Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It is the last day of the month and time for my monthly totals.

Football did me in this month. We had a few friends over for SuperBowl and that shot the budget...not that there really is any budget! We, and I say we because my husband was with me on that trip to the store, spent $134 in one trip! YIKES! That hurt!

With that being said, my total spent for the month of February was $209.23 plus I was able to purchase 5 gas cards. The total of the gas cards were not included in the total. I figure if we didn't have to buy extra for SuperBowl my total would have been in the $125 range for the month.

This total included majorily stocking up on toilet paper and paper towels, canned vegetables and diced tomatoes, ketchup, frozen vegetables, deodorant, shredded cheese, chicken broth, and all kinds of canned beans. In fact, I am stocked up on all the above (except TP and paper towels) for the next year! Then throw in all the normal stuff you buy like fresh veggies, lunchmeat, fruit, etc.

Even throwing in the high total for the SuperBowl I was pleased with spending $209 for the month.


Stewart's weekly ad is now up and as usual the boneless skinless chicken breasts are $1.99 lb. The peppers were on sale last week and they are HUGE. Buy some while they are on sale and freeze them for later in the year. My guess is that they won't last until Saturday. People last week were buying them in bulk!

There are also getting in a fresh shipment of Bulk Foods this weekend, including a few new items: California Trail Mix, Hawaiian Trail Mix, Dried Papaya, Dried Apricots, Dried Mangos, Dried Pineapple, Oriental Rice Snack Mix, and Dried Banana Chips. He also has NY Strips for $5.99 lb. but I wouldn't recommend these. The last time we got them they were not that good. I recommend the Rib Eye instead!

Here's the new ad:

Fresh, never frozen Boneless Chicken Breasts,
5 lbs. or more, $1.99 lb.

Boneless NY Strip Steaks, $5.99 lb.

5 Pack heads of Garlic, $1.00 each

EZ Peel, 26-30 ct. Shrimp, $4.99 lb.

Haas Avocados, $.99 each

Jumbo Green Bell Peppers, 3 for $1.00

Internet Advertised Specials:

3 lb. bag Onions, $1.49 each

Loose Beets or Turnips, $.99 lb.

5 lb. bag Idaho Potatoes, $1.99 each

D'Anjou Pears, $.99 lb.

Local Clams, $3.00 per dozen

Beautiful Champagne Mangos, $1.50 each

Plant City Strawberries, $2.00 per pint

Sweet and Juicy Pineapples, $2.99 each, or 2 for $5.00

Indian River Temple Oranges, 3 for $1.00

Datil Pepper Plants, $3.00 each

Tomato Plants, asst. varieties, $1.50 each

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


The Milk Mustache campaign on FB is offering 10,000 coupons per day to get free milk!

They are giving away free milk until March 3rd. The coupons are going quickly so make sure you do it first thing in the morning. If you don't get it tomorrow, try again Thursday!

Go HERE to get your coupon.

Don't forget to check back HERE periodically to see if you can print another 2 coupons for $1.00 off TG Lee Milk. Buy this milk at CVS.


I hope everyone is going to do this deal with Living Social. The Enjoy the City booklets are available again and available at a price that you do not want to pass up!

When you go HERE and use the promotional code LEAP, you are able to order 5 Jacksonville books for $29.00.

I already ordered mine! Spend $29 to get $100 worth of Winn Dixie coupons. You are already up $71! It is a great feeling to be able to use a few $5 coupons every time you shop!

Thanks to the reader who left a comment! I had already ordered mine but had company for dinner so I couldn't post it right away!

Monday, February 27, 2012


I just wanted to remind all of you not to forgot to use the $2/2 Publix coupon from the yellow advantage flyer and stack with the MQ for $1.50 Philadelphia Indulgence and $1.50/1 Kraft Breadcrumb Mix MQ.

They are on sale for $2 each so that means FREE PLUS OVERAGE after using both coupons. Even if you have the $1.50/2 Philadelphia Indulgence coupon, you will only pay $.50 after the stack.

I am also excited about FREE YOGURT, $1.99 Stouffers, $.50 Grands Bisquits and $.90 Birds Eye Voila. I am hoping the Ocean Spray that is BOGO has the Cherry Juice Drink on their shelves. Some stores do not carry it.


If you are a couponer, you may want to check out this app.

Do you remember the little plastic clicker you or your parents used back in the 70's and 80's. I remember using it when my kids were toddlers because I only had a certain amount of money to spend on groceries this week. I remember clicking for every dime and dollar I spent and when I got to the register I knew what to expect.

I loved that little clicker. Well, now you can get the same thing as an app for $.99. I have been using it when I only want to spend $30 to use my $5/$30 WD coupon and I don't want to spend anymore. All I want to do is get to that point and then use my coupons to bring down my total. Or maybe you want to track how much you are spending when you are buying the gas cards. Wouldn't you just hate it if your total was $49.50 and you needed another $.50 to get that second gas card?

Do you get the picture. I have been having so much fun with this little gem.

Simply go to the app store and look for Price-O-Matic. I guarantee you will love it!

Friday, February 24, 2012


This is the coolest website I found. You simply enter the ingredients you have in your refrigerator and it will come up with recipes for you.

Go HERE to see My Fridge Food.

Even if you have just a few ingredients it will come up with several options for you!


