Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I found a new coupon sheet at the Cobblestone Publix yesterday. It is in the front of the store with a display of all the food items listed in the coupons.  Let's hope for a BOGO sale on Peanut Butter and Popcorn!

You can also get a Publix $10 gift card when you buy $25 worth of participating products.


Diapers is one of those things you should never pay full price for. Here is a deal for you at Walgreens this week. Huggies slip-on diapers are on sale this week for $9.49

Huggies Slip-On Diapers, $9.49

- $4/1 Huggies Slip-On Diapers, Walgreen's Store Coupon found in the August Coupon Booklet. (The cashiers have the booklets at their registers. You don't necessarily have to have the booklet)

- $2/1 Huggies Slip-On Diapers, 7/8/12 SS insert (this coupon expires 8/4)

Pay only $3.49 after both coupons!

Monday, July 30, 2012


Head over to and submit your votes for the "Best Of St. Augustine". Tomorrow is the last day to put in your votes.

If you have ever shopped at the Sunshine Shop for a bathing suit, you would agree that the personal service you get is unlike anywhere else! Please vote for the Sunshine Shop.

While you are there, head over to the Financial catagory and vote for my husband, Art Wampler, for best Financial Advisor!

Thanks everyone!


I forgot to put this one up when you go to Walgreens to get your eggs!!

Wonderful pistachios are on sale this week at Walgreens for $2.99 for an 8 oz. bag. Pistachios are one of those things that call your name when you walk by...and I dare you to eat just a few!

Go HERE to print your coupon for $1/1 and pay just $1.99 for a bag of pistachios!

PUBLIX 7/30/12, SPENT $59.79, SAVED 67%

My Publix trip today was more about stocking up on certain items getting ready to send my daughter back to school with. My stash of Ziplock sandwich bags were LOW so the sale of $2/3 and then using the $1/2 MQ and $1/2 YAF coupon to make them $.50 a box was great. I bought the last ones on the shelf and then got a raincheck to use next week before the YAF coupon expires.

We just pulled in the driveway today from camping at Sebastian Inlet in Melbourne and literally two minutes later the sky opened up! I waited for it to clear some before I went to the Cobblestone  Publix. My cashier was Joyce, the real nice black woman, and she asked for my coupons beforehand. problem and I handed them to her. She proceeded to lay them all out and started scanning, matching the coupons with the items. I had no problem with it because everything I had matched perfectly but I thought she was going to take the coupon amount off when she scanned it. That would have messed up my total of over $100 so I could use three $5/$30 coupons. She ended up scanning my coupons at the end but it sure was a pain.

My total before coupons was $110 and after coupons was $59.79. This is what I bought for just under $60.

2 Chobani Greek Yogurt 4-pk
4 Smart Balance Milk ( hurt to pay $2 each!!)
1 Lg. Breakstone Cottage Cheese
4 Quaker Granola Bars
2 Deli Ice Tea
1 Dijon Mustard
10 8-pk Juicy Juice
1 Bag Pretzel Crisps
2 Doritos
6 Pop Tarts
2 Lg. Bags Baby Carrots @ $2.89 each
Cherries (these were $6.29 alone!)
Pepperidge Farm Bread
5 Soft Soap Hand Soap
10 boxes of Ziplock Snack/Sandwich Bags
4 Pkgs of Papermate Pens
Box of Crayons

Even though I was able to stock up on juice, granola bars, ziplock bags, soap and milk, I still hate that I paid almost $60 for all this. It's a good thing I don't need meat right now (especially since there is NO room in my freezer). What's even worse is the news that meat prices are going up along with produce prices. The steak that costs $12 now will be $14 because of the drought that is affecting the corn crops. Gas prices are supposed to go up again as well. When is this all supposed to end? I don't think it ever will so that is why we try to save with coupons!

I already used my $3/2 CoverGirl coupons in Melbourne this past weekend. I was able to take a $60 bill down to $25 using my overage and two $5/$30. Don't you just love those coupons!!


