there. I posted about it and said it would be a good deal stacking that coupon with the $7 MQ to get $17 off one box. Well, that is all fine and dandy if you want to buy whitestrips. Today I found a way to make it work for me and it is the last day to use the coupon. I have never been able to find these before, but I found the 2-pack of Crest Whitestrips for $5.99. There was no size restriction on the coupon, so I bought three for $17.97 and used three $10 coupons. Instant $12 overage! That allowed me to fill my cart with other items to get it all for free! I bought 2 cantelopes, bananas, 3 lbs. peaches, 2 Feta Cheese, 2 Life Cereal, Pork Chops, 2 Muellers Pasta, and Classico Sundried Tomato Alfredo Sauce. On top of my MQ's I used the $10/$40 Target coupon and had to throw in 2 packages of nuts for $1 to put my total in the positive. I paid $.78 for the above. Sorry I didn't realize this sooner or I would have posted it for those of you who received this mailer .

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I LOVE getting laundry detergent deals. That is why I decided to purchase 20 $2/1 Wisk coupons from Rebecca's Coupons and Forms. She was the only one I could find who had any coupons left. I had to pay $5 including shipping but I still feel it will be a good deal. I will share with my daughters so we will all benefit. I will end up paying about $7.50 after all coupons when I buy 10. According to Consumer Reports, Wisk Deep Clean was rated the number one laundry detergent. Following close behind was Tide Plus with bleach and Tide for Cold Water. Cheer Stay Colorful for darks and Tide powder rounded out the top 5 for conventional washers. For HE machines, tide Ultra plus bleach and Wisk Deep Clean rated the highest followed by Kirkland, Tide Ultra and Tide HE plus. When All goes in sale, be sure to purchase the Oxi Active variety which scored 9th just below Gain. All 2x Ultra Stainlifter scored in 17th place out of 18 for conventional washers. I thought it was funny that Martha Stewart laundry detergent scored LAST in 60th place for HE machines!


I don't know about you, but sending your husband to the grocery store is something I like to do only on an occasional basis. I had to work but I needed a few things so he offered to go. One of the things on my list was fresh ginger. When I get ginger I always break a small piece off because it doesn't last that long in the refrigerator. Apparently my husband didn't know that because he came home with a piece of ginger the size of my foot! Yes, no was the size of my foot! I am sure the cashier was wondering what dish we were going to whip up with a piece that huge! Of course, Publix chicken wings and a few other things he considers staples (when he shops only) ended up in our cart. I am so glad I gave him a $5/$30 WD coupon to keep just in case!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


About a month ago, I received a coupon booklet in the mail from Publix. I noticed today there was a $10 Crest Whitestrips coupon in there and there is also a $7 MQ in the last PG insert we received. I don't know what kind of a deal we can get with that but I am going to check it out! $17 isn't too shabby to get off one package!

Thursday, July 11, 2013


A guy shopping in a supermarket noticed a little old lady following him around. If he stopped, she stopped. Also she kept staring at him. She finally overtook him at the checkout, and she turned to him and said, "I hope I haven't made you feel uncomfortable; it's just that you look so much like my late son." He answered, "That's okay." "I know it's silly, but if you'd call out "Goodbye, Mom" as I leave the store, it would make me feel so happy." She then grabbed her bags and as she was on her way out of the store, the man called out, "Goodbye, Mother." The little old lady waved and smiled back at him. Pleased that he had brought a little sunshine into someone's day, he went to pay for his groceries. "That comes to $121.85," said the clerk. "How come so much? I only bought 5 items." The clerk replied, "Yeah, but your Mother said you'd pay for her things, too." *giggle*


I don't know if any of you have noticed this. When you go to Costco and buy bananas they are in a plastic bag. Now I don't think it is a special plastic bag. I think it is just a bag! There is a sticker from Dole on the bag that states if you keep the bananas in the sealed bag they will last 2 to 3 days longer. So I tried it and darn if it is not true! I only take out the bananas I will need for the next day or two and leave the others in there and I am throwing away less rotten bananas! Give it a try and see if it doesn't work for you also. I am bananas will always be in a plastic bag! Go figure!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013


I ran into Target today and there was slim pickins in the patio department. I did, however, find a 9 foot offset umbrella, the same one I paid $300 for, for $112. They only had one left so if you are in need of one head up to Target and pick it up. They also had random cushions and pillows left at 90% off. Can you believe the shelves are already filled up with back to school supplies? Why do they want summer to be over so quickly!


I thought I would post it here first and then would send out an email. If I could get 10 people who want ETC books with a December 2015 expiration date, I will order them. I am going to ask $20 for the 10 books. Knowing the expiration date is a year past the books we already have should be a no brainer! Please let me know if you are interested and I will see if I can get 10 people to order

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I just decided that when I see something that I feel may be blog worthy, I will post if I have time. If any of you have children that will be wearing school uniforms this year, head over to Bealls Outlet at the outlet mall. They have girl and boy uniform pieces from Eddie Bauer for $5.99 and $7.99.

Monday, July 8, 2013


I had to tell you this one just in case you missed it on the Cheerios deal. A $1 peelie was not listed in the match-ups but I had a few in my binder. I am so glad I looked because I did not know I had them. With those peelies, it will me a moneymaker for me! Check to see if you have those also! I will continue to randomly post certain things I find but will not post everyday or maybe every week. Feel free to check back every once in awhile, but for the most part my big blogging days are over. I just can't help passing along some of these good deals! Also, remember to get your free Smart Balance Butter this week with the $1 PQ from the Celebrate Summer book and the $1 MQ!


Thank you everyone for the kind words and emails I received! My husband tells me I am going to miss it. I know sometimes I will because it is always more fun when you could tell someone else about a good deal you found! Here is one last one in case you missed it. Cheerios are BOGO this week at $3.99. Use the $1/2 MQ and the $2 off Cheerios wyb bananas, blueberries or strawberries in the advantage flyer. It doesn't tell you how many bananas you need to buy, so if you just get a few, you are getting the Cheerios for next to nothing if you are buying bananas anyway! I got 4 boxes and will probably have to go back and get more! Maybe when I find a deal I will post it here even though no one may see it! At least I will get it out of my system!

Friday, July 5, 2013


Well, you might have thought I fell off the face of the earth but I didn't! I am still here. I guess you could say I haven't put any time into this blog recently. When I found deals, I did not post them partly because I didn't have time and partly because I have just run out of steam. I guess that means it is time to hang up the towel and give up the blog. I would, however, like a list of those who would like to be contacted if I ever do ETC books again. It would be nice to have email addresses of anyone who may be interested. Please leave me a message and I will keep you in the loop if I order a large shipment of books. I will leave the blog up but probably won't post. Couponing is still in my blood but I just don't want to sit at the computer anymore to post deals. It makes it difficult when blogger won't let me do the things I used to, so it's time to say goodbye.

