Sunday, December 30, 2012


I stopped in at Target today and all the Christmas went 70% off! They still had a ton of wrapping paper, ribbons, and misc stuff. There were only a few Christmas trees left.

They also had M&M's at 50% off for $1.49 a bag for those of you who love M&M's. There were plenty left on the shelf also. My daughter found Oreo's at her store for $.89. Make sure you look for other stuff besides wrapping paper!


We headed out to County Line Produce today to get our washed greens. My husband is born and raised here in St. Augustine and he has that southern thing about greens and black-eyed peas on New Years Day. The greens are good but the black-eyed peas kind of taste like dirt!

At County Line you get a large bag of WASHED greens for $4.50. While I was there I picked up the biggest head of cauliflower I have ever seen for $2. The broccoli head was exceptionally large and was only $2 also. Look at it next to the califlower!!

I plan on making cauliflower pizza crust but shhh....don't tell my husband because he wouldn't eat it. I am also going to make "mashed potatoes" using califlower. I can't wait to try these recipes and I will let you know!


Head over to your nearest CVS store to score an awesome deal on hair color. There are many different brands and colors there to choose from that are marked down to 75% off.

I was able to get 8 boxes of brown semi-permanent color for just $.37 per box!!  They were marked down to $2.37 and I used the $2 coupon from the 11/25 PG. Be aware that the coupon expires on 12/31/12. There still was plenty left at the beach CVS.

Also scan your card to receive a CVS coupon for Simple Moisturizer. Then go HERE and print your coupon for $3 off. I was able to buy 2 bottles of moisturizer that were reduced 50% off and paid only $1.64 after my stacked coupons! I am hoping to go to another CVS today and see if I get the same CVS coupon today also!

Friday, December 28, 2012


Are you tired of getting calls from solicitors? It always seem like they know just when you sit down to eat dinner. That is when the phone starts ringing.

Go to to sign up and enter your home and cell phone numbers to get on the Florida do not call list. It will not begin until the next quarter. The numbers you list will stay on the list for five years.

If you do get a call while on this list, just tell them you are on the do not call list and to take your name off their list.

Thursday, December 27, 2012


I have six (6) $3/1 Huggies coupons for the Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers that expire 12/31/12 if anyone would like them. I also have four (4) $2/1 Huggies coupons also.

You have to act quick on this one because they expire so soon. Please let me know if you would like them and I can arrange to get them to you.

PUBLIX 12/27/12, SPENT $2.04

I hope everyone had a very nice Christmas. I can't believe it is over with already...all the planning, cooking, shopping...and then it is over!

I didn't see much for me in this new ad so I just ran in to get a few items. The one thing I was going to buy multiples of was V-8 Juice and I bought the last two spicy bottles on the shelf. That was OK by me because I got a raincheck and will go back and get more before the ad is up. This way BOGO sale just extended for me! I was able to find 6 more bottles of vitamins to get $4.20 in overage. This is what I bought:

4 Ritz Toasted Chips
2 Bottles of V-8
4 Planters Peanuts
4 Progresso Black Beans
4 Campbells Soup-To-Go
6 Vitamins (not shown)

I stopped at the Sertoma Thrift Store on US 1 and dropped on tons of vitamins I have been collecting including the 6 I got today. She was thrilled to get them.

My total for the above was $2.04. I'll go back and get the remainder of my V-8 juice, my Libby's vegetables and a few other things to get my total to $30 so I could use another $5/$30. I miss those Target ones already. Maybe we will start to see more of those :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


My daughter and her family came home for Christmas and we have been enjoying every minute of them. Also our daughter came home for a few days from college.

Both said they needed to go shopping in J-Mart. As many of you know, this is the word my husband gave to my stockpile in the garage. Well, now he just added another one...JVS Pharmacy (instead of CVS) for all your personal needs like razors, shampoo, deodorant, etc.! JVS is located on the 2nd floor (which is my upstairs master bedroom!)

Leave it up to Art to come up with another one! I just count myself lucky and blessed that I can give to family from my stockpile and not even feel it!