Take the time to swing by Walgreens this week. Even if you don't do the Wags game, it will be worth your while to get a few dozen eggs for $.99 a dozen. That is /12 the price you will pay at the grocery store.

I know I will be stopping by to get several dozen!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012


Do you have a drawer full of markers that hardly work? Before you buy new ones for your kids, try this tip! When a permanent marker no longer writes, the culprit is usually a dried out tip, not lack of ink. Fill the cap with rubbing alcohol and dip the tip of the marker in the liquid until you see ink swirling around. Empty the cap, snap it back on the marker and let sit for 15 minutes. The alcohol will rehydrate the tip, breathing new life into your marker! For a non-permanent marker, substitute water for alcohol.

Saturday, July 28, 2012


Did you know the secret to a sweet pineapple? When your pineapple naturally stands upright its natural juices settle on the bottom. Cut off the leafy green top and turn the fruit upside down (so it is standing on the cut end); let sit for an hour before slicing. This will distribute the juice evenly throughout the fruit!

Friday, July 27, 2012


If you need a razor, check out this Venus Olay Razor deal! You can grab a Venus Olay Razor at Walgreens for only $0.99! This deal will be available through Saturday 7/28/12!

 I love having a nice stockpile of razors!

~ Walgreens Deal ~

Available through 7/28/12

Buy: (1) Gillette Venus, $8.99

Use: (1) $4/1 Gillette Venus & Olay Razor (exp 07/31/2012) 06/17/2012 SS Insert

Total Due: $4.99

Receive: $4.00 Register Reward

Final Cost AFTER Register Reward: $0.99


Below is an idea of items you could purchase using the $4 Register Rewards you receive from the Venus Olay Razor.

(1) Nestle Pure Life Drinking Water 24 pk 16.9 oz bottles, $2.99

(2) Butterball Turkey Bacon 6 oz, $1.29 (with in-ad coupon) (Limit 3)

Use These Coupons:

(1) Walgreens in-ad coupon for Butterball Turkey Bacon (this coupon adjusts the price to $1.29)

(2) $0.55/1 Butterball Turkey Bacon, Turkey Breakfast Sausage (exp 08/31/2012) 06/24/2012 SS Insert

(1) $4 RR from the Venus Razor Purchase

Total Due: $0.47!


Check your email account for a $1/2 coupon from Kellogg's on ANY cereal!

We will start to see the back to school cereal sales and now is the time you want to stock up! The cereal usually has an expiration date of at least 6 months out. Make sure you print this coupon two times!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Head over to Belk's to take advantage of the end of the season clearance sale. I was able to get some good deals! One of my favorite outfits was a Jones of NY pink pin-stripe shorts that were normally $49 for $5.99!! I also got a Jones pink top that was retail for $49 for $5.99! The best part was the shorts were a size 10!!

I was also able to pick up other capris and shorts for about $11 a pair. All of my clothes are big so getting some things that fit in the butt is so exciting!! They also have a good amount of little girls clothes on clearance also.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Jimmy Dean Sausage will be on sale for 2 for $6 in the new ad. Go HERE and share 3 friends e-mail addresses and get a coupon for $2 off 2 which makes them $2 each.

I made up email addresses! Just put in any address and it will allow you to print the coupon two times!


There is a new coupon out for $2 off Glidden Brillance Paint Testers. I think you can get these at Walmart for about $3 each.

If you have been getting the itch to paint and want to test out a few colors, now is the time to do it. The coupon has a very short expiration date. I printed mine today and it expires on August 2nd! Make sure you print your second copy and go and get two samples for under $2!

While you are at Walmart, pick up a new cheese I found in the deli. It is a Land O Lakes Cheese and is a 4-cheese instead of american. I bought some when I was in there last week and it is fantastic! I have not seen this cheese anywhere else so it will be another one of those "have to pick up items when I am in Walmart"!


Yoplait GoGurt, 8 pk, BOGO $2.85 is on sale this week until Wednesday. There is a printable MQ plus a TQ which should make these about $.62 each. I had a hard time finding the Target Coupon. I just wanted to bring it to your attention it case the same thing has happened to you.