Friday, June 28, 2013


My daughter came home last night from UNF and we hit Target to check out the newly listed markdowns in the household department. I bought her an adorabe white lamp with a rectangular shade for $18! We were also able to get decorative vases for $4 and $5 each, a 70% savings! I know others who have bought furniture, TV consoles, bookcases, etc at 70% off. Now I am waiting for the outdoor chairs to go $8.48 like they were in Palm Coast. After Target, we stopped in Winn Dixie to use my raincheck. Thanks to Margie who gave me her extra $2.15 Finish Coupons, I was able to get 8 boxes of dishwasher gel tabs for $5.27 TOTAL. I looked at my daughter and told her "Now this is how it is done! This is why you coupon!" They were normally $5.29 each and I got 8 boxes for the price of one. LOVE IT!! Maybe some day it will sink in and she will do it for herself. In the meantime, she goes home with 8 boxes of cereal, 4 boxes of dishwasher detergent, 4 laundry detergent, and too many other items to mention!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


I was at the Vilano Publix yesterday after coming home from Ponte Vedra visiting my father. Right by the pharmacy, there is a display of Mrs. T's bottled mixers. They include Pina Colada, Bloody Mary, and a few others. They sell for $6.29 and there are hangtags on them for Buy One Get One Free. The expiration date on them is November, 2013. I bought a few Bloody Mary mix for my hubby. I don't think I have ever seen this go on sale!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Don't run out and use that Coppertone coupon just yet...hold out until Thursday and use it then. They will be on sale and you should be able to get about 4 bottles for about $3.60 plus tax!

Sunday, June 23, 2013


In today's SS there is a coupon for $5/2 Coppertone Sunscreen. There is a publix coupon for $2 off in the advantage flyer. Assuming they are about $7.50 each, I will buy 4 and use four $2 Publix coupons. Then I will use two $5/2 coupons from today's paper. Add icing to the top and use the $5/30 WD coupon and pay about $7 plus tax for 4 bottles of sunscreen! That is even better than the Target deal going on right now! Between our pool and the boat, I will need plenty of sunscreen!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I was a the Palm Coast Target today with my daughter and the markdowns have begun! Her target had all the patio sets at 50% off. They also had two colors of stackable chairs, grey and pink, for $8.49 each. They are usually $29.00 each so it is almost 75% off. Pillows and chair pads were 30% off and outdoor rugs were marked down as well. Her Target usually has markdowns before ours so I can't guarantee ours will have the same things on sale. If you are looking for a patio set, keep your eyes open because Targets' prices are coming down!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


A few weeks ago I told you about a peelie I spotted on the mayo jars. I used it when the mayo was BOGO. The peelie states "Get $1 off meat wyb any participating product". One of the products pictured is the Knoor Sides that will be BOGO beginning Thursday. If you still have that peelie, you can get $1 off meat. One idea is to buy the Johnsonville Sausage for $3.99 and use the $1 printable coupon. Then stack this $1 peelie and you will also get $2 off Tostitos Chips also! This would be great for the 4th of July.

Sunday, June 16, 2013


I read an article not that long ago that caught my attention. I don't use enough milk in my house but I may just have to give this a try just because it sounds so interesting. I usually buy skim milk. Maybe every once in a while I will buy 1 percent but for the most part it's fat free for me. I just read to buy whole milk and dilute with water. I think it said to do half and half but I think I would do 3/4 milk and 1/4 water to start. My husband just asked me what I was blogging about and he just laughed when I told him this milk story! I'm willing to give it a try and not tell him!

Friday, June 14, 2013


I came across some of these facts to make life simpler for those living alone. Store leftover wine in a small mason jar. Make sure to fill it all the way so air can't get in. Once you’re done with your soda for the day ( 2 liter bottle) shake it up before putting it back in the fridge. It’ll stay fizzy for weeks. Spray Windex around and in front of the feet of the appliance you’re trying to move. It will slide much more easily. Pre-make pancake batter and store it in a ketchup bottle in the refrigerator. It will keep for a week. Add toothpaste to the back of a picture where the nail will go. Press on the walls and the toothpaste will leave a mark where to put the nail. And finally, use dishwasher soap, like Dawn, and hot water to unclog a toilet. Just put in toilet before plunging.


I stopped in Save-A-Lot today to pick up some more boneless skinless chicken breast and grapes. The sale is on u til Sunday so take advantage of it while you can. I have noticed chicken breast going up in price so I decided to put my seal-a-meal to use and stock up! Be careful if you do decide to go. Some of the packages are marked $2.49 lb. and the sign says $2.49. There are some in the case for $1.99 so make sure you grab the correctly priced packages. I am still lucky enough to have a $5/$25 coupon so it was like I got a package for free. My trip to Publix to get a few necessities like potato rolls was a success also. My total before coupons was just over $32 and I paid $7.48!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


If you haven't printed your coupon yet, there is a $1 coupon HERE for Johnsonville sausage. It will be on sale for $3.99 again beginning Thursday. Buy 2, use two coupons, and then use the coupon from the Publix Summer Savings for $2 off any Tostitos. I know I will be needing these for the 4th of July. These are a little pricy so if you are buying Italian Sausage anyways, pick up a cheap bag of Tostitos. Also, Oscar Mayer lunchmeat is supposed to be BOGO also. There is a $1 coupon in the Savings Are Stocking Up Publix book. Use two and get a great deal on lunchmeat.


Smart Balance Buttery Spread is going to be BOGO beginning tomorrow. It wasn't listed in IHP, but we have a $1/1 coupon in the 6/2 SS. That should make them about $.80 each if the price is correct. It's so hard to try to catch all the coupons we have in different inserts than those that are listed. If you should ever see any, please let us know!

Monday, June 10, 2013


Want a free roll of toilet paper? I know it's only one roll, but I'll take anything for free! Go HERE to sign up and Scott will send you a coupon for a free roll of toilet paper! Hopefully they will throw in some other coupons with it!

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Do you need some cheap toothpaste? Crest is on sale at Winn Dixie for three days only. It is on sale for $.99 each and there is a $2/3 coupon in the 6/2 PG. That makes them about $.35 each! The bone-in chicken breast for $.99 lb. is a good deal also. Scott toilet tissue is on sale for $4.99 and their is a $.75 coupon in the 5/12 SS.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


If you are buying the Hellman's Mayo that is BOGO this week, look at the small jars right below it on the shelf. I was at the Cobblestone store and saw peelies for SAVE $1 ON MEAT WYB 2 MAYO. You may have to look at the jars in the back, but there were still a lot of jars left with peelies. I used my peelie to buy Cumberland Ham Chunks that are bogo and paid $2.39 for two packages. That is something I never buy and I can see some omlettes with ham, cheese, and tomato in my future!