Do you love Chick-Fil-A?

Chick-fil-A has a great freebie to celebrate Leap year. On Wednesday, February 29 from 6:30 am – 10:30 am, participating restaurants will give customers a free four count of Chick-n-Minis! I will post a reminder Tuesday night! No purchase necessary.

Limit one free item per customer.

If you are near a Subway on Wednesday, Feb. 29th, stop in there. There are supposed to be giving away a free cookie. Come On Subway!!! How about a free sandwich!!!


I found a $1/2 coupon for Tostitos Chips this morning on These coupons don't come up very often. I think my zipcode was set on 30096 and it was there.

If we can pair this with a BOGO sale, we can get them for $2 a bag!

Thursday, February 23, 2012


My FINAL coupon class will be Wednesday, February 29th at 6:30 pm. This will be the last class I will have at my home.

I will still, however, do classes for private individuals, organizations, churches, etc. Please contact me if you would like to reserve a seat. Seating will be limited.


Looks like the Kraft Fresh Taste Breadcrumbs and the Philadelphia Chocolate Cream Cheese Spread will be moneymakers this week using the coupons from the yellow advantage flyer.

Make sure you print the coordinating MQ's to stack with the yellow flyer coupons.

Also, these will pull up as bricks coupons. Remember you can also request to have a coupon mailed to you. I printed my coupon plus one was mailed to my home! Look for a plain white envelope with Santa Ana, Calif as the return address.

You will still have plenty of time to use these coupons!


Stewart's sale ad is up again. Green peppers are a good buy at 3 for $1.00. Take ths opportunity to make Stuffed Green Peppers using all the Muir Glen Tomato Sauce we have in our stockpile! Does anyone know what to do with turnips?

Fresh, never frozen Boneless Chicken Breasts,
5 lbs. or more, $1.99 lb.

Boneless NY Strip Steaks, $5.99 lb.

Fresh Local Clams, $3.00 dozen

EZ Peel, 26-30 ct. Shrimp, $4.99 lb.

Haas Avocados, $.79 each

Jumbo Green Bell Peppers, 3 for $1.00

Internet Advertised Specials:

3 lb. bag Onions, $1.49 each

Loose Beets or Turnips, $.99 lb.

5 lb. bag Idaho Potatoes, $1.99 each

D'Anjou Pears, $.99 lb.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Family Dollar had an awesome deal this week on Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Toilet Bowl Cleaner. It is on sale for $4. When you pair the sale with the $4 coupon you get it for FREE and only pay tax!

The Palmolive was not on my list but when I saw a 64 oz. bottle for $3 I knew I had to pick up that awesome deal. My total was $4.14 including all tax.

Go HERE to get the $4 coupon so you can get the Scrubbing Bubbles cleaner yourself!

The deal gets even better! When you open the box, there are coupons in there for $3 off another Scrubbing Bubbles Starter Kit. There is also a BOGO coupon for a refill. You can walk out of the store and go outside and pull out the $3 coupons are buy more for $1 each!

PUBLIX 2/22/12, SPENT $.68, SAVED 99%

The new Right Guard coupons came out yesterday so I ran to Publix to take advantage of them with the BOGO sale. I also picked up a few more shredded cheese and frozen veggies. I was able to get overage from the Sundown Vitamins. Here is what I bought:

2 Kraft Shredded Cheese
6 Green Giant Vegetables
1 Potato Roll
6 Right Guard Deodorant
4 Sundown Vitamins

My total before coupons was $38.88 and after coupons only $.68. I was able to use my $5 off $50 coupons.

Notice the apple in the picture. It was not on my list. But I needed it so I was in the positive. If I didn't throw the apple in there I would have been $.21 in the negative!

The Right Guard was $.45 each, more than I usually spend on deodorant but it brought my total up to use my $5 off $30 coupon.


It's here! The $5 off $50 I have been waiting for arrived today in the mail in the Red Plum Flyer.

Make sure you don't throw it out by mistake! I like when they put them in the newspaper so we can buy additional copies! Either way, I'll take a free $5 from Publix!


Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice or Juice Blends will be BOGO at Winn Dixie this week. If you still have the BOGO FACEBOOK COUPON, you will be able to get 2 bottles for FREE! It will only allow you to print one coupon per computer.

This is a Bricks coupon. Press the HELP button at the bottom of the page before you print the coupon and request a coupon to be mailed to you. You can then print your coupon.

I have been doing this and have been able to print the coupon as well as receive a copy in the mail. It will come in a white non-descript envelope from Santa Ana, CA. Make sure you don't throw it out by mistake!!!

Make sure you get dressed for winter before you head into WD because it is usually freezing in there!

...and here's another deal for you. If you go to the WD north of town, stop in the Family Dollar next door and pick up some FREE Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Bowl Cleaner. They are on sale for $4 this week. Go HERE to print a coupon for $4 off the starter kit...FREE TOILET BOWL CLEANER

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Don't forget to go HERE to enter a sweepstakes to win $100 worth of Publix groceries! Click on the banner shown above and submit your information. When you come back to enter all you have to do is log in and your information is remembered.

Good luck and I hope one of us wins! There will be 500 random winners.

Monday, February 20, 2012


I ran into CVS today after work with my one $2 peelie for Schick Hydro Gel. My OOP was $.24 after using my $2 ECB and I got a $4 ECB back!