If you look under the Back to School Tab instead of Grocery, you will find the $.75/2 coupon.

You can freeze this yogurt and then put it in your kids lunchbox and it will be defrosted by the time they eat it. My grandkids just love these!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


I was looking at the new RedPlum coupons today and saw that the Pet Supermarket coupon is back.

If you have a pet, check out this $2 off $10 purchase. My dog Sophie eats Nutra Max dog food and it is about $35 a bag. I have checked the price at Pet Supermarket (next to Winn Dixie) and the other pet store next to Ross (can't remember the name!), and Pet Supermarket is $2 cheaper for the exact same dog food.

So without even a sale, you can save $4 when you use this coupon HERE and shop there! It is the last coupon on the page


In today's Parade insert there are two coupons for CoverGirl Outlast and Pefection Lip Color. The Outlast is $7.99 at Publix but the topcoat is $3.99. Use the $2.50/1 and stack with the $1 CoverGirl coupon in the GAF and pay just $.50 for the topcoat. I love using this just as a lipgloss. It makes your lips feel so moist!

The other option is to put $3.50 towards the Outlast Lipcolor to pay $4.49 but in my opinion that is still too much to pay for lipcolor.

The Perfection Lipstick is $5.99. Use the other $2.50/1 coupon and stack with the $1 GAF coupon and pay $2.49.

This is also a good item to get this week to get your total up for the gas card deal!

I had to go shopping for my mother-in-law today. Her total came to $48.83. I added my items and the total was $110. After my coupons. three $5/30 WD coupons and buying two gas cards I got all my groceries for $8!! My best deal was using a BOGO raincheck I had for Valley Fresh Steamers that are normally $2.59 each. I was able to use ten $1/1 coupons from the Runnning In Running Out Sheet and pay only $.30 for a bag of vegetables!! My freezer is stocked full with frozen vegetables!

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Thank you to those of you who have already picked up your books! I have 400 new books to distribute, having already distributed 100 books already.

Please contact me and stop by my house (contact me for info) or the Sunshine Shop on A1A Beach Blvd., to pick up your books.

Thanks again for everyone who was able to make this possible for us to get $2 books!


There is a $2 coupon for Jergens Lotion in the new GAF. Buy the 3 oz. Jergens Lotion for $2.39 and pay only $.39 for a bottle of lotion. This is a perfect size for your purse or car. I plan on making a few baskets for Christmas for a white elephant gift. In it I plan on putting razors, body wash, deodorant, dental floss, lotion, mascara, etc. I thought that would be the perfect addition to my basket!

Hopefully they will restock the shelves because I was only able to get one. Keep your eyes out for this great deal!



Tonight we went to a fun restaurant downtown on Cordova Street. It is called MoJo BBQ. We sat at a table outside and almost felt like a tourist watching the carriages and ghost busses ride by. The food was excellent and it really made for a fun evening!

If you go there make sure you try the onion rings for an appetizer. They were enough for 4 people and were excellent! I had a pulled pork sandwich and it was also excellent. The sides are to die for. Try the macaroni and cheese and you will think Paula Deen made it just for you. I had the sweet potato mash and I thought I was eating dessert for dinner. The corn side was also awesome! I don't think you can go wrong with anything you get here! The portions are quite large and I ended up taking half of my meal home with me.

I know sometimes we get stuck on going to the same places and it was fun trying somewhere new. If you are looking for a BBQ restaurant other than Sonny's or Woody's, this is definitely a great choice. I was never a fan of Woody's or Sonny's so this will be my BBQ joint in the future.


I know this is late notice but I went over to Stewart's Market and he had a 3 lb. container of cherries for $5.99! I almost have to get a second job to cover my cherry addiction, but I eat as many as I can when they are in season. This price is even cheaper than Costco. He hopes to have them for the next sale as well.

I also purchased eggplant that was 2 for $1. I love this grilled in the summer. There is a way to pick eggplants...something about the male and female eggplant, and for the life of me I can't remember it. If anyone knows it, please let me know! I also got fresh okra for $2.50 lb. which I cook with diced tomatoes. YUM!! Green peppers are also 4 for $1 and are great to freeze at this price.

