Wednesday, October 10, 2012


If you have time to swing by Publix today, check out the Greased Lightening cleaner in the spray bottle. They are on sale until 10/12 in the YAF for $1.69 a bottle. On every bottle there is a peelie for $1.25 off. There were several bottles left with peelies on each one! That doesn't happen very often.

Speaking of peelies, there are $1/1 peelies that are PQ's on the Ritz Toasted Chips making them $.85 each. I think there is a MQ out there also so even better ($.35) if you have that coupon also. The Cheddar variety was out at the Cobblestone Publix so I got a raincheck to get a few more as the holidays get closer.There were also $1/2 coupons taped on the Wheat Thins. The salesman was there and told me she just put them on all of them. I hope you can get some! Look on the front endcap also because there were crackers with peelies there also!

You can never have enough crackers at that price!

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