Monday, September 10, 2012

PUBLIX 9/9/12, SPENT $23.19

My Publix shopping trip was very uneventful. Nothing really stood out for me this ad except the Smart Balance Milk. I LOVE this milk! Now that I bought 10 of them (with a November 7 expiration date), I am going to go on an oatmeal kick for breakfast which uses a cup of milk and 1/2 cup of regular oats. Some will also go to my daughters. How could you pass up $1 a 1/2 gallon of milk. In case you are wondering, I ordered $1.50/1 milk coupons last week when I got my All Laundry Detergent coupons. That is why I paid $1. This is everything I bought:

10 Smart Balance Milk
2 Cantelopes
1 Honeydew
2 Broccoli Slaw
Fresh Green Beans
8 Old Orchard frozen juice (FREE) used bogo IP
4 Quaker Rice Quakes (FREE) used 4 TQ
4 Publix Cream Cheese (used $1/2 TQ and cheese IP)
2 Smithfield Bacon (used two $1/1)
2 Franks Hot sauce (used two .30 MQ)
1 Franks Sweet Chili Sauce (used $1/1 MQ)
1 Naturally Fresh Light Ranch Dressing

My cashier was a young guy who wasn't paying attention to anything. He was scanning my coupons and some of them didn't go through. It was a good thing I was watching. One of my Franks Red Hot Sauce coupons didn't go through and he gave it back to me saying "it won't work". A few coupons later I told him to try it again and it worked. He did the same with my bacon coupons. One worked, one didn't. I had him just give it to me to bring up to the office.

I only brought 5 of my milk coupons with me. I guess I thought I would go back but I just wanted to go today and not have to go back to Publix. I went up to the customer service desk not only to get my $1 that wouldn't scan (and yes it did scan up there) but to have the manager write on my receipt that I could bring back my five $1.50 coupons. My total at the register was $31.69 but I got back $1 and will get back another $7.50 so everything above costs me $23.19.

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