Yesterday my daughter and I went to Publix to pick up some items she needed to get to make for our Christmas dinner. Included in that were a package of diapers for $10.99, 2 pkgs. green beans, 2 packages of strawberries for $7.99, milk, cookie dough, strawberry glaze, 10 cans black beans, black olives and the rest of the stuff in our cart that I can't even remember.

 Our total was $113 and I got it down just below $15. Now that is ALWAYS a great Christmas present!


I would like to wish each and every one of you a very Merry Christmas as you spend it with your family.

 Thank you to every one of you who keep me going with this blog when I say that I am going to give it up! It's only because of you guys  that keep me going. I have enjoyed the friendships I have made, the encouragement I get, and the friendships I have rekindled.

I pray as you spend time with your family you thank God for all He has blessed us with. We are all so fortunate. I pray that you also remember the reason we celebrate Christmas, that Jesus was born for a purpose.

She shall bring forth a son and thou shall call His name Jesus; for He shall save His people from their sins.

Matthew 1:21


Saturday, December 22, 2012


If you are in need of a last minute gift, Barnes and Noble may be an option for you.

Head over HERE to print a coupon for 25% off any one item. I actually went in there today to buy a set of Grey's Anatomy Cards for $40. I came home and checked my e-mail and found the coupon! I marched right back to the store and got a credit of $10.59 to my account!

The sales girl told me they now have a board game of Fifty Shades of Grey. I don't think I would be giving that to anyone as a gift!

You have to hurry because 12/24 is the last day to use it!


Have you done the JC Penney buttons yet? When you walk into any JC Penney go up to a register and ask them for some buttons. No purchase is necessary.

I have already won two $5 certificates and I also won a $10 certificate but didn't print it quick enough so I lost that one! Once you type in your code on the button, you will know instantly if you are a winner. They will then send you an email within the next few days and you have 48 hours to print it. If you do not print it in that time frame, you lose it!

They have to be redemmed by 12/31/12 so it will be fun to go in after Christmas and see if there are any good deals!


I just got these yesterday at Publix for FREE and noticed the coupon reset today! Yipee! My grandson loves these and I am just happy to add 6 more to my 6 I already have.

Go HERE and print the coupon for Beech-Nut Fruities.

Those of you who don't use this and can print it, could you please print it for me so I can add to Anderson's pile! Thanks a bunch!! I really appreciate it! I would be happy to pick them up!

Friday, December 21, 2012

PUBLIX 12/21/12

Oh my gosh!! That is all I have to say after today's shopping trip to Publix. I really didn't need anything. My freezer is full and all I needed were some apples for an apple salad I am making Sunday night. There were so many freebies this week I couldn't stay away!

A couple got behind me in line and I told them they might want to get in another line because I had a lot of coupons...and boy did I have a lot of coupons! They said they were couponers themselves and wanted to stay and watch. And so they did. This is what I bought:

12 Smart Balance Milk
6 Kraft Mayo
4 Breakstone Sour Cream
Sweet Potatoes 3 lbs.
4 Beech-Nut Fruities
2 Deli Tea
2 Quaker Stila Bars
4 I Can't Believe It's Not Butter -
4 Lindsay Olives
10 Bertolli Pasta Sauce
6 Knorr Pasta Sides
6 Greek Vinegarette
24 Cans of Cream of Mushroom Soup
4 Progresso Bread Crumbs (used RC)
2 Wise Cheese Doodles
3 Vitamins
3 Olay Cleanser
6 Whiskas Cat Treats
4 packages of gum

My bill before the coupons was $176 and my total after coupons was just $.57. Need I say more! I had overage on so many items and got so many items for free!

It always seems to me this time of year before we get great Christmas deals

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Fat Hair products are on sale at Walgreens. If you stack the $2 coupon found HERE and use the $2 coupon found in the Walgreens coupon booklet, you can get cheap Fat Hair Products.

I was able to pick up some hairspray for $.39! I am using it for a little stocking stuffer. They have many items to choose from but Fat Hair products are something I really don't need. I usually have way too much hair!

