Wednesday, September 12, 2012



All of their school supplies have been marked down to 7o percent off! Pick up some items for next school season. Maybe you can get some thing to donate to your teacher so she has extra supplies on hand for those children who don't have enough. You can also pick up a few items to put in your operation Christmas child shoebox.

When you are done in school supplies, head to seasonal where beach chairs, pillows, indoor/outdoor rugs are also marked 70 percent off. The sign may still say 30 percent so make sure to check the prices.

They also had a Chairbroil grill for 50 percent off and all kinds of grilling baskets and tools at 70 percent off. I also got a beach cart with the big wheels for $6. That will go to my daughter for Christmas...and yes...I have already started my holiday shopping!

Have a little girl on your shopping list? Head over to toys and pick up the Lalaloopsy play dresses marked down to $12 from $20. They are very well made and are so much better then the dresses they come out with at Halloween. I know a little girl who is going to be so excited to get this for her birthday!

Head over to women's clothes and check the tags. There were some still showing signs of 30 percent but they were 75 percent.

I picked up two rugs one 5x7 and the other 7x11 for $60 for both! If I can't use them I will post to see of any of you can use them. They are very neutral in color with almost a grey herringbone design.

Big Lots  was next because my daughter wanted to go there. They had taco bell taco seasoning packages for just $. 50 each. They also had a nine pack (instead of 6) of Thomas' English muffins for $2.50. Their bread selection is great and cheap!

Then off to the produce guy where I got 13 tomatoes for $4, sweet potatoes, and peaches. By then I was out of money so I went home!

Good luck to all of you at target! Make sure to check out the other departments as well!


  1. Hi Judy, Have you found the Bic Flamedisk anywhere? Sorry if you have already addressed this. thanks

  2. No I have not even looked for it!