Monday, June 30, 2014


Couponlynn had asked a question that I totally missed! Sorry Lynn! Yes, the SR 16 store will let you use multiple Target coupons. I have not had any problem there. My friend, Margie, went to SR 16 because I told her they would not make you split up your order and she was able to use about 5 WD coupons at one time! That is awesome and in my opinion worth going to the SR 16 store for! Let us know what your experience is at the SR 16 store.


You may have noticed the posts have been far and few between. I just don't have it in me anymore to post daily or post all the good deals I see. It is just too time consuming and, frankly, not enough people read the blog since I have scaled down. I will try to post if I see a good deal! So here is a good deal! Go to and you will be able to print two $1/1 coupons! PAM is BOGO this week so we should get it for about $.80 a can. That is a great stock up price.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Want to get some Garnier Fructis shampoo/conditioner and Speed Stick deodorant for next to nothing? You can change up your scenario but this is what I did. First transaction I bought six Garnier shampoo and used the $2/1 from I think the 5/4 SSMand the $5 off $15 target printable on personal items. I also bought three 2-packs of a speed Stick deodorant. There is a 2/1 coupon from and a target printable. It is listed under personal care and look for $1 select items and a deodorant is pictured. After all the coupons I got a great deal!


When you are looking for a coupon do you stop if you can't find it? For example, a blog may say there is a $1 coupon for Pedigree in the 4/27 SS and you look there and can't find it. I always go to the RP and look there also. This just happened to me when I was looking for a $1 Pedigree coupon for my daughter. The 4/27 SS was called "Paw It Forward" so you would think it would obviously be in there. That insert was loaded with tons of dog food coupons. But it wasn't. I looked in the RP and there it was. The moral of the story is to make sure you look in the other insert because you may find them there!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Just an update on the ETC books. I have three sets of 10 left to purchase. If anyone would like a set of 10 for $25, please text or email me and let me know. The new WD coupons are now $10 off $50 and will expire 12/31/14.

Saturday, June 7, 2014


It felt like the good old days when I dropped into Publix this evening after church. I did two transactions. The first I bought 9 Dove Shampoo/Conditioner. a 6-pack of Brawney paper towels and a loaf of deli bread. My total was $2.52. $1.44 of that was tax!! My second transaction was 4 BIC razors, 2 Sundown Vitamins, 2 Hellmans and another Brawney Paper Towel. This time my total was $.84. Yes, for a fleeting moment I was brought back to the good old days!


In yesterday's Compass in the St. Augustine Record, there is a coupon for 15% off any one item for the store I work at called PEACE LOVE HOME. Not only can you use this on a furniture purchase and get 15% off, but you can use on jewelry, lotions, purses, scarves, and accessories. Stop by and check us out! The coupon expires on 6/12.

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Be on the lookout for $1 peelies on the Brawney paper towels. They Re on sale for $5.99 so you will pay $5 a package. That is a great. Price so make sure you get a few packages! Zatarins rice is on sale for $1 each. Look for peelies all over the packages for $1 off 2. Pay just $.50 each


Go to Dollar General this week and pick up a 4-pack of Angel soft toilet paper for $.55 each. Make sure you ask them if the toilet paper is also on another shelf in the store. The beach store had it in two locations. Use the $.45 coupon in the 5/18 RP


I might order 100 books from ENJOY THE CITY with the WD coupon in it. The coupon will expire 12/31/14 and is now a $5 off $50 coupon. I will sell the books for $25 for 10. You must arrange to pick them up. If you are interested, text me at 540-5225. If I can get enough people I will order multiple sets. I will not place another order this year.

Monday, June 2, 2014


Here's one for you just in case you missed it. How about putting together a basket for your Father's Day? You can get Edge Shave Gel for just over $.50 each until Friday this week at Publix. Use two $1/2 coupons from the 4/27 SS and a $3/2 PQ from the PAF. This is my husbands favorite shave gel! Throw in a few razors that I know you guys have around the house and you have an instant gift! Your husband may not appreciate it but your father probably would!


We just got back from a weekend of camping at Salt Springs. It seems like we go through a lot of paper towels on those weekends. Let me rephrase seems like my husband goes through a lot of paper towels on a camping weekend. Paper towels are his favorite thing and we all know they are not cheap! This is my time of year to stock up on paper towels. The current ad has bounty on sale and the new ad had Brawny on sale for $4.99 with coupon. This is a stock-up price for me! He had just said we were getting low in the paper towel department! Be sure to stock-up if you use paper towels! Also, I spotted $1 All peelies at the Dollar General in Salt Springs. Those will also come in handy with the All detergent sale!