He also got a new shipment of watermelons in, both seeded and seedless.


Look what I found by my door when I came home today! I now have them all. Please contact me so we can arrange pick-up!

Friday, July 20, 2012


I spotted the Summer Grilling Booklet in a cardboard stand by the entrance at the Cobblestone Publix. I also saw it at the Beach Publix yesterday.

If you need this book, head over and pick some up!


Do you remember the Kiss My Face $3 coupon I told you about awhile back? Well, now is the time to print it or pull it out to help bring up your total for the gas card deal. I know I was struggling to get one gas card this week. In fact, that is all I got! I may try to go back and get one more before the sale is over.

Go HERE to print your coupon and pay just $.49 for the face soap. The coupon will be very large on your screen. Just hit the minus button several times to make it smaller before printing. It is in PDF form and it doesn't expire until the end of August!

I was able to get four bars to add $14 to my total but only paid $.50 each and my daughter will love them!


For all of you who have been patiently waiting for the ETC books with the $5/$30 WD coupons in them, I have great news!

I finally got through to them today and spoke to a representative who said the books should start to be mailed out tomorrow. It apparently took so long because they had to print more Jacksonville books!

I will be contacting you in the order the book orders were placed. The next group scheduled to get their books are as follows:

Shannon M.
Megan M.
Jo R.
Michelle T.
Pat M.
George R.
Emily I.

The next set of books (possibly will come in at the same time) will be:

Karen M.
Shannon L.
Jamee G.
Cat C.
Mary Grace L.
Carol W.
Colette P.
Kathleen D.

I will be posting here when they arrive and/or send you an email if I have your email address. Remember they will be $20 for 10 books! Such a deal!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012


I just glanced at the Winn Dixie ad and noticed grapes are finally at a decent price. If you have been craving grapes but don't want to pay $2.00 to $2.99 lb., head to WD this week and get them for $1.29 lb.

I also noticed LOL american deli cheese is on sale for $4.99 lb. Use the $1 coupon from and pay only $3.99 wyb a lb. of cheese. That is an awesome deal! Great for grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches or BLT's for those nights when you do not want to cook!


There is a sweepstakes out to win FREE GROCERIES for a year! How fun would that be! Now through Sept 17th, you can enter HERE to win.

There will be 450 winners who will also win a check for a mini shopping spree of $100.

Do you remember when I won the $100 gift card to Publix? I was shocked! I entered this and maybe I can just win $100 again!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I had to make my bi-yearly trip to Walmart today to pick up some non-publix items and thankfully it was uneventful and actually not that bad.

If you are looking for a deal on peaches...Walmart has them for $.98 lb. and plums for $1.28 lb. I got both of those and some lettuce I needed for dinner tonight. The other item I miss at Walmart is Land O Lakes Cheese. You cannot get this at Publix anymore in the deli and they just sell the pre-packaged ones in the deli. I prefer mine to be freshly sliced! I was able to use the $1 cheese coupon on for that also!

My other purchases were 2 Weight Watchers String Cheese for $3.48 minus a $1 coupon for each and 2 WW spreadable cheese that ended up being $.98 each after coupons. Add a 1/2 lb. deli ham and 3 bags of Organic carrots with the $.75 coupon found HERE to pay just $.19 each. I didn't get the baby carrots just the regular carrots that I am going to boil for my vegetable tonight. I also got two whole chickens, beans, rice, bananas, tortillas, hamburger rolls and bread.

My total was $35 but it was worth it to me not to have to run to another store, namely Publix.

BTW, the coupon for the organic carrots allows you to print 3 of them. So don't stop at 2...keep going!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Here is a great high value coupon for $1/1 Reynolds Wrap Foil. Go HERE to print it and make sure to print the 2nd copy. It was under 32080 and the household catagory.

Let's hope we see a BOGO sale soon. I'm still stocked from the last BOGO sale and cheap foil but I would always like to add more to the stockpile!