If you are planning on doing this deal, it has been reported that there are peelies on the products which makes it very easy to do the deal. However, there were NO peelies at the CVS store on the island. So don't waste your time going there to look for any to do this deal. I just happened to have one in my binder.

I hope you guys have better luck than I do in getting this deal. I was glad just to get one to roll my ECB!


If you have any ECB's to roll this week, head to CVS to buy the Coldcalm Homeopathic Medicine. They are $6.99 and are giving a $6.99 ECB back.

The best part is these don't expire until May 2016! I have never seen that kind of an expiration date before.

I know two things for sure. One is I have to pay my taxes and the other is I will surely get a cold and need these before 2016! I am happy to say I now have two boxes that cost me $1.49 OOP and gave me back two $6.99 ECB's.

Sunday, February 19, 2012


We made a trip to Costco today to buy ribs and pineapple. I should have got my lettuce there but I had already picked it up at Publix. A chocolate cake ended up in our cart as well. You will see that in the next post. Sometimes you just have to forget about calories!

We were in Costco 2 weeks ago. I don't know what for. I think we ended up buying raviolli's (they are the best) and socks. Nothing exciting. But what I did see there was a storage ottoman for $199. Now who can't use more storage?? Since I was in the furniture industry, I knew that was a decent price. I didn't want to buy it then. I wanted to think about it, dream about it, lose sleep over you know what I mean?

Fast forward two weeks. We wanted ribs so we took the truck to Costco instead of the gas-saving Prius just in case I wanted the ottoman. I walked up to it and gasped, squealing with delight. The price now said $129.97! Did I remember it wrong? No, my husband remembered the same thing. Now I don't know what that does for you, but for me I knew it was speaking to me. I just had to have it!

Now the story gets even better. My husband tells me to call my daughter in Miami because she had shown an interest in it also. She freaks out when I tell her the price. I give her the item number and she calls her store in Miami.

This is where the story taught me something about Costco. She calls me back and informs me her Costco has them for $99! Say what??? You have got to be kidding me!!

I march myself up to the front to speak to the manager to see if there is a way I can purchase it at the price they are selling it for in Miami. Isn't it supposed to be the opposite...more in Miami, less in Jacksonville? He informs me that the ottoman is a seasonal item and they are trying to get rid of them. When we saw it originally it was $199.99. Now it was $129.97. When an item ends in $.97 it is on clearance (that was nice to know). They will continue to mark it down until it sells out. He couldn't tell me for sure but he was under the impression it was going to be marked down to $99 tomorrow. What the heck! I am already here and I am not going to let this bad boy out of my sight!

He proceeded to tell me if it goes down in price within the next 30 days, I will get a refund! That is music to a couponers ears!!

I bet all of you can guess what I am doing first thing in the morning. Yep, calling Costco to get my refund. If it doesn't get marked down tomorrow, Cory the manager, will know me my name!

So the lesson here is watch for the prices that end in $.97. He said Costco makes deals with the manufacturers ahead of time and the manufacturer is the one who decides how low the piece will go. I bet there are many seasoned Costco shoppers that see something they want and then just watch it until it gets marked down. I know I certainly will from now on!


My publix trip was short and sweet. I knew right what I needed to fill in my stockpile. I was in and out of there in no time!

I was hoping the Thermacare were going to be free but they were not. If they go on sale for 25% off within the month, they will be free with the green $5/2 Green Adv. Flyer Q and the $3 MQ's. Let's hope for a sale!

Here is what I bought:

12 cans creamed corn
6 Black Beans
6 Diced Tomatoes
2 V-8 Juice
5 Cocoa Krispies
Romaine Lettuce
6 Green Giant Frozen Vegetables
Alexia Frozen rolls
2 Chicken Broth
4 Shredded Cheese
2 Block Cheese
2 Lays Chips
5 Softsoap Hand Soap

My total before coupons was $69.97. I was able to use my two $5/$30 Publix coupons and my two $10 gift cards that I received a few weeks back. My total after all the above and my coupons was $8.13. My shopping is done for the week. I still have PLENTY of food in my freezer and cupboards to get me through the next few months!!

Now when you save that much at the grocery store you could go to Costco and buy this!! Holy Smokes! Can you believe the size of it! My husband was dying for a piece of this cake and we are going to split it with my mother-in-law. That cake was $16.99...more than all my groceries for the week!

I think since I saved 92% this week, we can splurge on the cake! Anyone want some?

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Do you love eating at TGIF? Then this deal is for you!

Go HERE to print a coupon for $5 off a $15 purchase! I have heard that they have awesome hamburgers.

The coupon is in a PDF form so print as many as you want. It also doesn't expire until June 30, 2012!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


I just saw this great Idea for How to Save Money by Extending the Life of Your Mascara on Pintrest and I wanted to share it with you!

I haven’t tried this but here’s the tip:

Add 4-5 Drops of Saline Solution or Eyedrops to your Mascara Bottle,
Insert the wand and stir!

Super Simple right? You can repeat this when you feel like your Mascara is drying out or until it’s all gone! This is just a simple way to get a little more life out of your favorite nascara.

Also, did you know you can make your own Eye Makeup Remover?