Friday, June 7, 2013


Did you know Target gives free samples away just for asking? Go to and see if they are offering a sample for the day. When they run out they they will tell you to come back another day. Just keep checking back to their site

Thursday, June 6, 2013


Playtex gloves are BOGO this week at $2.49. Go to and use zip 85726 and print off two $1 coupons and pay just $.25 per pair. I am not a playtex glove kind of person, but these might be handy to have on hand in an emergency!


I thought today started out to be a good day. I did two Publix trips, one of which consisted of 8 body wash, 5 yogurt, Clairol Root Touch Up, 2 mayo, 2 Campbell's skillet sauce, CoverGirl Eyeshadow and another Lipshine and 2 packages of diced ham for about $.25!! The Covergirl Lipshine was priced wrong again so I got $5 back! Then I got home and realized two of my computers blew up! What are the chances of two of them going out at the same time. I am on my laptop and it has issues also! Make sure you don't miss the Edy's Outshine Fruit Bars Deal. They are bogo $4.79. The $1/1 blinkie is in front of them. Buy 6 and use 6 of those and two B2G1 free Publix coupons from the Summer Savings Advantage Flyer and get them all for a $1.21 moneymaker! Now I have to go and find room in the freezer!

Sunday, June 2, 2013


The deals at CVS have been pretty slim for me lately. I decided to do the Huggies diaper deal so I could roll the $10 ECB'S. Buy 3 huggies diapers at $10 each and use the $3 coupon from HERE. You will need three computers to access this coupon. It is a PDF coupon but you can only use it once. I did not test this theory to see ifit was correct. I just used three computers. If you have a $10 ECB use it here also and pay $12.20 including tax for 3 pkgs and get back another 10 ECB.


I was at Target today and scored on a umbrella to go over my pool. They were on sale last week but someone forgot to take the sign down so I got it for the $2.99 price, instead of $499. I also noticed a square "wood" table on clearance for $49. They also had parson type chairs to go around on clearance for $39. It would be perfect for the college student in your life! They also had various ottomans on clearance 30% off and some were really cute and different. Also, check out the ready to assemble department. There were many deals there as well.


I was totally shocked that I was able to get 4 gas cards this week! Woo hoo!!! I really thought I was only going to be able to get one. I was able to do it in separate $50 transactions at two stores. The best thing was I was able to spend $50 and use the $10 gas card coupon and my WD coupon. I did this both at SR 16 and the beach store. Some people reported that they had to spend $80 to use both. That was not the case for me. My best one of the four trips was as follows. I had a RC for SmartBalance milk for 2 for $5. I bought 10 of them and 8 Sundown vitamins. My total including the $50 gas card was $45.22! That means I paid $5.22 for 10 milk and the vitamins. I used the vitamins as a moneymaker. My other trips were good also but this one was the best!

Friday, May 31, 2013


Just wanted to give you a heads up that the Tuesday Morning Bamboo sheet sale will begin on Sunday at 9 am. King or queen sheet sets will be $69. If you have never slept on bamboo sheets you are missing something awesome!! Treat yourself and get a set of these. I guarantee you will not regret it and never go back to regular sheets again. They usually sell out early so don't wait too long to get them. You can also check another store in Jacksonville or Ponte Vedra if our store sells out.

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Stewart's will no longer be running the $1.99 lb. chicken breast sale because they said it went up $1 a lb. in price. That kind of makes me wonder if chicken is going up in price like beef. I heard on TV that the price of corn went up so it cost more to feed the cattle which in turn will make the price of beef go up. Be prepared to pay more for your burgers this July 4th! Save-a-lot has chicken breasts for $1.99 lb. this week. I may swing by there and pick some up! Pick p some grapes for $1.49 lb. while you are there. That is the best price around.


I received a message from Couponlynn who said that she went to the Cobblestone and Moultrie store and was told she had to purchase $80 worth of groceries to use the $10 off gas card coupon and the WD coupon. Has anyone else had a similar experience at their store. Please share and let us know so we know which store to shop at! Thanks Lynn for letting us know! It kind of makes the gas card deal not so attractive now.


4th of July is coming and that is a pretty big holiday at my house. We have everyone over and BBQ and then drop the boat in the water and watch the fireworks from the boat by the Bridge of Lions. We have been busy pressure washing our back decks getting them ready for paint. Everything was going fine until I went to see the HGTV house yesterday. My husband was scheduled to pick up 5 gallons of concrete stain after work yesterday and I called him and told him to change the color of the stain I originally picked out. I saw the HGTV house and they had a beautiful grey deck. Now I KNOW that the grey wouldn't work at my house. My intuition knew it but I didn't listen and called him to change the color to grey. By the time I got home and $160 later, the grey was down and I hated it! Let's put it this way, I was so sick about it I didn't sleep last night. I keep telling myself it is only paint but it was expensive paint! Now I have to repaint it again with the color I originally chose. With that being said, I found this coupon for Sherwin Williams Paints and Stains for 30% off! Go HERE to print the coupon. I hope my husband will let me use their stain so I can recoup some of the lost money!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I have been waiting for a sale on grapes. I love grapes but I refuse to pay $2.99 lb. for them. I'll just eat something else. I just picked up local cantelopes at Stewart's for $1 each. Yes, just $1 and they were huge! They still had a crate full left! Save-A-Lot has grapes on sale this week for $1.49 lb. and Cherries for $2.49 lb. I usually don't pay more than $1.99 lb. but I will get some because I LOVE cherries also! I also noticed on their ad you get $10 off instantly when you purchase any participating $25 gift Card to Save-A-Lot. The gift cards listed were to Kohl's and Home Depot plus a few others I couldn't read!


Gregory Imports is back in town! I had to blink my eyes when I saw the sign on the building they previously occupied on US 1. The motorcycle shop was there and left to go to another building. Apparently, the landlord offered them a killer lease to come back into town. The sad part is he still imports in bulk and, in my opinion, buys things St. Augustine would not be interested in. We are a coastal town. How many people do you think would like antique Chinese furniture? Well, that is what is coming in on his next shipment! They do carry Sherill, which is a wonderful sofa line. It is on the pricy side but it is quality. Check them out if you get a chance. They have only been back in town for two weeks!


Check your coupon binders for a $1 MQ for Hefty Trash Bags. I don't know when I printed this but I was glad I checked my binder! It expires 6/30/13. Use this coupon instead of the $.55 MQ in the paper and stack with the $1/1 TQ and pay just $3.50 for Hefty Trash Bags. Best of all, I am buying 6 of these to go towards my gas card total. I may just be able to get two of them after all! Also, check your binders for peelies for $.30 off Softsoap Hand Soap. They will be on sale for $1 in the new ad making them $.70 each.

Monday, May 27, 2013


When I went to Publix today to grab a few things including my Banana Boat sunblock, I was only able to get two of the kind I wanted. It was for the Sport variety, SPF 50 and had 25 percent more in it. I went up and asked for a rain check and they gave me one right away. They do not stock this item. It is stocked by the vendor itself. So get a rain check anyways and you will able to get a good deal next week with the gas card deal! I also asked for a rain check for crystal light because there were only two on the shelf. They checked their computer and found they had some in the back...darn it!