This is really scary. If you eat canned tomatoes, drink milk, love microwave popcorn, salmon and beef and eat potatoes with that quarter pounder, you want to read this! Oh, let's not forget the beloved apple that is supposed to keep the doctor away!

HERE is an article about the top 7 supermarket foods that you should avoid. It's kind of scary. I guess that means I will be scrubbing my apples and potatoes with antibacterial dish soap before I eat them. Next thing you know they are going to tell us sex causes cancer!

Monday, July 16, 2012


The gas card will be back with the new Publix ad beginning Thursday. Dig out those rainchecks and get that total up to $50 before coupons for a card. I guess the new normal will be $50 instead of $25 for getting a gas card.

I didn't see a lot that appealed to me this ad so I will try to get maybe two if I am lucky. I hope you guys have better luck.

We should start seeing the cereal deals coming as we get closer to the start of school. Take this time to stock up on cereal for your family. I may have to buy some cereal at $1.50 a box just to get my total up!

Sunday, July 15, 2012


The last time I gave you dates of inserts to throw out they were May 8th and before. These inserts are from May 8th and after. You can safely throw away all these inserts.



4-1  RP
3-18  SS
3-4  RP & SS
2-26  SS
2-19  RP
2-12  RP & SS
2-5  RP & SS
1-29  SS
1-8  RP

11-6-11  SS

PEPSI  4-29


The Running In Running Out Sheet has been spotted at various Publix stores. There were a few in the turnaround and also some at each register.

Hopefully we will see a good sale to use the Charmin/Bounty coupon as well as the Green Giant Steamers coupon. I am always happy to stock up on cheap toilet paper and vegetables!


I wandered into Target a few nights ago with my daughter. That was the first mistake. She loaded up the cart with things I knew I had coupons for. If you are a couponer, you know the feeling. It makes you cringe when you know you could have saved on items in your cart. But sometimes you just have to let it go. That is one thing I have learned.

Anyways, at the checkout, I received a catalina for $.50 off a dozen eggs. Eggs happen to be on sale for $1.39 a dozen, so just $.89 after the catalina. If you happen to go to Target and buy eggs, ring them up separately from your order. You may just receive a catalina as well!


Before I tell you about my CVS trip this morning, let's back up to yesterday, shall we?

Thanks to my friend Margie A. who told me about the Head & Shoulders deal. Sometimes there are so many deals flying around out there and just not enough time to research them or take the time to do them. I probably didn't pay attention to this deal because Head & Shoulders is a product I don't use. But then I thought of a friend who does use it and went and did the deal for their family.

I was able to buy 2 bottles of Head & Shoulders Shampoo for $9 and used the BOGO coupon from the 7/1 PG. I also bought some candy bar that was giving a ECB. My total after all taxes was $.74 and I got back a $.67 ECB! In my book I call that FREE!

Today I had some ECB's expiring so I worked up a scenerio but had to pay a little more OOP. On two cards I was able to buy the following:

2 Schick Razors
2 Colgate Toothpaste
2 Right Guard Deodorant
1 Unreal Chocolate Bar

My total OOP was $5.82 plus tax and I got back $9.75 in ECB's. I normally wouldn't put out that much but it was worth it to me to roll the ECB's. Considering the razors were $20 alone, I don't feel that bad!

When I walked in the store I scanned both of my cards and received a $4 off $20 purchase on both of them. This was in addition to the 20% off coupon I received in my email. They both come out to the same thing if you spend $20. They were out of the Goody Elastic Bands so I got a raincheck for those.

When I was in line, the register beeped because one of my ECB's for $2 expired on 7/4. She told me she couldn't take it. At the register next to me happened to be the assistant manager who was there shopping. She told her to accept it and that they accept expired ECB's up to 2 weeks past expiration. She did say, however, every store is different. If you go to the beach store and they question you about an expired ECB, tell them the manager with the dirty blonde hair said she takes them for 2 weeks past expiration.

Friday, July 13, 2012


Check your inbox to see if you get this awesome coupon!