Here’s what you need:

1 Cup of Water
1 Tablespoon of Baby Shampoo (Tearless)
1/4 Tsp of Baby Oil or Mineral Oil

Most of us already have this stuff laying around the house. I think I will go upstairs right now and make some eye makeup remover!


I didn't take a picture of this shopping trip because it was a ton of cans. I really didn't feel like hauling in tons of cans into the kitchen to take a picture only to haul them out to the garage.

The Italian days sale is one of my favorite sales. I was a little disappointed because it was not as good as last year, but it is still worth getting these deals. This is the time to stock up on canned beans, canned tomatoes, chix broth, bread crumbs, soups, and canned vegetables.

This is what I bought today for $19.54:

16 Green Giant Creamed Corn
1 Alexia Three Cheese Bread
18 ct. Eggs
4 Muir Glen Diced Tomatoes
6 Cans Progresso Chick Peas
6 Diced Tomatoes
Pork & Beans
8 Progresso Black Beans
Can of Mushrooms
6 Cannelli Beans
5 Softsoap Hand Soap (peelies are right on soap for $.50)

I just added to my stockpile all of the above beans and vegetables. In fact, the creamed corn was the only one I really needed. With most of them having an expiration date of 2014, stock up now!


Looking to bring your total up to use those $5 off $30 Publix coupons, do the Nivea deal listed below and get 2 for free.

Nivea lip products are 2/$3 through Friday. Use the $3/2 Nivea Lip Care Products, .17 oz – .35 oz tube 02/12/2012 RP Insert (exp 02/25/2012) and get two for FREE

If you are buying Hunts Tomatoes (and you should be at this price), look for the Publix coupon for $1.50 off Alexia Bread and stack with the $1.25 MQ and pay only about $.94 for a bag of frozen Alexia bread or rolls. I bought the cheese rolls that I plan on eating with my dinner tonight!! Look in your coupon binder to see if you have the MQ.


Go HERE to print your rebate form. Buy $50 worth of any Venus, Olay, Secret, CoverGirl, Clairol, Herbal Essences, Aussie, Head & Shoulders, Pantene, Safeguard, Ivory, Crest 3D White, Always and/or Tampax products from 02/15/12 to 04/28/12.


• This completed certificate
• Original dated sales receipt(s) with item(s) and purchase price(s) circled
• Write in UPC codes in spaces provided on the offer form

Mail to:

Best in Beauty Rebate
PO Box 7304
South Bend, IN 46634-7304

expires 4/28/12

We have plenty of time to see if we can get any good deals for this rebate. Save all your receipts and let's hope for a good sale!


Has anyone tried this stuff? This is all we buy for spreadable butter. Yes, I still get the ICBINB when it is free, but this is the only stuff we really like. You think you are using real butter.

Get yourself a loaf of good bread like Panara or bisquits and spread some of this on and you will love it!

Go HERE to print your coupon for $.50 off. I don't see coupons for it that often so print it now.

I plan on holding mine to use the next time they offer the gas card deal again!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Here is the new ad for Stewart's Market. As usual the chicken breasts are on sale again. There is no reason to pay more than $1.99 lb.!!

Fresh, never frozen Boneless Chicken Breasts,
5 lbs. or more, $1.99 lb.

Boneless NY Strip Steaks, $5.99 lb.

Fresh Local Clams, $3.00 dozen

1 lb. package White Mushrooms, $1.99 each

Haas Avocados, $.79 each

5 lb. bag Idaho Potatoes, $1.99 each

Internet Advertised Specials:

3 lb. bag Onions, $1.49 each

Loose Beets or Turnips, $.99 lb.

Washington State Golden Delicious Apples, $.99 lb.

D'Anjou Pears, $.99 lb.


I know I said I wasn't going to go to Publix this ad but I worked out a scenerio to get just over $50 with very little out-of-pocket. I was able to get 2 gas cards in Miami from my daughters $100 shopping trip since she only wanted two. That was $0 out of my pocket.

Today I bought the following:

1 lb. strawberries
Sour Cream
Lg. Cottege Cheese
4 Monterey Bay Raviolli
2 Kikoman Stir Fry
2 Crystal Light
1 Mission Tortillas
1 Tena Pads
2 Phazayme
2 Sominex
4 Nivea Lip Care

My total was $86.27 which included 2 gas cards. That means everything above cost me $6.27. Of course, I forgot to give them the Publix $5 off $30 that was in todays paper, so I will go back with my receipt and get the $5 back which then brings my total down to $1.27 for all the above PLUS 2 gas cards!

Was that worth going to Publix this week even though I said I wasn't? Yes...I think it was!

I was able to get overage from the Sominex, Phazayme and Tena Pads. They pulled the $7 coupon for the Tena pads. I wish I had printed more coupons. The Nivea Lip care, Kikoman were all free. The raviolli ended up being only $.49 each.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


For those that do now know what a "Bricks" coupon is, it is a coupon powered by that has "" in the beginning of the URL. It's the most common looking manufacturer coupon and is widely accepted without issues at most retailers.

Sometimes there is an option when they will mail it to you because not all of us have access to a printer at all times. And we all know how quickly some of these coupons can reach print limit and are no longer available! Coupons that are mailed to you usually show up within 7- 10 business days in an envelope with the return address from Santa Clara, CA. The envelope looks like junk mail!

