Friday, October 18, 2013


Have any of you ever gone to Costco and walked in their bakery department? They sell an awesome 4-layer chocolate cake that is to die for. It is the size of a watermelon on steriods and it is the best thing you have ever put in your mouth. Now this is from someone who could pass up cake without any problem. Put a piece of pie in front of me and I would bite your hand off if you were to take it away! But cake I could care less about. That is until I found the Costco chocolate cake. It is so big it would feed a small city and you would still have some left over! Apparently we bought a cake on 12/18/12 and I found two slices in foil in my freezer. Actually, I knew they were there but I was trying to ignore them evertime they talked to me when I opened the freezer. I finally caved in and took them out tonight. My mother-in-law was over for dinner and I served the cake to both she and my husband for dessert. Yes, call me brave. You would have NEVER have guessed it had been sitting in the freezer for the past 10 months! It tasted like you just baked it fresh. Both of them agreed as they scarfed up both pieces. I did, however, manage to get a few bites of my husbands! Next time you go to Costco and need an excellent dessert, or something to go with that bacon I told you about earlier, grab a cake and enjoy!

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