I got a coupon from CVS for 20% off any purchase valid thru 7/17/12. Of course the normal exclusions are alcohol, prescriptions, tobacco, stamps and gift cards.

I hope I can come up with a good scenerio to maximize my ECB's and maybe get some Olay Regenerist Cream!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


I found this deal in my inbox today. We have done this before and it is a fantastic deal!

When you go to Maggiano's at the Towne Center, you buy a pasta dish and then they give you another to take home! I think you can select another type of pasta dish if you want. You get to eat your meal there and then come home with another whole meal!

The email did not give an expiration date so I would call them if you decide to do this to make sure it is still on. Their phone number is 904-380-4360.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

CVS 7/11/12

I told you about the vitamin overage deal at CVS. I stopped in after work today to do my scenerio and get overage from the vitamins and the Physicians Formula and, of course, there was a snag in my plan. Now I have to come up with plan B and hope I pay the least amount of money OOP.

I was planning on getting the contact solution that was a single bottle for $8.99 but they did not have that advertised so I had to get the twin pack for $14.99...big difference in price! In the end, I was able to get 4 bottles of vitamins, twin pack of contact solution and a Physicians Formula concealer. I used my MQ's, red coupon machine coupons and a $5 ECB. I paid $.54 for all the above and got back another $5 ECB!

I am so excited to use the concealer because my friend Bev said it is the best concealer out there! We could always use contact solution so I did pretty good on a whim! Hopefully, next weeks ad will be better!


Over the course of the Green Adv. Flyer sale on Advil, I was able to get 33 boxes of Advil. I was able to get 25 of those for FREE and paid $.50 each for the remainder. This was done at various stores throughout the sale month.

I know alot of people who are happy when I give them boxes of Advil! I hope if you were able to get Advil you will share the wealth with friends and family or donate some!

If you are out and about today, pop into a Publix and check the store for boxes with the $2 peelies. Combine with the GAF and get FREE ADVIL! If you only have the $1/2 coupon available now, you will still only pay $2.50 each which is still a good price if you need it.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


If you go into CVS this week before Saturday, make sure you have the $2/1 Nature Made coupon with you from HERE. Then scan your card and you will get a $2/1 Nature Made Vitamin Coupon.

They are BOGO this week and you can buy two bottles for $5.49. Use two $2/1 and the $2/1 from the Red Coupon Machine and get $.50 overage. I happen to have another coupon from the magic coupon machine for $3/1 so I will have overage of $3.51!

The coupon has been printing all week so if you go in see if it prints for you and then go back with the 2nd coupon to get the same overage. The sale does end Saturday.


While I was running around today I stopped at my produce stand I frequent which is behind WD on SR 207. She has zuchhini and squash as well as tomatoes for $1.00 per lb. I also bought a hugh cabbage for $2 and eggplant for $1 each.

The reason I tell you this is because zuchhini is $1.89 per lb. right now at Publix. My daughter needed some yesterday and was in Target and she paid $2.99 lb. YIKES!!

I also stopped at the fruit stand just north of the Showboat Car Wash. She had red and green peppers either 2 or 3 for $1 (can't remember) and zuchhini for $1 a lb. also. You are also able to get blemished tomatoes for $2 a basket. I seriously can't find anything wrong with these tomatoes.

If you have the time try to get your produce from these local stands. For less than $10 I came home with a boatload of fresh produce!

PUBLIX 7/10/12, SPENT $3.08, SAVED 97%

Why do I always feel like my day off I spend all day running's because I do! I hadn't been to Marshalls in so long and I needed my Marshalls fix. I found a few cute things on clearance and that was the start to my day.

The stars must have been aligned again because my trip to Publix scored me 8 more boxes of Advil FREE! I was able to find more boxes with the peelies on them just one day before the sale was about to end! I was also able to get two bottles of childrens Advil for my daughter for $1.50 each. When these go so cheap (usually $5.99 each) the shelves usually get cleared! My shopping trip consisted of the following:

2 Lays Kettle Chips
4 Birds Eye Voila
4 Greek Yogurt
1 Cottege Cheese
1 8pk Mini Diet Pepsi
6 Right Guard Body Wash (used RC)
Romaine Lettuce
8 Advil ( 50 ct)

My total after coupons including two $5/30 WD coupons was $3.08!! My Advil has an expiration date of 2015 and I already plan on farming out some to my sister and father who didn't get any!