Once you are on the Print Your Coupon page you just click "Help" on the lower right corner. That will then take you to another page where you will fill your mailing address out. This option is NOT available for all Bricks coupons. Also, you will not find this option available when you are printing directly from

Here is another little secret, when you go to a Bricks coupon and it tells you the the coupon is out of prints, you can sometimes still request it by mail!


If you have any painting to do at your home, print this coupon for 25% off Sherwin Williams Paint HERE.

Take the time to give your home a lift with paint. It will change the look of your home and you will be happy when you see how inexpensively you can do it!

While you are there at, check out the Tyson Chicken Cube Steak coupon for $.75 off. It is rare to see meat coupons so take advantage of this one.

I have tried regular cube steak. Has anyone tried the chicken cube steak? I think it is worth a try!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Will the deodorant deals ever stop? Woo Hoo for free or cheap deodorant

Be on the lookout at your CVS for Right Guard Deodorant that is on clearance for $1.14 each. I found at my store some of them were not marked so I just scanned them at the red coupon machine.

Print the $1/2 coupon from for Right Guard and pay only $1.28 plus tax and get back a $3 ECB!! The deal is even better if you already have ECB's to use!

I was able to do this deal 2 times on 2 different cards!


February is my favorite month for the Italian Days Sale at Publix. It couldn't come at a better time. My Progresso Cannelli Beans stock is down to 3 cans (although I have 12 cans of Bushs beans), my stock of black beans is down to 12 cans, my stock of creamed corn is down to 2 cans, and my stock of regular corn is down to 20 cans.
I have 8 Progresso Broth left and 4 Progresso Bread Crumbs left.

The expiration date on my canned items is 2013 so I still have another 2 years to go on those!

Last year there was an additional MQ we used plus a $5 off 20 items that was really awesome! I am hoping that coupon will appear over the next few days.

Take this time to stock up on canned beans and vegetables, broth and bread crumbs.


Play the FebruANY Game on Subway’s Website HERE (you need to answer the trivia question, but answer does not matter) for a chance to win a $5 Subway Gift Card. They will be giving out (30) each day through 02-29-2012. They will email you if you win.

Make sure you play everyday and check your junk email to see if you are a winner!

Sunday, February 12, 2012


After being gone for 5 days in Miami, I am glad to be home in my own bed but will sure miss my grandchildren, daughter and son-in-law. One thing I will not miss is the traffic and the Publix she shops at.

My daughter sent me with a list to go to the store. Picture our store here, let's say the beach store on a Saturday with tons of tourists checking in their condos and doing their shopping. Double the amount of people in the store! Now throw in some spanish and you have the Miramar Publix.

I go through the line and my cashier was just short of not being all there. I asked him to price check feta cheese for me to see if it was BOGO. It wasn't on sale so I told him I didn't want it. I didn't check to see that he took it off assuming he would. It wasn't until the next day did my daughter realize he charged her for 4 feta cheese when I only bought one.

Her bill was over $100 and she only wanted two gas cards. I asked him if I could put two gas cards on one credit card and the other two on a different card. He seemed to understand what I was saying and said yes.

He put two on one card and tried to do another and told me I couldn't purchase another two gas cards because the coupon said limit one per coupon. Now understand this was just after I DID purchase two gas cards. I tried to explain to him I could get two more cards because I spent over $100. I guess I didn't habla esponol because he had to call someone over. She just directed me to go to the customer service desk.

I was polite even though what I wanted to say was their cashier really fell short in the cashiering department. She told me I COULD get two cards and even said to me "How many do you want? I'll give you as many as you want". WOW! You have got to be kidding me??? Really??

Then I thought about it...if I bought 10, another $400 would go on the credit card.

Unfortunately, I didn't accept the generous offer because I had purchased so many in the last two times they were offered. I just bought the two and thanked them and left.

I felt blessed that I was able to get two because I don't plan on shopping this current weeks ad.

I also felt blessed that I don't have to shop at the Miramar Publix and was glad to get back to St. Augustine.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


For those of you who like to do Focus Groups and Product tests: I received the following e-mail today. This is a paid Research Study about tax preparation and you must meet the specified criteria to qualify. If you meet the qualifications then just call the number (at the bottom of the post) and leave a message if you don’t reach a person. They do call back and you might just get in! Here it is:

We have a tax research study that pays $250. We would like you to test out a new version of TurboTax and in appreciation you would receive $250 plus your taxes would be filed at no cost to you.

To qualify, all of the following must apply to you. If even one of the following are not true for you, then you do not qualify:

-You must be able to file your taxes as a 1040EZ form

-You must have done your taxes last year via Accountant, CPA, Family Friend, at a Tax Place/Service (H&R Block, Jackson Hewitt, Liberty) or a tax preparation service (e.g., check cashing place or somewhere else). Basically you cannot have done your own taxes either online, via software, or via paper for last year. Someone else has to have done them for you.

-You must have done your taxes last year before February 15th

-You have not used any tax software such as Turbotax or Taxcut or any online websites in the past 2 years to file your taxes. More than 2 years ago is OK.

-You must have at least one or more W-2 for last year.

-You must be willing to wait until after April 1st of this year to file your taxes

-You must not have any 1099 forms, other than 1099-Int. So no side jobs that you got a 1099 for.