I also was able to pick p a few other good deals that were marked down! Check out all the clearance tags when you are there.


I noticed this coupon this morning in the Target coupons and thought it was worth mentioning for those of you who love ice cream.

Head over to the Target  coupon page HERE and print your coupon. While you are there, make sure you print the $5 off $30 grocery purchase to use at Publix. That coupon will expire on 12/24/12.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I had to go to Walmart tonight to pick up a tent we bought for a Christmas gift for our daughter and her family. I haven't been in Walmart in so long it was almost kind of fun! Well, maybe not fun but definitely interesting!

I thought I was in peelie heaven. I saw peelies for $1 off Coke, $.50/1 Nabisco crackers, $.50/1 cookies, $1/1 vanilla wafers, $1/2 select kellogg's cereal, $.75/1 pepperidge farm cookies and a rebate coupon for peanut oil. I didn't even walk around the whole store.

I did take notice of certain things that go BOGO at Publix and are cheaper with the BOGO sale than they are with the normal price at Walmart. Big surprise! I have always said that.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012


If you have the tearpad for $1 off fresh produce when you buy 2 Kraft Dressings, and you are buying produce anyway, you will get them for FREE! To do this deal, use the following coupons

Kraft Dressing BOGO 2.85
Use one $1/2 PQ from Savings are Stocking up
Use one $1/2 12/9 SS
Use tearpad $1 off fresh produce wyb 2 Kraft Dressings

$.15 overage if you were buying produce anyway!

PUBLIX 12/18/12

I found 2 more raviolli coupons for $1/1 and I wanted to use them to take advantage of the BOGO sale. We had them last night for dinner and they are really good! Of course, I couldn't go in and just buy that. I had the $5/$30 Target coupon burning a hole in my pocket and I was determined to use it. Not only did I get to use one, but I got to use two! This is what I bought:

12 cans Cream of Mushroom or Chicken soup
6 Frosting Creations
6 Stir-ins for frosting above
Butterscotch Morsels
4 Greek Yogurt
2 Monteray Raviolli
10 Vitamins

I couldn't have planned it more perfectly. My total before coupons was $79. My total OOP after coupons was $.23!! Woop! Woop!

Monday, December 17, 2012


If you are stopping by CVS to do the Sensitive Toothpaste deal I told you about, you can also pick up some cheap toothbrushes also.

If you are picking up one of the coupon sheets I told you about that I got from the dentist, it also has a coupon for $.50 off a Colgate Toothbrush.

They are on sale 2 for $6. Use two $1.00 coupons and get $3 ECB back. Net OOP will be $1.00 each. It isn't exactly my stock-up price, but if you need toothbrushes, there you go!

Here is another deal I found using the Target Coupons in the 11/25 insert. Buy 2 cream cheese at $1.25 each and use the $.75/2 coupon. Also in the same insert is a $1/2 Kraft Shredded Cheese coupon. Use with the BOGO sale and pay $1.50 each. Need Cool Whip for Christmas desserts? There is a $.50/2 coupon in the Target insert also making them just about $.46 each.


Campbells Great For Cooking Soups (Cream of Mushroom, Cream of Chicken, etc) are BOGO this coming up again.

Here is the scenerio I am doing:

Buy 12 cans of Cream of Mush Soup
Use 2 $1/5 MQ from HERE
Use 3 $2/4 Campbells Soups PQ from Best Meals Happen at Home Email



To those of you who have babies and use diapers, this awesome deal is for you!

Go HERE to print a $3 coupon for Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diapers. Stack that coupon with the in-ad coupon for $2 and get $5 off a package of diapers!! You will have to share the link with three friends to get the link. The best part is it is it is in PDF form so you can print as many as you want. The coupon expires on 12/31/12.

If that link does not work, try this one...You will have to copy and paste it in your browser.


CVS has Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste on sale this week for $3.99 and is giving a $3 ECB.