Sunday, July 8, 2012


Check your binders for a $3/2 Advil coupon. I forgot I printed this from and I was able to get 8 more Advil.  I stacked in with the $5/2 in the GAF and paid $.50 each!

These boxes don't expire until 2/2015!! Since I gave all my other boxes away, I was thrilled to get these for $.50 each. Actually, I ended up buying 3 yogurts and was able to use a $5/$30 so my OOP on the Advil was absorbed.


Did any of you get a raincheck from Winn Dixie when the Scotchbrite Disinfecting Wipes were BOGO back in April? I did!! If you have the ranicheck, you can get FREE wipes again!

I found a BOGO coupon at under zip 34212. Use this coupon with your raincheck and get FREE WIPES again!!

Woo Hoo!! More freebies!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

CVS 7/6/12

My shopping trip at CVS didn't go as I had planned. My ECB's were expired already and I had one day left before they were not going to accept them. I planned on getting the Schick Hydro Razor and there were none left at the beach store. So today I went to the SR 16 store and they didn't have any either. On top of that they didn't carry Physicians Formula Makeup for me to do my overage deal I told you about.

OK so now I have to come up with plan B and fast because I have my husband waiting in the car. Thankfully, I decided to take the $3/2 CoverGirl coupon with me before I left the house. I bought 2 CG makeup, used $8 in ECB's and a $3 coupon to take $11 off my total. I was then only $5 away from getting a $10 gas card so I bought a bottle of Tide detergent.

My final total OOP was $14.95 PLUS I got a $10 gas card and then I will submit for a $10 rebate to Proctor and Gamble so it was a $5 MM for me!


I love when this happens! A new coupon appeared on for $1 off Right Guard Total Defense Deodorant. If you are lucky enough to have a raincheck from a few weeks back for Right Guard you will be able to do this deal again and not only get your deodorant for FREE plus get overage.

Use your RC and two $1/1 deodorant MQ's and stack with the $2/2 Target Coupon. You should get about $.35 overage per deal.

You only have until 7/11 to do this deal as the TQ expires that day!

I also got a raincheck for the body wash. A new coupon for $1/1 is up and when stacked with the $1/1 TQ, I should pay about $.50 each for the body wash. Not as good as free a few weeks ago, but it is still a great deal!

Friday, July 6, 2012


I felt like I have been on vacation with my daughter and her family in town. Yesterday we went to the Hammock Beach Club and floated in the Lazy River and hung out all day with all the people on vacation at the various pools. The only difference was they ordered fancy drinks with umbrellas and I didn't!

Today was no different. Our plans were to go out on the boat and set up the tent for shade along the intercoastal and let the kids swim and dig in the other words, wear themselves out! I ran to Publix to get rolls to make subs before our little adventure. I planned on getting a cantelope, zuchhini and rolls. That was it.

I entered the store and decided to check out the Advil. The shelf was loaded with Advil with the $2 peelies on them! I bought 14 of them, still leaving more on the shelf and walked out paying $1.87 for 14 bottles of Advil (40 ct), cantelope, zuchhini, and 3 sub rolls. I was able to use a $5/$30 to bring my OOP down for the other stuff.

I came home and gave both of my girls all the Advil I bought. I have 2 more coupons I had in my binder so I will get two more for myself the next time I go. I already have some from the last sale so now all of us will be stocked up.

Spent $1.87, saved 98%

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Is your stockpile running low on bar soap? It shouldn't be but if it is here is another FREEBIE for you! Don't you just love freebies!!

Walgreens has Ivory Soap, 3 pk. on sale for $.99. Use the $1/1 coupon for Ivory or Safeguard in the 7/1 PG and get it for free.

