Saturday, August 31, 2013


I just wanted to make sure you guys knew about the Carrabba's coupon in the 8/11 SS. The coupon is for $10 off when you purchase two entrees. You have got to try the deal they have where you could pick something out of each category. I tried the Lentil Sausage soup and it was awesome! You can pick from Sorloim Marsalla, Salmon or Chicken Bryan. Then choose from lasagna, ravioli or manacotti. The third group is cavatoppi, spaghetti, or fettuccine Alfredo. You can also get a salad I stead of the soup. After you use your coupon, you pay $21 for both meals. The coupon expires on 9/30. Another thing is that Carrabba's takes their coupons for two weeks past expiration. Make sure you tell that to your server because they all don't know about it!

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  1. A ton of food for $20+!? Heck ya! My little savages will be happy to mangi at Carrabba's. Thanks for the heads-up.