I have extra $1 coupons that I got at the dentist office if anyone would like any. Your scenerio would go like this:

TWO COLGATE SENSITIVE PRO-RELIEF TOOTHPASTE 4 OZ, on sale $3.99 (regular price $6.49)

Get $3 Extra Bucks when you buy one Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief 4 oz (limit 2)

Used two $1/1 Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief coupons from dentist
Price at Register: $5.98, but received $6 Extra Care Bucks


Let me know and I can leave them on my mailbox or mail them to you! I plan on doing the deal on both of my cards to get 4 for FREE!


I am sure all of you saw the $5 off  $30 Target coupon that showed up yesterday. I am positive Publix will take this one since it is really just like the Winn Dixie one we use.

Make sure you head over to HERE and type coupons in the search tab and get your $5/$30 coupon under the grocery tab. I think it was over on page 5 but don't quote me on that. You will only have one week to use this coupon because it expires on December 24th.

Sunday, December 16, 2012


We had my husbands office Christmas party tonight and it was going to be very casual...jean kind of casual and I don't have a single pair of jeans that fit me! So off I went to the outlet mall to try to find a pair that would fit right, I could wear with boots, dark blue with no stitching, flat, pockets, some stretch, and not cost a lot of money. It was a tall order to fill and I only had a few hours to find something. I ended up at Coldwater Creek finding the just perfect pair that I originally saw online for $79. When I walked in the store today, that pair was there and it met all of my requirements. They were marked $49 at the outlet. It fit perfect, had a little bit of stretch, fit in the butt and was the right color with no stitching. The best part was they were on sale today 40 percent off so I ended up paying just $29!! I was so thrilled! I have looked everywhere for the perfect pair that would not cost a lot because I hope to lose more weight.

If you are looking for a nice pair of slim-leg jeans, try coldwater creek. My other favorite pair of jeans is Not Your Daughters Jeans. They are an awesome fit with a little stretch and I guarantee  once you wear a pair you will never want another pair of jeans. You can find these jeans at the Sunshine Shop.

Both of these stores are running sales right now. I you are looking for a perfect last-minute Christmas gift or a outfit for the holiday, check out the Sunshine Shop.


I am hoping you guys ordered the Smart Balance Milk Coupons for $1.50 off last week when I did. I paid $1.49 for 20 coupons and apparently the milk will be on sale next ad. I am guessing that it will be either 2 for $5 or BOGO. Either way, I will get FREE MILK or overage for each one I buy. has the coupon for $.12 each. I am not sure what their shipping is. It will depend on how many items you get.

Even if you use the $1 coupon we have in our inserts and stack with the $1 PQ, you should get a good deal. Remember, you can freeze this milk when it gets close to the expiration date. I put it in the freezer and then when I want one I take it out of the freezer at night and leave it in the sink all night. It is still partially frozen in the morning. Give it a good shake before you use it and you have fresh milk again!


Oscar Mayer Deli Meat is BOGO this week at $5.29. Use the $1/2 coupon that just came up on and pay just $2.15 per package of lunchmeat. This BOGO deal ends on Wednesday.

I was able to get a total of 6 gas cards this week and I was totally shocked! I spent out-of-pocket about $45 for all my stuff plus $22 for Huggies wipes that my daughter owes me. So for $67, plus the cost of my gas cards, I was able to get $300 worth of groceries and household items. I figure about $80 worth of that was vitamins so realistically the total should be $220 worth of grocery and household items. Still not bad!

I was down to only 4 cards so this replenished me for a little bit. I know one lucky girl who is going to be getting one in her Christmas stocking!


For those of you who want to use the $10 off $50 Target coupon at Publix, my store wouldn't take it. I guess they took it the first day and then management saw it and nixed it right there! I guess I should have been there the first day.

I did get 4 gas cards, however, and was able to use 8 WD coupons. Don't remember the numbers right off the top of my head, but I think I did an awesome job on what I bought versus what I paid AND got 4 gas cards.

I also heard that they are not going to take Save-A-Lot coupons. That's OK...just don't stop taking the Winn Dixie coupons!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012


I ran into the Dollar Tree on US 1 today to pick up some gift bags and noticed some name brand items in there. A few of them had coupons that could go with them. I thought I would give you some of the things I saw.