Sunday, May 26, 2013


I have had some requests from some people for some more books. I did not order any extra. If I can get another 7 people to order 10 books each, I will place another order. I will not be reordering again until the end of the year. My daughter used 6 coupons yesterday at one time in palm coast! That alone paid for her books! Please let me know by Wednesday if you want any and I will let you know if I get enough people.

Friday, May 24, 2013


I talked to someone today at work who works for Applebee's. the restaurant has been bought out by a large company and they plan on completly renovating the inside to give it a more updated look. Apparently, this company has hundreds of Applebee's in the New York, New Jersey area. They are very excited about the renovation. Maybe we will see some coupons when they reopen!


Just a reminder, this Sunday, May 26th, we will not see any inserts in our newspapers. Just a heads up so you don't go and buy an additional paper if you don't need it!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


For Vocalpoint members you can request a high value coupon for $2.50 off one package of Iams So Good Dog Food. Coupon will be mailed your home. Allow 5-7 weeks for delivery. Go HERE to get your coupon.


A few weeks back you were able to request a coupon for a FREE Tai Pai Asian Garden item. I requested the coupon and received it about a week ago. While I was scrolling through the Target coupons, I noticed a TQ for $.75 off this exact item. Wowsa!! Now the free item has been turned into a moneymaker!! If you requested this coupon, make sure to get the TQ and have them pay you $.75 to take it home!


Check your binders. When I went through mine I found hangtags for $2 off Banana Boat MQ's. I have four of these and plan on using them instead of the $3.25/2. Check to see if you have these also. i totally didn't remember even having these!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Check your coupon binders for a a BOGO coupon for Dr. Pepper 10. I was able to print 6 of them so that means 6 free liters of Dr. Pepper 10. I just hope that the date on them will last until July 4th so I could have it for all my company. Also, their is a $1/2 Crystal Light blinkie right now in front of the display. Use that blinkie and the $1/2 TQ and you will pay just $.75 each. Now that is some great deals on drinks!


I just wanted to make sure you guys knew about this deal. Some of you might have wondered why I bought Gas-X on my last shopping trip. isn't because I have a gas problem! The 10 ct. packages are priced at $2.49 each. There is a $5/2 PQ in the GAF (formally known as GAF) which means you get them for free. When you use the $1/1MQ in the 4/14 SS, you will make it a moneymaker!

PUBLIX 5-22-13

I had to run into Publix this morning before work to get rolls for dinner. I threw together a few other items trying to get my total to $30 to use my $5 coupon but didn't want to pay alot OOP. I ended up buying 2 Juicy Juice, 4 Fanta Soda 12-pk, 4 Knoor Chicken Stock, and 4 Gax-X. My total was ($2.19)! They had to pay me money to take it out of the store! The funny thing was I ended up forgetting my rolls which would have made me owe them about $.80! Make sure you take advantage of the Knoor Chicken Stock deal because they are free!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013


There is a new Publix book out called Live Summer Deliciously. I spotted it at the Customer Service Desk at the Cobblestone Publix. There is also another new book in the turnstile that is loaded with baby coupons, all of which are Publix.


I noticed today that there is going to be a HARBOR FREIGHT TOOLS coming in town right next to Big Lots and Bealls Outlet. I know my husband will be excited to hear this. Me, on the other hand, not to excited. Why couldn't it have been a HomeGoods store?


There is a possibility that I will be ordering another round of ETC books. I would have to know by tonight if you would be interested in another set. I don't plan on ordering anymore of these until the end of the year. If you don't already have enough books to get through the end of the year, you might want to get another set! Email me or leave a comment if interested.


When I was in the cobblestone publix today I noticed the Fanta 12-pk drinks still had peelies on them. The sale ends tomorrow so you still have time to do the deal. Buy 4 Fanta 12 packs that are B2G1. Use two BOGO peelies on the carton and only pay for one! Stock up now for July 4th! My trip was very short and very specific. I bought: 6 juicy juice, 8 pk., Cantelope, Bananas, Romaine lettuce, Rye bread, 2 DiGiorno Pizza, 2 knorr chicken stock (free). I paid $9.48 for the above but it should have been $8.48 because I didn't have two $.50 coupons with me. The pizzas are regularly $7.50 each alone but I go on sale for $5 each plus used a $2 MQ for each. Then I used the $5/$20 TQ wyb $20 worth of Nestlé products. The chicken stock was free with the MQ and TQ. My total before was $32.09!


Sorry for the lack of posts but I just returned from 4 glorious days of camping at Ft. DeSoto Park in Tampa. The weather was awesome and it was some much needed down time especially for my husband. I didn’t look at anything about couponing and enjoyed reading two books. If you are looking for a good summer read, you might want to get Hearts Of Palm. It takes place in St. Augustine and you will enjoy the references to local streets and establishments. It was a very good book and I hope they make a movie out of it. It is just that kind of book. The ETC books just came in today so if you ordered some, please contact me about picking them up. There were some of you who said it was OK to mail just the WD coupons. Please send me your address and I will do that this week!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


The ETC books have been ordered. I will contact everyone as soon as they come in! Thank you for helping all of us to get a good price on the books!


I don't plan on buying much this week at Publix but I am going to get 2 DiGiornio Pizzas and 12 Juicy Juice boxes for just about $7. I'm pretty excited about that. Using $1/2 for pizza from, $.50 coupons for juice, $5/$30 WD coupon and $5/$20 TQ wyb $20 worth of Nestle products and $1/2 TQ. My kids will love the juice for the summer!

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Today my hits and and I along with another couple did the "foodie tour" that was a Living Social deal way back in November. I told you guys about it and purchased it for my husband for Christmas. I am very pleased to tell you that we enjoyed it very much and probably would do it again and go on a different day to get a complete different set of restaurants. Our first stop was Old City House restaurant and it was delicious. We also enjoyed good sized portions of food at Meehan's Irish Pub on the bayfront, as well as a local english restaurant where we sampled fish and chips and finally The Floridian on Cordova. We also stopped and sampled wine and a wine smoothie (yum!) and flavored popcorn. The tour was 2 1/2 hours and was very interesting. If you ever get a chance to purchase one of these for $49 for two people I would highly recommend it!