-You must not have sold any stocks or mutual funds outside of your 401k or retirement accounts

-You must be between the ages of 20-45 with or without kids. Ages 46-50 must have kids.

If you fit all of the above criteria, then great! You are very likely to qualify for our research and can call us at 1-818-622-4007 or email me with your contact information so we can screen you.

If you qualify, we will let you know right then that you are in the research. Once you are registered for the research, we ask that you please do not get your taxes filed. On April 1st you will be given access to a new version of the TurboTax software to file your taxes on. Once you have done that, your taxes will be filed for you free of charge and we will compensate you with the $250 for participating in the research. We realize that you will have to wait until April to get your tax refund so we hope that the $250 makes it worthwhile for you.

Feel free to forward this information to friends/family if you do not qualify.

Let me know if you qualify and you get picked. Wouldn't that be awesome!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


If you didn't get the free Mac & Cheese at Target with the $1/1 coupon, here is your opportunity to get cheap boxed mac & cheese. Go HERE to print a coupon for $.50/2 and pay only about $.49 a box. Not free, but if your kids love this stuff, it's still worth it if you are going to buy it anyway.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


"Like" Clorox on Facebook HERE and get a printable coupon for $.50. Remember to print the coupon twice.I just used my last bit of clorox yesterday so this comes at a perfect time for me!While you are there share your bleachable moment for a chance to win $25,000.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Bealls Florida has released a new coupon for $10 off a $20 purchase. This coupon is good Feb. 6 - Feb. 9th only.

Go HERE to print your coupon.


Doesn't it seem like the gas card deal was just here? Beginning with the new ad on Thursday, the gas card deal will be here again! Spend $25 in groceries before coupons and get a $50 gas card for $40!! As much as I love the gas card deal, I don't even think I can scrape up $25 this week! That is OK with me because I still have plenty left and don't really see anything that catches my fancy with this ad.


Hallmark has a coupon on their site for Buy One Get One Free.

What perfect timing if you need that perfect Valentines Day Card! Head over HERE and look at the top right to print.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


This week Bounty Paper Towels are on sale for $6.99, normally $9.99. At the SR 16 store there was a flyer at the register and one of the coupons in the flyer was a PQ for $2 off Bounty.

Stack that with the measley $.25/1 in the 1/29 PG and pay $4.74 for a large package of paper towels. That is an excellent stock-up price! Be on the lookout for this flyer and if you don't see it ask at the customer service desk.


I received an e-mail from Laura today showing me her Superbowl Sunday shopping trip. She was able to get Provolone cheese, American cheese, ground chuck and groud sirloin, milk, veggies, chips, salsa, bread, plates, eye care solution, 24 pk beer, Tena pads.

Laura was lucky because her cashier took off the full $7 off the package of Tena Pads making $1.81 overage per pack! She bought 9 of them so made $16.29 overage to go towards her Superbowl groceries!! He total before coupons was $142.90 and only $47.89 after coupons. Then she received a $10 Publix gift card for spending $100 before coupons.

Way to go Laura! She is a perfect example of how we can all save at the grocery store. Keep your e-mails coming! I love seeing them and also letting everyone else know how you did!


One of the CVS deals this week involves Vicks Nature Fusion. Check your binders for the $4 coupon they sent out and do the following deal.

Vicks NyQuil, DayQuil 12 oz, liquidcaps 24 ct, Nature Fusion 8 oz or 20 ct 2/$12 = $3 Ecb (limit 1)
Buy 2 Nature Fusion products 2/$12
Use 1 $3/1 coupons found in the 1/29 PG
Use 1 $4 coupon sent from Vocalpoint
Pay $5
Get back $3 Ecb
Final cost $1.00 each and a great way to roll your ECB's.

Saturday, February 4, 2012


I was excited to see the deal Publix was offering this week but was a little hesitant because I didn't know if I was going to hit $100 to get the $10 gift card. Enter my husband into the picture. We had gone up to Costco to get chicken wings for tomorrow and I talked him into going to Publix on the way home so I didn't have to go tomorrow. I split the list in half and gave him his.

I bet you know where this is going. I stuck to my list as I always do. Isn't that what a good couponer does? Well, it is obvious he is not a couponer. Now granted we bought alot of stuff we normally don't buy because we are having friends over for Superbowl...but I never expected this.

My total before coupons was $250!!! YIKES! I spend that much in two months, not one week! There was so much stuff I didn't take a picture because I just needed to get it all put away. I was able to get 4 Complete Eye Solutions, 6 Heinz Ketchup, 4 OM Lunchmeat, Pasta, Frozen Vegetables, Juice, produce items, 2 Bacon, 3 Sausage, Semi-Boneless Ham (that was $16 alone), soft drinks, beer, chips, nuts, and rolls just to name a FEW of the items I got. Of course, there was another one of those danish pastries in there. They somehow always seem to make it in my cart when my husband is with me!

After my coupons I was able to get it down to $$129.82 and got back two $10 Publix gift cards, so technically I spent $109.

I am glad I am going out of town for 5 days so I won't be shopping much next week. I plan on living off the stockpile for a good part of February to make up for this trip!


You can get FREE TENA PADS all this month using this coupon HERE.

These sell for $5.19 at Publix and the coupon is for "Up to $7 off". I bought 7 of them thinking I would be getting overage for each one and the cashier adjusted each down to $5.19 each. No overage but they were free.