In the refrigerated section, I found Michaelina's frozen TV dinners. There were all kinds of pasta dishes and a meatloaf and mashed potatoes dish. They had Edward's single pie slices in several flavors as well as Banquet Chicken Pot Pies. My husband said he used to love those as a kid. I also saw Picsweet Steamable Spinach and maybe another kind of vegetable.

In the household department, they had Palmolive Dish Detergent for $1.00 and you can use the $.25/1 coupon from the 11/11 SS and pay $.75 each. The Ajax Dish Detergent is right next to it but there is no coupon match-up for that.Suavitel Fabir Softener, sheets and liquid were also there as well as a large bottle of liquid plumber. I know these sell for something like $7 at Walmart because I had to buy several bottles when I put my hair color down the drain and plugged it up! Hefty Storage and freezer bags are there and use the $1/2 from the 9/30 SS to pay just $.50 each.

I didn't walk around the whole store. I bet if I took the time I would have found more brand name items with coupons that would correspond with them.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Time to clean out your coupon inserts! You can toss all of the following inserts.

10-14 PG
9-30 PG
8-19 RP
8-5 SS, RP and GM
7-22 SS 1 and 2 and RP
7-8 SS 1 and 2 and RP
6-10 SS and RP
4-15 RP

Inserts older than 1-22-12 have expired. Don't toss the 1/22/12 insert.


Has anyone tried this at our stores yet? The $10 off $50 Target coupon HERE  is available to print again. It didn't last long last time and I missed it. I got it this time and I am going to try this weekend when I go shopping.

Let me know if you have any luck with it!


I got a phone call from my father this morning and he was looking at the Publix ad. He was all set to do his shopping tomorrow, Thursday, the first day of the new ad and get a gas card.

He noticed the coupon said "Good on Friday, Saturday and Sunday only". What??? Has this become so popular with people trying to save money on gas that they are now going to limit the days to three instead of 7?

Just a heads up because I was going to go out tomorrow also and now have to change my plans and go on the weekend!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


If you are planning on visiting Olive Garden in the next few days, make sure you print this coupon for 20% of your entire table's lunch!!!
Can't make it for lunch? There is also $5 coupon off 2 dinner entrees.
Deal valid through 12/13/12 so hurry on this one.


If you have kids you may want to print this coupon and head to Publix this week.

Beech-Nut Stage 4 products are on sale for $.99. Print the $1.00 coupon from HERE and get them for free. For some reason, I was only able to get 1 each from two of my computers and two from the other. Go figure.

Even if you don't have young toddlers, buy it anyway and donate it.

PUBLIX 12/11/12. SPENT $3.34, SAVED 102%

Today felt like the old days. Yes, the real old days where I felt like I got something for my $3 I spent at the grocery store. Yep...$3.34 to be exact.You will have to use your imagination. I am over taking pictures of my grocery trips. I know you guys believe me. My goal was to spend the least amount possible to save it for Thursday for the gas card deal. I am hoping to get two this time.

 This is what I got...

6 Green Giant Vally Fresh Steamers Broccoli
Oscar MayerTurkey Breast
Fresh Pineapple
Fresh Green Beans
2 pkgs. Yellow Squash
2 Campbells On the Go Soup
1 Smart Balance Milk
40 Red Gold Tomatoes
6 Right Guard Body Wash
2 Angel Soft Toilet Paper
10 Nature Made Vitamins

I was prepared to split my order but decided to go ask at the customer service desk at SR 16 before I got in line. She told me technically they are supposed to but to go ahead and run it all through. I did the small victory dance and headed to the register.

Right off the bat, I saved $10 in overage from the vitamins. My total before coupons (including vitamins) was $130. I used four $5/$30 coupons and my $10 in overage so basically I got $30 worth of free food. I was only planning on getting 18 cans of tomatoes with my 9 blinkies but my father stopped over this morning and gave me more! Woo Hoo! Now all my kids will get tomatoes for Chistmas! Only kidding...but I do have bags set aside in the garage for them with canned tomatoes in it!

My food total (everything minus the vitamins) was $90. Paying $3.24 just felt like the old days when times were good and couponing was way easier!