Friday, May 10, 2013


Are you a coffee drinker? I would have been all over this deal but my husband has discovered the Kenyan coffee from the Farmers Market. Now that is all he wants. If there are no fussy coffee drinkers in your home, go for it! Remember you can freeze these. Eight O'Clock Coffee, 11-12oz, BOGO - $5.99 $1/1 Eight O'Clock Coffee HERE $1/1 Eight O'Clock Coffee Bag, exp. 5/31/13 (SS 04/14/13 R) BUY TWO, use TWO $1.00/1 coupons and you pay $2.00 each MEGA DEAL: BUY TEN Eight O'Clock Coffee USE ONE $5.00/$30.00 Winn Dixie Coupon (enjoy the city books) USE TEN $1.00/1 MFG coupons 4/14 SS insert or printable HERE YOU PAY $14.95 OOP or $1.49 each!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013


AT&T is offering a great deal if you trade in your old smart phone. You can view the press release below: Beginning May 1, consumers who trade in their current smartphone to AT&T* will be eligible to receive at least $100 off the purchase of a new smartphone, including the new Samsung Galaxy® S 4, BlackBerry® Z10 or 32 GB HTC One®. These devices are normally $199.99 with a qualifying two-year agreement** but, with this limited time promotion, they will be available for $99.99. This promotion applies to any smartphone AT&T sells, and gives customers access to the latest devices at a fraction of the cost or, in the case of smartphones priced under $99.99**, for free. To take advantage of this offer, customers are encouraged to visit any AT&T company-owned retail store or participating authorized dealer with their previous smartphone that is no more than three years old and in good, working condition. In stores, upon trading in their old phone, customers will receive the $100 credit on-the-spot and can use it immediately. *** Some trade-in phones may have a value higher than $100. In this case, customers will receive the credit at the higher value. AT&T offers a broad variety of smartphones that run on the nation’s fastest 4G LTE**** network. AT&T 4G LTE currently covers nearly 200 million people; with plans to expand to cover 300 million people by the end of 2014. In a report***** by independent testing organization RootMetrics, AT&T's 4G LTE network was called “blazing fast." The report found AT&T’s 4G LTE network delivered the fastest pure LTE speeds in markets where AT&T provided 4G LTE. “This offer is a great opportunity for AT&T customers to get their hands on the newest smartphones in our portfolio at an outstanding price,” said Eric Goldfeld, AVP- marketing management, AT&T. “With graduation and Mother’s Day coming up, people can take advantage of this promotion to surprise someone – or even treat themselves – to one of our hottest smartphones. The best part is that you’ll receive credit for your old phone instantly on-the-spot in AT&T stores.” In AT&T company-owned retail stores, AT&T’s Trade-In Program lets customers turn in old wireless phones and receive an AT&T promotional card reflective of the device’s trade-in value and condition. Customers can use the card to offset the cost of some of the latest wireless devices or the purchase of other AT&T products and services.*** All devices, including tablets data cards and feature phones – regardless of manufacturer or date purchased – will be considered for trade-in. ***Requires new 2-yr agreement with minimum monthly voice and data or Mobile Share plan. Early termination and other fees and conditions apply.


Check your email for a 30% off coupon from CVS. It will only work on regular priced merchandise so I plan on using it for the Nivea Shave Cream deal and mascara. I am waiting until the last minute to print mine in case I come up with any other scenerios. You usually have a few days to use it after you print it.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Although my daughter knows I coupon, she rarely gets to go shopping with me to see me in action! We delivered her car to her today and she went with me to the grocery store afterwards. While we were walking out I told her, "You know everything I bought just there would have cost $78 and I paid $22". Just knowing how amazed she was was PRICELESS! I guess now that she is out on her own, paying some of her own expenses it finally makes sense to her!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013


I was printing my Target coupons and noticed a coupon for $$2/2 Edy's Outshine Fruit Bars. I also just found a blinkie for $1/2. I don't know how much these are but getting $3 off two boxes is awesome! Let's hope we have a sale soon before the coupons expire. The MQ expires 9/6/13 and the TQ expires 5/25/13. Let's hope for a sale soon and for some much needed freezer space!

Monday, May 6, 2013


A week ago Saturday, my phone rang at 11:30 at night. Whenever the phone rings at this time of the night, it usually isn't a good thing...and it wasn't. My 20 year old daughter was on the other end crying because she was just involved in a car accident. She was the third accident that happened on JTB. Someone "fell asleep" at the wheel (they gave them a DUI test) and hit another car. An old man stopped when this accident happened and then someone hit his car. She was driving in the left lane and all of a sudden came across a car not pulled off the shoulder of the road completely (it was half in her lane) with the lights off. I don't know which of the above cars it was but it shouldn't have been there. She swevered to avoid hitting it and lost control of her car. It spun around and hit the concrete embankment totalling her car. She was OK and had a nice bruise where her seat belt caught her in the car. A lot of my time recently has been on Craigslist looking for a replacement car. Of course, it had to happen right before we were going out-of-town camping. The good news was it poured rain on us at Wekiwa Springs on Thursday but had relatively nice days on Friday and Saturday. From what I hear, you guys here didn't fare as well! The happy ending is we bought a 2007 Camry LE from a little old lady...really! It only has 40,000 miles on it! The daughter was selling it because the mother now has dimentia and hasn't been able to drive. It was listed on Friday but because of the monsoons no one went to look at it. We stopped on the way home from camping and bought it on the spot! So the rain was in our favor. We will go pick it up in Ormond Beach tomorrow and I can spend some time looking at other things besides Craigslist!


I had a coupon from Outback in my in-box for $8 off two entrees that expires on Saturday. Go HERE to print the coupon. I have used expired coupons at Outback for up to 1 month old. Make sure you print a few. If you happen to go pass the expiration date, just ask and they may still take it!


Pork Butts are on sale for $.99 lb. through Tuesday at Winn Dixie. This is an awesome deal! There is a limit of 2 and they are 5-7 lb. average. I just wish I had freezer room because I just love my husbands pulled pork. Put a rub all over it and slow roast in the oven for a delicious meal! Add a few more things to your list and actually use your $5/$30 coupon there!


All Physician's Formula Makeup priced $6.49 or higher is $6 off this week at CVS. I have been told by my friend Bev that the concealer in the stick is pretty good. I think this one will qualify for the $6 off. Either way, you should be able to get some good deals if you like this brand.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Be on the lookout for a blinkie for $1 on Palermo's Pizza. They are on sale this week for 2 for $5.99. Use two blinkies and only pay just $2 each! Our local inserts did not get this coupon so I was glad to see this coupon.


With summer coming ice cream will be a staple in many of our refrigerators. What you are about to read will surprise you! According to CONSUMER REPORTS, the best vanilla frozen yogurt is Hagen-Daz (no surprise there), followed by Blue Bunny and TCBY Classic. The last two are a CR best buy. What I read next is what surprised me! They rated Butter Pecan ice cream and in second place was Great Value. Yes, you read that right! Walmart's own brand of Butter Pecan is 1/4 the price of Hagen-Das which came in first place again. So next time you go to Walmart pick up some of that Great Value Butter Pecan Ice cream and try it for yourself! Did you notice Edy's and Breyer's didn't make it to the CR list!

