Thursday, September 13, 2012


The Stewart's weekly ad is here. It's been great to see the shrimp and chicken here on a weekly basis. Looks like you may want to pick up some potatoes as well!

Boneless Chicken Breasts, 5 lbs or more, $1.99 lb.
Boneless NY Strip Steaks, $5.99 lb.
Fresh Local Shrimp, 30 to 40 count, $4.99 lb.
Haas Avocados, $.79 each
White Mushrooms, 1 lb. container, $1.99 each
5 lb. bag Idaho Potatoes, $1.99 each
South Carolina Apples, Red Rome, Gala, or Red Delicious, $.99 lb.
Idaho Peaches, $1.99 lb.
Seedless Watermelons, $5.99 each
Scuppernong or Muscadine Grapes, $2.99 lb.
Green Peanuts for Boiled Peanuts, $2.49 lb.
Plums or Nectarines, $1.99 lb.

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