Just remember when you go to Walgreens, you can't use a $1 coupon on a $.99 item. You have to buy something else to absorb the $.01. Check their in-ad coupons to see if there is something cheap like chicken broth for $.50. Buy anything to absorb the overage and get free soap!


I just found this out today and thought I would pass it along. Walmart is going into the old Food Lion building at Palencia north of town.

For those of you at that end of town it will be a welcome site if you like Walmart.

Once you learn how to coupon, however, Walmart will be on your "go to once every 4 months" list! I think everyone can agree with me! You will never beat a grocery store sale with Walmart's everyday prices!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Happy 4th of July everyone! Our house is packed with people and food! July 4th is one of my favorite holidays. The best part is when we drop the boat at 9:15 pm to go and see the fireworks.

I will be taking a few days off to enjoy my family while they are here!


Fresh, never frozen Boneless Chicken Breasts,

5 lbs. or more, $1.99 lb.
Boneless NY Strip Steaks, $5.99 lb.
Local Headless Shrimp, medium sized, $4.99 lb.
1 lb. White Mushrooms, $1.99 each

3 lb. bag Onions, $1.49 each

5 lb. bag Idaho Potatoes, $1.99 each

FL Seedless Watermelons, $2.99 each

Georgia Blueberries, $1.99 pint

FL Mangos, $2.00 each

Silver Queen Florida Corn, 2 for $1.00

Florida Eggplant, 2 for $1.50

South Carolina Peaches, $1.50 lb.

Fresh Okra, $2.99 lb.


while supplies last!

Monday, July 2, 2012


Holy Moley! It's that time of year again for cheap Advil.

Just a word of warning. When you go to print the coupon on under zip 90210, you are asked to give three friends names. I made up emails and I still got the coupon. The coupon prints and it is an ink hog! Make sure you put a 1/3 piece of paper in your printer so it won't suck the ink dry!

When you stack this coupon with the $5/2 in the GAF, you should pay $.49 for a box of Advil.

Now that is what I call cheap Advil!

Sunday, July 1, 2012


I have to fine tune this scenerio at CVS but I am thinking of doing this to get a $10 rebate and a $10 gas card plus 2 Olay Simply Ageless Foundation (my new favorite), Physician's Formula item and Olay Regenerist Night Cream (my other favorite), I used Estee Lauder Double Wear until I found this foundation. I absolutely LOVE it! The Estee Lauder was $37 a bottle. I usually pick this up for about $6 each when it goes BOGO. Because of this deal, it is worth it to pay a little more this time!

I have a $15 coupon from the Red Coupon Machine for any Physician's Formula. If I buy a concealer, I will have approximately $8.50 in overage. After buying the Regenerist and using a $3 MQ and my $8 ECB's getting ready to expire plus the overage, I should have to pay about $.48 OOP plus tax.

To make this deal sweeter, I can add 2 Olay Foundation at B1G1 50% off. I won't use any coupons because I want my total to come to $30 which this will. My OOP should be about $22 but then I will get a $10 gas card and I can submit for my second $10 rebate! I can hand my $4 in MQ's to the cashier after it is rung up so it doesn't show on the receipt and my OOP will be $0 after rebate and gas card!

If you have the $15 Physician's Formula coupon, you can do this deal also!


I got a message from Laura S. that she spotted the new Summer Savings Booklet at the Moultrie Publix in the kiosk. I stopped at a Publix in Jax today and they told me they have been gone for weeks.

I also heard from Bev W. that they are at the Beach store. I hope to stop there tomorrow night to see if I could get some!

Thanks to everyone for sharing so we could all get some books!


Florida is participating in the Florida Tax Free school shopping again this year. Florida’s back-to-school sales tax holiday will begin at 12:01 a.m., Friday, August 3, 2011, and end at midnight Sunday, August 5, 2011. During this period, no sales tax will be collected on sales of clothing, footwear, and certain accessories selling for $75 or less, or on certain school supplies selling for $15 or less.

HERE is a list of the items that will be tax exempt during this time.

Take advantage of using a store coupon and the tax free days, you might be able to score some nice deals.