Sunday, April 28, 2013


In today's PARADE MAGAZINE, there is a coupon for buy one get one free KFC 2-pc. Boneless combo. They are priced at $4.99 and you get 2!pieces of boneless chicken, 1 side, 1 biscuit, and a medium drink. Not a bad deal!

Saturday, April 27, 2013


If any of you are out of books, I just found three sets of 10 in my closet that I didn't know I had! You still have until the end of June to use these coupons. If you are interested, please let me know ASAP! First three who respond will get them!


Check your email for a great coupon from CVS! I got a 25% off coupon good until 5/1.

Friday, April 26, 2013


There is a moneymaker on Sunlight Dish Detergent this week at Publix. Go to and use zipcode 10038 to print out a couple coupons for Sunlight Dish Item. They are on sale for $.69 each this week, so a MM of $.31!


Boy, did I get a disturbing text today. A friend went to Publix at the beach and was told they will not take more than one coupon if it says "limit one per customer". I am guessing they will no longer take multiple Target coupons since this is printed on the coupon. Even at Target they will take multiple coupons. From what I understand, each Publix manager can make their own rules. Guess I won't be shopping at the beach publix anymore!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Have you ever wondered when you get a prescription where to get it filled to reduce your OOP expenses? Consumer Reports did a study on five drugs that have recently become available as generics. I won't bore you with the generic name because they are just too long! The drugs surveyed were Actos (for diabetes), Lexapro (antidepresent), Lipitor (high cholesterol, Plavix (blood thinner), and Singulair (asthma). The result? A whopping differrence of $749, or 447 percent, between the highest and lowest priced stores. Costco was the least expensive overall, and you don't need to be a member to use its pharmacy. You pay less there but you will not be able to fill a prescription on Sunday and typically they close earlier than a CVS would. For example, Lipitor was $17 at Costco but $150 at CVS and $65 at Walgreens. Plavix was $15 at Costco and $180 at CVS and $50 at Walgreens. Are you seeing a pattern here? The bottom line is make sure you price shop for your drugs!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


For some odd reason when I post something to this blog and separate thoughts with paragraphs, it doesn't show it when it posts. It just lumps everything together no matter what I try to do. Sorry for the next post with all the dates jumbled together. I didn't post it like that and I don't know how to fix it! Anyone have any suggestions?


Time to cleanout your coupon box again. This is what you should throw out from the last time I posted. 2013-03-03 PG 2013-01-27 PG 2013-01-06 RP 1& 2 2012-12-30 PG 2012-12-09 RP 2012-12-02 RP 2012-12-02 RP 2012-11-18 SS 2012-11-11 RP 2012-11-11 SS 2012-11-04 RP 2012-11-04 SS 2012-10-28 RP 2012-10-21 RP 2012-10-21 SS 2012-10-14 RP 2012-10-14 SS 2012-10-07 SS 2012-09-30 RP 2012-09-23 SS 2012-09-09 SS 1 & 2 2012-08-19 SS 2012-08-12 RP


This one sure threw me for a loop! How many times have you been up at night watching those late night informercials and get sucked into buying something? I remember in March watching a Vitamix informercial and thought it would be neat to do all those things with a mixer. I think it might even prepare a meal or two for you and then clean up after itself!! NOT!! Believe it or not the BEST BLENDER was the Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1004 for just a mere $60. The Vitamix came in a close second with the same rating of 91 for a pricy $450!! Their third choice was also a Ninja but it scored 87 and was priced at $100. Sounds like the Ninja Master Prep for $60 is the winner!

Monday, April 22, 2013


Here we go again! Consumer Reports did a study on mattresses, and again, I thought I would share the results. The mattresses that made their top picks scored at least Good for side and back support and resisted wear, teat, and sagging. The best also transferred relatively little movement and didn't make it hard to changes position. The CR BEST BUY was the Simmons Beautyrest Glover Park Firm Pillowtop (sears) for $780 with a score of 69. Next was Serta Perfect Sleeper Elite Pastel Firm Pillowtop (Macy's), with a score of 67 and a price of $835. For memory foam the top pick was Tempur-Pedic Tempur Simplicity, with a rating of 62 and a price of $1200. Their BEST BUY went to Costco for its Novafoam Memory Foam Collection Serafina for $900 also with a score of 62. They noted that the Tempur-Pedic maintained warmth in the winter but could prove to be slightly hotter in the summer months.


I need a new iron. About 1 1/2 years ago I noticed my iron had a big piece of plastic missing and the piece needed to turn up the temperature was broken. Turns out my daughter dropped it and never told me! Did she think I wouldn't see it? Now to turn on the iron, I have to stick the point of a knife in (I am sure that is very safe!) and push it to get it to the correct temperature. Now it has started leaking and will sometimes leave marks on my clothes. I think I can safely say it is time for a new iron. Have you ever gone iron shopping? It is not a task to take lightly. If you don't buy the right kind it won't steam enough, be too heavy, or seem to stay at the correct temperature. Thank heavens for Consumer Reports! I thought I would fill you in on their findings in case any of you are in the market for an iron as well. According to CR, the Panasonic NI-W950A was the best but with a whopping price tag of $220 and a score of 93. No thank you! The next was the Kenmore, model 80598, price $75, with a score of 88. The CR BEST BUY went to Singer Expert Finish EF, $60, with a score of 86. Number five on their list was also a CR BEST BUY. It is the Rowenta Effective Comfort DW2070, price $50, with a score of 85. Numbers 6, 7, and 8 were also Rowenta's with scores of 83, 84, and 81 respectively. Their cost were $75, $90 and $125. Which one will I buy? I will search for the Singer, O one of the two top Rowenta's. All of those produced a lot of steam at a reasonable cost. All these irons also have auto shut-off which I love. There you have it! I hope you could use this info about purchasing an iron!


I received a phone call from Bev who told me she encountered something she has never run into before at the beach store. They gave her the total and then deducted her MQ'S. After that total, they told her it had to be at least $30 to use the $5/$30 coupon. Say what???? Has anyone else run into this problem before? I have not and this is the first time I have heard of it. Please let me know if any of you have had an incident like this or maybe it was an uninformed cashier. Let's all hope so!


Smart balance milk is on sale for $2.50 each beginning Thursday. If you want the $1.50 coupon, go to and get the coupons for just $.12 each. While you are there pick up some Right Guard deodorant coupons to get it very cheap also!

Sunday, April 21, 2013


I think I have come up with the reason I keep writing this's because I know you guys get just as excited about a deal like I do! I had a raincheck for Kraft Shredded Cheese 2 for $5. Those $2 Kraft Cheese Publix coupons, that expired tomorrow, were burning a hole in my pocket, so I dug out the raincheck and got 8 bags for $.50 each! SCORE!!! Keep in mind the raincheck was 11 months old!! I never seem to have a problem using an old raincheck. It's times like these that make me happy I am a couponer. I was at the bottom of my stockpile for cheese because I gave it all to my daughter so I was thrilled!!

