Thursday, August 22, 2013


I hope some of you were able to get to the dillards clearance sale. I was able to get a $299 Coach bag for $60!!! It is the one I wanted and wouldn't pay the money. It doesn't look like your typical coach bag and that is why I loved it! I also got a maxi dress today for $11, and various pieces of jewelry for $5 each. I was also lucky enough to find my favorite Westbound shorts in white for $7 a pair, regular $30. I was on the hunt for white shorts to take on my cruise. I was also able to pick up a Hobo wallet for $50 for my daughter for her birthday. It usually sells for $89. Once you have a Hobo wallet you will not want any other. I just love mine. I believe the sale goes on through the weekend. My advice is to go to the Towne Center. It has a much better variety!


  1. Are the deals at the Town Center as good as the ones at the Avenues? Also, JEALOUS on that Coach find! :) Great buy!! I'm wanting a new purse but don't want to spend hundreds... I hadn't even thought of looking for a sale at Dillards! THANKS!

  2. I ALWAYS go to the Towne Center first! They have a lot more merchandise and their handbag department is better!! O course, I go to both, but always the towne center first!