Come to think of it, most of my total went to paying sales tax!!

Monday, December 10, 2012


Scottie's tissues will be BOGO beginning Thursday.

Check your binders for a BOGO coupon. I think I printed in a little over a month ago in hopes of a good sale. I don't think it is still available.  Now I get free Kleenex plus it will go toward my gas card total!  Woo hoo!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012


Dental Floss is one of those things you should never pay for.

Here's another coupon for $1/1 Reach Dental Floss. I always get mine at Target or Walmart for $.97 each so use this coupon and get it for FREE. Go HERE to get your coupon.


I came home from Disney to find another envelope filled with coupons from my coupon fairy. This time the return address was on it with the name crossed out but the address on it.

I plan on making a surprise stop to their house and personally thanking them. I don't know who they are but they go through a lot of time and effort to cut up the coupons and then the expense of mailing them to me. I would be more than happy and grateful to pick them up at their house!

Thank you again coupon fairy if you are reading this!


We just got back in town from going to Disney World. We met my daughter, her husband and my two grandchildren, Addison (who will turn 4 in a few weeks) and Anderson (who just turned 1). My other daughter and her family went as well with her in-laws and we were able to catch up with them for a few rides.

There were several things I learned this trip to WDW and I told myself that these are important things to remember. When I got home, all I could remember were two of them.

The first one is an awesome tip for those of you who don't stay on Disney property. When you get off the tram and get dropped off, you have the option to take the monorail or ferry to the entrance. EVERYONE is taking the monorail to the magic kingdom which was beyond packed! We also took the monorail but took the one that goes to the resort hotels. Yep, we walked right on. It made two stops at the the hotels and then dropped us off right in front. We would have still be waiting in a LONG line to just board the monorail!

Second, if you want to watch the parade in the afternoon, watch it in Main Street from the Train platform. Hardley anyone is up there and you are up above the crowd and get to see the whole thing. When it is finished, simply get on the train and take it to the other side of the park!

There was another thing I wanted to remember but I can't remember it right now!!

When you are there you must get a Dole Whip in Frontierland. They are awesome. I got the Pineapple with Vanilla ice cream. They made a mistake and made both mine and Lindsay's with pineapple ice cream. We told them they made it wrong and they made us new ones and told us to keep the ones that were wrong! Of course, all of us got them so we had two extra! These are a must-have when you go to Disney!

The new Fantasyland opened the day before (and was packed) and the only things open were Gaston's restaurant (which serves beer and wine) and Ariel's ride. My daughter waited 2 hours and 15 minutes for this ride. We got a fast pass beore lunch and went back and waited about 9 minutes. We waited in line, went through the attraction and were out in 20 minutes flat! DO GET A FASTPASS FOR THIS ATTRACTION. It is very cute but don't waste 2 hours in line. I do know one thing. I also won't waste my time again for Winnie the Pooh. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride was much better!!

We went over to Hollywood Studios to see the Osborne Lights and they were awesome. I had to take off my hoodie because the over 5 million lights put out so much heat I was hot!! I can't wait to go back and do Hollywood Studios during the day. This is a must-see at holiday time if you get a chance to do it!

We walked over to Rockin' Rollercoaster and there was a line but the guy said they were having technical difficulties and the ride wasn't working. Bummer. That is the one Lindsay really wanted to go on. There was another attraction that was down but I can't remember which one it was. It would stink if you drove there from Ohio only to find the rides you really wanted to go on were out-of-order!

Also, did you know you can go up to any place that sells drinks and ask for water in a cup and they will give you water and ice. Don't pay $2.50 for bottled water. Simply ask for a cup and you get the same cup as if you ordered Coke for FREE!.

I can't wait to go back and camp and use our season's passes again. Maybe by then I will remember what the other thing was I didn't want to forget!

Anyone know of any Disney secrets? I don't go there enough to know many but maybe some of you do! Let us know so we can all benefit!