You have to sign up and they will send you a link in your e-mail. The coupon is in PDF form so you will be able to print multiple copies. The coupon is good until Feb. 29th.

So be careful reading this coupon. I assumed I would get off $1.81 for each one I purchased and I didn't. It's still a great deal if you need pads. They offer Ultra Thins all the way up to maximum protection.


Oprah has her favorite things. Let me introduce you to my new favorite thing.

Downey Un-Stopables smells like heaven...clean, fresh, awesome scent booster. Just sprinkle in as little or as much as you want and you will want to do wash everyday just to smell it!

I only sprinkled just a little and the smell was amazing! It was a bit on the expensive side, $6 for the bottle shown above, but well worth the price! There is a $2 coupon in the 1/29 PG making this just $4 this week at Target. I can't wait to wash my sheets and crawl into bed with this awesome smell.

This stuff smells so awesome it didn't deserve to have it's picture taken inside the house. I walked outside and took it outside to better give you the idea of how awesome it is!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Are you in the market for a new TV? Deal News said these are the best buys this month.

There's no better time to upgrade your TV than in preparation for sweeps month, which begins today and runs through February 29. This week's best HDTV deals are sized to fit any space and budget: from two modest 40"-range HDTVs from $330, to a 55" Westinghouse and 70" Sharp that can turn any living room into a home cinema center.

1.Sharp 42" 1080p Widescreen LCD HD Television
Store: Best Buy
Price: $329.99 with free in-store pickup
Lowest By: $70

Is It Worth It?: Although this is the same model that notably marked down to $200 as a Black Friday doorbuster, it was extremely difficult to get your hands on then. Now, it's available at an attractive price low. It features a native resolution of 1920x1080 (1080p), a USB port, four HDMI inputs, and VGA and other video inputs. To avoid the $69.99 shipping charge, we suggest that you select free-in store pickup.

2. Apex 46" 1080p Widescreen LCD HD Television
Store: Target
Price: $379 with free shipping
Lowest By: $1

Is It Worth It?: While this Apex set is $201 off and also the lowest total price we've seen for any 46" 1080p LCD HDTV, it's currently a low by just $1 for this type of set because we recently also saw the Dynex 46" 1080p LCD HDTV for $379.99 with free in-store pickup. If you prefer the Apex, note that it features a native resolution of 1920x1080 (1080p), 4,000:1 contrast ratio, three HDMI inputs, and other video inputs.

3. Westinghouse 55" 120Hz 1080p Widescreen LCD HD Television
Store: Best Buy
Price: $579.99 with free in-store pickup
Lowest By: $187

Is It Worth It?: A slim 55" HDTV that won't empty your wallet? That's exactly what the HDTV doctor's ordered. Enjoy this set's 1080p native resolution, 400 cd/m² brightness, 6.5 ms response time, four HDMI inputs, plus VGA and other video inputs. What's more, save yourself the $69.99 shipping charge and select free in-store pickup.

4. Sharp AQUOS 69.5" 120Hz 1080p LED-Backlit Widescreen LCD HD Television
Store: Sears
Price: $1,799.99 at checkout with free in-store pickup
Lowest By: $149
Expires: February 4

Is It Worth It?: What better way to enhance your home theater experience than with a massive 70" HDTV? For in-store pickup only, and with stock varying by ZIP code, this Sharp AQUOS 69.5" 120Hz 1080p LED-Backlit Widescreen LCD HD Television ranks as an Editors' Choice HDTV and features 802.11b wireless, Ethernet, and USB connectivity, Smart TV (for watching Netflix, VUDU, CinemaNow, and more), four HDMI inputs, and other video inputs.


In my inbox I spotted a coupon from Cooking with Kraft for $1 off any bread wyb Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat.

This is a great coupon for me because I have the Buy 3 Get 1 Free Oscar Mayer Target Coupon. It is on sale this week for $3.33 each. Buy 4 and use the above coupon plus the $1/2 MQ and pay just $1.99 for a container of lunchmeat.

Add the $1 off bread coupon and make the deal even sweeter!

I hope you all still have the Save $5 wyb 6 of the following items Target Coupon. I plan on buying 6 Heinz Ketchup for $1.25 each and 6 TGIF snacks to get them all for a great deal!


My daughter had 4 wisdom teeth pulled today. While my husband had her in my car, I was driving her car home and pulled into Winn Dixie to get her some jello, ramen noodles, and franks hot sauce. No...the Franks Hot Sauce wasn't for her.

While I was there I picked up the following:

1 Marie's Blue Cheese Dressing (used $1/1)
2 Kraft Mozz. Chunk Cheese BOGO (for my Pizza Bites Superbowl Sunday, used $1/2)
2 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (used two $1/1)
1 Jello
2 Kraft Crumbled Blue Cheese BOGO (for my Bflo Chicken Dip, used $1/2 MQ)
1 Palmolive Dish Soap (used $.25 MQ)
Green Grapes
Pkg of 10 Ramen Noodles
Odwala Smoothie (splurge for having teeth pulled)

My total before coupons was $33.38. My total after coupons and $5/$30 WD coupon was $15.44. The cashier was going on and on about how much I saved. I told her I usually don't shop at WD and do all of my shopping at Publix and you should see what I save there! She told me she knew the prices were higher but shops there because she is there anyways.

