Sunday, August 26, 2012


Thanks Pat for giving us the heads up on the Vilano Beach store. Apparently Publix has put into effect the new rule of only using one $5/$30 coupon per order or making us split it up. Pat said the Vilano Beach store told her the same thing.

If that is what they want, then so be it. I will have my cart organized to give them $30 at a time and use my $5/$30 coupons one at a time. I just can't imagine the people behind me when they see my order split into three or four orders and then all the coupons to boot! This is going to be fun!

I guess they think it will slow down the use of the coupons but I will still continue to use the same amount and play by the new rules. I will just split my order up. They did this once before and then changed the policy and let us put it all through at one time. I don't know what difference it makes anyway.

It is really going to be a pain when the gas card deal is offered because it will now force you to get your total to $50 instead of $30 to get the gas card and use the WD coupon. Maybe we should tell them we will start using them at WD instead!!

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