Sunday, November 4, 2012


Here's an awesome freebie that is an unadvertised deal at Winn Dixie.

Bic Razor are BOGO and there is a BOGO coupon in the 10/14 SS. We all know what that means! FREE RAZORS!

Note that the coupon is only good up to $7.49. The Comfort Select 3 are $6.79 but the Bic Soeil are $7.99 so you will end up paying $.50 for the Bic Soeil.

If they are out-of-stock, get a raincheck so you could use your coupon in the following weeks!


  1. They did not have any razors when i went last night. So I asked for a raincheck and they told me what my coupon was and that because it was a BOGO coupon it will not work with a raincheck, because they cut the price in half for a rainchaeck.

  2. I went to two Winn Dixies and one store wrote the RC for BOGO in the price and the other wrote the price cut in half. I have used rainchecks from them before with the price cut in half and they just have to have customer service adjust the price of the coupon. But then again, it is WD and who knows what they will do!

  3. yes.... they kill me at winn dixie... o.k. thank you... And I want to thank you again for posting everthing you do on this blog. You post alot of things that I do not always catch. :0)