Sunday, March 27, 2011


I went to Miami with my family to visit my daughter and her family. Of course we had to go to Publix to pick up a few things and I saw first hand what she told me months ago. Miami is virgin territory! There seem to be no couponers here. I was able to find 4 different booklets and found plenty of them! She said there are always plenty of booklets available here. South Florida coupon policies have changed already and they do not accept most competitor coupons we use here in North Florida. The only competitor they accept is Winn Dixie. They also will only let you use one Advantage Flyer Coupon per shopping trip. She said her grocery budget has close to doubled since she moved to Miami 2 months ago. The prices are the same but the coupons they accept and limit has changed. She also cannot use any $/$$ coupons.

We are fortunate here in Jacksonville/St. Augustine area. Our stores stlll accept coupons they will not accept in So. Florida. Unfortunately, I see that coming to an end soon. As more and more people start to coupon, I can see Publix tighening their belts to keep people from cleaning off the shelves. You can already see it when you get rainchecks. You are only able to get a raincheck for 5 deals. This is to keep peope from emptying the shelf. If you find you want multiples of an item, go to the customer service desk and place an order so they can get it in without the shelf being affected.

Also, please remember to be honest couponers. Do not use a coupon for an item that you are not buying and NEVEFR make copies of Manufacturer Coupons. They will not get reimbursed for these and eventually will put limits on us.


  1. I live in Palm Coast, and the Publix on Belle Terre, the one that used to be Albertsons, told me they won't take CVS coupons anymore and they are starting to not take Target as competitor coupons. :( I think I might have to start going to Winndixie again after all they have the fuelperks.

  2. Someone else told me the same thing about that store. My daughter lives there and does not shop at that store. She still does not have a problem with the coupons you mentioned at the Publix by the Town Center. You may want to try that one!

  3. I heard today that Murabella is not going to accept competitor coupons at all starting in April...true???

  4. I just heard today that the new coupon policy is going to take effect in April around Easter. I haven't heard what specifically it will be but I wouldn't be surprised to see if they don't accept competitor coupons anymore or limit it to one. I'll keep my ears open and please e-mail me if you hear anything! Now would be a good time for Winn Dixie to step up to the plate and accept competitor coupons!