On my receipt it said I saved a total of $2,719.16 with my rewards card. Are you kidding me!! I NEVER shop here! I bet that total is from when I was 25 years old and got my first WD card. It's kind of pathetic that they think you will believe you have saved that much. They need to add the fine print..."Saved a Total of $2719.16 since 1981"...then I would believe it!

Oh, by the way, I went in for Franks Hot Sauce and they were out. By the time I was done talking and listening to the cashier I totally forgot to go and get my raincheck! If you do happen to wander in there, wear your parka and gloves because it is about 18 degrees in there!
It a new month so here is what to expect sales on this month.


National Canned Food Month: Canned Fruit, Pie Fillings, Vegetables, Meats: Tuna, Chicken, Salmon

National Hot Breakfast Month: Malt O Meal, Oatmeal, Eggo Waffles, Syrup

Valentines: Chocolate, Hershey’s, KY Lubricant, etc

Chinese New Year: Soy Sauce, Teriyaki Sauce, Noodles, Canned Water Chestnuts

Seasonal Produce: Artichoke, Asparagus, Raspberries, Potatoes, Strawberries, Broccoli, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Chard, Collards, Kale, Kiwi, Avocado, Spinach

February will bring Publix Italian Days. This is my favorite time of year to stock up on canned vegetables, tomatoes, beans, etc. I still have some left from last year and they don't expire for another year!


Are you planning on buying Lays Chips that are BOGO this week and dip for the SuperBowl? Why not get a FREE 1.5 liter of Pepsi...or better yet two FREE LITERS OF PEPSI! Head over HERE and print the coupon for Free Pepsi 1.5 liter wyb one Lays Chip.

Make sure you print two of these and use both wyb your two bags of chips and dip!!

The link will take you to HEB coupons. Don't worry, the coupon doesn't state that grocery store on the coupon!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Stewarts Weekly Ad is it is!

Fresh, never frozen Boneless Chicken Breasts,
5 lbs. or more, $1.99 lb.

Boneless NY Strip Steaks, $4.99 lb.

Fresh Local Shrimp, headless, 26-30 count, $6.99 lb.

Indian River Honeybell Tangelos , Ruby Red Grapefruit, or Tangerines, 3 for $1.00

Haas Avocados, $.79 each

Washington State Extra Fancy Golden Delicious Apples, $.99 lb.

Internet Advertised Specials:
3 lb. bag Onions, $1.49 each
5 lb. bag Potatoes, $1.99 each
Salt Run Oysters, bushels $35, half bushels, $20
1 lb. package White Mushrooms, $1.99 lb.
Fresh Local Cabbage, $1 head
Plant City Strawberries, $2 pint


Are you cooking chicken wings for SuperBowl? Then head to Winn Dixie to get Franks Hot Sauce, the only kind of sauce you should use for hot Buffalo wings.

Frank’s Wing Sauce, 12 oz, BOGO $3.29

Use the $.75/1 coupon from the 1/22 SS and pay $.90 per bottle!

While you are there pick up this other good deal:

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, 2 ct, or Mr. Clean with Febreze Pourable Liquid or Trigger, 40 oz, 2/$4

-$1/1 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Gather Together Savings Booklet (exp 04/30/2012)

Use the $1/1 coupon and get a box of Magic Erasers for only $1 a box!

If you printed the Ocean Spray coupon from facebook for BOGO, you should get that for FREE also if they have the cherry flavor. I guess I will find out tomorrow!


I just totalled my Publix receipts for January. I was able to purchase 15 gas cards for the month at the cost of $40 each, a total of $600. The gas cards value were $750, so a $150 savings. Is it worth it? The answer is a BIG YES!!That savings actually could have bought my groceries for the month!

My total receipts for the 5-week month of January were $148.61. This is where the bulk of my shopping is done. We occasionally wander into Walmart and I do have a few things I get there if I am in the store. I love their Farmers Deli Ham and Land-O-Lakes Cheese. I always buy a pound of each one to two times a month.

Even if I were to add another $100 to my total bill for the month, it brings my weekly total up to just under $50 per week. I know there are many months where I do not spend this much out of Publix. This total counts all my stockpile items that include non-grocery items as well such as laundry detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, etc.

How about you? How did you do the month of January?


Sorry I am posting this so late but I had to work today and left the house early to make a quick stop at Publix before I went in.

The Fiber One coupon reset today on and you know what that means!!! More FREE CEREAL!! The $2 PQ ends today so if you see this in time print out the $1/2 MQ and stack with the PQ in their flyer to get more cereal. I only was able to print off 2 computers but that meant 8 more boxes of cereal!

I have been eating it every morning so you could go through a box in a week. At that rate I should have enough for about 5 months! But I won't have it that long because I have already given some away!


Head over to Target and pick up some Iams Dog or Cat Food for FREE! Look for the 24 oz. package and use the $3/1 coupon from the 1/29 PG to get some free food!

While I was there I also picked up two 104" aqua tablecloths for $5.48 each and a matching runner for $5.48, all on clearance.

I also saw a two pack of Softsoap 32 oz. Hand Soap (refill) marked down to $2.92. Check to see if you have the $.40 coupon and get a great deal on hand soap!