Saturday, April 20, 2013


For those of you with little ones, you might want to check out this diaper deal at CVS beginning tomorrow. Buy (3) Huggies Snug & Dry Jumbo Pk. Diapers, Pull-Ups or GoodNites, $9.99 Total = $29.97 (3) $2/1 Huggies Little Movers, Little Snugglers Diapers or Overnites Diapers, exp. 5/18/13 (SS 04/21/13) OR $1.50/1 Huggies Diapers, exp. 5/18/13 (SS 04/21/13) Total = $23.97, Get $10 Extrabucks Rewards = As low as $13.97 ($4.66 PER PACK)! My daughter has already called me and asked me if I had extra coupons!


I thought this was important enough to post something about this subject...debit cards. Everyone of us have them and use them on a daily basis. I went into my bank and asked them about using the debit card with a PIN number. They told me not to do it!! They said to always run my transaction through as a credit. Ever since they told me that I have never used my card with the PIN number. I tell you this because most people don't know that this is how your card is compromised. You are much safer running it through as credit. Some banks now will not guarantee a transaction that is compromised if run as debit. So a word to the wise...don't use as a debit card!

Friday, April 19, 2013


Just as soon as I say I am tired of posting deals, I had to tell you about this one! If you love NOT YOUR DAUGHTER'S JEANS head over to Ross. I found three pairs of nice white jeans with silver stud details on the pockets. They had size 6, 10, and 14. They are $39.99. I would have purchased a pair but I needed a size 12. These normally sell for over $100 and are my favorite! They also had some capris but I forgot what size they were.


I am sure many of you have noticed that I have been MIA lately. I just haven't been into writing on this blog. I find deals but I just don't have the time to post anything. When I did have the time, I had computer issues. It is just going to be a matter of time before I give it up completely. I am hoping to buy Enjoy the City books one more time before June and I want to be able to post it here to see if any of you want to go in on them. So bear with me as I take long breaks between postings. I just don't have it in me anymore! What I may do is ask anyone who is interested to email me at When I decide to buy them, I will contact everyone via email and also post on this blog. Sorry for the inconvenience but I knew it was coming soon!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

PUBLIX 4/16/13

I felt I could have done better with today's shopping trip, but I was in a hurry and didn't want to take the time to add up what was in my cart. Turns out if I had just added $9 more in groceries, I could have used another $5/$30. I didn't see much for me this week so I just bought the following: 2 Kraft Fresh Take 2 Dannon Yogurt Baby Carrots Bananas Cantelope 2 Tombstone Pizza 8 Edge Shave Gel Q-Tips Distilled Water 2 Clorox Foam Cleaner My total was $18.96. Edge Shave Gel is the only kind my husband will use so for $.50 each it was well worth it!


Tombstone Pizza is BOGO this week until Wednesday. There is a $1 coupon HERE and it states it is only good for the Stuffed Pizza or Garlic Dipping Bites. I bought the regular Meat Pizza today and the coupon worked just fine. I think that made them just $2 each! If you haven't shopped yet and were wondering if this coupon would work, I can tell you that it does!

Friday, April 12, 2013


Did anyone else buy the tofu last week when it was on sale? I did and gave it to my daughter. She was so excited! Recently I read an article about tofu that I thought was interesting. Have you ever e Been in a restaurant and noticed the tofu had a distinct spongy texture that allowed it to soak up more sauce in the dish? This texture is produced by freezing the tofu solid before thawing and cooking it. As it freezes, the ice crystals expand pushing apart the protein network. When thawed the water drains away leaving the tofu with a spongy consistency that is highly absorbent. To freeze, simply freeze extra-firm tofu into 1/2 to 3/4 inch thick slabs, spread on a single layer on baking sheet, and freeze overnight. Then place in a freezer bag and stored in freezer for up to a month. To use, thaw at room temperature and press each slab gently to expel any remaining water before cooking.


For the past few weeks I have been going to the farmers market and buying fresh brussel sprouts. They offer a small bag for 3 already picked off the stalk. On the other hand, I buy the ones on the stalk for $4 and get three times the amount of brussel sprouts. I simply coat them with olive oil and roast for 30 to 35 minutes. Sprinkle with kosher salt and they are delicious!! I don't think they will be available for long so I plan on buying them until they are gone!


I recently received my new issue of Cook's Illustrated and found this article that I thought you might find interesting. The 'best buy' date printed on some canned foods is not an 'expiration' date. It refers strictly to the manufacturer's recommendation for peak quality, not safety concerns. As long as the cans look good and have been stored in a dry place between 40 and 70 degrees, their contents should be safe to use indefinitely. Be sure to discard any cans that are bulging or spurt liquid when opening! Non-stick vegetable spray likewise lasts past it's 'best buy' dates. They tested this by making two sheet cakes. On one they sprayed with a can of PAM that was a year past the best by date and for the other they used a new can. The results? Both cans tasted the same. Good info to know! Especially when we get great deals on these items.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


JC Penney is offering 20% off all purchases which includes on-line and store purchases! The deal is good through Wednesday, April 17th. Go HERE to print your coupon. Note that furniture purchases will only be 10% off.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


My Internet has been down again for the past few days. I sure wish we could switch to U-Verse but it will end up costing more than the $160 pet month we already pay now. So I have to live with my Internet going out now and then. I had to tell you what happened to me. I wore a new pink top to Carrabba's the other night when we went to dinner. I don't know what got on it, maybe olive oil, but it stained my shirt. I immediately sprayed Shout Spray and Wash on it and washed it. The oil stains were still there after I washed it. I consulted my daughter who is an expert at getting stains out of kids clothes, and she told me to get Clorox Spot Cleaner. She said all the others didn't work and hands down this was the best. By golly, she was right! I sprayed the shirt and washed it again and all the stains came out! Note to self...even if it is free, don't get Shout! It doesn't work!

Monday, April 8, 2013


The summer is coming and so are those outdoor BBQ's. Winn Dixie has Premio Italian Sausage on sale BOGO. Use two $.55/1 coupons from HERE and pay just $1.99 each! They are also having a three-day sale beginning tomorrow and you could get Lobster Tails for $3.99 each. Also Hillshire Farm Sausage is $1.99 each. Use the $.75/2 coupon from the 3/24 RP to pay just $1.61 each. This is so easy when you use a boxed Jambayala Mix and you have dinner on the table in 20 minutes!

Friday, April 5, 2013


If you are going to buy strawberries, DO NOT buy them from the Farmers Market. He is selling his for $25 a flat! WOW! They must have some gold laced through them! I bought them today for $15 at my fruit guy on US 1 across from the car wash. They were really good! I also saw Stewart's had them for $12 a flat. I don't know how they are because I didn't taste this bunch. Just be careful when you are buying strawberries...all are not created equal. There are different varieties and some are better than others. I still think the $25 price is ridiculous!