I just remembered what the other tip was! Parking is $14 to get into the Magic Kingdom and all parks. A guy on the monorail told us that if you are going to Epcot or Animal Kingdom, park at the Boardwalk and take their transporation over from there for free.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


If you have a baby and go through a ton of baby wipes, then you may want to head over to Publix and do this deal today!

Huggies baby wipes are on sale for $5.99. I know for a fact there are Time To Save coupon booklets behind the customer service counter at the cobblestone store. The coupon expires today aand is for $1.50 off a package. It is a Publix coupon so just get one book and ask them to enter the LU number for each you buy.  To make this deal even sweeter, go to and then then go to the baby section to print a $1.00 MQ for huggies wipes!  When stacked you will pay $3.49 a package.

I bought three packages for my daughter. I bought the last of the fresh and natural so I went up and got a rain check for 8 more. The Publix coupon expires today but they will take it if the coupon was good when the rain check was issued.

So now she can go back and get 8 more packages in a few weeks and be set on baby wipes for awhile.

You might want to call first to see if they have  any books left. He was standing at the desk and reached down by his feet to get them. I tell you this because he couldn't find them at first and they were literally right under his feet!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


I don't know how long the sale lasts for but head on over to Bealls to check out their clearance racks.

My bargain of the century was a pair of Asics sneakers for just $13.50! I have another pair almost identical to them that I paid just over $100 for! No...I used the $25 coupon from the ETC books and paid $80! I also got a pair of New Balance Running Shoes for $15. I only have one pair of sneakers so I was thrilled to find this sale.

I was also able to buy my daughter and grandson some new sandles, get a new sports bra and a few other things. The best part is on Tuesday I get an additional 15% off! Plus if you spend $100, you will get $20 in Bealls Bucks to spend over the next few days.

So head over to Bealls, check out their clearance racks and take 50, 60, or 70 percent off. Then take another 50% off that price! I just love a good deal!


Red Gold Tomatoes will be BOGO beginning tomorrow. The blinkie was still at the SR 16 store. I had to pick up a few last minute things today at the Cobblestone store and the blinkie was not there.

If you are headed out to the SR 16 store, make sure you check for the $1/2 blinkie!

As always, the ads after the Thanksgiving holiday are always nothing spectacular. I managed to squeak out two gas cards this week. Next week I don't see much that I will be purchasing.

I was glad to pick up more of the Goody Bobby Pins for overage and get 4 Maybelline Eyeshadow for free for stocking stuffers. The Green Advantage Flyer goes for a few more days so you still have a chance to get some for free stacking the $2/1 PQ with the $1/1 MQ

Monday, December 3, 2012


Do you have shopping to do at the St. John's Towne Center? Make sure you go over and watch this video to get a BOGO coupon for an entree. After you watch the video, enter your email address and then will send you the coupon within 24 hours!

Go HERE to watch the video.


If you are looking to get some cheap holiday Hershey's kisses, look no further than CVS.

I was able to print $2/2 MQ's and $2.50/2 CVS coupons. I also printed a $1/2 CVS coupon,

I will buy 4 bags of kisses for $10. If you buy $10 it will generate a $3 ECB.  I will use two $2/2 MQ's and one $1/2 and one $2.50/2 CVS coupons and put a $2 ECB towards it also.  I should pay $.50 plus tax and get back a $3 ECB!

I plan on doing this deal two times, once on each of my cards!


Sunday, December 2, 2012


Make sure you are signed up for Best Meals Happen At Home to get great coupons emailed to you each month.

Use the link HERE to sign up if you have not done so yet. This is definitely one you want to sign up for!


You might want to jump on this bandwagon if your family drinks Smart Balance Milk. I am going to take a chance that it will be going on sale since there is a coupon for $1/1 in todays SmartSource.

But the deal will be even sweeter if you order your coupons from Kuntry Klippers. She has a set of 20 for $1.49 plus $.99 postage. I will stack that coupon with the $1/1 in the All The Trimmings Book and at least get $2.50 off a 1/2 gallon of milk. Even if it doesn't go on sale I will pay just over $1 with both coupons!

I don't think she had many in stock so I ordered mine today. If you want to stock up on milk, you might want to get yours today also!