My husband said he wants to buy me a nice purse for my birthday. So off we go to Belk and Dillard's today to find the elusive purse I am so excited to get! He was so patient as I walked through the store and picked up every bag, put it on my shoulder, took out the paper inside, zipped and unzipped it, and adjusted the shoulder straps. Not only did we go to those two stores, we went to two malls! You would think with all the choices I had I would find one. I want a nice soft leather bag, preferably one strap, a pocket on the outside and a neutral color. I didn't find any. No let's rephrase that...I did find one but it was $348. Dillard's was offering $50 off on any sale over $200 with the trade-in of any old purse to charity. For $300 I just couldn't justify how plain it was. Sure it was a nice Coach leather bag but I wish it had just a little bling to it. Maybe a silver buckle or something like that. In the end, after 5 hours between 4 stores, my frugal mind wouldn't let him pay $300 for a purse. Sure I would have it for years and enjoy carrying something nice but I just couldn't pull the plug. I will just continue to look at Marshall's and watch for sales at the end of the season. If you are in the market for a purse, Belk is offering 25 percent off this weekend and Dillard's is offering $50 for any bag over $200 and less for cheaper bags. Wish me luck as I search for the perfect bag!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


I don't know about you but my shopping list this week is pretty sparse. And by that I mean VERY VERY sparse! I really need to use up some of my stockpile and the new ad isn't speaking to me so canned tomatoes will make up the main part of my trip. With that being said, I am hoping they are BOGO at our store this week. It was listed on IHP but I did not see it in our weekly ad. Hopefully it is an unadvertised sale. If they are this is my plan: 36 cans Red Gold Tomatoes BOGO $25.02 Cantelope $2.50 2 Greased Lightening BOGO $1.69 Use 18 $1/2 tomato coupons - minus $18.00 Use 2 $1/1 Greased Lightening coupons - minus $2 Use one $5/$30 WD coupon TOTAL FOR ABOVE $5.90 I am still fully stocked on eggs and milk thanks to the ad from last week. I also still have plenty of lunchmeat on hand and have frozen onion rye bread in my freezer from my trip to Miami! Looks like a light week for me AND I will get stocked up on canned tomatoes!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013


HURRY! Print this coupon HERE for 20% off anything in the store at CVS. This coupon is good for 4/2 and 4/3 only. I think I am going to use it on Olay Regenerist Face Cream. I LOVE this cream and I should be able to get a bottle for just under $20. Plus I will get to use some of those ECB's that I have so many of! I think what I am going to do for now is go down to 1 card instead of 2 so I don't have as much to keep track of. I will see if my burnout with CVS improves!

Saturday, March 30, 2013


I had to run back to the Dollar Store today and they still had plenty of Elf products I told you earlier about on the shelf. I have used the eyelid primer and I have to say I love it! It does seem to make my eyeshadow stay in place longer. I have also switched eyeshadows using the Ulta Eyeshadows I bought for $3 each on sale, regularly $7 each, and the Urban Decay Nude Pallet which was $37. I have to say I like them equally. I also bought the Urban Decay Bronzer/Blush/Highlighter pallet and I love that as well! I am so glad I found something so I can just stick with that. Now does anybody know of anyone who would like a bunch of Covergirl/Maybelline Eyeshadows?? LOL! We all have a ton of those! I did just send in for my $15 P&G rebate for all the Covergirl Eyeshadows. Not only did we get them for free, but will get paid $15! Love it!


Do you guys remember awhile back when I told you I spotted the Rold Gold Tomatoes blinkie? Honestly, I thought the BOGO sale would have happened quicker but it doesn't make a difference now! I hope you grabbed and still have the $1/2 blinkie. If you do, you will be able to get canned tomatoes for just $.20 a can, regularly $1.39!! I will be stocking up for myself and probably for my kids as well!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

PUBLIX 3/27/13, SPENT $42

I was quite happy with my Publix haul today even though I had to do it in 4 separate transactions. That is such a pain and it takes more time but I will do what I have to do to use more than one $5/$30 WD coupon. My totals before coupons were in the $135 to $140 range. My total after coupons was $42. This is what I bought: 6 Smart Balance Milk 10 Chobani Yogurt 8 Smart Balance Buttery Spread 2 Cool Whip 6 Farmers Cheese Bananas Cantelope Scallions Pineapple 6 Bottles Orbit Gum (used RC) 4 Motts Medley Apple Juice, 1/2 gallon) 2 Jennie O Turkey Bacon 3 Unsweet Tea 2 Thomas English Muffins 2 Hellmans Mayo 2 Planters Cashews Potato Rolls 2 Dozen Eggs 4 Sargento Cheese 2 Jimmy Dean Sausage I figured I am good on buttery spread for the rest of the year! I am excited to make Mock Pierogi with the Farmers Cheese and Deviled Eggs will certainly be on our Easter menu! I still have to buy a ham but everything else I need I have. I figured if I just bought the milk and 8 Smart Balance Spread I would have paid $42. Kind of makes you think...WOW! I know no one would buy 8 at a time but the milk isn't a stretch. The date on the milk is May 26 so I know I am good on milk until the end of May!


I headed to the Dollar Tree today on US 1 to pick up some fillers for Easter Eggs for the grandkids. When I was there, I found what I was looking for at Target that they do not carry. I read that the Elf Eyelid Primer was very good and it is only $1. Unfortunately, our Target did not carry any. I was able to buy that at the Dollar Tree plus the Elf Wet Gloss Lash & Brow Clear Mascara. I always see those pictures of women with perfectly shaped brows and this was my opportunity to try to do the same for only $1! I was kind of excited to see those two things. I will let you know how they do! I also found boxes of seed for Impatients, Alyssum, and Wildflower Mix. I figured I couldn't go wrong for a buck. I have an area before my pool that nothing gets planted in so I plan on spreading the mix and letting it go! If it works, I will have a nice display of colorful flowers. If it doesn't, I'm out $3. To tell you the truth, I am kind of excited to see if it works. The only problem is the direction states that they have to be watered everyday. That could potentially be a problem because I tend to plant things and forget them everyonce in awhile. Either that or I love them too much and over-water!

Monday, March 25, 2013


Looking to save some money when you go to Carrabba's? Go HERE and print a coupon for $10 off any entree when you buy another entree! My husband just got a gift certificate for his birthday so this will be a win-win for us!! We might even be able to squeeze two dinners out of it!


I scored a small victory this morning against Chobani Yogurt, my favorite brand. They are on sale this week and a $.30 coupon was available to print HERE but when I entered my e-mail address, it did not offer me the $.30 coupon to print. So I outsmarted them and entered a bogus name and e-mail address and up came the coupon for the 6 oz. size! It allows you to print as many as you want. Don't you wish every coupon was that way. LOL! But don't worry...if you need more just enter another name and e-mail address and you will be able to print more! I wish I had figured this out the last time they were on sale for $1. I bought them without a coupon! That just sounds so wrong!!!